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This book was another favorite of mine and helped me connect to my culture and ancestors as a little girl. I smiled, cried and felt such intense emotion reading this book with my grandma. In honor of African-American Heritage Month, I’m sharing some of my favorite stories and folktales from my childhood that hopefully you’ll enjoy, learn from and be inspired by as I was as a little girl and still am now as a young woman💛📚🇿🇦

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Character samples for Egmont. 
This story sounded like lots of fun. I really enjoyed working on the sample. It encouraged me to move away from my ‘animal characters’ default mode of operating. 

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Notes for The Magic of Your Mind

With these notes, these stories become a teaching aid to help those who are home-schooling during lockdown

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Illustration I made for Childhoodweek 2020, prompt: Pact.
From when I was 2 until I was 11 I had a very best friend, most of this time she was also my neighbour. While drawing this I realized who Diana and Anne of the series Anne with an E reminded me of and I think it was us. I guess the pact was to stay best friends forever, we had these 90s necklaces with broken hearts. But I guess in the end time, growth and different social circles drove us apart, not speaking of the few mistakes I probably made while figuring stuff out (including a story concerning the same best friend necklaces, but let’s not get into that now).
I was very socially awkward, had very few friends and was very focused on 1 person in my childhood and this was her. I hope she didn’t mind she popped up more during Childhoodweek, since she’s I think, the biggest part of my childhood, with whom I spent a lot of good times and also bad times. And for the most part I still do a lot of the things I used to do with her, I tell stories (we had a whole Barbie village, in which we told stories), I draw (we drew a lot together), I make music (we used to make music together on the street during events), I can still very much appreciate the music we used to listen to together (including the Prince of Egypt and Celtic Music 1) and I explore new things (we explored the neighbourhood and the garden for new adventures). I’m very grateful I got to share these experiences and I wasn’t alone in that.
Did you have a special friend growing up? Are you still friends? I do hope so!
Extra information on the drawing: I used textures of the clothes we actually wore those days 👗

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one of my most recent pieces of a rewrite of the where the wild things are book I illustrated for a friend

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My nanna has an old brown mantle clock,
That sits atop a shelf in her kitchen.
The hands do not turn, there’s no Tick-Tock,
 It’s up so high, it’s out of my vision.

The dark-wood clock, a sheet of dust covered,
Has a tarnished, numbered face with two hands.
It makes no sound, but i’ve always wondered,
How nanna’s clock chimed back when it was grand.

I find my dad, drag him into the room.
“Please tell me about Nanna’s mantle clock.”
My dad smiles beside the dustpan and broom,
He takes it down and the pendulum rocks

“This clock’s a wicked, old, Westminster chime,
I do not know when it last told the time.
Every half an hour the clock once would ring,
And on each hour, this is what it would sing.

Click, clack, Ding, dong, pitter, patter, and boing,
Twit twoo, jingle, jangle, meep, beep and sproing.
Boink, bonk, clang, clatter, cheep-cheep,  ping, cuckoo,
Fizz, bang, crash, and fwip - Cocka-doodle-doo. 

The noise would echo every single hour,
the house through, chimed the clock with great power.
What we now have, it’s not much of a clock
But listen close, you can still hear it tock.”

This story is a part of 365 Stories for Sprogs, a big book filled with little stories for youngsters and parents alike! Each of these stories are written in a single day by author Harold Benjamin-Lewis. With a book like that, it could be the only storybook you’ll ever need. Well, for a year at least!

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Is It Santa?, Nelibeth Plaza’s second book is a heart-warming adventure filled with mystery, suspense, and humor. Although the book is a recommended read for children up to 12 years old, many older readers will find the book pleasant and entertaining. The ending is quite a surprise for everyone. Overall, it is a book for all seasons.

Aside from Is It Santa?, Plaza is also the author of two more children’s books, The Red Oak Rocking Chair and the upcoming book entitled “Secrets in the Attic” soon to be released.

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Introducing Anne Toole, author of Fat Maxine

Introducing Anne Toole, author of Fat Maxine

“I will be doing more books with Outskirts Press in the near future. My Author Representative always does a great job. She has a lot of patience with someone like me.”

Anne Toole grew up in Williston, South Carolina. She graduated from Anderson Jr. College in Anderson, South Carolina. Ms. Toole is also a graduate of the University of Georgia. She taught first grade for thirty years in Augusta,…


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