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  • 'Hard as it is, in the coming days. I watch my friend, In her strange, unnatural state. Don’t let her out of my sight.’ - Grover, keeping his eyes on Annabeth after Percy goes missing in HoO. Because she is just as capable of being irrational and compulsive. And he cant lose her, too.
  • 'I know you’ve forgotten me, I know you so well my friend. I know you might just throw yourself over. But I won’t let you. I won’t let you. It’s all on me.’ - Him feeling as though Percy is growig away from him, but doing his best to reach out, and keep him safe anyways, because he feels resonsible for him.
  • 'I will stand in the dark for you. I will hold you back by force. I will stand here right outside your door. I won’t see you disgraced. I will protect your name and your heart. Because I miss my friend. Because I miss my friend. Because I miss you, my friend.’ - once again, keeping his friends safe. Taking all this responsibility on his shoulders without realizing. Because he just wants his friends to be okay.
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