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#Chen Qing Ling

Author: verseau

Length: Oneshot, 12k Words (Completed)

Rating: M

Genre: Modern AU, Online Dating AU, Sugar Daddy AU


Wei Ying wants to rob him, but it wouldn’t even be satisfying, since this guy is just—giving away money. With his nice fingers. Maybe Wei Ying will just bite his fingers, and that will give the same endorphin rush as robbing him. / a day told across five parts.


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Thinking ‘bout how baby Lan Wangji probably idolised the righteous Chifeng-zun. Have you seen his face in episode 10??


^^^^^ so starstruck by Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan that wwx has to prompt him with a subtle, “We going or what?”

And then, staring at the imposing fortress of the Yet Clean Realm:


Lan Wangji is a NMJ stan, change my mind.

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Author: wincechesters

Length: Oneshot, 7k Words

Rating: M

Genre: Modern AU, Neighbors AU, Family AU


Lan Wangji’s new neighbor is obnoxiously loud, incredibly ridiculous, and a shameless flirt.

He is also quite possibly the love of Lan Wangji’s life.


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From chapter 13 of the thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break


“It’s the pain, and probably one of his bad days on top of it,” she tells him when he asks.

Wei Ying, he learns, often sequesters himself from the others, sometimes not leaving the cave for several days. He spends that time feverishly inventing cultivation tools.

“It’s distraction,” she says, sounding tired. “Whatever is going on in his mind, he’s trying to distract himself from it however he can—he’d probably numb himself with alcohol if we had it.”

Nightmares, Lan Wangji is certain, and the trauma of his experiences, perhaps his own lack of self-worth driving a need to be useful through his inventions.

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