#Cheryl CATS
Asparagus Jr., after Jellylorum leaves: Looks like I'm the only one in charge of you brats for this afternoon.
George, Cheryl, Tumblebrutus, Pouncival, Carbucketty, Etcetera: ...
Asparagus Jr.: So yeah. Typical rules: Don't break anything because then I'll get in trouble with your mom.
Everyone: ...
Asparagus Jr.: Ok then. I'm going to go make some snacks. Don't kill each other in the meantime.
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bugheadcentral · a month ago
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#birth announcements are OUT   #magic power announcements are IN
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artistictiliqua · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Big surprise! More DBD warrior cats!
Yui is a Japanese Bobtail! These cats are adorable and seeing as Yui is Japanese, well...the choice of cat was obvious. I also gave her multicolored eyes because the amount of brown-eyed characters I have to work with is absurd and I want to have fun. Her name is self-explanatory afsyfahsvdhs
Do you know how hard it is to find a proper golden tabby ref when all Google gives me are pics of orange tabby himbo cats? I was basically working with warrior cat fanart at this point. But hey, I like how he turned out! His name is a combination of his pelt color and a nod to his perk, Visionary (-sight suffix).
All my brown cats have darker stripes/splotches so I gave Zarina lighter stripes! It's also kind of a nod to her slightly bleached hair haha. Her name is, again, a nod to her perk (Red Herring being a fish related name), combined with a warrior suffix I thought seemed good.
Every picture I see of Cheryl has her with different colored eyes so I just gave her green ones. As for her design...I wanted her to look a bit different from my previous designs with stripes on their faces in favor of a mask. She kind of looks like a yellow Dovewing tbh. Her name is a combination of Soul Guard and a suffix I thought was nice!
Tortoiseshell Elodie was an idea that grabbed me by the throat and demanded to be drawn. I also couldn't come up with a good name based on her actual perk names, so I took the idea of 'deception' and kinda took the word for what it means: stealth. Trickery. So 'shadow' was the prefix I settled on.
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flowsine · 4 months ago
What everyone seems to miss about Riverdale
We all know Riverdale is crazy. The serial killer gene, the “I’m weird, I’m a weirdo” speech being a product of Destiel, the all-over-the-place characterization, the uncomfortable sexualization of the characters. People constantly bash the show for this stuff. But no one has come close to mentioning the elephant in the room. And as I have spent the last month or so jokerfying as a result of this insane show, I have decided to mention said elephant.
Tumblr media
Sonic Adventure (SA1), known to many as Sonic’s first 3D game (although that isn’t really true), has 6 playable characters. Each of these characters has their own story and gameplay mechanics, leading to mixed reviews due to a certain infamous, broken, and mandatory fishing minigame story. While I personally love this game, the story’s tone is all over the place… which coincidentally, is what’s happening in Riverdale.
You see, depending on which character we follow in this show, the tone of the story is significantly different, and the entire Plot of the story is different. And just as the 6 stories in SA1 converge into one “Last Story,” all the messy plot threads in a Riverdale season do the exact same thing.
Now these are very flimsy grounds for my argument that Riverdale mirrors Sonic Adventure. Of course, they would be if every single one of the 6 playable characters in SA1 didn’t match with a main character from Riverdale in their story’s themes, tone, and character dynamics. Unfortunately for all of us, they do. So let me drag you down with me into this abyss.
Tumblr media
There will be a Uquiz at the end.
Betty Cooper and Sonic The Hedgehog
Tumblr media
Betty Cooper and Sonic The Hedgehog are the same character. As the main characters of their stories, their thrill-seeking noses go poking where they don’t belong in search of trouble. In each season of Riverdale, Betty tries to unravel the newest murder mystery in the town before the culprit gets away. And in SA1, Sonic tries to figure out what Eggman’s newest scheme is before he manages to destroy Station Square. And just like how the red herrings in Betty’s mysteries usually have her accusing everyone under the sun before landing on the correct person, Sonic’s mystery has him learning that Chaos (who seems to be the villain) is not as evil as he thinks.
These two learn time and time again that nothing is what it seems at face value. And as these two drive the main plots of their media, the tone of their stories is usually more serious and dark.  Except for some crazy detours into Twinkle Park or a gang’s strip club… Wait those sound like they could be the same thing—
Forsythe “Jughead” Pendleton Jones III and Miles “Tails” Prower
Tumblr media
Barring the fact that both these characters have weird names they don’t go by, they also act as our main star’s sidekick. Jughead Jones, our big-brained… Narrator???, helps Betty out in solving the main mystery of each season. It’s clear that Jughead doesn’t possess the primal serial-killer sensors Betty has (read “Serial Killer Gene”), but the inner machinations of his conspiracy-filled mind lend themselves pretty helpful to murder investigations. Similarly, Tails doesn’t have the speed Sonic has, but his high intelligence has him creating gadgets and weapons that can even Rival Eggman’s machinery. With his smarts, he is able to keep up with Sonic and provide the help necessary for Sonic to take down the big bad at the end. 
Jughead also has to deal with growing up to take initiative like his dad as he has to take over the Southside Serpents. And Tails gets his own character arc about taking initiative for himself when he chases down Eggman at the end and takes down one of his mechas all by himself.
The theme of their stories focuses more on self-improvement and developing self-confidence. The tone is still mainly serious, as it is with Betty and Sonic, but it isn’t as dark.
Veronica Lodge & Knuckles
Tumblr media
Veronica and Knuckles live in an entirely different world than the rest of the cast of their stories. Veronica’s story is a riches-to-riches story. In each season, we follow Veronica as she tries to make a fortune, while trying to dodge all the shady business practices that would turn her into her father. And Knuckles focuses on similar treasure hunting as he tries to put together the broken pieces of his clan’s Master Emerald. As Knuckles goes on this journey, he learns about his own family’s – clan’s, technically –  crimes.
Both characters deal with a family history deeply rooted in evil, and trying to become better than their predecessors. However, since both stories focus more on collecting money/jewels, there is less tension and action, and so we get a bit more of a lighthearted tone without a heightened sense of urgency.
Bonus parallels: Veronica and Knuckles turn on Betty and Sonic a few times, usually due to misunderstandings; Veronica and Knuckles both get tricked by their story’s overarching villain, Hiram or Eggman. (I could go into depth as to why I think Hiram is an Eggman parallel but this post will be long enough without that.)
Cheryl Blossom and Amy Rose
Tumblr media
This is where we start going crazy. Both Cheryl and Amy’s stories are essentially horror stories with a hint of absurdity. They’re framed as such, the tone is terrifying, and their themes deal with how running away from your fears will not get you anywhere.
Cheryl has a near-death encounter every season due to some horror unleashed in her family home as part of the Blossoms’ plotting against her. Similarly, Amy keeps having close calls with ZERO, who Eggman set loose to chase her until the ends of the Earth. They each have to deal with their respective specters with barely anyone taking them seriously, all while trying to protect someone they care about. Cheryl is protecting her Nana Rose and Amy is protecting her little bird. At the end of their stories (well, at the end of each season for Cheryl), they find that the only way they can escape the horrors is by facing them head-on. Cheryl stands up to her family, usually threatening them with death if not killing them, and Amy fucking kills ZERO.
Kevin Keller and Big the Cat
Tumblr media
So just like no one thought the fishing minigame was a good idea in SA1, no one thinks Kevin Keller is good gay rep. And just like Big the cat, he’s a lonely boy who spends a lot of his time fishing in the forest (but instead of fishing for his frog friend, he’s fishing for a hookup or a boyfriend). Kevin keeps getting brushed off by his “friends” and only pops in every once in a while, similar to our big purple boy who only pokes his head in every few cutscenes. And he only gets tied into the plot near the end when his boyfriend turns out to be the missing piece in the current season’s puzzle, just like how Froggy turns out to have a missing Chaos Emerald. 
Both characters' themes are tied to loneliness, and as such, their stories take on a pretty sad tone.
Archie Andrews and E-102 “Gamma”
Tumblr media
Damn. I wasn’t ready to find a quote from Archie that was just. Super fitting for Gamma. I could have gone with the epic highs and lows of highschool football… 
Anyway, while Gamma’s story is possibly the best story told in a Sonic game, Archie’s is the worst story told in Riverdale. Unfortunate, because they’re the same story told with vastly different execution. Both stories are action-packed and filled with fights. The theme focuses on self-reflection and atonement.
Gamma’s story is about rebelling against his nature as a machine built for destruction. He deals with his directive by disobeying Eggman’s orders and hunting down other robots violently before having to destroy himself. Archie also deals with hunting down violent criminals violently. However, unlike what he wants to believe, he isn’t evil. Archie keeps telling himself that he’s a monster and he needs to delete himself from everyone’s lives, but he’s usually not as bad of a person as he makes himself out to be, which turns him into this very irritating ball of self-pity. 
They also both worked for Eggman/Hiram. Yet another reason why Eggman and Hiram are parallels.
So there you have it
Now you know what Riverdale is about. Now you can finally rest assured when I tell you “I watched Riverdale so you don’t have to,” because now you know the truth. Instead of watching Riverdale, you can play SA1. You’ll get the same story with better execution minus all the weird sexualization. You can thank me later.
The Uquiz (Get kin assigned a sonic AND riverdale character at the same time): https://uquiz.com/quiz/HTBzBq
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indianasolo221 · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Thalia Burt as George.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · a year ago
Tues 13 April ‘21
Okay well in today’s decent news, Zayn and Gigi (and PA Taryn) got papped in NYC taking Khai to the aquarium out at Coney Island. Bye bye Zayn’s blue hair, he shaved it off, but hello stylish plaid coat and ofc Zayn looks good with any hair, it’s ridiculous really. And Ingrid Michaelson teased the To Begin Again video- coming soon? Pap pics of Zayn would suggest YES! EDIT: oh! YES sure enough-- it premiers tomorrow!!! Things go right downhill after that though-- first off, not me being excited about Liam doing art stuff only to discover it’s a picture of PRINCE PHILLIP. Uggghh WORST REVEAL EVER LIAM, nooooo.
And the news doesn’t get better from there I’m afraid; TMZ reports that Olivia is being harassed by a stalker who keeps showing up at her AND JASON’S home (in LA). Apparently the stalker is upset about her and Harry’s ‘relationship’. That’s scary and I hope she and her family are all right and have the support they need! Meanwhile, the fact of the whole “she and Harry live together in LA” thing being so obviously and completely debunked by this, combined with the fact that the entire Holivia story is based on them having been photographed together off set two(2) times, EVER, both in a single 24 hour period 4 months ago, is finally too much for even head stunt sponsor deuxmoi; as of last night they said they don’t know if she and Harry are “still” together. The publicists aren’t giving up that easily though, and would rather make their client look horrible even while exploiting her serious personal crisis than give up their headline grabbing narrative (hmm, familiar); there was a scramble to regroup and what they were able to come up with to shore up their story was that Olivia lied on her court documents about where she lived. WOW... actual wtf, industry handlers are just really sincerely the fucking scum of the earth huh??
SPEAKING OF WHICH… “sources” say Simon Cowell is “broken and betrayed” (HELL YEAH, nice) and feeling the pressure from recent allegations against him and Syco and The X Factor. He “doesn’t feel like he should be made to look like the bad guy” BOO FUCKING HOO asswipe, maybe you shouldn’t have BEEN the bad guy! We’re told that he’s dealing with it by asking Cheryl Cole for help, and possibly thinking of calling Liam “as he’s worried that members of 1D could start turning their backs on him publicly,” UGH YES PLEASE THAT’S HOT. Out of all the boys people-pleaser Liam is certainly his best chance, true, but I’ll hope for the best (members of 1D turning their backs on him publicly! Someday we’re gonna see it- more than we already have- and it’s gonna be GOOD.)
Anyway that was a bunch of unfun news, let’s close on a high (and perfectly harmonized) note- Louis liked a post of vocal coach Helene’s about working with 1D, an incredible sounding video of OT5 singing Strong. “To get a chorus sounding strong, tight, clean and solid vocally you MUST work A Capella to hear what’s going on. We did so much of this...and it was always great to hear how the 3 part harmonies blended together with their individual sounding voices.” It IS always great to hear, thanks for that Helene, so nice.
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theimpossiblescheme · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thalia Burt covering George (or “Cheryl,” as she calls her version of the character) for the 2020 Asia tour
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jonespea · 3 months ago
Platonic bughead my beloved
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munku-collar · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
uhh excuse me mommy? sorry, mommy? sorry, mommy? sorry, mommy?
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dreaming-for-an-escape · a month ago
No Cheryl, the beaver in the pink tutu is not the reason why he got spooked. o.O
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Tumblebrutus: Goodnight!
George: Sleep tight!
Etcetera: Don’t let the bedbugs bite!
Pouncival: Tonight
Carbucketty: Imma fight
Bill: Til we see the sunlight
Cheryl: Tik tok
Pouncival: On the clock
Tumblebrutus: But the party don’t stop no--
Asparagus Jr: *from another room* SHUT UP ALL OF YOU AND GO TO SLEEP!
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everye · a year ago
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the easy life of harry mason
Tumblr media
also being sh newfag in 2k21 absolutely reminds me of that guy from the interstellar film
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riverdale x cats don’t look at me
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Get Nostalgic With NickRewind
Are you ready to get nostalgic with NickRewind? Let’s see what classic shows are available on Paramount+.
Everyone from my generation has those shows that they remember from childhood. Until recently, these shows were not accessible to us without some serious digging. Thanks to many streaming platforms like Disney+, we are now able to watch movies from our childhood. Now, thanks to Paramount Plus, we can watch classic Nick shows with NickRewind. Are you ready to get nostalgic with NickRewind? Let’s…
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View On WordPress
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liesminelli · a year ago
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Im not good at gardening can someone tell me why my lilies keep wrinkling
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sugarysketches · 10 months ago
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.:Originally made June 13-24, 2021:. A buncha characters I adopted from people on Toyhouse hoho :)
Names, pronouns, and creator can be seen by clicking the characters
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mishimouse · a year ago
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murder-mason · a year ago
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Concerned Cat cheryl noises
Please send me more cat memes to draw as cat cheryl please <3
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i wish ppl would tag gore, ya know? like i work at a vet’s office and the dr will try to get me to sit through entire surgeries without passing out (fat chance) but i really dont want to see stuff like that on my dash :/
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Robin Hoëk
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