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#Chadwick Boseman fanfiction

Chadwick Boseman x Black! Reader


It was a typical Saturday with Chadwick home. You waking up to him staring at you with that crooked smile that gave you butterflies.

“Good morning baby” he spoke as he reached over to pull at your bonnet letting it slap back against your forehead.

“Good morning old man"You spoke back, sleep still evident in your voice as you put your feet on his legs making him suck his teeth.

"How the hell are your feet this cold if you had me turn the heat on hell last night?” he said quickly moving his legs off the bed.

“I got hot and turned it off” you said laughing at him as he shook his head.

“Whatever Minnie. Come on and get up I wanna get some food before I take you to get your nails done”

You laid there for a minute tired and not really wanting to get out of bed. You were going to suggest a lazy Saturday but he insisted that you two get out and do something, stating he had some sort of surprise for you.

Your man stood there clad in just his boxers with his long fingers on his waist, waiting for you to stand up. After a three minute staring contest you got up out of bed making your way to the bathroom.

By the time you had gotten dressed and ready to go, Chadwick who was finished getting ready twenty minutes before you had conducted some business over the phone that he hoped you would enjoy.

“You ready Minnie?” he asked you standing up with a grunt.

“Yup. Mickey are you going to help me pick out a color?” You asked as you two made your way to the front door.

“Uhhhh, champagne color?” he suggested with a shrug.

“That might be cute"you responded pulling out your phone. Once you logged into Pinterest and found a design you liked you showed it to him.

Barely glancing up from the college basketball game he nodded and murmured "Cute”

You rolled your eyes and told him you were ready. He quickly jumped up grabbing his keys and jacket before heading for the door. He opened the front door allowing you to leave first but not before giving your ass a smack.

Once in the car, Chadwick started the car and began to drive while you played with the radio connecting your phone to the bluetooth. Hitting shuffle you started to feel the music. Tamia blasted through the radio as you sung along to your man.

“I think you’re truly something special” you started but stopped once you realized he was eating Cheez Its. You laughed causing him to take his gaze off of the road for a second to see what had you laughing.

“What’s so funny baby” he asked still taking glances at you and eating.

“The fact that you pulled those Cheez Its out of nowhere. Where did your fat ass get them anyway” you asked as he sucked his teeth.

“I keep a box on the side of the door. Nosey ass, you know I keep them snacks on me” he said grabbing more. He yanked the box away when you reached for some before pulling over.

“Yippy Kiyay muthafucka. We made it” he spoke before hoping out of the car to open your door.

“Allow me to help you out Miss Daisy?"He spoke reaching out his right hand to grab your left. You laughed grabbing his hand as he kissed you.

"Are you staying here with me?”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to” He spoke kissing your cheek.

Together you walked into the shop to sign in. He pulled his hoodie onto his head and sat down by the entrance.

He sat there trying to contain his feelings. He was definitely nervous about what would be happening in about and hour.

He needed to keep himself busy he stood and walked into the back to talk to you.

“Hey baby” you smiled as you got your feet scrubbed.

“Hey, look is going across the street to get something to drink. What do you want?” He asked as her attention jumped from the lady painting her toenails and back to him.

“I don’t want anything babes, thanks for asking” she smiled making him roll his eyes.

Whatever he brought back she would definitely finish for him leaving him with nothing.

“Yeah whatever. Gimme some love” he mumbled puckering his lips as he leaned done to kiss the woman he loved. They pulled away to heard the lady fussing.

“Look at this! You wiggled your toes and messed up the nail.”

Chadwick laughed backing up.
“sorry ma'am. I’ll leave you to it” he smiled before turning to walk over to the nail technician that would be working on your nails.

“Excuse me” he said as he sat in front of her grabbing her attention.
“The woman that went back there. She wanted the champagne colored nails. You know who I’m talking about?” He asked

“Oh yes. She’s a regular client”

“Yeah well I need you to do me a favor please”

“What is it?”

“When you finish her nails and put that clear moisturizer on her hands…I need you to slide this on her left ring finger for me” he stated sliding her the box and a two hundred dollar bills.

“Ohhhh will do. What do you want me to say when I put it on her finger?”

“Tell her it’s from that handsome man she came in with” he smirked before standing up.

“I’m counting on you mama. Don’t lose that ok?” He spoke as she nodded putting it in a side drawer and winking at him.

He gave her a smile before walking out of the building into the fresh air.

He took a deep breath, thankful that he didn’t have to breathe in those chemicals for the time being.

Now he had to kill time before he officially gave his all to you.

You looked at your surroundings to try and see where Chadwick was but sighed when you saw that he wasn’t in the salon.

How long did it take to get some snacks from the store across the street?

You sighed realizing he might’ve been spotted by some fans and that he was with them taking pictures and signing autographs.

You looked down at your nails and smiled at the work.

“You like the stones?” The nail lady asked.

“You know I do girl!! This is cute”

After having her nails under the lights to dry for a fourth time she was finally done.


She watched as the nail tech rubbed the oil on her skin and massaged her hands.

Just as you were about to get up she patted your hands.

“One more thing sweetie” she said digging into a drawer and putting a ring on your left ring finger.

“Miss this isn’t mine” you said confused

“It is now. That handsome man you came in here with left it for you.” She said and got up from her seat.

Smiling down at the ring on your fresh manicure you turn as you hear the door open and the gasps of other customers.

There stood the man you loved with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you’ve seen. He walked toward you smiling ear to ear.

“These are for you” he said and you gladly accepted them with a giggle.

“Why thank you” you said as he grabbed your free hand to make you stand up.

“ I know you’re wondering about the ring I had them put on your finger.” he spoke as he got down on one knee.

“With everything I’ve done wrong in my life this here is the one thing I pray everyday I get right. I want to wake up with you every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms at night. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about us. It’s like Picasso painted your aura, it’s like Beethoven composed your vocal tones, a Rodin inspired hand sculpted you the desire of man, Michelangelo grieves inside you. When I look in your eyes I see the seeds of my wildest dreams. I’m rambling but you just make me that nervous. My knee is starting to hurt so I’ll rap it up.  Baby, will you do the honors of becoming my wife?”

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Chadwick Boseman x Reader

Warning: Fluffy Fluff, Mild Cursing

Words: 2.5k

Summary:  Reader and Chadwick have been dating for a year and everything is perfect in your relationship. You met his family when he brought you home for his mother’s birthday celebration then he met your family for your parent’s anniversary bash. Now it’s time for the Boesmans and the Y-L-N to meet.

Note: Next up on Christmas With Lee. A great request from @chaneajoyyy . I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for reading!!!! I added some details because boy oh boy it is hard finding information about Chadwick’s family but I found enough and filled in the rest.


***Loosley Edited/Proofread***



“Are we crazy for this?”

Chadwick smiled as he cuddled closer to you in your king-sized bed. He pulled you closer against him and you wiggled yourself onto him. He felt so good, so warm, so soft even with the hair all over his body.

“You mean for having our families over for the holidays?”

“Yes. We’re talking at least twenty people,” you reminded.

“Oh, I know. There was no way this would have worked in LA, so this cabin was a good idea.” You snorted.

This was not a cabin, this was a fortress, it was huge and could easily hold your entire family. The two of you came two days earlier just to make sure everything was set the way you wanted and to ensure you had some one on one quiet time before the madness of the next four days. Chadwick kissed your jaw and trailed his kisses to your neck then shoulder and back to your neck. You moaned and laid there enjoying the feel of his lips on you and the soft brush of his beard.

“Mmm, I loved the last two days. They were just what I needed,” Chadwick whispered. You smirked.

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Chadwick x Son (ft. Black!Reader)•part 3  


The next morning, the father woke up early enough to cook breakfast and make lunch for his son. Once that task was complete he went to get himself showered and dressed.  Fighting to not stay in too long lost in thought he hopped out and started getting his undergarments on. He walked into his son’s room and flicked on the light. 

“Come on baby boy, it’s Friday” he said jumping into the small bed shaking the boy’s frame. The younger Boseman smiled while keeping his eyes closed. 

“I made your favorite for Breakfast Deuce, come on before you’re late and I have to beat that ass” he said as he started getting out his uniform, the child groaned before jumping out of bed and walking into the bathroom.

Once they were sitting at the kitchen island the boy began to ask questions.

“Daddy, where is Si? She usually helps me get ready”

“She isn’t going to be around anymore. It’s just you and me for now man, like it used to be" 

"I don’t remember that” he said furrowing his eyebrows.

“You’re too young to remember those times. After your mommy passed I took you everywhere I went" 

To people who knew nothing about Chadwick outside of his newly successful career it seemed that he had everything a man could want. A beautiful wife who he was madly in love with, success in his field, and his first child would be born within a few weeks.

He would also agree. He had it all until he didn’t. One by one the things most important to him, the things that made people think he had it all were slipping from his grasp. He hated how what should be saved wasn’t up to him. He’d choose his family over his career any day, but that’s not what God planned.

Here he was, a first time father, a widow, and the new star of a movie about one of the greatest men in show business.

He spent months preparing for that role while also trying his best to play the role of a father and husband. This curveball was something he wasn’t prepared for.

He had just wrapped his first day of shooting and was quickly packing up to get back to the small home he had rented for he and his son’s stay.

"Great work today Chadwick, the cast is going out to get drinks if you’d like to join us” one of his cast members spoke up within a group.

“I’d love to but I gotta get back to my baby” he said with a closed mouth smile.

“Aw that’s so sweet! Ok well give her our love” the same person spoke making his stomach hurt. 

He has yet to tell anyone outside of the directors and producers what had occurred recently. Not because he didn’t want to but because there was a pending case on the death of his wife.

“Will do” he mumbled before running off.

Once he was in the driveway he let out a sigh of relief. Both of your parents had offered to stay with him to take care of the newborn since Chadwick worked long days and nights.

“I’m home family” he spoke as he saw them all sprawled out on the living room furniture. He was about to turn off the television until he heard the coo’s of his baby boy from the bassinet.

“I see you’re wide awake huh man?” He spoke rubbing his hands with hand sanitizer before picking him up.

Grabbing his baby pillow and the baby bag he walked towards the room he occupied setting everything up on the opposite side of the bed, the side you should be laying on.

“You gonna let daddy study this film tonight” he asked the infant earning a yawn in response.

Together they laid in bed for a few hours watching interviews and videos of James Brown. With breaks in between for bottles and diaper changes.

“Alright Chad, it’s 3 am. We gonna get funky for a minute and then, we gonna get sleepy.” He spoke softly in his James voice before hopping up with the baby and gliding around the room slowly.

The newborn opened his eyes wide as they moved around the room moving his mouth as the song continued.

“Ya got soul Mr. Boseman?” The father asked.

After dancing to one more song the father laid them both down so he could get some type of rest before heading to set.

And that’s how the remainder of the filming went. The baby only coming to set a handful of times, but never staying for long.

The new father wasn’t happy that he left his child home for press junkets but it was best for him to be in a stable, consistent environment.

“Did we have fun?” The boy asked as he continued eating.

“The best” the father said before standing up grabbing both of their dishes and sitting them in the sink.

“Go get your book bag and jacket. It’s time to leave for school”

After a full day of reaching out to family to see who was willing to come watch Deuce for a few weeks while he did a press junket and informing them of the sudden change in the household he went to pick up the child.

“Ok Chad, you had a good week at school so what do you want to do tonight?” The father asked his eyes focused in on the traffic in front of them.

“I wanna go home and play with you” he said from the backseat making the dad smile.

“I’d be honored son, pretty soon you’ll think I’m too lame to hang out with.”

“How could I?!! You’re the BLACK PANTHER daddy, you’ll always be cool” he replied.

“It’s times to get funky” the father spoke in his James Brown voice as the music played throughout the house.

“So let’s get down” Deuce said laughing as he started dancing.

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@wonderwoman292 @jokerslittlemunster

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Street Life

Chadwick Boseman Fanfic

Warning!- Mentions of murder & drug use

Credits to the group chat for the tb pic!


“It’s amazing how your life can change”

Born in 1977 to a nurse and street hustler things weren’t that bad. The Boseman’s, a small family of three didn’t have much, but they had enough.

They were happy, the young couple in love and caring for their child the best they knew how. But by the time Chadwick was 3 years old things changed drastically.

The 1980 crack epidemic shook the once strong household thus taking away the joys the toddler remembered. No more laughing and joking. Bedtime stories and family outings to the park, became a thing of the past.

He was young but he remembered, most events. What child would forget watching their father shoot and kill a man over money? Or their mother smoking crack, shooting up, and trying to sell her body for drugs?

He still had memories of his father forcing him out of the house for hours at a time so he could cook. In the streets he saw a lot of things that made him sick and would scar any child. Dead bodies, addicts performing sexual acts for drugs, and people roaming the streets.

He grew up in that environment until he was about 7. Since his mother wasn’t around he spent a lot of time with his father in the streets. Watching him hustle so the two of them could have the things they wanted and needed.

His father was the only parent he had left since his mother was somewhere strung out. He’d held his father’s guns and handled his fair share of drugs before that dreadful day approached.

The day the feds broke down the door and marched into their home to take his father away. All alone, he sat in a police station waiting for someone to get him. Scared and alone but not allowing it to show on his face.

“Don’t let these cats see you sweat son. That’s a sign of weakness. They don’t need to see you cry” his father once told him after he saw a man lose his life.

It seemed like forever before he heard his grandmother, Eloise call his name. He stood up and walked towards her as she ran to her oldest grandchild.

After she talked with the officer who was left in charge of the young boy, they left. She had me move back home with her. Which took a while but Chadwick has gotten used to living with his grandmother. He’d always loved spending time with her during the summers, he knew he could be a kid at her home. Something he hadn’t been able to do for a while.

It wasn’t the best of starts. He was in a lot of fights at first, he would claim that the children were disrespecting him but anyone could tell that he was angry. He was angry that he had neither parent, that he had to move and start his life over, that he couldn’t fully understand

Once he was officially settled in life was fine. The young child grew up with his grandmother, the same way other kids in the neighborhood had. He was excelling in school and had made a name for himself around the neighborhood as “Stretch” since he was the tallest in his grade. Accentuated by the choices of clothing his grandmother brought for him displaying his long limbs.

Soon enough his cousins ended up moving into their grandmother’s home meaning more mouths for her to feed, and that lead to her getting a second job. As well as less quality time spent with his grandmother.

Still, he was excited that he had 2 other boys to play with inside of the home. Being the oldest of them he felt a responsibility for them. Any problem they had he would be the one to fix it whether it was a fight or their homework. He was to them what he wished he had, a caring sibling.

Over time, they grew closer and became like brothers to one another. Nothing would damage the bond that they shared.

The hardworking grandmother had always told the 3 boys to worry about school and that she would handle the rest. Which she did until there was an accident at work that injured her hip.

With her in constant pain she was out of work and disability checks became their sole income. Bills started pilling up and the family of 4 began to struggle a little. Some days going without electricity, some winters with no heat, but they hardly went to hungry only once in a while.

Chadwick watched for years as his grandmother struggle to care for the growing boys. Until the day he decided he wasn’t going to let her struggle anymore. Taking matters into his own hands he did what he had known best, following in his father’s footsteps.

And that’s what went on for years. He worked to help his grandmother support the house while also hoping to keep her in the dark about his job not wanting to upset her.

“So stretch are you in or are you gonna bitch out on me” the man sitting behind the desk asked staring him in the eye.

The young man took a deep breath before answering in a strong voice.

“I’m in man. Tell me what to do”

Once they shook hands, Chadwick felt a pain in his stomach. Realizing what he had just done.

It’s not 12 yet so here’s my birthday contribution to our King’s birthday! I’m posting more pics this weekend to celebrate.🥰

@nyneebey @lady-love-and-glitter-roses @autumn242 @royallyprincesslilly @lalapalooza718 @wakandawinning @brianabreeze @noontownstudio @airis-paris14 @dramaqueenamby @kumkaniudaku

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I’m finally put my master list together of completed, work in process, and future projects all in one post so I can update everyone from here:

“The Cure”:


Chadwick Boseman X Galen Brooks (Black Reader)


“Be Careful What You Wish For”:


2018 Halloween Special

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II X Khalil Howard (Black Reader)


-Updated October 12, 2018

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Author Notes: I got the inspiration for this story from a song by Lady Gaga called “The Cure” and from my personal experience from dealing with anxiety.  Also, this is my first time writing smut so it may suck so… yeah… I hope you enjoy

Word Count: 2,800 +

Warnings: Angst, Smut (NSFW) and Curse words

Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)


“I’ll undress you, ‘cause you’re tired

Cover you as you desire

When you fall asleep inside my arms

May not have the fancy things

But I’ll give you everything

You could ever want, it’s in my arms”

California? What are you doing in Cali?

I smiled to myself hearing Jade turn into our mom with her asking a million and one questions. Her phone call woke me up and made me comprehend how late it was. Chadwick took off early to go to a meeting but promised lunch when he came back dropping a kiss on my forehead before he left.

Visiting”, I snickered answering her purposely with a short response as I sat up in the bed. I hissed a little not grasping how sore my body was from the slight movement I made.

What’s wrong?” Jade asked sounding concerned.

I’m okay, so how are you doing today, sis?” I asked deciding to change the topic.

Nope, you don’t get to do that… you can’t drop on me you are in Cali and try to switch it up. Now you can either tell me or I can fly out there and discover the reason myself.”

I groan and answer “I’m out here with Chadwick,“


He flew me out here to visit him,

Confused, Jade pried, “But I thought you all were not together? You told me…”,

I know but we are working it out and examining how things will progress,

Oh… well did Y’all talk? You need to catch me up with everything. I’m presuming everything went okay since you don’t sound stressed and all. What did you guys do yesterday? Did he take you around the city? Did you go to Disneyland? Does he have any sexy, single friends? I can still travel out there on that answer alone.

I busted out laughing instructing her not to bring her ratchet behavior to LA.

Girl, they need this Texas Bama there, okay… anyway, for real, what have you two been getting into in LA?

I hesitated at first by telling her but thought of an idea to explain to her so she would get the notion without me saying it.

You remember the lesson you offered me when you advised me what to do if the opportunity presented itself?


(1 day earlier)

How I fucked up?” Stunned by his tone and change of attitude.

Yes, how you fucked this up… if I can refresh your memory, I was the one begging for this relationship to last, I was the one telling you to fight for this, I was the one telling you I loved you…

I told you I loved you,” I cut in raising my voice.

Damn it, Galen, really… I haven’t heard from you for almost a month… no contact and you think you can just call and say “I Love You” and it will fix everything. You cut me out of your life… how do you think made me feel?

He paused for a second to catch his breath and I could see he was becoming more pissed the further he confessed. He searched everywhere but in my direction to settle himself down.

Okay Chadwick, I get it… I treated you like shit when you took off and I fucked up but everything I confided to you on the phone was the truth. It’s hard for me to be open but I am working on it. You expect me to just dump all of my feelings onto you but that is not how I am.”

He glares back at me with annoyance and I instantly regret saying my last remark. He chuckles and responds, “But you love me, huh? Riddle me this, how can you love someone you can’t be open with? That makes none fucking sense, Galen.”

I know… it’s insane, right?” I ask sarcastically. “And hold up, you were the one that dropped that news on me at the last minute. You thought you could tell me the day before you left, that you were leaving and I was expected to be like, “Okay, love, I will be here waiting for you”… Fuck that shit, nigga, that was a bitch move,” I yelled now becoming heated.

He remained there staring at me as it disturbed him that came out of my mouth. It shocked me it came out as well but if he demands me to be open, then I am about to get very open.

His nose flares and counters, “Oh, is that the process to get you to talk and express how you feel? Piss you off and then magically, you open up? Mmmh, to think I was doing it wrong all this time…,

Chadwick gets up from his stool and walks over to my side on the counter but stops a few steps in front of me. “I’m not claiming what I did was right, but you were acting like it was over as soon as I told you. And like I mentioned before, you knew I would not be there forever so that’s why it confused me with how you were acting.

I rolled my eyes and turned my back to him, “Did I waste my time coming here?

He snatched my waist to shift me back in his direction and was standing right in my presence. He is so close I could feel his chest rise and fall with each breath he drew while his hands were still on my waist. Even with being pissed, I enjoyed him being this close. He closed his eyes and took a few breaths before speaking further.

I tried… that’s all I’m saying… I tried” and then let go of me before taking a few strides back.

Struggling to retain my composure, I questioned him, “Chadwick, why did you bring me here? It sounds like you don’t want me here…,

I don’t know… I assumed… maybe this was a mistake” he acknowledges seeming more sad than upset.

Not speaking another word, he wandered over by the vast window by the patio and ignored me… absorbed in his thoughts.  

I love you… even after everything, I still do…,” I announced… it was all I could say.

I walked over and rested on the couch trying not to hyperventilate. Reflecting on everything over these last couple of months, I realized I could have dealt with the situation better than I did but I wish I could convey to him in words how I felt. Playing Dr. Ramirez message over and over in my mind, “It’s okay because you can move on from this because you are stronger than what you believe you are”, but I knew I didn’t want this to be over. I’m trying to stay strong but I am falling apart.

As the tears were running down my face, Chadwick appeared and sat behind me. He called out my name, but I didn’t have the courage to look at him. We remained there in silence trying to discover the words to communicate our emotions. What seemed like forever, he reached over to grab my waist again and pull me back towards the end of the couch, in between his legs with his face leaning on the back of my neck. He draped his arms around my abdomen and held me in his embrace as I placed my arms on top of his.

I love you and I needed you here with me… that’s why I brought you here” he whispers as he kissed the back on my neck. I gripped his arms tighter when he felt his kisses fall to the side of my neck and progressing towards my ear.

Chadwick” I whimpered struggling to suppress my moan as he bit down on my earlobe and working his tongue as I sense the shift in the atmosphere pass from resentment to sexual hunger.

Chadwick unbuttoned my flannel blouse as I was sinking my nails into his thighs and pressing my hips back on his hardness. He removed my blouse and slipped the bra straps from my shoulders with my bra coming down exposing my breast. As his lips were traveling down my shoulder blade, my body quivered as he reached to explore my breast. “Oh, Shi… Shit”, I stuttered as he played with my nipples while I dropped my hands behind my back to rake my palms against his dick underneath his pants. “Damn”, was all he could muster in between his movements and moans. I moved my hands back up to cover his grip over my breast as I twisted my face to him to run my tongue over his lips.

With getting all of this satisfaction and pressure developing in my core, I almost lost it when he ceases and nudged me so he could stand up off the couch with his erection on full glory.

What the fu….”,

He cut me off by kissing and biting my lips. I felt his massive hands spread against my waistline, down to underneath my thighs, and raise me up in the air where he wrapped his palms on my ass. He rubbed me against him so I can enjoy him on my clit which drove me to beg for more. He paused again, and I became frustrated.

“Chadwick…” I squirmed until I focused on his eyes. The look of lust was nothing unique coming from him but this was a pleading look… almost as he was seeking permission.

I nodded my head awarding him the okay and he let out a huge sigh with a grin. He drew me closer to his face to kiss me again as he carried me to his bedroom.


Chadwick… baby… I’m coming, baby, I’m com…” I shouted as I was coming for the second time.

Between his fingers and his mouth, he drove me to feel like my soul was being set free. No pain, no anger, no stress… the release I needed as I trembled as I was dissolving in pleasure.

When I came back down from my high, I opened my eyes to look at him and I jumped up when I saw his face drenched. He was glancing back at me with my essence dripping off his beard with a smirk on his face. I frantically wiped his face with my hands which baffled him but had me apologizing.  I freaked out when I noticed the big ass wet spot I left on his bed.

I’m sorry… I have never done that… I don’t know… I’m sorry,

Dropping back down on the bed, I crossed my arms over my face feeling embarrassed. He laughed when he ascended back up over my body and laid to the side of me as he grabs my arms to withdraw them from my face. He gently turned my head, so we are eye to eye with him caressing my cheek. While I was in his trance, he reached down my body and penetrated his fingers into me, stroking in and out a few times, before pulling them out completely. Still maintaining eye contact, he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked them with a moan of satisfaction.

You taste so fucking good… I never want you to be sorry of that. Besides, you look beautiful when you come,” he confides as he licks his fingertips.

I grinned when he moved and mounted on top of me, leaning his body in between my legs. He left kisses along my jawline as he reached up to capture one of my breasts and using his thumb to twirl my nipple. This fired a flutter throughout my body causing me to arch my back slightly. He pressed his upper body up to reach down in between us to grab his dick and rub it against my clit. I chose this moment to worship his sculpted body from his shoulders, to his chest, to his abs… he was impeccable. Once I looked down at his dick, that is when my nerves set in. He was so damn huge that I didn’t know if I could handle all of him. Chadwick must have picked up on my reception due to him asking, “Are you okay?”

Yeah” I acknowledge now peeping up at the ceiling

Look at me” he requested now coming to a complete pause of movements.

I will take it slow and will follow your lead. If you need me to slow down or stop, just tell me… okay?

I nodded, but he shouted, “Galen”, waiting for me to say it.

Okay… I promise,

He leaned down pressing his lips onto mine as he arranged his tip at my entrance.

Are you sure?” he asked between kisses as I reached up to hold his face while looking into his eyes, “Yes, I’m yours.”

He slowly entered me with both of us using a concoction of cuss words ranging from “Shit” to “Fuck”. He would sink in little by little with him waiting for me to get accustomed to length and setting the pace. Once he had all of him inside me, I gripped his arms and was overwhelmed.


Baby, baby, wait… wait a minute,” I suggested breathing uncontrollably.

Do you need me to pull out?” he responded

No, please don’t… I’m just not used to this fullness. Go slow, baby.

Okay,” he replied as he moved his hips again. I hauled him closer so I could enjoy his passion while he ravaged my neck with kisses, biting, licking, and sucking. Each time he would thrust into my pussy, his body would brush against my clit and nipples making another orgasm inevitable. I craved for more as I was becoming intoxicated from his yearning.

Chad… Chadwick, fuck me… faster baby.”

I must have woke something up from inside him because he turned his gaze at me to examine if I was for sure but not wishing for me to change my mind.

Fuck me… please, baby,

He pulled out of me to sit up and pull me closer to him. He placed both of my legs on top of his shoulders and pressed down with his upper body to push my knees to my chest. “Oh shit”, I thought to myself praying I won’t regret this decision later. He slams back into me and pounds my pussy as his life revolved around on it.

Ohhhhh… ahhhhh… ah, ahh…shiiiiiitttt,” I screamed as his dick kept hitting my g-spot over and over again with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. He moved faster and it had me grabbing for everything… him, the bedsheets, the pillow, air… hell everything at this position.

Fuck” he howled as his moans were becoming louder. He drops my legs from his shoulders but kept them stretched wide as he gripped underneath thighs to draw me into his thrust. “Damn, baby… your pus… shit,” he couldn’t finish once I clenched around him because I wasn’t capable of holding on any longer.

I can’t… I ca… I can’t… you will make me come again.”

Stop holding it, let it go, baby “he grumbles as he continues to slam into me but catching him losing his rhythm a little. He lets go of one of my thighs and rubs my clit that fires me over the edge.

My body jerks as another orgasm burst through my body and I see my vision fading to black as I chant his name. He slams into me a few more times before he pulls out and comes over my abdomen. He collapses to the side of me as we both are breathing heavy struggling to recuperate from the experience we had. After he is back to himself, he gets out of the bed and goes into the bathroom. I didn’t open my eyes but I can hear the water running from the sink. As he returned to the bed, he sits between my legs as I felt the heat from the warm towel.  He cleaned me up and began him snickering.    

Are you okay? Are you still with me or did I lose you?

I trying to answer that myself, “I answer laughing and opening my eyes.

You not ready for round 2?

Boy bye,” I declare shifting to my side as sleep was calling my name.

He lays behind me and holds me as he plants kisses near my ear.

I love you, Galen,

I love you too, Chadwick,

And I’m getting my round 2 in a few hours so rest up,” he states as we both giggle as we drift off to sleep and fulfilling his wish hours later.

"I’ll Fix You With My Love”

To be continued……….

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Promise ↬ Chadwick Boseman

Synopsis 》Yn and Chadwick have a scuffle about his acting career


“Babe come here! Look at this one!”, Chadwick calls out. I roll my eyes and roll out of the bed for the fifth time now, making my way to him. “What is it this time?”, I answer, unenthusiastically. He ignores my tone of annoyance and grins widely. “Look babe”, he points to the laptop screen, “This is the venue that the cast and I are going to conduct the Black Panther press conference for the South Asian premiere.” I glance at the large venue on the screen then back at him. “It’s nice”, I say dryly. He views of the rest of the conference room then goes to the next tab that showed a theater. “Now this is the theater where the Black Panther film premiere is going to take place. This long walkway is where the red carpet is going to be, well black carpet.” He flips back and forth between tabs, admiring the two buildings as I smugly stare at the screen. “This is going to be amazing”, he comments lowly. Officially upset, I walk away from the laptop and take a seat in the living room, turning on the television.

I flip through the channels when Chadwick walks in, grinning like a kid in a candy store. I ignore him and continue to search for an interesting game show or reality episode. “Yn you have to see this theatre room.” Chadwick turns the laptop towards me and I turn away. He sits next to me and shoves it into my lap. “Chad, I don’t want it”, I said pushing the laptop off my lap. “Baby just look…”, he said pushing it back into my lap. “I said no Chadwick”, I said harshly, closing the laptop and pushing it back on him. “What’s your problem?”, he asks, turning to face me. “You and this entire Seoul, South Korea premier are my problem. Ever since Marvel announced the starting of the BP tour you can’t stop talking about it. I know you’re excited. I’m excited for you, but you’ve been talking non-stop about this tour, brushing me off to "handle business” that is already handled. You’re not even taking advantage of the time you have with me before you leave.“

"What are you talking about? We went out for lunch yesterday with Addison and his daughter.”

“Wow, Chad. We actually have some time to spend together and all you can offer your wife is a pity lunch date with YOUR friend that I wasn’t even invited to. You just let me tag along because I was already with you.”

“Now you and I both know that Addison is family and that the both of us are always welcome. I don’t know what’s up with you today, but this is supposed to be a happy time and you’re trying to pick fights.”

“I’m not trying to fight with you Chad. I just want to spend some quality alone time with my husband before he leaves the country and has me fend for myself in busy ass L.A.”

“Babe are you serious right now. You come from Houston. One of the busiest, traffic-filled cities in the U.S. No different from L.A.”

“That’s not the point! The point is that I want to spend time with you and not your Black Panther premier blueprints.”

“C'mere Yn”, he said patting the spot next to him. I slide over and he wraps his arms around my shoulder as I lay my head on his chest. “I know I’ve been a little occupied with all of the Black Panther events and I’m sorry. I’m just trying to make sure everything is set so when I get my vacation time, I can focus all my attention on my family and friends, and us.” I began to feel bad. Chadwick has been striving for this dream since college and now that’s it’s here, I’m starting to feel a little left behind, whether it’s intentional or not. I don’t mean to come off unappreciative, whiney, and selfish, but I crave attention and affection from him and he seems to be occupied with other things that shouldn’t be his concern. “You know I love you and I’m extremely proud of you, but you’re turning into a workaholic. I just want you to take advantage of the free time you are given. That’s all.”

He takes a moment to think; comprehending your point of view. “I know I can be a little invested in other areas of work and I apologize that my habit is pushing you away. I didn’t mean for you to feel neglected. I always cherish my alone times with you. I promise I will do better”, Chad says as he stands up and hovers over me, putting his forehead on mine. “Promise?”, I ask, tilting my head up a bit while tucking my bottom lip into my mouth. “Promise.”, he confirms. I pop my wet bottom lip out and peck his lips several times before moving back and getting off of the couch. “Well since we’re here we can start on dinner. I know you’re hungry.”, I say as I skip to the kitchen. I open up the deep freezer and sort through the different fish and meats.

“Pork or chicken?”, I ask pulling them both out, while continuing to look around. “You”, Chadwick says casually as he walks into the kitchen, latching his hands onto my hips. “Stop, I’m serious.” I move his hands with my elbows and randomly choose the chicken breast. I put the pork back and put the chicken into the sink so it can thaw out. I open the pantry and survey the different canned goods, trying to decide our sides. Chadwick follows me and places his hands back onto my hips, pushing me back onto him. “Babe stop…”, I whine, but giggle, moving forward. “You asked for this attention. Now you don’t want it”, he states pushing up on me. “Not when I’m trying to prepare dinner. You wanna eat, don’t you?”, I respond, pushing him away with my back. “If you meet me in the bedroom, I’m sure I can find something to satisfy my appetite”, Chadwick whispers seductively in my ear, pushing me back on him once more. I force back a small moan as I try to keep a poker face, but it was difficult to hold back the smirk that wanted to be on my face. I tried to think of a quick comeback, but it was already a little too late, so I just grabbed the can of yams and collard greens and slid out of his hold.

Afraid to bend down (because of Mr. Touchy Feely), I squat and grab me three pots: two small, one medium and place them on the counters. As I turn around to head back to the pantry, I see Chadwick slightly leaning back, staring at my ass, naughtily. I smack my lips. “Go get the rice.”, I say, pushing him towards the pantry by his bicep. I open up the cans of vegetables and pour them into the pots, then put them on the hot stove. Chadwick places the rice on the counter and I immediately open it and pour it into the medium-sized pot. I walk to the sink and filled the pot with water and place it on the stove as well. I walk back to the sink and unwrapped and wash the thawed out chicken. I place them in a glass pan and began to season them. I look over at Chadwick to see him filling the yam pot with more sugar. “Chad I already put sugar in there.” Chadwick smiles, putting the sugar away. “Since someone won’t let me eat that pussy until they pass out, I have to compensate it for more sugar. At least I’ll get to eat something sweet today”, Chad smirks, smacking my ass. You laugh hysterically at his little joke as he walks out of the kitchen with the goofiest grin on his face.

I continue seasoning the chicken, them slip them into the oven. While I waited for the chicken to bake, I finished preparing the sides. Once everything was done, I set the table and prepared our plates. I peeked into Chadwick & I’s room to see him lying in bed, typing into his laptop. “Dinner is ready”, I said from the doorway. “Okay”, he nodded, “but come here.” I walk into the room and stand next to Chadwick, but he moves his laptop and pats the open space between his legs. I sigh as I climb into bed, lying in-between Chadwick’s legs, leaning back on his chest. Chadwick moves the laptop onto my lap, showing me online airline tickets. “Babe, what it this?” He doesn’t say anything, he just allows me to read what’s on screen. “Delta Airline… terminal 6… gate 13B… Club Mobay Airport Lounge… May 31… flight departure 9 AM… LAX to… Jamaica-”

“We return June 8, so you need to set a week’s vacation time. Make sure you talk with your boss, so there won’t be any mishaps”, he grins. I was stuck for a moment, trying to understand what was going on. “Baby are we going to Jamaica?”, you ask softly. “I do see purchased airline tickets on the screen so I believe so.” “OH MY GOD!” I move his laptop off my lap and straddle him, kissing all over his neck and face. I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica ever since my parents went for their anniversary and I’ve been begging for vacation for the past two weeks, but with his busy schedule and my job obligations, we had a difficult time scheduling our off days. I guess now is a perfect opportunity. “Thank. You. Baby.”, I said in-between kisses. “You deserve a vacation and I damn sure need one, so what’s a better place than to take my lady to Jamaica. Montego Bay to be exact.” You gush and squeal out of excitement, kissing him once more. “Thank you baby. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

“You don’t have to thank me. I’ll do anything for you”, he says while lightly stroking your chin, “Now let’s eat.”

Chadwick tries to move from under me, but I kept him pinned down to the bed. “Yn what are you-” I cut Chadwick off with a big kiss, slowly sliding my tongue into his mouth. I wrap my arms around his neck as he rests his hands on my ass. I slowly come up from the kiss, biting his lower lip. “Chad, the food can wait. I have something better you can eat anyways”, I say seductively while rubbing up and down on his chest. “Oh now you wanna have sex? Right after I told you we’re going to Jamaica?” “Yes. Now c'mon”, say while taking the bottom hem of his shirt and raising it up to showcase his toned abs and happy trail. “Damn woman. You see the way you do me”, he states, lifting his arms up so I could completely take his shirt off. “You know you like it… and for being such a great husband, I’ll allow you to do whatever you want to me in Jamaica”, I whisper in his ear, kissing his temple afterward then looking him in the eye.“Promise?”, he asks while sticking out his pinky. “Promise”, I say, locking my finger with his. He gave me a small peck on my lips, then picked me up and threw me off of him, climbing on top of me. I giggle and wrap my legs around his torso as his lips attacked my neck. We made love until the day turned into night and don’t worry; we ate dinner afterwards.

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“42 Reasons” 

Holly Raye Wood, an actress and graduate from Howard University, had a bright future ahead of her. In her senior year at Howard University, she booked a role in “42”, opposite Chadwick Boseman. They became close friends, or friends with benefits if that’s what you wanted to call it. After her big break, Ms. Wood was thrown into the messy industry. She scored a lead role on a hit television series, but was soon blackballed when she spoke out about racism and sexism at the network. Holly’s character was killed off, leaving her confused and unemployed. Unable to cope with the reality of Hollywood, the actress began using alcohol as her medicine. Falling into a deep depression, Holly was given another break when her old friend, Mr. Boseman, requested she auditioned for the role of Storm in the Black Panther sequel. What happens when two friends reunite after six years a part?

Coming soon

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Home Is Where You Are (part II)

LET’S GET NASTY. This is my first publicly posted smut so be gentle pls. This is basically PWP. Also I’m a subby, bottom ass bitch so that’s the perspective this is written from. Idk how to link on mobile but part one is on my blog. Sorry for any typos, but enjoy y’all!


Originally posted by dylanobreins

He’s really here,’ you thought. You ambushed his face with kisses, and he blinked sweetly at the onslaught.

“I love you. I love you. I love youuuuu,” you sang song between kisses. You watched his eyes crinkle into a smile, and your heart swelled. Chadwick lifted you up without warning, causing an eeeep to escape you.

“Looooooove, loooOOOOoOove, loooooove,” he sang SZA’s Love Galore to you as he turned the two of you so that he could sit down on the bed. You both let out hearty laughs with heads thrown back and mouths agape. When you both settled, you let your hands snake around Chadwick’s head. You threaded your fingers through his tightly coiled curls and brought his face within inches of yours. He spoke first.

“I don’t know how i went three months without holding you, baby,” he whispered. He closed the distance between your lips. His soft, pillowy lips meeting yours with just the right amount of pressure. You inhaled deeply as your lips moved in tandem with his. You tugged, ever so gently, on his kinks, and he surged forward. What began as innocent, familiar kissing, slowly morphed into something more visceral. You sucked on his bottom lip before diving in for a lewd, sloppy kiss. His tongue invaded your mouth, claiming ownership.

“Mmmm,” you moaned, pulling away. You watched his lips chase yours.

“I’m sorry. I know you’re sleepy baby. It’s just been so long….” he trailed off. His eyes following your fingers as you slowly undid each button on his shirt.

“I don’t know why you keep apologizing,” you said as you rolled your hips over the bulge you could feel forming beneath you. You finished unbuttoning his shirt, and you used your index finger to bring his gaze up to meet yours.

“Do you want to unwrap your present? Or you want me to do it for you?” You whispered into his ear. You let your teeth graze his earlobe, and you felt him shiver beneath you.

“Let me baby,” he said with a smirk. He reached for he hem of his baggy, old tank top and pulled it up. He gasped as caught a glimpse of your lingerie. He hurriedly pulled the tank top completely off of you to reveal your red lace teddy. The see through lace hugged the swell of your breasts, barely obscuring your dark nipples. His eyes followed the deep v and rested where the lace finally met, just below your belly button and dangerously close to where you needed him so badly.

“Oooooh SHIT. This is….wow.” He exclaimed. “I get to call you my girl? I don’t know if i deserve allathis.”

“I know I look good if i got you out here swearing,” you joked.

“Better than good baby, you’re perfect.” He kissed you. “Wonderful.” Kiss. “Astonishing.” Kiss “Awe-inspiring” Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. “Let me worship your body.”

“Baaaaby, tonight was supposed to be about you,” you whined. You wanted to pamper your man, but you already knew this was a losing battle. Once Chadwick made up his mind, there was no sense in trying to changing it. He planted kisses along your jaw. Slowly, he made it way to your ear and nibbled on it. The hitch of his hips told you he was enjoying this just as much as you were.

“Feel that?” He breathed. “As long as you’re satisfied so am I.” He immediately started sucking on your neck. Making lewd noises that further edged you on. You couldn’t control the way your hips were rolling as you writhed on his lap. His hands came to cup your breasts. He ran teasing fingers over your peaked nipples, and you let out a squeaky moan. Pleased with your reaction, he began turning his attention to your chest.

He looked at you through his long lashes his lips met your sternum. Gently, he nudged the fabric of your teddy so that your nipples were free. Your heart skipped a beat as he slowly and deliberately laved at your left nipple. He maintained eye contact the entire time—knowing what it does to you. He let his lips close around it as he began suckling softly at the sensitive flesh.

“Mmmm ohhhhhh shit.” You moaned with a quiver in your voice. Immediately he sucked hard, making you wetter than you thought possible. His tongue was making lazy circles around your pebbled nipple. He mimicked the motion with his fingers on your other breast. His mouth replaced his fingers, and you were done for. Between the gentle flicking and long pulls, he was making it impossible to control yourself. Your body was starting to go lax from sheer pleasure, and he seemed to realize playtime was over.

He picked you up from his lap and laid you onto the bed. You watches as he stripped down to his boxers. ‘Fuuuuck i wanna taste him,’ you thought, but that glint in his eye told you he had other plans. He covered your body with his own, and placed a chaste kiss to your lips chuckling when you tried to deepen it.

“Ah, ah, ah, baby. I’m in charge of your pleasure now,” he growled. You loved it when he got like this. Wild. Unpredictable. Dominant. He placed the same chaste kisses on each nipple. Your sternum. Your bellybutton. And just above your pussy. He hovered there for a moment. You could feel his hot breath on your covered clit. You closed your eyes and waited for him to give you what you needed. Knowing if you made eye contact it would be too much. You waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing came, Chadwick was still in the same position when you opened your eyes. So close yet not close enough. He chuckled deeply and said “this lingerie is stunning, but it’s time for it to go.”

He MUST be crazy,’ you thought. “Chadwick. Boseman. If you don’t give me what I need!” You yelled. He burst out laughing.

“There’s my girl,” he said fondly. He wasted no time getting your teddy off and settling back between your thighs. He held your legs and began pressing kisses to the inside of each thigh. Getting higher and higher up until he was mere inches away from your dripping cunt. Ever the tease, he licked long strokes up either side of where you needed him most.

“Look at me,” he demanded when he’d seen your eyes had fallen shut yet again. You forced your eyes open, and the minute your eyes met his he slid his tongue out to connect with your clit. You couldn’t help the long wanton moan that escaped your lips. He made several kitten licks that sent shivers down your spine, but you both knew it wasn’t enough. He put your legs on his shoulders, parted your lips, and got to work.

He flattened his tongue against your clit and sucked, hard. Causing you to go completely lax and call out his name. He alternated between long licks that spanned your whole pussy to focused attention on your clitoris. He let his tongue slide inside of you and explore your inner walls. You had a feeling he wanted more than one orgasm from you tonight because you were nearing your first one. Your hand clutched the bed sheets when he pulled your hood back and ravished your exposed sex.

He clutched one of your hands, holding it to ground you. His other arm was holding your waist down. He was in total control, and that spiked your arousal. Another hard suck on your clit made your breath hitch. He did it again and you moaned breathily. It was all too much. The dirty, wet noises he was making, his unyielding arm on your waist, his reassuring grip on your hand. He hummed sending vibrations through your sex. Could tell you were close by the constant “uh, oooo, aaaah” your we’re making so he doubled down and sucked like his life depended on it.

“Fuck, fuck, FUUUUUCK. IM COMING. IM COMING OOOOH SHIT. OHMYGOD.” Your vision whited out as an intense wave of pleasure washed over you. He pulled off as you trembled with after shocks. The arm that was holding you down disappeared, which you wouldn’t have noticed until he started toying with your clit again. You jerked away. Surely, he couldn’t want another out of you so soon. But he was relentless.

“Baby BABY i caaaaan’t,” You whimpered.

“I don’t remember telling you we were done yet. I think you still owe me a couple more. How about one for each month i was away?” His tone was dark and predatory. This wasn’t up for negotiation. The fingers that were playing with your clit were now prodding at your entrance.

“Fuuuuck baby you’re so wet. I can’t wait to get in there.” He breathed.

He easily slid in two of his long fingers and you cried out from pleasure. Once inside of you, he curled his fingers and searched around until he found your g-spot.

“CHADWICK. FUCK. PLEASE. PLEASE.” You didn’t know what you were begging for but that didn’t stop you.

“Remember, no running. if you run, you’ll get punished” he warned. He knew you had a tendency to squirm away when you were approaching another orgasm. He loved watching your hips try to wiggle away from the intense pleasure, and he was obsessed with how well you took your punishments. He dove down and devoured your clit again. You screamed as your eyes rolled back into your head. He moved with urgency this time around, trying to force this orgasm out as quickly as possible. He continued to massage your g-spot while he made out with your clit. It was too much too soon.

“C-chad. Uhf oooh oh my god aaaaAHHHH.” Your toes started to curl and your legs were shaking. “Please! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OH FUCK.” You couldn’t help it. Your hips started to squirm away. He followed you. One of your hands went to his head. The other, still entangle with Chadwick. Still grounding you. Still letting you know how much he loves you. At that thought, you let go. “AAAAAHHH SHIT CHAD. ILOVE YOU I LOVEYOU. fuCK.”

A lazy smile took over his face when he finished.

“That’s two,” he said, “we’re almost there.” He came up and pressed a kiss to your lips. You grabbed his face with both hands and licked your juices off of him. The two of you kissed while your body was coming down. Chadwick pulled back.

“I love you too baby, but you tried to run and you know what that means.” Before you could process what he said, he slapped your clit HARD three times.

“CHAD. FUCK.” Your legs shook. He held your face in his larger hands, and said “that’s it baby you’re doing so good for me.” Something inside you lit up, and gave you a third wind.

“I’m ready for my last one,” you whispered. You don’t remember how or when Chad took his boxers off, but you’re oh so thankful he did. His beautiful, lithe, form hovered over yours. He aligned is dick with your entrance and pushed in. He went slowly so you could feel every inch.

“Fuck baby i forgot how big you were,” you moaned. You felt his dick jump inside of you. You looked up and his eyes were screwed shut. You saw how hard he was straining to maintain his resolve. You decided to give him a taste of his own medicine by doing a kegel. He gasped and stared down to you. So you did it again of course. He let out a longer moan and managed to look so scandalized.

“What?” You feigned innocence. He laughed and said “wow, I’m so in love with you.”

He started corkscrewing his hips. Digging you out. This wasn’t fucking. This was coming home. This was making love. Your bodies rolled together like a tide. You moved as one. You wrapped your legs around his waist to give him better access. He obliged by sliding in feelings. You hitched your hips up to meet his thrusts, loving the stunted moan he let out every time. He was deep inside of you. Scratching the itch you’d been ignoring for months now.

“Mmmmm ooooh shiiiiiiit” he moaned right next to your ear. “Babe, it’s time for you to come one more time.” He shifted his hips so that his pelvis grinned against your poor, abused clit. That coupled with his increasingly shortened, staccatoed thrusts began the tingling in your lower abdomen. He grabbed your hands, held them, and raised them above your heads. You felt so safe, secure, and loved. He kissed you, slow and deliberate. You moaned against his mouth. You felt yourself tighten around his length. “Ooooooh” you moaned.

“Shit,” he said under his breath. His hips lost their rhythm and he began thrusting wildly, seeking his pleasure. Together you came with the other’s name on your lips.

You passed out immediately after, which made Chadwick smile. He cleaned you up and wrapped you up in his arms. ‘I’m so glad to be home,’ was the last thing he thought before he too, drifted off.

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Hi hiya hello y’all so i wrote a Chadwick fic that was supposed to be smut but I’m a hopeless romantic to it turned into pure, tooth rooting fluff. I will write the smut one soon but would y’all like me to post them together or post the fluff one and then the smut one pls help i never post my fics on here

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