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So I’m back again.

Trying to continue going through the series and editing/saving mangacaps that I enjoy the most, especially now that its over but the anime might come back but also the new generation should appreciate Bleach.

Also, I started playing Bleach Brave Souls so I might post about that on here as well. This is mostly a spot for me to rant about my analysis of characters and events but also I’m a trashy anime fan that reads into toxic ships too much so don’t take me seriously.

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Margaery: Chaaaaaaaaad, I just bought a new makeup palette and want to test it out but my makeup is literally FLAWLESS today so wiping it off would be legit a crime. What do I have to do to convince you to let me test it on you? 🥺
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Margot says this when Kelly is clesrly hiding something from jer. “No one tries to be thar zen u less they’re hiding something”
Ok..sje’s right. Kelly/zelena IS hiding something. But chad co owns that yoga bike cyclist studio thing. He’s just as zen as kelly is. So what secretes does he have? He was still (supposedly?) willing to marry kelly after she told him EVERYTHING.
So i just want to know what kind of horrific past chad was hiding and of he has a higher body count than zelena. Wait. Did zelena directly kill anyone?

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Okay so in this day and age it feels like you can’t even think about saying something about men without someone (most likely a man) screaming “not all men”. But like do anyone else get that? Like when the bro’s and the dudes hang out and Chad says “man women be crazy” does anybody go “hey not all women you know” or when the karens of the world complain about the gays or whatnot is there anybody going “not all the gays” or is that just reserved for the men? Just a thought

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