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red is his colour 馃崚 (shit, this is red too)
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TOM HOLLAND for British GQ (2021)
Photography by: AB + DM
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Cherry Absolute
Two: Her Scent
Summary: Arriving at McKay's party, with the small encounter with Fez and the sofa.
Warning: Mentions Drugs, Alcohol, death, a tad cursing, and S3x
Tumblr media
{Narrated by Rue }
Anyway, I didn't go to Lexi's. That was a lie. So, I was walking to McKay's party. I found Sylvia at the gas station, yelling profusely on her phone. "Fuck, fine, I'll get home early whatever just tell mom I'll be alright" She snarled before aggressively hanging up.
"Is that...?" Maddy exclaimed while she was behind the wheel.
"Oh, shit. Slow down. Dude, that's Rue and Sylvia" Kat pointed as they drove near the two. "Wait. Didn't Rue, like, die?" Maddy asked in concern. "Oh, my God, I hate ghosts."
"Yo, Casper! You want a ride?" Kat called out from the car window, as Rue and Sylvia turned in their direction, " You can go too, Boozer" She chuckled from the nickname and went inside the car, leaving Rue outside. "Why, thank you."
The whole car ride was Maddy and Kat arguing about the right direction of the party, Whilst Rue sat comfortably beside the window, and Sylvia watched BB hit a vape. She never got to smoke inside Maddy's car since they debated that it smelled awful, and she would never agree on putting that electronic cigarette in her mouth- since she had this fear that it would explode on her face.
As soon as they all got to McKay's party, it was quick for them to depart from the car. Rue would wander around while Sylvia Went straight to the kitchen to collect her free liquor.
She sauntered around the house, aimlessly walking with no direction. She didn't really care as long as she doesn't trip and bust her lip like the last time, She'll be alright. She was delighted when she saw a coach nearby, finally resting her feet after a long walk. She threw herself on that couch and eased her grip from the bottle, dropping it on the floor. "You forgot your drink" A familiar voice called beside her, it was low and sluggish.
" Ah! Fezco, my man"
"You forgot your drink" He enunciated before inhaling more of his blunt. He took them off his lips and took it between his fingers, reaching for Sylvia. She took the blunt and placed them between hers. He once more observed her sigh out a hand full of fog.
{Narrated by Rue}
At this point, Fezco was falling hard- he finally understood what I was talking about with Jules. He would get nervous and often fixes his posture if she ever comes around. He never thought of anything sexual like other kids, he just looks at her and he fell in love. But there was this sense that she would get in serious trouble if he ever got her into the drug business, getting her involved with his bullshit would be the death of him.
On Sylvia's side, she never really assumed a guy like Fez to like her, she was the girl with an unstable relationship with alcohol. And what she couldn't really understand is that she can't bring herself to fall in love for once. Every time she entered a relationship- it was forced and with the ending of one-sided love.
"I don't think I can stand up anymore" she almost whispered on how weak her limbs were, She couldn't even bear to open her eyes properly. "Um, Do you want me to take you home?" Fez asked but she didn't respond, suddenly- she was falling forward but he was fast to catch her forehead and place her head on his lap. He had this small grin on his face as he looked down on her slumbering body. This is the very first time he was this close to her, so close that he could smell her menthol aroma and her sweet champagne smell, he was abruptly addicted to them.
A/N: This chapter is once again very short, but I don't really want to write them too long, i think its better if I divide them into parts- much easier to read (:
Anyways, if you liked this story- you can like or follow, <3
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Cherry Cobbler with Honey Butter Vanilla Bean Biscuits
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Friday 21st January 2022 -聽Her name is Cherry, we've just met
But already she knows me better than you.
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鈥淪he loves to PLAY with (not eat) cherries 馃崚鈥澛
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Cherry Absolute
Three: The perfect girl
Summary: Arriving at McKay's party, with the small encounter with Fez and the sofa.
Warning: Mentions Drugs, Alcohol, death, a tad cursing, and S3x
Tumblr media
"Yeah, that's real classy, you fucking whore." A sneer from afar echoed through the party, getting everyone's attention towards the pool. At the pool where Maddy clung to a blonde-haired boy as they moved in a specific motion. The anger and jealousy boiled in Nate Jacob's blood, as she groaned in dudgeon. "Suck my dick." Maddy curled her lip on him, making his vexation turn into pure rage. The crowd was relishing the show with their phone's on record. Nate turned back and re-entered the house pushing all the things around, creating an alarm to everybody.
"Get the fuck out of here! Get the fuck out of the kitchen! Fuck! Get out of here! Get the fuck out of here!" He started to frantic around the kitchen, causing everyone to leave out of fear or shock. but he stopped his whining after noticing a girl at the corner.
Sylvia awoke from the distinct sound of clamouring and rage coming from inside the house. She had slept for what felt like forever on Fez's lap, as he sat still- and was still smoking.
"How long am I out?" She asked after fixing her hair, " Uhh, ion know- you just fell" He clarified as he found her quite confused.
"You ight? Want me to drive you home?" He asked,
She didn't really know Fezco that much, all she knew was that he was a drug dealer that's friends with Rue. But she looked into his eyes and changed her mind, he appeared to be genuine and honest.
"Are staying-" she was disrupted from another loud shout from inside. " Um, I'm going to check this out, ill be right back" She divested before slowly standing up, as she felt her knees were a little bit frail. She stumbled a little, but Fezco was at the back to support her.
She pushed through the crowd that surrounded the kitchen, Finally- the view of Nate Jacobs already set Sylvia in an alarm, the ' something shitty with happening' looks.
" What the fuck are you looking at? Who are you?"
"I'm Jules. I'm a friend of..." She stuttered while Nate interrogated her body language, she leaned awkwardly on the counter looking for a space to back away.
"you're a friend of... A friend of whose? 'Cause, you're not my fucking friend. Who the fuck are you friends with, Jules? Hmm? Do you guys know who the fuck this is? Does anybody know who this is? Does anybody know who the fuck Jules is? Anyone at all."
"I'm a friend of Jules...." A voice from the crowd Cuts him off, " Oh look, The bitch who fucked a 40-year-old man for booze-" She stood there as the attention focused on her. The colour from her face was drained as all the memories flooded back to her. She looked around to see most of them whispering around. Unexpectedly, she was cut off by Jules reaching for a kitchen knife that was lying on the counter near her. "Shit!" pointing it towards Nate.
Sylvia turned away and pushed her way through the crowd, expecting Fez would be there
"Wanna go home?" He asked with a small smile. "Yeah, i really do.." Her smile widen when she saw him there, she never knew why but the heavy feeling from her chest withered. She followed him out of the place and towards his car, you went for the passenger seat, but before she could open the door, she galloped towards her and opened the door himself. "Why Thank you" She smiled and sat inside, with him shutting the door.
The first couple of minutes, the car ride was pure silent, with Sylvia looking out the window and Fez casually driving the car.
"We don't talk much don't we?"
"Yeah, I mean, what is there to talk about" He enunciated whilst glancing at her. " There's so much bullshit we could talk about, like the simple stuff, y'know. Like how's your day or Have you killed anyone yet" She suggested, "Just a normal conversation, it's like every time we bump into each other- you freeze" She chortled.
"Ion know, it's something about you, Sylvia. it's like you're, intimidating"
"Really? Good way or a bad way?"
"In a good way, Rue tells me you're smart 'n shit, I might say something dumb y'know" She chuckled at the statement while observing his profile. "I think you're smart too, Rue also tells me that you're good with numbers- it's very attractive".
The whole time, the car was filled with laughs and outlandish jokes that Fez cracked. There were moments that they would just steal glances and study each other, it was so distracting that she didn't notice that her house was right at the corner.
"Oh! my stop's here"
"That your brother?" He pointed to the guy standing a the front lawn, "Unfortunately, yes" Fezco stopped in front of her house where her brother waited. She opened the door and pushed herself out,
"Hey, thank you again" She bowed down to take a last look at him,
" See you at the gas station" She smiled once more before heading inside, her brother stared at him for a good minute before following Sylvia. He waited before she could lock her door before, turning the engine one. "Damn,...." He sighed while a grin was painted on his face.
{Narrated by Rue}
He thought to himself, She was The Perfect girl
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Animal Crossing Fruit Pins made by Joanna Behar
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they鈥檙e so married
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tom holland + taking clothes off
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yves saint laurent | spring 2001
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i'm still not over cherry getting hurt :<
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