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#Cats as 2D
agnesmakesart · a month ago
Tumblr media
CATS as 2D Animation - Munkustrap Expressions
My version of what Munkustrap from CATS could look like if the musical was adapted into animation! I see him as strong and angled but also sort of sleek
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agnesmakesart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATS But As A 2D Feature! - Rum Tum Tugger Character Design
I love the CATS musical and I think it could have made a pretty awesome animated movie so I’m reimagining the characters as such. Rum Tum Tugger was the first one I got drawing but of course, Mistofolees stole the show. We’ll be getting back to him!
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mi4016emiliamcgee · 17 hours ago
The drawn (physical/photoshop) animation I made for the sound and editing task. The animation shows a cat called Dynamite sitting on a table as he hits a regular looking pink ball which ends up exploding into a paint bomb (don’t worry Dynamite wasn’t harmed).I think my use of sound helps to make it more surprising and silly.
I made the animation in Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro. We have to create 3 animations that all use 3 sounds taken from a list provided to us, the animations have to be the drawn (physical/photoshop), 2D and 3D. The sounds I chose for this animation were tap, meow, kaboom.
Sounds are from Sources can be found in the link:
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isabella-gliatta · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
B L A C K    W E E K
I wanted to talk about the use of black in animated movies, specifically the difference between Disney and Studio Ghibli movies.
Disney Movies -
1.) The majority of the time, black is a universal color among villains in Disney movies; its practically a rule.  Black is either apart of their costume, hair, or body.  Along with this is a rather 2D personality/motivation.  These villains are rarely complex and don’t have redeeming traits that make an audience member sympathize with them. Their motives are plain and clear - money, power, youth, etc.  Their opposing protagonist never wears black (unless their hair is black, such as a POC or Snow White whose hair is a defining trait).  Black is an easy way to convey evil. Dark color = dark aura/essence = evil.  This is in no way bashing these movies; I love Disney movies more than most.  This use of black is just an easy way to convey an evil character.
Studio Ghibli -
Studio Ghibli movies are applauded for their complex characters and storylines. Their use of the color black is a perfect representation of this.
2&3.) Witch of the Waste from Howl’s Moving Castle - In the beginning of the film, this character falls into the typical villain archetype/trope.  However, over the course of the movie she loses the bit of youth and health she still had (from her magic).  By the end, she is her pure, raw self.  At moments, she retains her sense of superiority/ disregard for others, but she has many “cute old lady” moments (mostly in her relationship with the dog Heen).  Her black clothes go from conveying her “evilness” to her old age.
4.) No Face from Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli often uses black as a way to convey mystery and complexity.  No Face is a mysterious spirit with mysterious powers (he can shape-shift, create gold, eat pretty much anything, but he never speaks).  When first introduced, he is a nuisance and hazard to the bath house (at one point he ate someone).  But soon his soft character comes through.  He tags along on the protagonist’s journey, keeping her company in lonely and hopeless moments (he also endlessly offers her gold).  Growing up I always thought he was somewhat cute, like an old dog with little energy but endless love.  His black figure assists in his “mysteriousness.” He doesn’t have a definitive shape and he can disappear in dark spaces. I like this picture specifically because of his contrast with the scenery around him.  In class, many students agreed that black is a inconspicuous color.  However, in this setting, No Face’s black body clearly sticks out and draws the viewer’s attention.
5&6.) Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service - Gigi is Kiki’s adorable sidekick.  This movie already fights the typical stereotype of an evil witch, showing that witch’s are kind and helpful.  Gigi isn’t the typical black cat; he doesn’t bring bad luck and isn’t the pet of an evil villain.  He is a hilarious supporting character that brings Kiki’s naivety down to earth through comedic pessimism.  Also, the black makes his large eyes and mouth pop, making him a very cute cat :). Ghibli took the traditional mysterious black cat to create an adorable and funny character.
7.) Soot Sprites/Gremlins from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away - Once again, black is used to make a cute and mysterious creature.  At first, these sprites surprise and “spook” the main characters in each movie.  But as the plot progresses, they become a cute companion.  In Spirited Away, the protagonist is scared by the swarm of these eerie bug-like creatures, but they soon prove to be ADORABLE; they carry and keep safe the protagonists shoes and socks, they work really hard carrying coal in the boiler room, they make cute little squeaky noises, and they LOVE sprinkles. I’m sorry, I just love these little guys.  In My Neighbor Totoro, the sprites are the protagonists’ first encounter with the mystical woods.  They are a precursor for their magical adventure.  Naturally, the sisters’ are initially scared by them.  The sprites’ black design is similar to that on Gigi; they appear mysterious, but their large white eyes make them very cute :)
8&9.) Lady Eboshi from Princess Mononoke - Princess Mononoke is famous for character complexity (among many other aspects of the film).  Lady Eboshi is initially seen as a villain; she is destroying the forest, angering forest spirits, causing discourse in the land, etc.  Her main goal is to kill the Forest Spirit (which is viewed as impossible by most as he is the highest god) to continue mining ore and expanding Iron Town. However, as the protagonist, Ashitaka, meets with and befriends her, she is seen as a kind-hearted and driven woman. She took in, helps, and hired outcast lepers and female brothel workers, giving them a home, family, and honest work.  The audience never dislikes her; she has a calm, kind demeanor and is very welcoming to Ashitaka. Her character design is the darkest of all the characters (at least all the human characters).  She is the only person with black hair, and her main outfit sticks out among the other towns people.  The use of black in her design contrasts her from the other characters (ie, Ashitaka is dressed in soft blues to portray his humble and kind nature).  She appears more powerful and mysterious among everyone else (Why does she have these goals? Where did she come from? What motivated her to help people less fortunate? How did she get in such a powerful position? etc.) 
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eveillious · 23 hours ago
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lucky-fy · a day ago
Hi Fy! My name is Meg, I'm from loznet! I was just wondering if we could get a little more information from you about your personality and how you would generally describe your "vibe". You're actually the first person to apply in a very long time, so the group is a little split on acceptance right now, lol. Since you don't post too many personal things on your tumblrs, could you give me a little more information on what you'd be like in the group? Thanks!
Hello Meg! Sorry for the late response, Tumblr didn’t give me a notification!
I’d say I’m pretty chill overall. Though, the one time I asked other people what they thought of me, I was told that I was quirky “but in a good way”. Food for thoughts.
On Discord, I tend to be quite active. I reply to other people, post my own things that can start discussions, etc. If you have a channel for pictures of pets, I might drop some of my cats. I just don’t talk in voice chat, if that’s any concern! (though it may be for the better, as I have quite the potty mout... which is something that doesn’t translate in my written language, aha). I’m not sure how much I could participate in certain activities, such as gaming or movies, due to possible time zones limits and a quite busy IRL (as can be seen by the fact that I didn’t post any art since last summer, rip).
Other than writing/drawing, I also enjoy science, especially biology. Currently studying to become either a vet or an agronomic engineer (it’ll depend on how good I perform during the contest...).
In terms of LOZ, I do plan to play all games, but it will probably take a while because... I am a completionist at heart, rip. And I need to get my hands on copies of the games. I already have Majora’s Mask, and I plan to buy Skyward sword HD when it comes out. I may play on emulators for the 2D games, though 🤔
I may not be too active for the next two months, because I will be taking the contests (for the schools). First the written part, two weeks, and then the oral part in June.
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lmhmod · 2 days ago
Cat War2 Mod APK 2.4 (Tiền Không Giới Hạn)
Là một tựa game chiến thuật nhưng mang một cốt truyện vô cùng mới mẻ và thú vị, ở một góc độ khác của con người chúng ta thì chó và mèo là hai vương quốc giờ đây đang bắt đầu nảy ra các cuộc chiến hỗn loạn. Mang bối cảnh là 2 vùng đất cái trị riêng của chó và mèo, nhưng những sự độc tôn và tranh chấp nên giờ đây đã tạo ra các cuộc chiến nảy lửa vô cùng cam go giữa hai vương quốc này. Vào vai quốc vương chỉ huy của quân đội mèo, bạn cần đứng lên và chỉ huy quân đội mèo để tránh được sự áp bức đang dần lớn hơn của vương quốc bên kia. Một cuộc chiến vô cùng cam go nhưng cũng rất dễ thương của hai quân đội sẽ làm cho chúng ta những giây phút vui vẻ. Những điều thú vị còn rất nhiều ở phía trước, tải ngay Cat War2 Mod để có thể trải nghiệm hết tính năng của trò chơi thú vị này.
Tải Cat War2 Mod – Cuộc Chiến Chó Mèo
Hai vương quốc đã từng sống yên ổn giờ đây đang xảy ra những tranh chấp và bạn không thể chịu đựng được nữa, đó là lý do mà cuộc chiến này bùng nổ lên. Những sự hống hách thống trị muốn chứng tỏ quyền vương độc tôn của loài chó nên đã bắt đầu khai súng những cuộc chiến tranh đầu tiên, không thể cam chịu được nữa quân đội của bạn đang sẵn sàng chiến đấu. Người chỉ huy nên trách nhiệm của bạn là kiểm soát mọi thứ của vương quốc và điều quân trong các cuộc chiến. Có rất nhiều thứ đáng lo trong quân đội của mình, có nhiều cách để bạn có thể nâng cấp đội hình chiến đấu của mình nên một tầm cao mới hơn. Trong những trận đánh chiến thuật như này thì cách bạn chơi cách bạn tư duy về cuộc chiến và tối ưu hóa sức mạnh quân đội của bên mình sẽ là mấu chốt để bạn có thể dành được chiến thắng trong Cat War2 Mod.
Lối chơi hấp dẫn
Trong Cat War2 Mod thì những cuộc chiến tranh sẽ xảy ra và bạn là người chỉ huy điều những binh lính có các chỉ số khác nhau với một thứ tự của riêng bạn. Có nhiều các binh lính với giá tiền khác nhau và cho ra được những kỹ năng và sức mạnh riêng biệt. Tiền đề có thể điều được những binh lính đó được tính bằng cá, số cá càng nhiều thì bạn sẽ gọi được các binh lính có chất lượng và chỉ số cao hơn. Không hẳn là các binh lính mèo với số cá càng cao thì sẽ tối ưu được chiến thuật của bạn, bạn cần gọi các quân lính một cách theo thứ tự phù hợp để có thể bù đắp và kết hộp các kỹ năng với nhau, đưa ra một sức chiến đấu tối ưu nhất đối với quân địch. Sẽ tùy vào mức độ hiện tại của quân địch mà bạn lựa chọn một cách phù hợp không cần quá lãng phí để gọi nhiều các binh lính có mức số cá nhiều.
Đồ họa và các tính năng trong trò chơi
Để có thể xây dựng một đất nước và quân đội trở nên mạnh mẽ và giàu có trong Cat War2 Mod thì bạn sẽ cần làm rất nhiều thứ để thu thập các tài nguyên. Đầu tư những thứ đúng đắn và có ích nhiều nhất với đội hình của bạn để có thể dành được chiến thắng trong mỗi cuộc chiến. Đồ họa của trò chơi được xây dựng trên nền tảng game 2D cho chúng ta một sự ổn định mượt mà nhất định và không bị giật lác khi bắt đầu tham gia trò chơi. Những nhân vật được thiết kế một cách đáng yêu xen lẫn với những chiến binh máu mặt thể hiện sức mạnh, hệ thống các nhân vật trong game có rất nhiều và mỗi nhân vật mang một sắc thái hoàn toàn khác nhau. Ngoài sự dễ thương ra thì những chiến binh máu mặt đang chờ đợi để xuất trận trong những cuộc chiến tranh với loài chó, chiến thắng tất cả đều nằm trong tay bạn quyết định.
Tính năng Mod của Cat War2
Tiền Không Giới Hạn
Với tính năng tiền không giới hạn của phiên bản Mod Cat War2 Mod thì chúng ta sẽ được trải nghiệm tính năng vô cùng hữu ích và giúp đỡ chúng ta rất nhiều ctrong cuộc chiến gay go để dành lại chiến thắng này. Chúng ta sẽ được sở hữu một lượng tiền không giới hạn để có thể tiêu xài và mua sắm nâng cấp các thứ rất cần thiết trong mỗi cuộc chiến khác nhau. Tiền tệ luôn là một thứ rất quan trọng, bạn cần tích góp rất lâu để có thể làm được điều mình muốn. Giờ đây với tính năng mod tiền không giới hạn của phiên bản này sẽ giúp chúng ta giải quyết được một phần vấn đề rắc rối nào đó mà bạn để tâm tới.
from LMHMOD – Tải Mod Game Apps Premium miễn phí via LMHMOD
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dafukdidiwatch · 3 days ago
Watership Down
Tumblr media
For being a bunch of rabbits, they sure make a compelling story.
I’ve heard of this movie for a long long time, but it was always just what people remember it for, not what it was actually about. This movie to me was “oh, that one animated film and violent rabbit takeovers in a...ship?”. But I’ve never really had a chance to watch it and see for myself just how gorgeous it was.
Overview: Fiver, an oracle, sees a dark omen of death heading to their burrows. So a group of rabbits decided to leave and find a new home, one that is safe from all dangers that are set to kill them.
I’m always attracted to 2D animation, so this movie was gorgeous. You can really tell which rabbit was which, and the animators really put in the effort of making all the animals move naturally. Especially at the beginning with the rabbit lore. Damn they really didn’t have to go that hard in using a completely different animation style when explaining the Genesis Myth of the rabbits. But it was so gorgeous to watch and it just, set the tone of the film. The fear of being continuously hunting, but also that these rabbits have a culture and society just like humans.
The story is one of a classical tale: heroes must leave home and face dangers to find a new home to live at. So most of the plot is them facing random encounters and trying not to die from them. A bit simplistic to say, yes, but this movie does so well in how the characters bounce off of each other, making it so realistic of how they face the dangers. It actually reminds me a lot of “Animals of Farthing Woods” and “Warrior Cats”. Just something about having dark topics being being told by cute fluffy animals to get away with it. You know, like a rabbit dictatorship.
I know that the movie is supposed to show just how violent their lives are, and it certainly doesn’t shy away from that, but I thought it would be a bit more gory to be honest. Like like when it does, it is very violent, bloody, torture, the works. But I can honestly say it really only happens like 2 or 3 times in the film. So I guess it’s like Bambi in a way where the one scene people remember is violent but not really super huge throughout the story. 
I love how the characters are made to be crafty and cunning, using what they learned earlier in the movie to help them out later. I honestly thought Fiver was going to be the main character because he was the oracle that started it all. But it turns out to be Hazel, his brother. Which is apparently John Hurt so you can imagine my surprise when I found that little nugget out at the end of the movie.
But we all know that the best character in this film is Kehaar. That seagull is the funniest thing in this movie because he is so earnest but cannot read the room in any way. I have no idea what his accent is, but him shouting BIG WAHDA! just makes me laugh every time. He is absolutely an important character and needs to be respected in everything that he does.
This movie also has some dope ass lines here. I finally found where the line “If they catch you, they will kill you; but first they must catch you.” Like how raw is that for being in a children’s film? Not only that but near the end, "What is, is what must be" is so deep too. Especially for the situation Hazel had.
Overall: I absolutely loved the film. It has great twists and turns, a great cast, funny and dramatic, and all in a wonderful 2d animation. I know that there are other versions out there like the netflix tv series, but honestly I’m thinking this movie will be my fav no matter what.
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zuugame · 4 days ago
Genre| | Invalids. Catovania Cracked PC Game In Direct Links and Torrent. Catovania – It is a game a couple of cat preventing an enemy. 2D platformer made in a...
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How would Jumin react to MC watching Phineas &Ferb? I love this show to the end of the earth lmaoooo
I think at first he'd be a bit confused as to why you're watching a "kids" show, but he wouldn't say anything about it, he loves it when you start singing along to the songs or just burst into fits of giggles because of a joke.
One day he decided to accompany you watching TV in the living room, and he became a bit interested in the show. In the beginning he'd be saying things like "this wouldn't really be possible to build in one day" or "platypuses aren't turquoise" or "that's actually illegal" or "I don't think they have enough money to be funding all of this." But his comments would then turn into small gasps as he gets a bit more into it.
He honestly finds Dr. Doofenshmirtz the best, don't ask me why it's the first thing that came into mind. At first he found him annoying but grew to slowly love him. He likes how he never gives up and actually cares about those around him, like his daughter.
He will be a bit slow on the jokes, god bless his beautiful heart, but will smile whenever you start laughing.
He thinks the songs are catchy and he likes them. He also really likes Ferb, and says if he existed Jumin would immediately hire him to work at C&R.
After seeing all the Perry shenanigans he will be 98.9999999% sure that Elizabeth is also a secret agent, and he will get her a very fancy hat. He knows Elizabeth is a smart cat, and it could be possible. He acts like he doesn't know, however because he doesn't want her to be taken away by the organization.
One thing that made him laugh are the Doofenshmirtz backstories, in a very ironic kind of way, since both their parents weren't exactly the most attentive. "It all started on the day I was born. My parents didn't show up" (I'm quoting this out of memory forgive me if it's not correct ajdjdjd but I love it it's so freaking! Oh God it's just amazing)
He also really loves the jingles of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!!!! And will definetly want to get C&R one.
He constantly shits on Candace too, saying all the different ways she could have busted her brothers.
I feel like he'd have a favorite song, but right now I don't know which one. Maybe gitchi gitchi goo, it means I love you!
He likes the movies and bought the PS3 game for Phineas and Ferb across the 2d dimension (god I used to play that game all the time jesus) and will be a self proclaimed gamer now I guess lololol
In conclusion it'd be a Jumin approved show tbh, and could eventually be one he really likes. He thinks the jokes are great, he loves Agent P, and no matter how long the show ran for he felt it's spark never died out.
After watching Phineas and Ferb, he'd be pretty into watching Gravity Falls or maybe Adventure Time.
Gravity Falls would be his favorite, and tbh he wouldn't expect the whole twin brother thing in the end. He'd be able to guess the rest of the plot tho.
Gravity Falls is also his favorite because of all the spoopy paranormal stuff. He also gets into the codes at the end of the episodes and tries to decipher them, to get to the bottom of the mystery.
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