titsay · 8 hours ago
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It's Ok
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cat-cosplay · 14 hours ago
"Our Flag Means Blep"
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kilgorezouzou · 10 hours ago
Chomping those churrus looking like demons
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missabbynormal · 8 hours ago
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Glow up 💖✨💎
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dduane · 10 hours ago
I love your Young Wizards series and am finally listening to "To Visit the Queen" (because cat wizards! Yay!) and I've dearly wanted to pet Huff since you first described him. (If he'd let me.) Big FLUFFY boi, very nice, very soft. Would also like to pet his mate, if she'd let me. I also love the ravens, and how you portrayed their oracle talents. Just- thank you! 💜
You're entirely welcome.
Huff was based on the Norwegian Forest Cat who turned up on our doorstep one morning some years back, yodeled his CV at us (at least I assume that's what he was doing), and immediately became part of the household. A charming guy, whose motto was "I May Not Be Smart, But I Can Lift Heavy Things." (His favorite toy was a lump of firewood from the wood pile. He was strong. If a men's rugby player chose to come back as a cat, Mr. Squeak would be what he would look like.)
Mr. Squeak head on
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theoreocat · 14 hours ago
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The Bathroom Brigade. 🚽🧻🛁
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chikuwathecat · a day ago
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My eyes met!
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zynhamus · a day ago
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Kayboluşumun beşiğini sallıyorum bu akşam,
Büyüyor yavaş yavaş,
Sırtında parmak izleriyle zamanın,
Bir tekir kedi ile beraber,
Seyrediyorum hayatı....
Didem Madak
12.08.2022 17:30 #newsharing
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bokuwachikuwa · a day ago
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britwitch · 15 hours ago
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rhysdarbinizedarby · 21 hours ago
Rhys reminds Gizmo of his career goals..
Chilling Saturday with Gizmo
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sonacat · a day ago
cutest thing
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cat-cosplay · 22 hours ago
Pike casts Vicious Adorableness.
She pre rolled damage so make your wisdom save.
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millerflintstone · 12 hours ago
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Ivy was adopted!!!!
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macothecat · 18 hours ago
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kilgorezouzou · 2 days ago
Chatting with Zouzou in the morning
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sprinklethecat · 3 hours ago
I need some help in order to get Sprinkle a new bag of food soon.
I've been putting money away into an Amazon gift card balance, as that is where I have been getting her medicated food for the past year. However, they are not currently selling the bag I get from the normal seller and it is over $50 higher than what I have been paying for it.
My two main options are getting money sent to me on paypal/venmo or getting a gift card for chewy.com. (sent to [email protected] )
I have been keeping an eye on it since the first, so I never added this months addition into Amazon. Which brings me up to a current:
There are pictures below to show the normal pricing I get it for vs the current as well as a picture of her food and how much we have left.
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This was the price I paid in April.
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This is the only current listed price for the 17 pound bag.
I like getting this bag as it gives me a longer time to save up for the next bag :c
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