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#Character Design

Norsery Rhymes from A to Z
Happy Thorsday - Dellingr, the Shining Famous One

Well here we are another Thor’s Day and another 20 min sketch of a Norse (and Germanic) mythological characters.  This week it’s Dellingr / Dellinger/ Delling the Dwarven (Dverg / Dvergr / Dwarf). One of the Dwarves mentioned in the Dverga Heiti.

His name has been translated to mean the ‘luminous’, glowing’, and ‘shining’. He’s also called ‘The Famous’. His name can indicate that he can be out in the sun unlike some Dwarves, or it can just indicate how charismatic interesting, and famous he is. 

He is sometimes confused with the Aesir Dellingr who opens the doors of dawn each morning. As well as being sometimes associated with the Dwarf Thjodrorir / Thjódrørir who in the Hávamál sings before the Delling’s doors each morning likely to warn those of his people that cannot be out in the sunlight without turning to stone to return to safety. Though this is not something that always happens to Dwarves it is something that many of them need to be cautious of. Their association makes sense as they are each famous Dwarves associated with the sun.

He’s also said to be one of the dwarves and gods including Loki mentioned in the love story of Svipdag and Mengloth in the Lay of Svipdag. Mentioned as one who made the golden floor within the hall Lyr ”Heat Holding” / “Spear” / or “Pike”, that he travels to so high. Either meaning it was a suspended floor or a floor balanced on a singular column or spear. Or alternately it’s simply on a high pointy mountain top. Either way it’s a great hall on high, surrounded by flames. Though this mention of his name could be related to the Aesir Dellingr, it’s a toss up as one is mentioned in the tale as being a god. And the other, given the subject of construction, and mention of Dwarves indicates Dellingr the Famous dwarf. 

I like to think given how these things go, that they both could have had a hand in building Svipdag. It certainly would have made the construction site more fun 

Dverg Forrman: Dellingr! 

Dellingr the Famous: Yeah? 

Dverg Forrman: Not you the other Dellingr.

Dellingr the Famous: Then why did you shout my way?

Dverg Forrman: Your’re both over there. 

Dverg Forrman: Can we call one of you Del?

Dellingr the Famous: You can call him that if you want I’m famous!

Dellingr who Brings the Dawn: Did someone call for me?

For  Dellingr the Aesir who brings the dawn:

For Darri the spear carrier one of the other Dwarves who built Svippdag:

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Challenge Day 313 Year 5
Kara hadn’t intended to be running interstellar freight by herself. But the rest of her team had been let go by her company to save some money.  It was getting pretty boring on the ship all by herself. She was thinking about getting a pet for her next run. Either that or signing up for every media outlet there was. 

What I used: Muji Light Blue 0.275mm nib pen on Moleskin Sketchbook.
What this is: Daily Character Design Challenge, 2020-04-02 Year 5 - No313, by Jeff Stewart

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Boy has it been a while! What, a month or a little bit more? Time sure flies with a pandemic going on! Among other things, the Cash Force team has still kept its moral up and has completely switched over to remote operations! Though our scope has been pulled back just in case, the art team is still in full swing and operation. No pandemic can put down this game development! I hope you are all doing well despite these circumstances!  


Last post I talked about character concepts and what we are developing for the enemies of our game. Previously, it was also mentioned that those plethora of concepts can ALSO be used for other characters. Unused concepts can always be recycled into further characters and development of them. This is what we did for a character the player would actually get to see up close with, that being the Driver for our getaway van that the player will be in most of the game! 

This groovy boy came from one of the concepts on the second round of enemy creation. Below him, you can see the 3D model of him completed! With it included is a basic blockout of colors as he will be textured in the game engine. Though, this is subject to change, given the enemies take on the primary red colors. The process for deciding his color scheme is going to take place among the other art team members and myself, given it is something easy to change and can be experimented with rather easily.


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Queen of Cups

A design for the Queen of Cups from the Tarot deck I’m working on. 

I thought I would go through the Major Arcana first, but I’ve pretty much just decided to create artwork as ideas come to me, so I’ll also being doing Minor Arcana cards. 

The Queen of Cups is characterised as the ‘watery part of water’. When it comes to court cards, each court member represents an element in addition to the element of the suit. The element of the Cups suit is water, which is representative of our emotions, instincts, creative abilities, spirituality and intuition. The Queens represent water too, so she’s double water - the watery part of water. This means that she is deeply intuitive, even psychic, and therefore has a great deal of empathy and compassion for people and animals. She’s sensitive to everything around her, and is often the one who roots for the underdog. She has a great healing ability and is deeply in tune with all the subtleties around her. Her influence cannot be seen or heard, only felt. 

Blue felt like an obvious palette choice for this design not just because it is an underwater scene but because blue is a very muzzy, indistinct colour to me. I wanted her eyes to be big because Cups people are often physically described as having big, expressive eyes that seem almost innocent. She’s using her cup as a scrying glass and seeing the suffering inside, as she does with people. When you encounter a Queen of Cups type, she can see right through you and your facade of togetherness. She is surrounded by fish because she is in her natural environment and they don’t fear her because she is so gentle and serene, and deeply in tune with her environment to the point that she is the personification of the sea around her. 

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