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thoughtkick · 19 hours ago
Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes. Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day. And you can make it one more. You're doing just fine.
Charlotte Eriksson
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thebookquotes · 11 months ago
I'm not everything I want to be, but I'm more than I was, and I'm still learning.
— Charlotte Eriksson, Everything Changed When I Forgave Myself
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hues-of-purple · 4 months ago
If this post gets 80,000 notes by September 13th 2021 I’ll finally finish writing my novel “Cosmic Collisions” and self-publish it!
Bioluminescent dragons and jellyfish in space
LGBTQIA characters
Set in space ships
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quotefeeling · 3 years ago
Sure, I’m sad, but I’m not looking to soothe that sadness by replacing it with a new relationship. Women are allowed to be sad, and they’re allowed to be single, and they don’t need to hear that one day a man is going to make it all go away by telling her she is good enough again. She’s good enough as she is.
Charlotte Green
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thoughtkick · 2 months ago
I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today.
Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles
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iamanartichoke · 3 years ago
... Loki overheats but tries to hide it from those around him.
I had a lot of fun with this prompt because I decided to play with the “Thor and Loki live domestically on Earth” trope and, for all of my love of angst and drama, I can’t resist some good old-fashioned mundanity. Anyway, I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1434
New York, Loki thought, was a sweltering, disgusting, mortal realm that rivaled Muspelheim for its scorching heat. But where Muspelheim was fiery red and suffocatingly dry, New York was deceitful shades of blue sky and green trees. The sun scorched down in cheerful gold rays and the soft breezes that Loki occasionally caught smelled sweetly of honeysuckle.
It could have been Asgard, except that Asgard was never so overwhelmingly hot. The mortals called this time of year summer, and it lasted only a few of their months. By the last week of the month called June, Loki was ready to gladly slit his own throat and sent his soul to Helheim because that realm, at least, was blessedly cool and dark.
“Thor,” Loki said one day, “would it absolutely kill you to make it rain once in awhile?”
He and Thor shared a small apartment in New Asgard’s temporary complex, which was not far from the Avengers Compound upstate.  Ultimately, they would establish themselves in Norway, Denmark, or Finland - environments which, to Loki’s understanding, were much more accommodating to those of Jotun origin. However, there was a lot of red tape to unravel before they could get there.
“Freezing rain, preferably,” Loki went on. “Or call in some clouds for the remainder of the summer? Dark ones?”
Loki was laying on the couch, an arm draped over his eyes to block out the light, so he did not see Thor’s expression. His brother’s amusement was palpable, though, and it made Loki’s nerves itch. “That would be a gross misuse of power,” Thor replied. “Maybe if you didn’t wear seventeen layers of clothing at all times, you’d be more comfortable.”
Loki made a sound like a growl low in his throat. He lifted his arm just enough to peer at Thor, who was idly flipping through the contents of a manilla folder. More paperwork from Stark, most likely. “If we were not banished to this miserable, oppressive realm, my choice in apparel  would not be an issue,” he bit out.
“Well, we are, so it is,” Thor said. “Sorry, brother. You’ll just have to take a cold shower like the rest of the mortals.”
“You are utterly useless,” Loki said, covering his eyes again so that he did not have to look at Thor’s smug face. “No one will ever call you the God of Sympathy, that’s for certain.”
“And you shall never be the God of Not Complaining. We’ve all got our own burdens to bear.”
I hate you, Loki thought viciously, and closed his eyes.
During the first week of July, the American mortals celebrated a holiday called Independence Day. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to rain out the festivities,” Loki suggested to Thor as they walked the mile or so to the Avengers compound.
“Sorry. The weather forecasters have predicted clear skies all day,” Thor replied. “And before you ask, no, you are not staying home. This is supposed to be a fun day.”
Stark was hosting something called a “barbeque.” Thor’s invitation was a given, but Stark had extended one to Loki, too, to everyone’s surprise. Loki’s dealings with the Avengers tended to be limited to meetings during which he represented Asgard as a member of Thor’s council.  Loki could not begin to guess at what had possessed Stark to change the status quo, but Thor leapt on the opportunity to include Loki so enthusiastically that Loki could not bring himself to deny it.
Unfortunately, most of the festivities were going to be held outside. It was only mid-morning, but already the sun was beating down relentlessly. There was not a single cloud in the endless blue sky, Loki noted with a scowl; they were only halfway there before Loki began to feel dizzy. Sweat dampened his forehead and clung to the nape of his neck; he pushed his hands through his hair and coveted Thor’s shorn locks. Thor’s hair was growing back, but it was not even a fraction of the length it had once been. Loki looked enviously at Thor’s bare ears and neck as he let his hands fall back to his sides.
“Thor,” Loki asked, “did you bring any water?”
“No, why?”
“No reason,” Loki muttered.
They walked on.
One of the many conclusions Loki had come to about Midgard was that its food left very much to be desired. He had yet to find anything he truly enjoyed eating - at best, some meals were more tolerable than others. Barbeque food did not fall into the tolerable category, though.
“Hey, Reindeer Games! Is that all you’re eating?” asked Tony Stark, nodding toward the paper plate Thor had practically shoved into his hands with the order to fill up and enjoy yourself, brother!  
Witless oaf, Loki thought, but he’d obediently put a spoonful of potato salad and a few Doritos on his plate. His untouched serving looked pitiful.
“I’m not that hungry,” Loki murmured. Despite the tension between himself and the rest of the Avengers - his presence on Earth was tolerated but not particularly welcomed - Loki did make an effort to not antagonize any of them, so he refrained from snapping something obnoxious.
“Are you ever?” Tony asked with a wry smile. “You could stand to put on a pound or twenty. You want a burger? I can get you a burger.”
The thought of a burger - one of the things Thor liked but Loki found repulsive - turned his stomach.  He felt on edge, dizzy and nauseous. “If I wanted one, I would have gotten one,” he said, a bit too sharply.
Tony shrugged, unbothered. “Well, I’m going to get a burger. And a Coke. At least come get a drink with me.”
Loki sighed, setting his plate down on a nearby table and falling into step behind Stark. He had no idea why Tony was going out of his way to be sociable with him. He grasped at the collar of his t-shirt - a slovenly garment, really, but Thor, half-witted liar,  had insisted it would help him keep cool - and fanned it a bit as he’d seen someone else do. The air remained sticky and still. It was hard to breathe.
Tony was chattering about Norns knew what, and he paused in front of a large container filled to the brim with ice. Several colorful bottles and cans were stuck in the ice and at the sight of it, Loki had the overwhelming, absurd urge to throw himself face-first into the container and claw his way to the chilly bottom. A low, whimpering sound slipped out, which earned him a strange look from Stark.
“You don’t look so good, Reindeer Games” Tony said, digging into the ice and emerging with two bright red aluminum cans. He handed one to Loki. “Are you sick?”
“I’m fine.” The can was cold between his palms, but not nearly cold enough. “Why do you call me that?” he asked, to change the subject. Tony was looking at him far too probingly. “Reindeer Games.”
“Oh.” Tony blinked and then popped the top on his can, taking a long swig. Loki watched how it was done before he repeated the gesture with his own can. The beverage was not very good at all, but Loki drank it quickly anyway, relishing in the relief it brought his parched throat. He swallowed the entire contents of the can in one swig.
“It’s a movie,” Tony went on, swiftly handing Loki another can. “Not a great one, but your helmet - you know, the horns? - made me think of it. First time I saw you, I mean. What can I say, it stuck.”
What a stupid reason.
Loki drank his second Coke without replying. It should have made him feel better, but if anything, his stomach grew even more uneasy. The sun was so relentless. He felt sweat trickling down his back, the heat so stifling that it was hard to breathe. He did not know how the humans stood it. No one else seemed particularly bothered, but Loki felt as if he could drop dead then and there.
“Hey, Earth to Loki,” Tony was saying, but the words barely registered. His vision was growing dark and the world seemed to be swaying. Distantly, as if through a tunnel, he heard Tony call out for Thor, and then everything was dark, a low hum buzzing in his ears.
That afternoon, a sudden, inexplicable thunderstorm rolled in, the weather dropping several degrees as thick gray clouds covered up the sun. It remained so for an entire blessed week.
After that, Thor and Loki bought an air-conditioner.
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perfectquote · 3 months ago
Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes. Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day. And you can make it one more. You're doing just fine.
Charlotte Eriksson
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thoughtkick · 3 years ago
Remember that you were art long before he came to admire you, and you’ll continue to be art even when he’s gone. A masterpiece is still a masterpiece when the lights are off, and the room is empty.
Charlotte Beier
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iamanartichoke · 3 years ago
Writing culture is acknowledging that 80% of what you’re putting down is trash while patting yourself on the back for getting it on the page in the first place, and in the distance looms the warm embrace of revision. 
I revised this post. 
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black-is-beautiful18 · 7 months ago
I know there are many stories surrounding Queen Charlotte but she honestly looks Black. There's no way you can look at portraits of her and not see a Black woman.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then there's her on Bridgerton. I think they did a really good job.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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siickangel · a year ago
Tumblr media
Charlotte Lawrence // Why Do You Love Me
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thebrokenquotes · 10 months ago
Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.
— Charlotte Brontë
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iamanartichoke · 3 years ago
Ok, trigger warning, and I understand if you want to skip this one, but... Loki being caught by Thor self harming?
Apparently, this AU is happening, because I keep coming back to it. Here are the two previous fics, but you don’t necessarily have to read them to understand this one. All you need to know is that this takes place in an AU where Odin saves Loki from falling into the Void, and now Loki is in the Asgardian equivalent of psychiatric care, I guess? So I hope you like it! 
(If anyone is curious, I will be expanding this AU into a fic and posting it on AO3 soon!) 
TW/CW: suicide ideation, self-harm, suicide attempt, mental illness, and general feels and angst.
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1876 
Time has ceased to mean anything. One day fades into the next, and the next after that, and Loki’s life has come to an odd standstill. He stays in the private infirmary, his quarters there comfortable and cozy - suitable for a member of the royal family, except he is not really a member of the royal family. Prince Loki of Asgard was a lie, just one stacked against the many fictions and illusions upon which his life was built. Prince Loki of Asgard does not exist.
It leaves him with the question of who remains. It is a question he silently grapples with while the world around him spins on. He is tended to mostly by Eir, who keeps him on a steady stream of elixir that calms his fury and rage. He sleeps much of the time. He is aware of Frigga (not his mother) and Thor (not his brother) coming in and out of the infirmary often, but he sleeps or pretends to sleep throughout their visits, and neither stays for very long.
Odin has not come at all.
Surely, he cannot stay away forever. Loki asks Eir about it one day. “Has my - Odin - has the Allfather been to see me?” he asks, tripping over his words. He is sitting up in bed, his hands wrapped around a large mug of soup. He has not been eating much in general, but even he cannot always say no to Eir.
Loki sips at the soup carefully. It is a warm broth, easy on the stomach, rich with the flavors of chicken and vegetables. He feels a lump in his throat that he tries to swallow past. It is his favorite flavoring when he is sick - Frigga must have requested it, then.
Eir is standing near the bed, fussing with her elixirs. There is an assortment of colored bottles and powders and shimmering honey mixing bowls spread out on her supply gurney. She looks up at him, her forehead creased with sympathy. At least she has stopped looking at him as if he is a stranger. “No, darling. The king has been otherwise occupied, I am afraid.”
The king sends a jolt of icy hot resentment through Loki’s lungs. Loki, King of Asgard, King of Monsters, King of Nothing. His fingers tremble and he has to draw in a breath to steady himself. “Oh,” he says, softly.
“I am sure he will visit soon,” Eir says, misinterpreting the crestfallen expression on Loki’s face. Odin’s absence does sting, but it is not that which troubles Loki. Instead, his mind has wandered back to his very brief, very disastrous reign upon a throne he’d never wanted. He had done his duty, when Thor had gotten himself banished and Odin had retreated into his rest, and in return Loki had gotten mistrust, disdain, mockery, and treason.
The truth of his Jotun roots may have been long-buried and hidden away, but certainly the wrongness inside of Loki radiated anyway. Loki thinks of Heimdall, Gatekeeper of Asgard for millenia, who preferred to be a traitor rather than serve Loki, King of Ugly, Broken Things.
Loki realizes that he has started crying. It is silent, the tears slipping down his cheeks and dripping into the mug he still holds at his lips. Eir has not noticed. Loki drags in a breath and lets it out slowly. He carefully sets the mug down on his night table and brushes at his cheeks. “What are you doing?” he asks, to change the subject.
Eir looks up from where she has been creating a liquidy, glowing blue mixture. “Medicine,” she explains simply, her gaze flicking worryingly over his face. “Your illness is not borne of disease, my prince. Rather, it is your mind that ails you.”
“That medicine is supposed to help my mind?” Loki tilts his head doubtfully.
“The brain is an organ, like the heart or the lungs,” Eir responds, “and when it breaks, it must be healed. I believe this elixir will help.”
Loki nods slowly. He watches her work, studying the graceful movements of her fingers, and wonders if his parents (not parents) have told her the truth. Would she tend to him with such care if she knew what he truly was? Certainly not, he decides. No one in their right mind would give care to a savage Frost Giant. To Eir, he is still a prince.
He wonders how long it will be until his secret spreads beyond the reach of his family, into the rest of the palace, the court, the council. He wonders how long it will be until people like Eir, whom he’s known his whole life, will look at him in outright disgust, no longer bothering to hide their dislike. Loki can imagine their scorn already. How dare a Jotun contaminate Asgard’s shiny, golden interior? Loki, King of Foul, Loathsome Creatures, will not belong.
It is a shame, he thinks, that Odin had not simply let him fall.
Loki must fix this error. He realizes it with startling clarity, almost losing his breath at the thought of it. His face remains impassive but somewhere in his core, his pulse begins to race.
Eir finishes her elixir and gives him an experimental dose. She tells him it may take awhile for him to feel any difference but that it is intended to fix whatever has broken in his brain, cure his sorrow and grief so that he may return to his normal life. There is no normal life to return to, Loki knows, but he nods anyway. She leaves him alone to rest and he waits until she has been gone for more than twenty minutes before he slowly climbs out of bed.
Loki stands in the center of the room. He lifts one hand and, in a shimmer of green-gold magic, a dagger materializes in his palm. Loki turns the blade over in his hands, running a finger along the hilt. Loki, King of Repugnancy, is a plague upon Asgard. His kind is a disease, and there is no place for him in the royal household, in any household, nor in any realm or world.
Nausea falls over him at the thought of it as angry tears burn his eyes. It is not fair. Loki has always been so certain of his place - less desirable than Thor’s place, perhaps, but still his. Now, it has all fallen away from him - no, not fallen, he corrects himself. Nor has it been stolen, for it was never his to begin with. No, his place has simply been taken back from him, leaving him floundering mid-air. Loved by no one, worth less than nothing.
He is only correcting an error, he thinks as he lifts his tunic, revealing his pale white stomach. He runs the blade along the edges of his ribcage, trying to remember his anatomy lessons until, with a harsh laugh, he realizes that those lessons pertained to Aesir anatomy, not Jotun.
If he knew where to thrust his dagger, he could pierce his vital organs and bleed out and be done with it all. Loki presses the blade harder against his skin, frustration mounting in his fingertips. He doesn’t know where. He doesn’t know how to do it.
Tears blur his vision and he presses even harder. He hardly notices the stain of crimson on the blade, or the sting of pain as he slices into his flesh. His pale skin is a palette, clean and pristine; it is a lie that must be revealed, an illusion he must shatter. If Loki cannot do the job in one swift plunge of blade, then he will draw it out. He will kill the Jotun underneath, let the monster bleed and rot until Loki is swept away with it. King of Insignificance, Prince of Nonexistence. Loki is nothing and nothing is Loki.
He hears someone scream, a deep anguished sound from the far end of a very long tunnel. Loki panics - he is not finished yet - and he begins slicing his skin with abandon, harder and faster than before. He only manages two or three swipes before Thor is grabbing him, pulling him into his arms, trying to wrench the dagger away.
“No!” Loki struggles blindly. “I am not finished! Let me go, Thor! No!”
“You’re finished.” Thor’s voice is irritatingly soothing, but Loki can hear the edge of panic underneath. “Give me the knife, Loki. Please.”
It is no use. Thor is much stronger, and Loki is beginning to feel the burning sting of what he’s done. His wrist goes limp, allowing Thor to grab the dagger, and then Thor is shaking him roughly. Dimly, Loki hears him call for Eir, but all Loki feels is panic and dismay and utter hopelessness. No, no, no. His shoulders slump and he begins to sob in earnest.
“Why did you stop me?” he demands through his tears. Thor looks absolutely wrecked. “I have to kill it, Thor. I have to get rid of it, get it out of me.”
“Get what out?” Thor asks gently, smoothing some of Loki’s hair back.
“The monster,” Loki snaps. “The Jotun. Isn’t that what you always said? We must break their spirits, we must slay every last one of them. I am one of them and so I must be slain.” He cries harder, pressing his palms flat against his bloodied abdomen, digging against the skin with his nails.
“No, Loki,” Thor says, a note of desperation - and fear? - climbing into his voice. He grabs Loki’s hands, holds his wrists tight. “I was wrong. I was so very wrong.”
Loki shakes his head, trying to wrench his wrists from Thor’s grasp, but he cannot. Then there is a flurry of activity as Eir rushes in, along with another of their healers. Loki drops his head, dragging in breath after breath, trying to slow his tears as they haul him to his feet, bring him back over to the bed.
Thor hovers close by as Eir and her healer set to work and, soon, the blood is cleaned away and the ugly red gashes against his skin have closed up, healed and vanished. By the time they have finished, Loki is no longer crying, but he feels wrung-out and exhausted. Eir gives him another dose of her blue mind-healing medicine as well as the soothing elixir.
“He must be prevented from conjuring his daggers,” Loki hears Thor tell Eir in a low voice. Loki’s eyes are closed and they assume he is not listening.
“I will speak with the queen,” Eir murmurs back. So they will take his magic away from him next. Loki’s heart falls and he rolls onto his side, pulling his blanket up around his shoulders. Eir and her healer take their leave, and Thor comes to sit by the bed, taking one of Loki’s hands in his own.
“I’m so sorry, Loki,” Thor is saying. “I’m so, so sorry.”
Loki opens his eyes. He gazes at Thor’s earnest features. “You should have just let me finish,” he replies, injecting every bit of ice into his tone as possible. “It would be better for everyone.”
Thor looks stricken, but he says nothing. He simply squeezes Loki’s hand more tightly.
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tooweirdforyou · 2 months ago
How The OP Boys Say “I Love You” To Their S/O
Tumblr media
How You Know He Loves You- idk man
A/N : enjoy.
includes » Ace, Sabo, Luffy, law, Sanji, Zoro, Marco, Rosinante, Kid, Shanks, Mihawk, Katakuri, Izo, Koby, Cavendish,
Summary : the boys’ own way of saying “I love you”, with their own words and ways. Or, how you know he loves you.
? Wait did I do this before? I don’t even know. also these aren’t GREAT, but they aren’t HORRIBLE. Yk? Honestly tho, some of these seem like they’re all over the place, which yes, they might be. UGH IT WAS SO HARD THO.
Monkey D. Luffy
Luffy loves you like an adventure. Everything is new and always fun to try with him, and no matter what happens, you don’t ever regret it, because you’re doing it with him.
He’s persistent in staying with you everywhere, he wants to do everything with you. He tends to invite you ( by pulling your hand ) to do crazy things with him and away from the others so you’re alone.
He’s always showing off his skills and stupidity in order to make you laugh, because your smile is the best thing he’s ever seen and giggles are the beautiful sound he treasures.
His actions are genuine when he holds your hand and pulls you to his side all the time, with the warmest, loving grin.
Luffy always makes sure to remind you to never give up hope.
“Let’s go on an adventure together, [Name].”
Roronoa Zoro
Zoro loves you like you’re his one and only. No one has priority over you, ( except maybe Luffy ), and you will always be his, if you’ll let him.
Zoro is not a man of many words when it comes to his own emotions and feelings, so he shows it through his actions.
He always has an eye on you, so wherever you are is where he ‘sleeps’ so he can keep you close, his swords at his side to protect you from danger, ( but he knows you can handle yourself. )
Zoro is the perfect person to lend a comforting shoulder and ear. He will listen to every single one of your problems intently and if he can, will offer the best advice you’ll hear, even if it’s a bit harshly. However, whatever got you so down, Zoro will bring you back up.
Zoro is always reminding you that you are strong, no matter how tough things get.
“Oi, come take a nap with me. I could use a body pillow.”
Portgas D. Ace
Ace loves you like a gentleman, respecting boundaries, bowing to the elderly you pass by together and always ready to pick you up for your date at seven, bouquet of flowers in hand.
If Ace is good at anything, it’s knowing how to distract you with a good time. He knows the best way to bring a beautiful smile to your lips and can easily make sure to avoid the thoughts that brought you down in the first place.
He’ll share stories that will make you die of laughter or feel so wholesome that you literally melt at how sweet it is.
The few times he expresses and shares his insecurities to you, something he hides within him because he trusts you enough to do so. He loves your understanding and comfort for him.
Ace always reminds you that you’ll be okay, even at the worst times.
“You are the light of my life.”
Chief of Staff Sabo
Sabo loves you like a prince. He holds the door for you, takes your hand so you don’t fall, has the most charismatic smile on his face and is just so charming.
Sabo will remember the littlest things, the smallest details that you yourself don’t even know until he reminds you, and because of this, you are often gifted the most memorable and cherishing gifts, like the scarf you two bought for your perfect snowman, to the necklace you were staring a little too longingly at on display.
He’s always busy, but he doesn’t hesitate to drop whatever he has just for you. He will run through fire if it means you’ll stop crying or if you’ll be happy to see him. You are his lifeline, his soul, his love.
He may not know how to properly cheer you up like his brothers can, but he knows that he wants the best for you. If you need space, you got it. You need some tender loving cuddles and buckets of ice cream while watching Disney movies? Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
Sabo reminds you that you deserve happiness and peace.
“Whenever you need me, I’ll be there.”
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Law loves you like you’re his savior, someone who’s always there during his time of need and insecurities, by his side when he needs you most.
He’s a little blunt and straightforward occasionally, but he’s honest somewhat. He won’t ever tell you his feelings until he deems it the right time, but you can tell he has feelings by the change in treatment.
He’ll keep you closer to him, making excuses by saying that he needs you to help him with the supply run, or that he needs your assistance with a particular menial task.
He’s awkward and shy about it at first but he cares and that’s all you need to know. Especially once you catch him during one of his weaker times, the anniversary of a particular someone rolling around, where he’s locked in his room. He needs you beside him, so please don’t leave him when he needs you.
Law reminds you that you are human, that it’s okay to be vulnerable.
“Just stay here with me.”
Vinsmoke Sanji
Sanji loves you like a god/goddess. He will treat you with the utmost respect and care and offers you everything you could possibly want or need, just say the word.
His genuine, endless daily compliments are given to you with pure love and passion, his daily refreshments and snacks to keep you energized and hydrated keeps an eye out for your health.
He makes sure you know the true meaning of flattery, chivalry and love, because that is all he can show you.
However, under that chivalrous exterior, is his calmer, understanding loving self, where he shows his true self and when he finally shares this side with you, where he holds his insecurities, it’s the true honor and love you can receive. And it’s even better, when you become the one who loves for him in return during this time.
Sanji reminds you that you deserve to be and are loved.
“You are my world, my everything.”
Marco The Phoenix
Marco loves you like a married couple who grew old together, still playing jokes and having fun to life’s fullest, no matter your age.
He’s constantly lecturing you for the smallest things repeatedly, since you always seem to forget. His lectures lack any annoyance or malice though, he’s just kind of done with you sometimes.
Nonetheless, he’s taking care of you more than you think, always the first one there whenever you need help. He’s always prepared for whatever you need so you don’t have to look for it and get worried.
He’s stern at times but he loves you more than you could ever know, often questioning himself whenever he’s beside you. He half-lidded eyes watching you with warmth and admiration because you always look so determined.
Marco always reminds you that you are free. To live life to its fullest and however you wish.
“Let me fly you to the moon.”
Donquixote Rosinante
Rosinante loves you like a husband, he treats you like his wife, either you or him welcoming each other home after being gone for so long and greeting each other with a loving kiss each time.
He knows just how tough things can be and as much as he tries to make things right, he knows how bad situations really are and no matter how much he wants to cry or get angry, he always holds a smile, in front of you. To assure you that things will be okay.
He gives the warmest hugs, and knows that, so whenever you’re angry or sad, or just randomly at times, Rosi envelops you into a large hug, waddling you back and forth a few times, you feel instant relief and content, which makes him smile.
His priority will always be you, even if he’s hundreds of thousands miles away, he will find his way back home to you. He surprises you with the littlest gifts; being flowers, jewelry, candles, or more.
Rosi will always remind you to smile, even during the hardest times.
“I will protect you.”
Eustass Kid
Kid loves you like a game, it’s unexpected, unpredictable of what will happen and it’s exciting and thrilling. For you both, one wrong move, and the other is gone for good, but perhaps, second chances/rematches are available.
He can be brash and a bit much, but Kid has high respect for anyone who actually makes it onto his crew and can actually tolerate him, you included.
He’s loud and wild but that only makes it part of the fun. With such a short fuse, as long as you play your cards right and pick your moments to bite back, it’s kind of fun knowing how dangerous it can be with a guy like Kid, and he also loves it equally, because your feistiness is attractive.
Being a bad bitch that doesn’t play by the rules is so incredibly attractive and Kid knows how to reward and punish so tread carefully. ;) however, he has his down moments and as annoying he can be, he does appreciate the effort you give if you try to comfort him. He’ll be harsh about it but eventually, he just wants you to be with him in the end.
Kid reminds you to rebel, take risks and enjoy the thrill of getting in dangerous situation every once in a while, breaking a few rules doesn’t hurt anybody. Most of the time.
“Don’t fucking ever leave me.. okay?”
Dracule Mihawk
Mihawk loves you like you’re an empress, only the finest and highest quality for you, nothing else can compare.
Mihawk will buy you the most expensive dress that suits you, with an equally expensive matching jewelry to go with. Not to mention the heels, and, tch, how could he forget the roses you require? Despicable.
As much as he loves to show you off, he despises the stares of awe and admiration you receive whenever you go out, so his possessiveness takes over and he has an arm around your waist at all times, successfully showing you’re taken and to back off if they don’t wish to be cut into oblivion.
He trains you to handle yourself, obviously, you should know at least some basic skills. He’s not too hard on you but does push you to keep going until you truly wish to stop. It’s only because he’s worried that one day, he won’t be there and won’t be able to protect you.
Mihawk reminds you that you are a queen/king, a strong person who shall hold your ground and never back down from fear and show your bravery.
“Come here, mi amor.”
Red Haired Shanks
Shanks loves you like you’re his future. It’s an unknown journey, but he’s there for the ride and whatever may happen, he’s there staying and won’t be going anywhere, unless it’s with you.
The red head is a goofball, he drinks, parties and messes around but he is an incredible captain and genuine to a fault. So when he expresses kindness, it is purely from his heart and not out of manners.
He is extremely playful and yet when down to business, he is calm, collected, and cool. He knows just what to say in tough situations and great comforting advice, so he’s the one to go to when you’re feeling down. And as laid back as he is, disrespect to those he loves is the one shit he won’t take.
He’ll hold you close and with his signature grin, compliment you and tell you how much he appreciates you and as soon as someone lays a finger on you, his hand is on the hilt of the sword and he waits three seconds for an explanation before he cuts them down. No one messes with his beloved.
Shanks reminds you of loyalty. To always protect and care for those close to you, and keep that built up trust and bond you created with them.
“Trust me. I won’t let go of you.”
Charlotte Katakuri
Katakuri loves you like you’re glass, he’s careful, protective, cautious and treats you like you’re fragile, because he’s afraid of hurting you.
He’s larger than most, he’s aware of that, so he always takes the precautions to be aware of his surroundings, especially when you are around. He wants you safe and he will be devastated if he is the cause of your pain.
His large stature is a blessing to you though, because cuddling is so comfortable and comforting, it’s amazing. You can curl up and relax and just be at ease with him, because he’s so protective of you, even from his family members. He often keeps you away from Cracker and Perospero, in the slightest chance that they try to take you away from him.
He’ll be extremely heartbroken if Big Mom doesn’t approve of you, but his love for you is stronger, so he’ll keep it a secret if he has to but eventually, he’ll pray and wish for her blessing, asking the help of his siblings to convince her.
Katakuri reminds you of family, that even friends or crewmates are family and love you all the same.
“I will be here for you.”
Captain Koby
Koby loves you like a typical high school crush. He’s all shy and blushy, and evidently embarrassed when the pretty one at school is talking to him, ( that’s you. ).
He’s like the wallflower type, who tries to blend in but somehow, he sticks out in a way that lures you to him, like he’s hit the jackpot.
He is incredibly sweet, and his shyness is so adorable. You can’t help but coo whenever you see his red cheeks and soft smile of care he offers.
Always helps you with everything, will take the blame whenever you get in trouble, takes the suffering and pain when guys try to mess with you, and no matter how tough things get, he’s holding a brave face for you.
Koby reminds you of kindness, treat everyone with care and kindness, and it goes a long way.
“If you fall, I’ll be there to catch you.”
16th Division Commander Izo
Izo loves you like you’re a painting, he thinks you are true beauty, inside and out, you are a work of art, a true Mother Nature masterpiece born. One to be admired.
The type to be there. He’ll hold your hair while you vomit, rubbing soothing circles on your back while you cry, painting your nails while you complain about Ace, assure your perfection when you’re feeling insecure.
Best advice giver, holds no judgements at all. He’ll help with anything, because you need him. Romantic advice, friendship, sexual advice ;), he will help you any way he can.
He truly admires you, not because of your beauty, but your strength to be able to cry. Crying doesn’t mean weakness but rather, strength to be able to move forward even in the worst of times.
Izo reminds you that you are beautiful, no matter what anyone thinks or says.
“You are true beauty, my love.”
Cavendish Of The White Horse
Cavendish loves you like you’re a princess, and he is your handsome Prince Charming.
Every thing he does it like from a fairytale, if it involved a rather.. bit of a narcissistic Prince Charming. But he means well, because he still treats you like a real princess.
He gives you daily horseback rides, teaching you with his strong arms wrapped around yours and his black fancy hat on top of your head, as you two ride around and share laughs and memories.
And even through his big ego, he still makes sure to compliment you, tell you how proud he is of you and how much he truly admires you for your strong will and determination, because he really does love you. More than you know.
Cavendish reminds you that dreams can come true, sometimes it just takes a leap of faith and effort.
“I will treat you like the princess you are and deserve to be.”
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but did I do this already? God I can’t remember a thing, especially since I still haven’t updated my masterlists- and I’m terribly sorry if this really is all over the place ;-; also apologies if this is repetitive for some of them! It really is difficult yk ;-;
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Tumblr media
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Court Archetypes: Princess
Princesses are why we love fantasy, am I right? They are the reason we get into fantasy at a young age. As children we are told stories of princesses being rescued by handsome princes from horrifying dragons and stepmothers. But this is childhood fantasy. Princesses are not clear cut and not all will have happy endings. There are types of princess.
The Classic
The Warrior
The Willful
The Tragic
Tumblr media
Now, we may play fast and loose with the term princess here as there are so many we know much about. So any daughter of a ruling figure may be mentioned here.
The Classic
Tumblr media
These princesses will fit the fairytale version perfectly. They will be beautiful, kind and good. They will be so sweet that everyone will love them. The Classic princess will most likely evolve into the Good Queen. Any of the stories told here have a simple pattern if you look closely. Beautiful youth, in danger and married happily. Of course this is not the full story and I advise you to read into each.
Princess Mary Rose Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk and Queen of France: Mary was the youngest daughter of Henry VII and the sister of Henry VIII. She was renowned as the most beautiful woman in Christendom and all the eligible men of the known world wanted to marry her. The highest bidder and eventual winner was the elderly King of France. Mary was married to him for some months before he died and was returned to England. Mary fell in love with the dashing friend of her brother, Charles Brandon and married him. Despite a few fines and threats, they lived happily together until Mary died.
Elizabeth of York: Elizabeth was daughter of a relatively new dynasty. She was the daughter of a love match between Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV. Elizabeth was one of the most beautiful and learned princesses in the world at the time. When her family fell from grace, she lived in a dingy sanctuary beneath Westminster Abbey. There are RUMOURS (which I don't believe, cause I stan Richard III, fight me hoes) that her uncle planned to marry her but along came Henry VII across the sea to marry her and cast down her evil uncle. This story is highly stylized through Tudor propaganda. Much of it may not be so smooth and unfortunately, nobody bothered to ask Elizabeth how she felt about it all.
Cleopatra Selene, Princess of the Nile, Queen of Maurentia: Cleopatra Selene was the daughter of Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII. In her youth, her parents made the mistake of antagonizing the might of Rome. After her parents committed suicide, Cleopatra Selene was carried back to Rome to be raised by the new Emperor's sister and her stepmother. Her elder brother was murdered fleeing from Rome and her twin brother vanished (hem, hem, see: Murdered) Cleopatra Selene was married to another of Rome's wards, Juba of Maurentia. The two remained vassals to Rome and lived happily away ever after. Cleopatra Selene was renowned as a beautiful and well learned woman in the Ancient World.
Princess Elizabeth Windsor: Now, Queen Liz II of England, the princess was not always meant to be queen. She came to her new role as heir fairly young and at the beginnings of WWII. Elizabeth or Lilibet, was always mindful of her duty and place she would one day occupy. She served in WWII as a mechanic and found her prince in Prince Philip. They have been married for decades.
The Warrior
Tumblr media
Some princesses are born outside the classical view of life. These princesses fight for what is theirs. Some may become bad queens and some will become good queens.
Caterina Sforza, Duchess de Forli: Caterina was the bastard daughter of the Duke of Milan. She received a very strange kind of education for a girl in those days. In those days, the Pope was a Spaniard who nobody liked much. Caterina was very much opposed to the Pope, so much that she rode at the head of an army while pregnant to oppose him. When trapped in her castle by the Pope's son, Cesere Borgia, he threatened to kill her children. Caterina flashed him and said that she had the means to make more. Sadly the castle fell and Cesere won.
Catalina of Aragon, Queen Catherine of England: Catalina was raised in an army camp in Spain whilst her parents fought the Moors. Here she learned the ways of battle and war, never shrinking from her duty. After she became queen, Catalina was left alone to run the country while her useless cock of a husband was playing at war in France. When the Scots encroached on England, Catalina rode forth and smashed them in a bloody battle that claimed the life of The King of Scots. Later on, Henry VIII was stated to say that he was afraid that she would raise arms against him and smash him in battle.
Princess Pingyang: Pingyang was the daughter of Li Yuan, founder the Tang dynasty. As her father rebelled to gain the throne, Pingyang raised an army to help her father rather than sit at home. Pingyang conquered Huxian County and destroyed two armies in Shaanxi. she was the first woman to ever be honoured Marshal.
The Willful
Tumblr media
These princesses are not your pets. They will raise hell to get their chance of happiness. They are mostly heroes in their stories.
Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan: Christina was the daughter of Isabella of Austria and Christian II of Denmark. Despite one turbulent and strange childhood, Christina grew into a clever beauty. Her uncle the Spanish Emperor Charles V married her off to Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, a man 26 older than the twelve year old princess. Two years later her husband was dead and Christina was sent to the Netherlands. Henry VIII cane sniffing and Christina shut him down with a burn that he would never recover from, “If I had two heads, I would gladly give him one" Christina married the Duke of Lorraine and lived happily with him.
Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales: Diana is the Princess. The People's princess. Married to the Prince of Wales, Diana seemed to be living the dream. Her husband was in love with his mistress Camilla. After years of marriage, the two divorced. Diana became more outspoken and beloved. She championed numerous causes to support sufferers of HIV, hunger and walked through war zones to prove points. Diana defied the royals in a million different ways forcing them to change the way they approached the public and others. Diana was killed in a fatal car crash in Paris, still mourned by millions.
Princess Margaret Rose, Countess of Snowden: Margaret was the sister to present Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Renowned for being the more engaging and willful of the girls, Margaret was the OG wild child of the present royal families. Margaret fell in love with photographer Peter Townsend and sought to marry him. When the engagement was vetoed, Margaret was heartbroken. She married but it wasn't a marriage of love. Margaret continued to be the wild child even rumoured to have a romantic involvement with many notable stars of the day.
Julia the Elder: Julia was the daughter of Augustus, mother the heirs, Lucius and Gaius, and wife of future emperor, Tiberius. She was arrested for adultery and treason. She lost her husband and freedom and was exiled to an island to live with any men and wine.
The Tragic
Tumblr media
Some princesses do not find their happily ever after. Some will die young or live horrid lives. Most of these princesses will not evolve into queens but remain trapped as princesses.
Charlotte, Princess of Wales: Charlotte was the only child of George IV and Queen Caroline, conceived quickly into their marriage. Her parents loved her but hated one another leading for an unbalanced kind of childhood. Charlotte was second in line to the throne. She was perhaps one of only members of the royal family that the public actually liked. Charlotte was seen as the only hope of the dynasty. A desired bride everywhere, Charlotte chose to marry a low German Prince, the future King Leopold II of Belgium. The couple fell madly in love and soon the princess was pregnant. Charlotte died delivering a son who also died. She was a queen who was meant to be but never was.
Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Anastasia Romanov, Grand Duchesses of Imperial Russia: The four beloved daughters of the Tsar of Russia and his wife. OTMA as they like to be known as, lived a privileged life in the palaces of Russia while many of their father's people starved. Olga was the eldest and said to be the most like her father, a thoughtful and deep young lady. Tatiana was the bossiest of the sisters and the most assertive. Marie was the kindest and gentlest. Anastasia was the wildest, most prone to joking than being a lady. When WWI came, Olga and Tatiana trained and worked as nurses in one of the many converted palaces of Russia. Marie and Anastasia often entertained the soldiers. The Bolshevik Revolution tore through Russia and soon, the royals were imprisoned. Taken to the basement of the ominously named House of Special Purpose in the dark of a summer night in 1918, the four girls and their family were gunned down and killed. Their bodies were destroyed in acid before being dumped. None survived.
Mary and Elizabeth Tudor, Bastard Princesses: Both daughters of Henry VIII, neither had a good run as princess. Mary was once called the Pearl of Henry's world but when her mother couldn't provide a male heir, she was casted off. Ripped away from her mother, she was put in the household of her new sister who was now the only princess of England. When Elizabeth's mother fell, she was stripped of her title and status. At one point she outgrew all her clothes and Henry did not replace them. Mary helped raise her sister and the two were close. When they were placed in the line of succession and their brother died, Mary became queen. Religion proved a divide. Mary's world had a dark and bloody end. She once imprisoned Elizabeth in the Tower under the threat of death. Elizabeth overcame her tragic princess phase and became the good queen.
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