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dayofutopia · 2 days ago
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pvssyjuce · a day ago
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women like to play rough too
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fattributes · a day ago
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Shortbread Ghost Cookies
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brutalrebelkid · a day ago
⚡ chocolate ice cream
You mean my favorite thing in the whole freaking world?????
Chocolate icecream is a delicacy everyone should enjoy. Dni ppl who don't like chocolate icecream jk
Chocolate icecream has my favorite thing in the whole world, after kash for sure, chocolate. Chocolate is derived from cocoa plants? Nvm it's chocolate why do we care. Chocolate icecream is very helpful in periods and mood swings. Some say chocolates makes cramps worse but it's the moment of bliss we believe in.
Pros of chocolate icecream-
It's tasty
It's chocolatey and tasty
It's icecream with chocolate what else do you want? And it's tasty
You can eat it anytime except in winters ig and it's tasty
It helps with period cramps and moodswings and it's tasty
It tastes like heaven
There aren't any cons🔪
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sixcupids · an hour ago
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