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The Joke's On Us - EmilliaGryphon - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
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One of my favorite Glitra writers @teaandsmut requested this prompt “how about Catra and Glimmer both turn up at a Hallowe'en party as Harley Quinn, with Catra as the classic version and Glimmer as the Birds of Prey version.”

I am happy to oblige! 

(Please bare with me I rarely write spicy fics!)

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thinking about when catra makes this really quiet whispered confession and adora hears it as this big dramatic thing and then she wakes up and looks at catra like she put the stars in the sky and catra’s face just goes “oH”

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i started thinking about a catradora wedding and let out a feral sob 

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It’s been quite a while since my last Catradora, so have a quick minimalistic one


Originally posted by cyraofdriluthiii

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Upon reading this post this morning, I was reminded of one of She-Ra’s glaring flaws: few organic consequences for villain characters in season 5. While Horde Prime got exactly what he deserved, other villains faced zero natural consequences. Catra’s many sins were forgiven and forgotten by her victims. Hordak’s prior villainy was never touched upon. The former Horde soldiers barely appeared, and the fallout of their participation in the Etherian Horde was never shown.

It’s one of many things that made season 5 disappointing and uncomfortable. Actions should have consequences. Actions do have consequences. Catra’s actions against Adora, Angella, Scorpia, Entrapta, and Hordak needed to have ramifications she couldn’t dodge. As much as I love Hordak, I feel that he needed to reckon with how he harmed Etheria and damaged countless lives. Shadow Weaver’s past actions needed to trigger more of a response from Micah than just annoyance with her. The Horde soldiers need to experience the consequences of participating in a planet-wide civil war.

I am not necessarily advocating for harsh punishment for these characters; only for actions to produce plausible effects in the She-Ra universe. Broken relationships that can’t be repaired with a single “I’m sorry”. Distrust and resentment from the public. Victims demanding that they fix what they broke. Trials for crimes.

It’s a deficiency in the show that I plan to correct in later chapters of Gossamer Threads. I’ve already done this in small quantities with Hordak, who struggled to answer hard questions from Glimmer and felt the sting of Rigel’s disgust. The people hurt by Hordak, Catra, Shadow Weaver, and the Horde soldiers won’t just forgive and forget. They will bring up past crimes. They will demand answers. They will feel anger and sorrow. They will hold trials. They will expect atonement.

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Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Pairing: Catra x F!Reader

AU: from Catra being pregnant during the war headcanons (canon universe, not canon compliant though)

Type: AU!Fic

Warnings: None.

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so in corridors right before she jumps on the clone catra calls glimmer “princess” and she’s literally only ever called adora that and she’s doing the whole “saving glimmer” thing for adora so she was thinking about saving adora too and she’s subconsciously addressing her actions to adora 

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Catra, gently tapping:

Bow, tapping back:

Adora: What are they doing?

Glimmer: Talking in Morse code

Catra, agressively tapping:

Bow, slamming his hands down on the table: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

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