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joshwilkz · a month ago
Tumblr media
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ironpines · 7 months ago
Actually I been having issues with how the story been treating Winter and Weiss when it comes to Jacques. While no child should punish for the sins of their parents. Given the fact the Ramavos children was killed along with their parents.
It kinda hard to be believe there isn’t be a group of people wanting kill the heirs of the SDC family. Especially with all the terrible thing CRWBY made Jacques do.
If people were okay killing newborns in the past. People who didn’t know about the schnees abusive childhoods would still try to kill them out of revenge.
i definitely don’t mind mkek not going into this in the show  —  no doubt they would make it unnecessarily edgy  —   but this is a really interesting point to make. it is surprising that none of them tried to take out any of the schneeblings. especially when we know the white fang did attack sdc members in weiss’s childhood. winter is protected in the military but even she ventures out to go to mistral & we saw how vulnerable weiss was when the cargo ship crashed.
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solipsism-lemonade · 10 months ago
a singular excerpt from demon city + the scene were katie and essie are introduced :))
“What are you all s’posed to be doing right now, anyway?” Ira asked, grounded knee jittering.
“Running from the cops,” Nick said promptly as Esther and Katie made varying sounds of outrage behind him. They’d learn that they didn’t need to hide shit from Ira. “For – what was it?”
“Vandalism. Resisting arrest. Assault of an officer, but that last one was BS. The rock didn’t even hit him,” Esther said after a moment.
“Nicolás spray-painted an anatomically-incorrect raccoon saying ‘eat trash, evade taxes’ on the side of the sports bar on 46th and 11th.” Esther was staring at Ira as if daring her to call the cops on them. Goddess. The balls on these kids.
“The one all the cops go to?” Ira eyed Nick.
“The one all the cops go to,” Nick agreed, eyes crinkling at the corners in a happy smile. “You wanna see a pic?”
dc taglist (ask to b added) :  @godfreyindustries ,  @1961fantasticfour ,  @storyhole ,  @andiwriteunderthemoon ,  @galanthusgirl ,  @itslondonluv ,  @ninelivesleft ,  @youorurmemory ,  @clownbasedintrigue 
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apeironstella · 7 months ago
Huge PH spoilers but
Are vampires like. Mass CoMs of VnC "world" because I didn't focus much on what malnomens are called in Japanese but 禍名 vs 禍罪の子... red eyes... ability to alter the "course of the world"...
It can be just Jun using similar things (and terms) for different purposes in the story, which she is technically doing but like seeing "alternative versions" of some PH characters already like Lottie and Lily look-a-likes in the ball, Rufus-Sheryl look-a-likes in that one scene...
All I'm saying is I won't be surprised if Luna turns out be some Alyss counterpart of that world/has something to do with that world's core and/or that's what's up with her and Faustina on some level as a nod to PH twins, and that I will lose my shit if Jurors show up.
(After writing that, it hit me that it is Noé who has white hair-purple eyes combo of Alyss so it might be just me reading into things too much though)
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hailtothepumpkinqueen · 11 months ago
*gaaaasp* I almost drew shoes on Ira.
Totally forgot he's a feral child and never wears shoes :|
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ask-sfsf · a year ago
Tumblr media
Rose and Vihaan by me
Ellie and Theo by @maryheart22
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yi-dashi · 8 months ago
Send me a “💭“ and your Muse will experience one of my Muse’s Memories
“Amazing…” Before her a little boy cooed, his amethyst eyes softly glowing under the low light. He sat in the lap of an older man, a smile quietly accenting the elder’s lips. There was a frailness to the father, as he turned pages of parchment and looked over his son’s head to scan the contents. Clearly built for some hard labor, but with not much bulk behind his strength. They sat in a simple room, a pillow the only respite from a hard ground. Nearby lay a floor bed, sized for two and neatly prepared for the coming night’s rest.
“You like these?” He motioned out to various sketches, mostly of knives with intricate flourishes. Each was annotated with specific dimensions, notes of potential processes scrawled all around the diagrams. At the question, the boy nodded energetically,
“Have you made any of these yet, Fair?”
“Not yet.” He said, hand coming to rest on the boy’s shoulder, “Maybe some day. It is one sword for others, then one sword for ourselves. We might not make our way otherwise…”
“Can you make me a sword?”
“Gods…” The man laughed, an understated thing, “No, Wei. Emai would have me murdered. She would do it herself.”
“No she wouldn’t! She’d let me?” The father ruffled his son’s long hair,
“When you are older, I’m sure we will make you a sword or two.” Though this didn’t satisfy the boy, who turned to scramble around on his father. The man winced, bracing against the floor as he tolerated the child’s knees to his legs,
“Fair! But what if I want a sword now?”
“Boy…” He took a stiff breath, “Some day.”
“But what if I want to now?” Exerting his weight some more against the man’s chest, his father finally yelped against the energy of the child in his lap,
“… Huh?” Self-aware of all his squirming, the child finally backed off, “Are you okay?” But the man took his time, much to the growing dismay on the child’s face. Though pained, the father forced a smile back to his features as he trembled back into a more sturdy position. He turned to his side, still bracing with his forearm and seemingly unable to rise under his own power,
“I am okay… You just need to be careful, boy. I’m not young like you.”
“I’m sorry. You don’t look old, like O-fa and O-ma?”
“My back’s older than me.” He mumbled, “But thank you. I’m glad I don’t look… old.”
“Did I hurt you?”
“No.” He lied, clearly struggling even after a moment spent off balance, “Wei, go get Emai. I want to show her... the blades too.”
“O-Okay!” Without needing a second word, the boy scrambled off, leaving his father to shuffle himself over to bed in his peripherals.
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imagine-your-kh · a year ago
Hello! I was wondering if you could do a headcannon of how the Foretellers would react to finding out their kid had survived the keyblade war and had found a way to escape to the future? Around KH3 time. How would they feel seeing their kid again after fighting them in the keyblade war? (The kid in this case being in the role of the player of Union X, trying to find the traitor and eventually fighting the foretellers.) If this is to much to ask then that's fine! Just let me know.
Like it’s wrote in the Rules, I do 3 characters by request. If you want the rest of the crew, don’t hesitate to send another request
I chose the 3 oldest Foretellers because even if Ava and Gula can have child(ren) at their age, I doubt they would be old enough to be Player, if it’s biological... And it’s without mentioning your morals if they’re too young or not yada yada
Tumblr media
Ira!kh3 :
• It has been hard for him to fight their child
• But he couldn’t do favoritism...
• It broke his heart
• So when he discovered that they survived, he was happy
• But worried about what will happen next to them
• He hesitated to come to them, but it has been so long ago... Do they even remember him? Hold negative feeling over him?
• He decided to let it like it was and let fate decide
Tumblr media
Aced!kh3 :
• He tried to found a solution to save them
• To make them run away from the Keyblade War
• Anything
• But he couldn’t
• And he faced them during the Keyblade War... And fought
• Aced didn’t get sweeter on them because it was his child, but it was hurting him deeply to do so...
• When he discovered that they survived and was in this time, he couldn’t stop himself
• He needed to see them
• Aced came to the child as soon as he could
Tumblr media
Invi!kh3 :
• She didn’t want to...
• But it was part to be a Master too... Doing what needed to be done instead of what she wanted...
• She warned them, prepared them, but ultimately faced them in the Keyblade War
• She unconsciously went sweeter to them, but barely
• It broke her inside, but she held it together
• When she discovered that they survived, she felt better in a heartbeat 
• She chose to not met them though
• They had a life now, a life without her to complicate it
• Even more if they needed to fight later on...
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tarberrymentats · a year ago
Tumblr media
Day 1 of OC Kiss week with some Far Harbor gals, feat. @lookbluesoup‘s Ira and my Shandris <3
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sztrajkolokhogyszeress · 2 years ago
Mit mondanék az 5 éves énemnek?
Hmm... Jó kérdés... Szerintem azt, hogy ne aggódjon, mikor nagyobb lesz, akkor jönnek majd olyan emberek az életébe, akik megbecsülik őt, szeretik, tisztelik és gondoskodnak róla. Maradjon olyan, amilyen. Legyen büszke arra, aki. Töltsön minél több időt a nagyapjáva, mert már nem sokáig lesz vele. Ne agyalja túl a dolgokat és az apró gondok is csak átmeneti problémák.
A végén hosszan megölelném, megpuszilnám, majd a nagyapám emlékét szimbolizáló tetoválást megmutatva tűnnék el.
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joshwilkz · a month ago
Tumblr media
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grand-alter · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Commission drawn up by @yuseirra
My OC children for Zen and Rei of Persona Q. They are Dias and Ira, based on Zeus and Hera respectively. Since their parents take some inspiration from Chronos and Rhea, these two also get the Greek mythology treatment.
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lookbluesoup · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Commission by SineAlas of my tempestuous Far Harbor hermit oc, Ira!
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wayfinder-family-lover · 2 years ago
Post Kh3 Foretellers hc that no one ask for but I do it anyway:
The Foretellers live now in the castle who never was if it’s still exist which I don’t know but we said it is
Xigbar almost cried while eating Ira cooking, almost. He missed it so much
Luxu used to have the same height as Gula (actually he was one centimeter taller but no one talk about it) and they were the shortest Foretellers
Needless to said Gula was NOT PLEASE to see Xigbar being tall
« Hello traitor » « hey I already said I’m not the traitor » « you are tall now you are a traitor to me » « ..... okay fair enough »
He also looked if they have medals and take every Terra’s medals
« No way you used the medals of the man who took my eye »
The Foretellers are kinda shock to Xigbar
They are used to a sweet and energetic kid and now they have a tired and depress old man
So they all tried to cheer him up in their own way
Aced train with him which was good since he was a little a lot rusty
But feel something was wrong since Aced don’t rub off as much as he used to be
Invi give him a hug just like they used to be and always said she is here to listen
Ira read him stories bc that’s what make feel better when he was down when he was a kid
« Ira you do realized I’m not seven anymore ? » « did my stories make you feel better? » « ........ » it does
Gula hang out with him in silence, sometime tried to crack a joke much like the one he did in the beginning of back cover
Xigbar didn’t know how to react at that, he forgot how it is to have them back
Also Ira, Invi, Aced and Gula totally mess up every characters. The best was that one time Ira call Sora (he saw one of his post keystagram), Namine which he think was the puppet (Xion), Luxu was so done
They also tried to find Ava or at least know she’s whereabouts
Gula is particularly invested in this mission
Xigbar maked fun of this a little
But not as nearly as he used to much to Gula shock
They all want MoM back to talk and beat the crap out of him
« So you tell me the traitor was in the next generation ? » « yep » « so how can we bring back the master like that I can kill him with my own hands? »
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collective-laugh · 2 years ago
do you have other apprentices aside from alejandra? if none, have you thought of making another one? do you ship her with other apprentices?
I ship Alejandra with everyone lmao. I’ve shipped her with @hydrangeadreamer‘s Alouette, @marsbie‘s Gabe, @fernleavesillustrator‘s Zayn, @i-am-arcana-trash‘s Laurel, and like, plenty more (she’s also taking applications, wink wonk)
I do!!! I have three, Alejandra, Winona, and Ira, and I’ve developed them with @missrabbitart, so we’ve got six apprentices (more like in-game characters but hey) between us. I’ve never talked about anyone but Alejandra, but here goes:
Winona: she was a prison baby, born inside the four walls of Vesuvia’s dungeons, and later adopted by a woman she would know as her Nonna. She was raised out in the woods, and has a cat familiar. She’s got like silver hair because I was really into dyed silver hair when I was making her, and I was just like it’snAturAl. She’s not technically the apprentice, and I don’t play her as one (though she could totally be inserted pretty well). During the plague, she lived alone in the woods, as her Nonna was, you know, dead at that point. She helped a Coliseum Muriel find his hut. She’s defined by the fact that she doesn’t want to help, she’s pretty overall apathetic, but when she sees problems and gets involved, she feels obligated to see them through. 
Also, we’re pretty certain that the only reason she gets involved in the “murder” case in the first place is the fact that her child cat escapes to the palace, and Portia thinks she could help, and Nadia agrees. She just kind of follows along, confused af because she has her cat in her arms and is being dragged into whatever shitshow is going on.
Her main LI is Portia and she’s a lesbian I thought you were American
Ira: she worked for Lucio whilst the plague was poppin’ as the, like, palace diplomat. She was essentially Lucio’s dumbass translator, and made sure she spun his words to be more...acceptable? There’s not a real way to make her the Apprentice, as she has no interactions with Asra whatsoever pre-plague. 
She was with Nadia pre-plague, and obviously, Nadia forgets everything. Yowch. She’s still one of the “six” courtiers, and is the only one trying to keep any sort of peace, more concerned with the actual problems, and like, the finances and flooded district and the fact that her lover is still in a coma and...
When Nadia wakes up, she doesn’t remember her (she was, after all, exclusively a Vesuvia memory). 
Her main LI is Nadia and she’s pansexual. 
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ask-sfsf · a year ago
Tumblr media
Jam Bomb 3 - Day 1: Future
I always draw Steven and Connie as adults with their children, Rose and Vihaan. So I figured I’d do a family portrait, but even further in the future (26 years to be exact).
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olliewatkins · 2 years ago
I'm not even going to post a reaction pic with this like I normally do, but if I see anyone praising this new "IRA" get off my fucking page. If you support them in anyway unfollow me and never interact with me again
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keykidpilipili · 2 years ago
Me readying myself for the Lost Masters saga: I can’t wait for Disaster Squad to somehow screw up even more than they already did. Also Ava better be back to and all give them the ‘Dishonor on you’ talk when she finds out their plans.
Tumblr media
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tarberrymentats · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Day 14 - Autumn Fluff: Gently wrapping a scarf around the other with accidental brushing of cheek.
Ira is @lookbluesoup‘s <3
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violetclarity · 2 years ago
I mean, you went to [college name], and now you work at [grocery store]? ...not that there's anything wrong with that.
a customer to me during a conversation about how expensive college is; aka What Not To Say To Your Cashier
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