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short angst piece because I finished Atypical

Izzie is terrified.

Izzie is terrified, even when she tells Casey that she’s not scared of that asshole, of her mother’s latest ex-boyfriend-turned-current-boyfriend-again whose name she can’t even bring herself to think about because with it comes him getting high out of his mind and yelling, throwing things. That, somehow, isn’t what scares her the most about him. It isn’t how she has to shield her siblings from him, who are now more of her own children at this point, it’s not that. It’s selfish, really.

What she hates the most about him is how he sneaks little comments about her and barges into her room when she’s supposed to be asleep and the worst part is, her mother says nothing. She says nothing, when her boyfriend eyes her teenage daughter with a predatory gaze. She says nothing, when Izzie finally breaks down, handing her siblings over to their grandmother, even when her brother gives her a heartbroken gaze. Her little brother, barely 12, becomes the adult when she’s gone. Their grandmother is old, she can’t keep up with a rowdy 7-year-old and a screaming baby.

His eyes have lost the shine that comes believing everything right’s with this world and he lost his childish innocence the first time Izzie dropped them off with their grandmother and disappeared for the first time. Over that one night, when she had disappeared in tears and returned with scratches, she’d seen how much he’d grown. He assumed the role of the responsible adult and the worst thing was that he understood. He told her to take time off for herself and that he would manage with their grandmother’s help for one night. He told her how grateful he was for her always putting them first and how he loved her and she needed this break and he would make her take it.

Izzie told herself that she wouldn’t be like their mother, she wouldn’t force them to grow up before they had to but she did. She still did and she hated herself for it. She just couldn’t take it anymore and she needed a break. Still, she hates herself even as she sinks into Casey’s arms, thinking how she couldn’t be any better than her mother. She doesn’t stop thinking about how she abandoned her siblings the same way their mother often did. She was just like her mother and she was disgusting for it. Despite this, she lets Casey hold her for a while, sobbing, and lets herself drink in the comfort and the warmth and she lets herself be safe, even if only for a while.

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Spoiler alert(?) for Atypical season 3

Can i just say, even though of course i’m excited for casey and izzie to be together, the best part of the season 3 finale was zahid’s proposal for him and sam to be roommates. Ugh, good friendships are So important

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3. A character you would marry in an instant?

Izzie from Atypical. I have fictional crushes but it’s also hard cause I ship them with other characters. It’s like I love you but I also love you with them

7. A character you wouldn’t mind naming your child after?

This is really hard. I think it’s kinda weird to name your kid after a fictional character. Not like to the point where I’m disgusted. To tell you something my brother’s name is Arlo. He wasn’t named after the Disney character but still. I wouldn’t mind naming a daughter after Quinn Fabray. But if animals are included, then like all the characters

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Things i would like to see in Atypical season 4:

as of 15/05/2020

  • More Cazzie ~ not only are they my favourite canon wlw ship, i think there’s quite a lot of potential to have an even better story line than they do at the moment. also its gay.
  • A development of Paige and Casey’s friendship ~ i think that there’s an opportunity for them to have an amazing relationship especially after the one scene in ‘searching for brown sugar man’. it’s the unlikely friendship that i would love to see.
  • More of Evan and Casey’s friendship ~ although they broke up it’s clear that they still have a great connection and seeing how they still care for eachother outside of a relationship is great.
  • Bring back some side characters. Namely Abby, Beth and Sharice ~ i loved all of these characters whenever they popped up and would love to see more of them in the final season.
  • Izzie’s back story ~ it’s often bought up that Izzie has a tough home life and i think more insight into that may get us to understand her character a bit better.
  • Give Izzie a last name
  • Casey going to UCLA ~ i’d like to see how the different characters react to Casey leaving. i’d also like to see if Izzie goes with Casey(maybe she trains with Casey and gets coach Crowley to convince UCLA to let her in too, idk).
  • Sam moving in with Zahid ~ their friendship has always been one of my favourites and it would be amazing to see this bromance blossom especially after the events of season 3. it would be interesting to see how Elsa reacts as she has been skeptical of Sam moving in places/staying overnight in places in the past, but it seems as if she almost trusts Zahid kinda.
  • Find out who Sam has been talking to during his 'monologue’ scenes in seasons 2&3.
  • Find out what is happening with Doug and Elsa’s relationship.

These are what i can think of atm. Feel free to reblog and add your own opinions to this =)

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