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#Chris Evans
unearthlydust · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHRIS EVANS The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
Okay but him looking at you like this though 🤤
Tumblr media
Gif @evansensations.
Pairing: Mafia!Steve x Reader
Summary: Steve is going to show you why its a bad idea to insult his favorite team. 
Warnings: Semi public smut, p*ssy slapping, d/s vibes, bit o degradation kink, bit o praise kink, implied cockwarming, creampie
A/N: Final sinday drabble. Comments and reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve has been waiting for this day for months. He dragged you put of bed early to make sure you both were ready for the first game of the season. He even made sure you wore matching shirts, eagerly discussing the new recruits during the entire drive to stadium while you plastered a knowing smile on your face and nodded.
The raucous sounds of the game roars through private suite at the top of the stadium, lively commentary flowing between the guys.
You peek inside, looking around the room with amusement. There are beers everywhere, large bowls of popcorn and various snacks haphazardly placed on the table.
A lull falls over the space, for a heartbeat everyone is frozen in place. Steve has his hands in his hair, holding his breath. Tension thickening the air. Little men run across the field, the announcer getting louder and louder.
Steve slowly rises to his feet, another pause, your heart races hearing his low voice muttering a desperate c'mon, c'mon.
Then he screams.
The tension snaps as the guys join him. You giggle watching them jump up and clap each other on the back. Steve slumps back into his seat, grabbing a beer.
You take this as your cue to rejoin them. You slipped out a few minutes ago to change into your home team's jersey.
You saunter across the room, placing your arms around his neck, you rest your chin on his head. "How's it going?"
"Great sweetheart," he hoarsely replies. He places a kiss on your arm, his sharp eyes catching a glimpse of your sleeves. He tilts his head to the side, his brows furrowing as he takes in your shirt.
You feel the heat of his gaze, your cheeks burning the longer he silently stares at you. Keeping your eyes ahead, you pinch your lips together to contain your grin.
"What are you wearing?" His already raspy voice lowers to a deep drawl and you clench down. You know it's probably not right but you can't help how wet you get when he's angry.
"Oh this old thing," you say playfully, taking a step back. "My favorite team is playing and I need to show them some love."
Another silence falls over the room. All eyes on you as you twirl around, stopping in front of Steve.
Steve rubs his hand across his bearded face, his thick corded biceps straining against his sleeves. "What happened to your patriots shirt, sweetheart?" he asks, his tone hardening.
Ignoring the way his blue eyes darken, you push his legs apart and step between his thick thighs. Putting your hand under his chin, you smirk. "Threw it in the trash. Where it belongs."
The veins in his neck protrude when you dust off the front of your shirt, pulling it taut around your chest. His jaw clenches, you know he's holding himself back.
So you push him a little more. Proceeding to insult his team, his quarterback, his taste in clothing and even remarking on his too small t-shirt, plucking the front of said shirt with your nails. "And yall can't win unless you cheat."
Sam coughs into his beer and Bucky snorts, his shoulders shaking as he silently laughs. Not that you notice. All you can focus on is the muscle ticking in Steve's jaw.
"Guys," he calls out without taking his eyes off of you. "We're out of beer."
They both scramble out of the room, the door swinging shut.
And it's just you and Steve. He slides his warm, dry palms up your legs and under the skirt he insisted you wear today. "You think you're funny huh?"
He can see the quip forming and his hand snakes up and grabs the back of your head, pulling you down for a kiss. Your words are lost on his tongue as he invades your mouth.
Its a filthy, sloppy kiss, he tightens his grip on your scalp moving you where he wants you, so lost in the sensation of his lips gliding over yours, you don't notice that he’s standing over you, walking you backward until your back hits the cool pane of glass separating the room from the stadium of people below.
Steve looks down at you with a cold, calculating smirk. “Since you want to play with me, sweetheart-” He hums, spinning you around, gently pushing you against the glass. "Let's play a little game called you better cum before the camera catches you wrapped around my cock."
You blink, looking around the stadium. The kiss cam is sweeping across the other side. Oh fuck. A wave of heat pulses in your cunt, your clit aching. You don't know how long it's going to take for it to get to you and a sick sense of excitement blooms in your belly.
Steve pushes your head against the glass, your cheek smushed under his large hand. He doesn't bother to take your panties off, twisting them to the side. The slow clink of his zipper echoes in your ears, you want him so bad it hurts but you know better than to rush him. Steve will edge you until you're begging and crying for him to please let you cum. No, you need him inside you, you want to be full.
And you don't have much time. That damn camera moves closer, you can see people on the jumbotron across from you.
Steve kicks your legs part, the feel of his warm thick cock sliding through your folds sends a whimper up your throat, your hands press into the glass.
You see his hazy reflection out of the corner of your eye, the smirk on his plump lips warning you seconds before his hips snap up, he bottoms out in one deep, brutal thrust. You mewl shamelessly, your hands slipping down as your walls stretch around him.
"Doesn't sound like you're laughing," he taunts over your needy moans.
No matter how much you tease him or piss him off, he always makes sure that you feel good. His incredible cock hitting that spot in your cunt and over. If he keeps that up, you're not going to care about that camera.
Shit, it's moving again, maybe you do care. You clench down hard, nearly crying from how good he's fucking you.
His large hand slides under your thigh, lifting your leg so he can go even deeper, oh fuck, his cock thrusting in and out of you, the wet squelch of your cunt as it takes every thick inch reverberates around the room.
The camera is slowly drifting in your direction.
"Steve please," you pant, your breath fogging the glass. "I-please,"
Steve chuckles, his hips rapidly slamming into yours. "Told ya, sweetheart, you better cum before everyone sees what cockslut you are." His mouth brushes over the shell of your ear, "although I wouldn't mind showing them how fucking pretty you look when I'm splitting you open."
His pace slowing to lazy, languid movements and you want to scream. "Steve," you groan. Oh god, he's doing this on purpose, next time you won't say anything about his smedium shirts. You slip your hand between your body and the glass, your fingers furiously circling your clit.
The camera is less than 50 feet away, aiming upwards to your seats.
The heady thrill of anticipation slams into you the same time he orders you to cum, the coil in your belly splintering into pieces unleashing waves of pleasure, your fist hitting the glass. “Fuck,” you cry out,  the word gets caught in your throat as he pounds you into the window. 
The camera is inching its way to you.
Oh shit. “Ste-” 
He spills inside you with a loud groan, warmth filling your pussy as ropes of his cum coat your walls, wrapping his large arm around you, he pulls you out of sight just as the camera swings in front of the glass.
Oh shit.
You burst into giggles, the combination of fear and pleasure making you giddy. "That was-"
"The first part of your punishment," he interrupts. “You’re going to spend the rest of the game keeping my cock warm.” 
You look up at him and grin. “Does this mean I can keep my shirt?” 
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time-for-a-lullaby · 2 days ago
Girl imagine eloping with Chris in Vegas one weekend. He would be drunk n shouting MY WIFE at any opportunity he got
Vegas, Baby!
Chris Evans x Wife!Reader
Summary: You and Chris elope to Vegas after one too many things go wrong while trying to plan your wedding.
A/N: something short and iffy hahaha but this was too cute of an idea! Didn’t spell check or anything and I’m uploading on mobile, so bear with me hahaha
Tumblr media
“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” You let out a frustrated groan after hanging up the phone and buried your face in your hands.
This was the 4th caterer to back out in less than 3 months and you were at your wits end with planning this wedding. Nothing was going right. With anything.
Chris walked into the study, leaning against the doorway, “you okay?”
You threw your hands up, “No. I’m not. This wedding is fucked, Chris. Like who did we piss off in this universe? It’s because we’re having pre-marital sex, isn’t it?”
He laughed, “something tells me that’s not it.”
“I mean, how many things have to go wrong before we just call it off?” You asked. Obviously you weren’t going to call things off, you couldn’t wait to marry Chris but this was annoying on another level.
He made his way into the study, leaning against the desk, “we’re not calling it off. My mom will cater before that happens.”
You smiled, taking a deep breath, “i mean, at this point we should just elope.” You looked up at him, not really serious, but definitely more open to the idea than you thought.
He crossed his arms and shrugged, “okay.”
Raising an eye brow, you laughed, “yeah, okay.”
“Let’s do it. Let’s elope.”
You stared at him for a second, “are you being serious?”
He nodded, “i am. We love each other… we don’t need some giant, catered wedding to prove that. Let’s go. Right now.”
You stood timidly, “are we doing this?”
“Let’s do this.”
Tumblr media
12 hours later, in true Vegas fashion, you were completely trashed in a chapel, being married by Elvis. Scott was screaming at the top of his lungs when they officially announced you as husband and wife.
You jumped into Chris’s arms, his lips crashing onto yours.
He spun you around before setting you down, “i love you, Y/N.”
“I love you, too… husband.”
He smiled, “husband.” He repeated, leading you out of the chapel with Scott and your best friend.
Tumblr media
You posed in front of the Welcome To Vegas sign and took your first picture as husband and wife, your arms wrapped around his neck while his hands had a tight grip on your ass.
He spun you in a circle, “LOOK AT MY WIFE!”
You buried your face in your hands, falling into him, “stop, Chris! You’re so loud!”
“I don’t care, you’re my FUCKING WIFE!!!”
You laughed, reaching up to kiss him again.
“Alright! Casinos?!” Scott offered, looking back and forth between you and Chris.
You shrugged, “I’m okay with—“
You squealed as he lifted you, throwing you over his shoulder and smacking your ass, “Chris!”
He started walking away, “I’ve already got something in mind, sorry, Scott!”
You smacked his shoulder as Scott groaned, “Christopher!”
“That was an image i could’ve lived without,” Scott yelled after you as Chris led you to the car.
You were in a long night and you couldn’t wait.
Tumblr media
TagList: @chvntelle-99 @ysmmsy @roguediorxoxo @anonymousswritings @superanastasia1981 @melissad1974 @nrmnie @wobblymug @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @anacrcarvalho @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @elrw24 @mjey12 @ilovetheeagles @patzammit @skyewardolicitycloisdelena91 @faykyrie @spookyqueen @mytbel0st @asdfghjklgggdd @big-deak-energy @a-distantdreamer @melannie77 @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @thedancingnerdmermaid @avery1996 @bhappiness14 @aslutforchrisevans @cierra-evans715 @fictionslandslanddreams @mylifeasltd8 @n3ssm0nique @unicornblueberry @stephv213 @supraveng @rootcrap @mrspeacem1nusone @fanficworld @learning-howto-be-myselfx3 @onceuponahuntersrealm @coldmuffinpartycloud @jadert15 @lou-lou26 @freyathehuntress @ritikahye @unicornpajamas @clogger101 @ms-betsy-fangirl @lauracontisstuff @kawaiicroissantpastabakery @thummbelina @weaslettesstuff @guilsgotmusic @megannicole4 @chamaevans9 @deepintothenature @croissantbakerylws @hockeychick10 @lharrietg @cevansfans @theashleycom3 @evansrodgerss @itsmytimetoodream @funfickgirl22 @ilovetheeagles @mavrellover91 @mylifeasltd8 @breezykpop @cherry-gemz @allthingschrisevans @ottitt @legallybrunette13 @baby-i-am-fireproof @enchantinghandscroissantvoid @gotbangtan @ysmmsy @kthynes @blizzspeaks @ca-loki @roguediorxoxo @lokistoriesblog @lynnettes-stuff @nostxlgia18 @gitasor
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starry-eyed-romantics · 2 days ago
Lay Your Head On Me
Chris Evans x female reader
Warnings: none but fluff
Summary: Chris falls asleep on your lap while you’re having a conversation with someone else
Word count: 1,534 words
A/N: currently going through writers' block and an identity crisis, pls bear with me LOL. And if you see a change in my writing style, that’s because I’m experimenting with which ones I like best🥲🥲🥲
Tumblr media
"Thank you so much." you say as the barista hands you two paper cups filled with coffee which you take. "it's no problem at all," he replies, a friendly smile appearing on his lips.
You return his smile and walk away, heading towards the first class lounge where Chris was waiting.
As you make your way through the airport, he fades into view, too occupied with his phone to take notice of you walking in his direction. The sight makes you shake your head and tut under your breath.
"Hey," you say, catching him off guard. He takes his eyes off his phone to look up at you standing in front of him. You hold out the coffee in your hand for him to take.
Chris gives you a sheepish smile, obviously touched. "Hey," he replies, "oh my god. You shouldn't have."
You let out a sarcastic scoff. "Of course I had to. Our flights' delayed for the next eight hours," you say, motioning him to take the cup.
"You're right," he agrees resolutely, "gimme," he mumbles, making grabby hands at you. Chris accepts the cup from you and takes a small sip out of it. He let out an 'aah' of relief, exhaling a little steam.
You can't help but suppress a laugh at his antics, which makes him shoot his head up to face you fully. "Thank you. Come sit next to me" he manages to let out, pointing at the seat with his head.
"No problem," you whisper back, then kissing him on the forehead before seating yourself right next to him.
Both your hands lace together as you rest your head on his shoulder, followed by him laying his head on your head.
Your eyes close shut, mind drifting elsewhere as he begins tracing the lines on your palms with his delicate fingers.
A few minutes pass, and you still can't get yourself to sleep. You're still very aware of your surroundings, and your conscience doesn't seem to want to rest.
You tilt your head just the slightest bit and give Chris a sidelong glance. His weary eyes were wide open and on the verge of closing.
You chuckle to yourself when his head inclines forward, causing him to jerk upright.
Then, a yawn escapes his mouth, jaw tightening. "I'm getting a little sleepy." he lets out, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "how much longer are we gonna have to wait?" he finally asks, turning his head towards you, arms folding.
You take your phone out to take a look at the time, and a glimpse of disappointment crosses your face. "Chris, it's only been an hour; there's plenty of time left. We can book a hotel room for a few hours if you want?" you propose, turning your phone off and sliding it back into your pocket.
"No, it's fine," He says, shaking his head, "I'm sleeping on your lap. It's comfier."
You let out an amused laugh, making him bite back a grin. "You big baby." Then, you pat your lap, gesturing him to put his head on it. "C'mere."
He gleams at you, bright-eyed and does not hesitate to bring his head down to rest on your lap. "I love loving you in public," he murmurs, making himself comfortable before slowly dozing off.
"I know," you shrug, smirking to yourself as you run your hands through his fluffy hair.
Once you're sure Chris is asleep, in the distance, you make out a familiar woman approaching you. "Omg, Y/N? Is that you?" the woman asks, eyes squinting for confirmation, "Hi, it's so good to see you! Remember me? It's Sara. We were roommates at Stanford?"
For a moment, a puzzled look appears on your face. But then, when that moment of realisation hit you, you gasped in excitement. "Oh my God, Sara, hey! Yes, of course, I do! How are you? How have you been?" you chant cheerfully, attempting to get up and squeeze her into a hug.
But then you remember Chris sleeping on your lap. It seemed as though he was in deep slumber because he wouldn't budge when you tried to wake him up. "Chris, wake up." you insist, shaking him violently. But still, no response.
"I'm sorry, let me just," you say, apologising to Sara, now slapping his face repeatedly in annoyance. And still, he doesn't stir. Instead, his arms are folded, and his head is still glued to your lap. You swear you could've heard him snore, too.
"Oh no, it's fine," she says, making you pause, "I've been great, thank you! And what about you? It's been what, 14 years since we last saw each other? Wow," she asks, glancing at you.
You disregard her question for a second and decide to make one last attempt at waking him up, this time poking his ribs. "Chris, get up, come on." you utter.
And when he still doesn't respond, you're sure he's dead. So you give it up. "I'm so sorry. Just pretend he isn't here," you add, making her laugh. "But, um, yeah, it's been 14 years. I've been doing well, what about you? You look great!"
You point towards the empty seat next to you, indicating her to sit down, and Sara obliges. "Thank you, oh, you're too nice. I'm so glad you're doing well," she states, waving you off dramatically, "And, I'm sorry, it's so hard to pretend he's not there. If you don't mind me asking, is that Chris Evans?" she asks, pointing towards his unconscious body.
You bring down your head down to look at him, a smile spreading across your face. "Yes, he is. Chris is my boyfriend. We've been dating for four years now." you answer assuringly, smacking your hands on his biceps to give him a massage.
"Oh wow, that's great! He sure does look pretty comfortable, huh?" she says, chuckling.
An amused laugh ripples from your chest, sending a shockwave through Chris' body. "He does, doesn't he," you say, chuckling along. Your hands are now gliding off of Chris' biceps to run your hands through his hair. "So, anyway, what brings you here to Paris?" you ask, head tilting ever so slightly to the right.
Sara looks up at you, eyebrows raising. "Oh, right, I came here on holiday. It's been so much fun, I've loved it so much, and it hurts to leave." she lets out, a pout forming on her lips.
"That's so exciting!" you reply, "And, true. We don't want to leave either but, here we are." you shrug, now caressing Chris' arms.
She gives you a forced smile. "You guys here on holiday too?" she then asks, her eyes slowly tracing the movements of your fingers.
You give her a nod, lips pursing into a smile. "Yep, the both of us wanted a break off of work and spent some time together."
"Aww, I'm so happy for you both," she says, smiling, "Well, I better get going now. It was great catching up with you, Y/N. We should meet up again sometime." she finally says, slapping her thigh and getting up from her seat.
You smile at her response, pulling her into a hug while still glued onto the seat. "Of course, it was great seeing you too. Let's hope the next time we do, I'm in a better position than this one." You say, making her laugh.
"True. Tell Chris I said hi, will you?" she lets out, "Thanks again, bye!"
"Bye Sara, will do. See you soon," you reply. The two of you then bid your goodbyes. You catch sight of Sara making her way through the lounge in a different direction.
Once she leaves, you sigh, bringing your head down to look at the man in front of you. "OK, seriously, Chris. Cut the act," you say, voice stern.
He doesn't reply until, all of a sudden, a small mischievous grin dances along his lips. Chris can't help but burst into laughter when he opens his eyes to face an unhappy-looking you.
A look of mild concern appears on your face, your mouth forming into a small thin line, and your eyebrows are drawn down a little. "Ha ha, you're so funny," you say with a sarcastic laugh and smile. "Now get up."
Chris lifts his head up a little, face scrunching up. "What? Nooooooo, I don't want to. Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?" he whines, refusing to listen to you.
"God, you really do test my patience sometimes," you say, rolling your eyes at him and causing him to snicker.
"I know. You love me for it, though," Chris teases, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. "You're right. I do," you say, looking down at him.
The response you give him makes him shoot his head up and sit up straight to fully face you. "You do?" he asks, scanning your eyes for an answer.
"Shut up," you say, trying not to smile as your eyes roll. And it's true, you do love him. Nothing could have possibly meant more than him.
"I love you too," he says, finally. "Now can you please continue scratching my head?"
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christowhore · 22 hours ago
First Class Fantasies
Tumblr media
pairing: dadsbestfriend!steve rogers x wilson!fem!reader (modern au)
summary: steve has noticed your crush on him for a while now, and he decides it's time to have some fun with it. not even caring that his best friend, your father, was only a few feet away.
word count: 4.6k
warnings: smut, age gap (reader 21, steve 45) playful teasing, dirty talk, use of pet names, daddy kink, innocence kink, dumbification, public fingering, mile high club ?, panty stealing, finger sucking, degradation, praising !!! 18+ ONLY, MINORS DNI !!!
notes: i'm in love with dbf!steve so i just had to write this. also this has been sitting in the drafts for long enough. i hope you all enjoy ! 💗
join my taglist ! ❦ main masterlist
It was tough being a Wilson. There were so many expectations you had to meet, events you were dragged to alongside your father, moments you missed out on with friends.
But one of the hardest was having constant contact with none other than Steve Rogers.
You shouldn't have a crush on your fathers best friend, but it was hard not to.
Everything about him made you weak in the knees. His adorable smile, his piercing blue eyes, the fact that he towered over everyone with his 6’4” frame.
The first time you met him was right before you left for college, at the going away party your father insisted on throwing for you. With a neatly wrapped present in hand, he stepped into the foyer of your family house and instantly took your breath away.
It didn't help when he greeted you- his warm palm placed gently against the small of your back, pulling you into him; while his lips placed a soft kiss to the side of your cheek. Thankfully your dad wasn't around to take notice of you unfolding into a stuttering mess.
Ever since that day, you were smitten by him. Always wondering how he was doing, if he might be seeing someone- but more importantly how his lips would feel elsewhere on your body. But you knew due to the age difference, as well as him being buddy-buddy with your dad, that nothing would ever happen between you two. So you did your best to just ignore him. Thankfully, you had college classes to aid you in your efforts. Though those efforts would soon come to an end.
Living in your own studio apartment, a few blocks away from campus, you were packing up your belongings to head back home. It was the end of your junior year and as per the agreement you made with your father, you had to leave D.C and head back to New York to spend time with him during the summer.
Going back to the city wasn't all that bad. Being the daughter of the Chief Financial Officer for Stark Industries had its perks. Your own personal driver, unlimited spending sprees, constant fine dining, you enjoyed the spoiled life.
But one thing you couldn't get used to was the endearing man who awaited you back in the city. You just couldn't shake the nervousness that filled your body knowing that you were going to reunite with Steve. He had this friendly, yet intimidating demeanor that always took you by surprise. The way he’d look at people, you swore he was searching into their souls in order to find some unspoken secret about themselves.
During the flight back home, leaving Howard University behind, your thoughts were continuously plagued with the blonde Adonis.
Once your plane landed, you made your way to baggage claim to grab your belongings before heading out to the terminal entrance. You stood there waiting for your usual driver, Peter, to come and pick you up as scheduled.
You were switching through apps on your phone when suddenly you noticed a black town car pull directly in front of you. Before you had the chance to move out the way, the backseat window pulled down, causing you to gasp at who was revealed to you.
“Everytime I see you, little one, you keep getting bigger and bigger. I’m gonna need to find you a new nickname.”
Steve beamed at you, the smile reaching his eyes. He reached for the door handle before stepping out of the vehicle, alongside his own driver. You were so focused on the man in front of you, you didn’t realize your luggage was being transported into the trunk.
“H-hi Steve,” your words fumbling out due to the effect he still had on you.
He peered down at you, both hands resting on his hips. “I haven’t seen you in months and all I get is a ‘hi’?” Before you could respond, he pulled you into him, your face buried into his firm chest. You absentmindedly breathed in his aroma, the scent of his cedarwood cologne made you feel dizzy with want.
Even in his usual attire of a three piece suit to assert his power as C.O.O, you could still feel the taut muscles of his abdomen pressing against you. The feeling made your clit throb, forcing you to suppress the moan threatening to bubble out.
Steve pulled away from you, but kept you close, close enough to where you could feel his warm breath fan across your face. “How was your flight? I know how you don’t like flying that much.”
“Everything was fine. Still a little anxious,” you began, not daring to look the blonde in his eyes, “but glad to be back on the ground.”
Steve noticed your lack of eye contact, a smirk trying to make its way across his features- because he knew all about your little crush on him.
Whenever you were back home from college, he couldn’t get enough of your wandering glances when you thought he wasn’t looking. The way your breathing would become erratic, your pupils blown, anytime he’d look directly into your eyes or down at your soft and enticing lips.
His flirtatious and intense demeanor was intentional- he just loved watching you squirm. The way your bottom lip would get caught in between your teeth, your thighs slyly rubbing together to try and quell the ache between them whenever he was in your presence. Your nervousness and obvious desire-filled gaze only spurred him on.
He knows that you’re his best friend's daughter, but his cock would strain against his pants anytime he was near you.
Steve would make sure to be there anytime you came back home from university, putting priorities on the back burner, just to be in your presence.
Hooking his index finger, he used it to tilt your chin up, forcing you to look up at him. “Don't worry little one, as long as you’re with me, you’ll be safe and sound,” he promised, his voice dropping an octave.
You stood there locked in a trance with Steve. You couldn’t help but audibly gasp at the proximity of his mouth near yours. Thoughts of how his lips would feel against yours ran through your mind as per usual.
Steve quickly pulled away from you and opened the car door, acting as if nothing had happened, “Well, as much as I’d like to spend some more time with just the two of us, your dad awaits.”
Snapping out of your perverse thoughts, you clambered into the vehicle with Steve following close behind.
Once inside, he ordered his driver to head to your fathers penthouse, then raised the partition, giving the two of you privacy.
You tried to keep your heart rate steady but was finding it difficult due to Steve being so close to you. His warmth radiated off of him, making you feel absolutely cozy in the confined space.
Steve watched as you stared out the window, the angle allowed him the glorious sight of your elongated neck. All he wanted to do was trace his lips against it, hearing your moans of desire.
Leaning over, he placed his palm against the back of your hand, the action making you jump.
He couldn’t control his chuckle at your reaction, “Sorry to scare you little one, just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
You tried to respond, but the feel of his warm palm added with his thumb slightly stroking your hand had you at a loss of words. So you did the only thing you were confident you could do, and simply nodded at him.
The rest of the car ride to your father was silent, except for your slight heavy breathing. All you could focus on was the feel of his hand, and how it never left your own for the rest of the journey.
Tumblr media
After arriving home, you reunited with your father, the moment brief due to him being called back into the office.
You made your way towards your childhood room to get changed for dinner that he had planned for your return that night.
Summer in Manhattan was humid, so you opted to wear a cream sundress, the silk material stopping right at your mid thigh.
When you were finally dressed, you went downstairs to meet Peter who would be escorting you to the restaurant. “Evening, Ms. Wilson,” the brunette squeaked towards you while holding the backseat door open.
“I’ve told you this a million times Peter, you can just call me (Y/N).”
“Sorry ma’am- (Y/N).” An apologetic look etched on his face made you smile.
It was only a five minute drive before you were stopped in front of the establishment. Once you stepped inside and gave your name to the hostess, you were directed towards the back of the restaurant. There your eyes landed on not one but two gentlemen.
“Hi dad,” you greeted your father with a kiss on the cheek, “Steve.”
With Sam in his presence, he had to restrain himself from reaching out to feel every inch of your delectable figure. So he kept it minimal and stuck to his usual greeting, a hand to the small of your back and a peck on the cheek. “Hey (Y/N). Sam offered for me to tag along, if that’s alright with you.”
Tumblr media
Dinner went smoothly. The air filled with laughter and your father’s usual exaggerated stories. You were finishing up your dessert when your father slid an envelope towards you, showcasing a toothy smile.
“What’s this?” you pondered, thumbing the envelope open.
“Well, you finished junior year on the Dean’s List, again. So I thought you deserved this.”
Opening up the envelope, you reached inside and was greeted with airplane tickets. Looking at the details, you realized they were round trip tickets to Saint Lucia.
You couldn’t contain the squeal of excitement at the gift. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Launching up, you embraced your father and felt his own laughter rumble out of him.
“Don’t thank me, it was a team effort,” your father began, nudging the blonde in the shoulder, “We both thought you could use the vacation before you started senior year.”
Unlatching yourself, you went over and repeated the same actions towards Steve. “Thank you Steve.”
He felt your nipples through the thin fabric of your dress against his chest. The feeling made him desperate to know how they’d feel against his tongue. “It’s no problem, anything for you doll.”
Once you sat back down, you looked at the flight details and saw that there were 3 boarding passes. “Oh, are you coming with us Steve?” Hope clearly evident in your voice, making him smile.
“Yeah, just like you, I could use the break. Time away from the office is just what we need, right Sam?” Steve joked with your father while he nodded in agreement.
He watched Sam excuse himself to the bathroom, leaving the two of you at the table. Steve watched you as a smile was plastered on your face while you read the itinerary.
You felt an intense gaze on you making you look up, meeting Steve’s glance. “T-thank you again, Steve. I’ve always wanted to go here.”
Steve shone a sincere smile at your comment. Reaching out, he placed a hand against your exposed left thigh, his fingertips dangerously close to your core. He began to subtly stroke the soft expanse of your thigh, each rise getting closer to your warmth.
“Anything for my best girl,” he cooed, admiring the way his simple action had you frozen in your seat. “You stay in school, get amazing grades, you’re never in any trouble. Such a good girl for your father. I am so proud of you princess.”
The sudden praise that left his lips caused you to squeeze your knees together, trapping his fingers in between your thighs. You thought he was going to remove them, but he just squeezed the flesh between his hands. It was when you felt his pinky trace against the dampened crotch of your panties, that you let out a breathy moan. The sound raised the hairs across Steve’s body and made his dick twitch in his slacks.
Out of his peripheral vision, he saw Sam emerge from the bathrooms and head back towards them. Steve removed his hand and stroked his beard, acting as if nothing had happened.
“So (Y/N),” Sam began as he sat back down, “You thought about all the things you wanted to do once we’re down there?”
Steve watched as you tried to form a coherent sentence, still too flustered at his actions.
While you were conversing with your father, Steve brought the pad of his moist digit to his mouth, elusively tasting your essence that clung to his finger. It was only a drop, but your sweetness quickly sent him into a frenzy, and he knew he needed to taste you a little bit more.
Tumblr media
It had been 3 weeks since that dinner and you were heading towards the airport, sitting next to your father. Your father insisted on taking a red eye flight so that you could arrive at Saint Lucia in the morning, planning for the sun to greet you when you all land on the island.
Once the two of you arrived and made your way inside, you were greeted with the sight of Steve.
Forgoing his usual attire of tailored suits, Steve was dressed in a pair of fitting blue jeans. A navy bomber jacket fit snug around his arms overtop a white tee that defined every ridge of his muscles underneath.
“You two ready to start our vacation?”
After dropping off your luggage and showing your boarding passes, the three of you made your way towards first class. Upon inspection, you saw that two seats were together in their enclosed space, leaving one to be seated by a stranger.
“I can sit with (Y/N),” Steve piped, “You know how anxious she gets when flying.”
“Thanks man,” your father said before turning to you. “It’ll only be a couple of hours, okay?”
You nodded along to your father, “Yeah, I’ll be fine, don’t you worry.”
Steve helped you put your carry on in the overhead compartment before sliding in beside you.
The exhausted flight attendants did their required monologues before the aircraft took off, lifting you into the sky.
You hadn’t realized your eyes were clamped shut and you were grasping onto the arm rest until Steve caressed your hand. “It’s okay princess, the hard part is over. You can relax now,” his smooth voice calmed your frayed nerves, allowing you to sink into the plush seats.
The stewardess began to pass out blankets to every occupant before powering down the overhead lights, the plane darkened only being lit with various phone and laptop screens from other passengers.
“These blankets are pretty big, do you wanna just share one?” Steve questioned, hopeful that you would say yes, which you did.
He draped the material over your lower half, making sure you had plenty of room before covering himself.
You sat up and looked towards your father, who was already fast asleep. “Of course he’s already down for the count. He can sleep through anything.”
Steve looked over to make sure his best friend was sound asleep before filthy thoughts plagued his mind.
“You know, if you want,” Steve began, leading his hand under the blanket to rest upon your bare thigh, “I know of a way that could get you to sleep soundly.”
Your breath caught in your throat as you stared up at the man. “Steve, I-“
“Shh, princess. Don’t want to wake him up now do we?”
You shook your head at him while trying to not squeeze your thighs once more.
“I know all about your little crush on me. You think I can’t tell how wet I make you with just a simple look.” Steve began to caress your thigh making your body feel hot from his touch.
“You can’t even look at me without turning into a stuttering mess,” he mocked you, his teasing touch sending shockwaves throughout your body.
He leaned towards you, his lips ghosting along the shell of your ear while his breath danced along the nape of your neck. “Y’know, you may be a smart and studious girl, but to me you’ll just be a dumb little slut that I have wrapped around my finger.”
A loud gasp escaped your lips at his crude words before you could clamp your hand over your mouth.
Steve removed his hand from you once more causing a pathetic whine to leave you, but still maintaining his close proximity. Looking up at him with pleading eyes, you silently begged him to keep his previous motions going.
“If you want it, I need to hear you say it,” he whispered to you, “Beg for it.”
Your chest rapidly rose and fell due to the events unfolding. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for for years, now that you finally have it, you weren’t going to pass it up.
“Please, Steve. I need you. Please touch me.”
Upon hearing your pleas, Steve twisted his body to bring his left hand down towards your legs, his right hand intertwining with yours. Moving his hand underneath your skirt, he was met with the same wetness he felt back in the restaurant.
“Be quiet, don’t make a sound, or I’m removing my hand and you’ll have to finish yourself off, do you understand me?” his authoritative voice had you nodding in a frenzy.
Steve slipped his finger into your panties, pushing them to the side so he could open you up to him. “Spread your legs for me some more.”
Complying with his request, you spread your legs as wide as possible in your chair.
“Good girl,” he purred, “Always so good for me.”
Your right hand flew to your mouth once again to suppress the moans threatening to escape. Steve’s index finger traced through your slick folds until it reached your puffy mound. He softly circled your clit, smiling as he felt you buck into his touch.
“Such a needy little thing, I’m guessing it’s been a long time since somebody’s touched this sweet cunt, huh?”
Steve felt your body stiffen at his words. Looking up, he watched you avoid his eye contact and that’s when reality struck him. “Oh.”
Steve knew that you had always focused on schoolwork, never seeking out romantic partnership. But he assumed that would've changed once you had gone off to college and was free of your fathers watchful eye.
“Let me guess, saving yourself for me princess?” Steve joked.
It was true. Whenever you thought about getting intimate with someone, your thoughts would be riddled with images of Steve. You could never see yourself laying down with anyone else but him, so you wishfully held on to your virginity, in hopes of this rare moment occurring.
Forcing yourself to look into his crystal blue eyes, you meekly responded, “Yes Steve, all for you.”
Carnal desire flooded the man at your confession.
He cupped your heat with his entire hand, soaking his palm in your juices. “Fuck princess, I can’t wait to ruin you.”
You felt a slight pressure at your opening, causing you to squirm away in your seat. “It’s alright, doll, just relax for me.”
Taking a deep breath, you calmed your nerves.
Steve soaked his digits more in your essence before sticking his thick index finger in your sopping hole. He was met with obvious resistance which he powered through until meeting your spongy spot deep within.
“Oh fuck, Steve,” you breathlessly moaned out.
“I know sweetheart,” Steve cooed in your ear, “Feels so good, doesn’t it? Feels like heaven having my finger deep inside your tight cunt.”
He continued to pump his digit inside of you, the muffled sounds of your squelching heat brought a smile to his face.
You felt every ridge of his finger inside of you. It was a strange feeling at first, but the way he was curling it had your eyes crossing. The discomfort faded away, now all you wanted was more. “Please Steve,” you pleaded out.
“Aww princess, do you need more of Daddy's fingers fucking your filthy cunt?”
You did everything in your power not to scream out your pleas to the man next to you. “Yes, Daddy. I need more.”
Steve's cock was already testing the material of his briefs, but the way ‘Daddy’ rolled off your tongue had him close to ruining his jeans.
Not giving you any warning, he shoved his middle finger alongside your heat. A loud moan made its way into the air, halting his actions.
The two of you rapidly looked around, hoping that no one heard you. Steve looked forward at Sam and sighed in relief when he saw he was still fast asleep.
“Looks like fun time is over sweetheart,” he sighed before he began to remove himself from you. His actions were halted when he felt your hand latch onto his wrist.
“Please don't stop. I’m so sorry, I didn't mean to!”
Steve shook his head, “Princess, I had the one rule and your dumb brain couldn't even follow that.” Frustration was evident in his hushed tone.
You were riddled with so much need and desire that tears threatened to fall from your eyes. “Please, I’ll be good. I promise.”
He didn’t want to stop, not after he saw how hot you looked when he was stroking your g-spot. But he needed to make sure you didn’t disobey him again. Pretending to ponder his thoughts, he looked at you, “Fine, but you only get one more chance. Okay, princess?”
You frantically nodded, desperate for him to resume his lewd actions.
“Good girl,” grinned the blonde, “but I just need to do one more thing to make sure not a peep comes out.”
Steve moved his hand to the top of your panties before tugging at them. He raised an eyebrow, a silent request sent your way to lift your ass from the seats to assist his efforts. Once the flimsy material was down your legs, he brought them out from under the blankets and balled them into his fist. “Open up.”
Opening up your jaw, you watched as he stuffed your wet panties into your mouth, muffling all sounds that dared to come out.
Looking up at Steve, you could barely see his face but you could see that his pupils were completely blown out, almost all of the usual blue gone.
“Now, where were we?”
Not wanting to waste anymore time, he shoved the two digits back into your cunt, a slight burn ran through your core.
His pace was brutal, desperate even. Steve needed to watch you unravel before him. He needed to be the first man to make you cum; glad that you never let any of those young college boys try- and inevitably fail, at helping you reach your peak.
Steve felt you lace your fingers back with his free hand and squeeze, in an effort to try and balance yourself.
“That’s it baby, you’re doing such a good job for me.”
Feeling daring, he prodded his ring finger and sank it within you along with the others. “Oh fuck, baby. Your pussy is squeezing the life out of my fingers, can’t even imagine how it’ll feel once I get my cock inside of you.”
The tears that filled your eyes prior began to fall due to the immense pleasure you were experiencing. “Mhm, ughh,” you tried speaking but it only came out of a mumbled mess.
“Don’t overwork that stupid brain of yours baby. Just focus on cumming on my fingers, that’s all you need to worry about right now.”
Steve could tell you were close with how your walls were contracting against him, so he went all in, in an effort to get you creaming around his fingers.
Raising his thumb, he applied just the right amount of pressure to your little numb and began circling it.
The insane amount of glee you began to feel was indescribable. Your head tilted back, your eyes crossed, your thighs that began to close were suddenly held back Steve’s legs, leaving you helpless against his attacks.
Steve noticed dribbles of drools leak from the side of your mouth, a cheshire-like smile had his cheeks sting at the expanse.
Leaning directly until his lips ghosted your ear once more, he softly spoke.
“That’s it baby.”
“Be a good girl and cum on Daddy’s fingers.”
“Once you cum on my fingers, the next time it’ll be wrapped around my thick cock.”
“Don’t think, let your mind go dumb like it’s supposed to.”
“Cause that’s all you really are, right?”
“My dumb. Mindless. Little. Slut.”
The newfound sensation hit you like a truck. Your eyes rolled to the back of your skull. Your toes curled in your platforms. Nose, eyes, and mouth contorting, trying to work through your orgasm.
Steve picked up on a scream about to escape you, so he unlaced his fingers from yours and clasped his hand over your mouth, preventing you from waking up the whole plane.
Locking his eyes with yours, he continued to finger fuck you through your release. “That’s it. That's it, princess. You did so well for me.”
As you came down from your high, the feeling started to become too much, overstimulation taking hold. You began to squirm away from his touch, causing him to chuckle before removing his digits.
When he brought his hand out from under the blanket, you saw his fingers soaked in your essence, shining from the stray lights littered across the plane.
Steve popped his index and middle finger into his mouth, groaning at your sweet taste; his eyes shutting in the process. “You taste so fucking delicious,” he mumbled through his fingers.
You watched as he lapped every drop of your juices from his digits before he looked back at you.
He took away his hand from your mouth and pulled out your soaked panties. “Here, have a taste,” Steve spoke before shoving his ring finger down your throat.
You were caught off guard due to the sudden intrusion, but regained your senses while sucking yourself off of his finger. Your tongue glided across the digit, gulping down your essence.
Steve watched with contentment as you cleaned him up. He saw how your eyelids were hooded, indicating you were exhausted from your release.
Pulling his finger from your mouth, he grasped your jaw to direct your face to his, his thumb wiping away your stray tears. “I hope you know I plan on taking you apart every chance I get during this trip, princess. Now get some sleep, we have a big week ahead of us.”
Leaning back into his chair, he stuffed your panties into his jeans and laid his head against the headrest.
You were so overwhelmed with fatigue that you had no trouble getting to sleep. Resting your head against the blondes shoulder, you drifted away, a content smile on your face.
Steve sat back and enjoyed your warmth; forcing himself to forget all about his own aching and leaking cock. He knew there was no going back now. He had a taste of you and instantly became hooked. Just like he ruined all men for you, you ruined all other women for him.
With his thoughts filled with you, he let sleep consume him and the promise of an eventful trip with you by his side.
Tumblr media
A/N: i wrote this when i should’ve been finishing my 9 other wips, but here we go. y’all know in crazy rich asians, how they had the semi private enclosed seats. that’s where this takes place.
if you enjoyed this fic, please make sure to reblog and comment. feedback is much appreciated !
i do not allow the copying, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
* dividers credit : @firefly-graphics *
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Our Best Kept Secret
Part 2 to London made me do it
Can be read as standalone (kind of)
Pairing: Chris Evans x actress!reader, other marvel cast members mentioned
Genre: fluff, implied smut, FWB, implied friends to lovers
Summary: You and Chris struggle to keep your fwb relationship a secret from your friends
Warnings: implied smut, some swearing, lots of Anthony Mackie lol
A/n: this is loosely based on that episode of “Friends” where Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler. I tired to make it funny, not sure if i succeeded lol. Anyways, enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Wow. How is it that damn good every time?” You chuckle at Chris, who’s still laying naked under the covers while you put your bra back on.
“I guess it’s all that ‘chemistry’ everyone says we have” you respond, somewhat sarcastically, Chris laughing.
“Same time tomorrow night?”
“You got it.”
“Have a great evening then Ms. Y/L/N” Chris says in a very polite professional tone, quite the opposite of the way he was addressing you in bed, just a few moments ago.
“And you as well Mr. Evans” you say with a nod and wink before exiting his hotel room.
Ever since you and Chris accidentally ended up in bed together a few months ago, it had become a reoccurring thing. Despite this, nothing romantic had sparked between you two. It was simply sexual. However, since you both were a part of the marvel franchise, it was becoming harder and harder to hide your little excursions from your cast-mates. Most of your “meet ups” happened in hotel rooms late at night during press tours and filming. Between lying and sneaking around your friends, it became exhausting to keep up with your platonically sexual relationship. Neither of you wanted to give it up though, it was just that good.
Quietly tip-toeing out of his room and down the hall, holding your panties in one had, having thrown your clothes on in a rush, you run straight into Anthony Mackie.
He stares you down, eyebrows creased in curiosity at what the hell you’re doing out this late.
“Where are you off to?” He asks.
“Nowhere, I was just going back to my room” you try and scoot around him to get past but he blocks you, a little grin appearing on his face.
“Wait, your room is on the opposite end of the hall, the only person who’s room is on this end is Chris….what were you doing in Chris’ room?”
“Nothing” you answer a little too quickly for Mackie’s liking, “we were just rehearsing lines for tomorrow”
“….you and Chris don’t have any scenes together tomorrow”
“I meant for next week, sorry”
Mackie brings his watch up to his face, “At 12:30 in the morning?”
“…Well we started around 9 and then we got to talking about other things.” You respond, lying through your teeth, knowing you had only been with Chris for about the past hour. “Why do care so much anyway Mackie? You’re up this late too. I should be the one asking you what the hell you’re doing!”
He laughs, still not convinced though. “Okay okay, no need to get all defensive. I was just messing with you.”
Trying to end the conversation as fast as possible you excuse yourself and tell him you’re going to bed. He lets you past him until,
“Hey what’s that in your hand?”
You blush furiously, quickly balling up your underwear and scrunching it into your fist so he can no longer see it.
“None of your business” You say, not turning around to face him and just continuing to walk back to your room.
“Fine! Keep your secrets!” He yells down the hall to you.
The next morning, Anthony is hanging out with Elizabeth Olsen on set, getting a bite to eat together before each of their respective scenes needed to be filmed.
“God, I’m exhausted. I was out with Y/N last night until like 11.” Lizzie states
“Yeah I’m tired too, I was out with- wait…You were out with Y/N? I thought she was with Chris rehearsing lines last night from like 9 till 12? I even ran into her in the hall.”
“Well I was definitely with her from about 8 until 11. Maybe she went to Chris’ afterwards.”
“No, she for sure told me she started rehearsing with him at 9” Mackie said pointedly.
“Who knows. Maybe she got her times mixed up” lizzie just shrugged and went to sit down, Mackie hot on her heels.
“But even if that was true, why would she need to rehearse with Chris so late at night?”
“I don’t know Anthony, why does it matter?”
“It doesn’t I guess. Just weird, that’s all” he sat down next to her, his mind still trying to figure out what you were doing the other night.
Meanwhile, you have a whispered conversation with Chris, jogging over to where he’s filming when you get a short break.
“Mackie saw me leave your room last night” Chris’ eyes grew wide.
“Really? What did he say? Did he suspect anything?”
“I’m not sure. I just told him we were rehearsing lines for next week. He kind of gave me a hard time about it, so I don’t think I convinced him very well.” You say, worriedly.
Chris tries to reassure you, “well that could just be Mackie being Mackie. You know how he likes to tease”
“That’s true. Anyway, just thought I’d warn you; if he asks, we were ‘rehearsing lines’ last night”
“Yes, that and nothing more” Chris winks
A few days later, you all had wrapped your scenes for Civil War in Atlanta, and were moving to a second filming location for the last few scenes of the movie.Everyone had packed their bags and were conjugated in the lobby together, waiting for the last few cast members to trickle in.
You, Chris and Anthony were standing next to each other in a corner.
“Hey man, do you have a sweatshirt I could borrow? I didn’t bring one and it’s freezing outside.” Anthony asks of Chris.
“Yeah sure!” Chris leans down, laying his suitcase on the ground to open it and pull out a sweatshirt.
As he does this, a pair of your black lace underwear lay directly on top of all his clothes. You had left them in his room last night, forgetting to grab them this time. Instead of returning them to you, he just tossed them in his bag, figuring he’d give them back later.
“Dude, what the hell?” Anthony awkwardly laughs at what he sees laying amongst his friend’s folded clothes.
“Uh…those are mine” Chris gives a clearly not thought out answer, but as he does, Anthony notices that the black underwear look oddly familiar to him. Meanwhile, you are looking everywhere else but Anthony, trying to avoid eye contact.
Suddenly, he makes the connection, realizing that the black piece of cloth you were holding in your hand a few nights ago that you refused to admit the identity of, were the same piece of clothing currently in Chris’ bag. His eyes fly from you to Chris a few times as he pieces everything together. All the weird little things that had not lined up the past few days, ever since he saw you come out of Chris’s room that night, claiming to have been ‘rehearsing lines’.
“OH MY-“ you clamp your hand over Anthony’s mouth before he can reveal your best kept secret in front of all your friends. Chris’s head shoots up and he quickly realizes that Mackie knows something he shouldn’t.
You and Chris grab Anthony, pulling him into a small, empty ballroom just off the hotel lobby. Chris shuts the door behind you three.
“You and-and YOU?!” Mackie practically yells, his head snapping between you and Chris. You take a deep breath, looking to Chris,
“B-But how? When? How long?” His questions come one after the other.
“It happened in London.” Chris answers, finally chiming in.
“SHHH” Chris harshly shushes him, quickly looking through the door window to see if anyone heard.
“Please, we don’t want anyone to know. It’s not even a big deal. You can’t tell anyone” You plead with him
“Fine, fine. I won’t tell anybody. I would never want to take that moment away from you two. But it is a big deal! Two of my friends are finally together!” Anthony wraps his arms around you and Chris.
“Wait..wait, we’re not like, ’together’ Mackie” You shrug yourself out of the embrace, as does Chris.
“Yeah, she’s right” Chris backs you up, “We’re really only sleeping together, nothing more”
Anthony looks confused, before suddenly bursting out in laughter.
“What? It’s true” Chris tries to explain,
“Yeah okay. Whatever you say man” Anthony only continues to laugh.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask him, somewhat offended on yours and Chris’s behalf.
“Nothing, Nothing…ah I can’t wait to see how long this ‘only sleeping together’ thing lasts” shaking his head, Anthony kind of says the last part quietly to himself, as he exits the room leaving you and Chris alone.
“What was that about?” You ask.
“Who knows with him”
Later that day on the private plane, you and Chris are sitting next to each other; Chris on his phone, yourself reading a book. Mackie waltzes over, going to take a seat next to Chris before he stops himself saying, “Wait, I guess I should leave the two lovebirds to enjoy their alone time”.
“What?” RDJ, sitting a few rows back, snaps his head up.
“Nothing!” You and Chris cheerily respond in unison, Chris glaring at Mackie as he walks away laughing.
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rogersevans · 21 hours ago
Bump Appreciation
Pairing: Chris Evans x pregnant! Y/n Evans
Warnings: mentions of anxiety and insecurities, pregnancy, baby kicking and pushing, flufff
Summary: Chris can’t keep his hands off of Y/n during the pregnancy as her bump gets bigger, but she has insecurities and this is how Chris helps her through them. a part of the evans’s series.
Tumblr media
The news of their pregnancy and wedding being released at the same time broke the internet.
No joke
It went into a frenzy when the couple released the news on both of their Instagram pages by posting a simple photo, it was an arial shot of Chris stood behind Y/n, his hands on her bump which had grown significantly, her shirt lifted up over the bump and her hands resting over his revealing their wedding bands, dodger could be seen in the top right corner of the picture looking up at them both, tongue out and his tail mid wag during the photo.  
y/nevans: from boyfriend material, to husband material, to father material. marrying you was the best decision i ever made, i can’t wait to meet our little girl, july can’t come quick enough.
chrisevans: baby girl evans pending, wife and baby are doing amazing.
Fans had suspected something big was about to be announced as Chris’s stories had been cryptic pictures from the day of their wedding as well as pictures from their honeymoon, they were smart, there was no doubt about that.  
But suspicions were confirmed when Y/n changed her name on all of her socials to Evans.
The amount of well wishes, congratulations and messages they had received from friends and fans filled their hearts with happiness, as a couple they rarely, if ever, received negativity regarding their relationship, fans supporting and shipping them before they even got together.
Chris couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked, how perfect her bump was and amazing she had taken to mother-hood before baby girl was even here. He found he couldn’t keep his hand off of her, wanting nothing more than to be tangled in the sheets with her all day, he didn’t think he would be the guy who got turned on by his pregnant wife every hour, but as he watched you carry their child, he couldn’t help himself.  
Today was no different.
“Chris,” Y/n whined when she felt her husband's lips attack her neck in soft, but feverish, kisses knowing what he’s after. “Really? We just had sex this morning...” She began to trail off, the feeling the effect he had on her wash through her.  
His hands snaked around to her belly, giving it a comforting stoke before his right hand dipped lower and into her leggings, stopping at the waist band of her panties. “But you’re so sexy, c’mere.” He mumbled against her ear, removing his hands and pulling her to the bed, settling himself against the mattress and pulling her on top, now straddling him.  
“Chris-” the feeling of panic beginning to set in, since getting bigger she hadn’t been on top, being too self conscious of how she looked.
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you ridin’ me sweetheart.” The nickname rolling off of his tongue, his hands pulling at the fabric of her shirt, wanting it off.  
Y/n hadn’t noticed her hands starting to shake or how her arms flew across her body to halter her husband's actions, a wave of anxiety rushed through her making her breathing become more rapid. Chris, now sat upright, cupped her face forcing her to look at him.
“Hey, hey, gorgeous. Talk to me, what’s wrong?” It scared him to see her like this, she was normally a well put together woman, even during the peak of her hormones during the pregnancy. His thumbs were stroking just under her eyes, trying to soothe her and it was working, her breathing had started to slow.  
They sat in silence for a few minutes, still in his lap but not meeting his eyes as she looked down at her hands, watching as she fumbled her fingers around.
Y/n had felt herself become insecure since her started to grow, which had been such a conflicting feeling because how could she doubt her body from creating a life? But as she watched her body change and her weight rapidly change, the insecurities and anxiety started to take over.  
“I-I...” Letting a puff of air out of her cheeks, now looking up at Chris. “I just feel insecure, I feel big and heavy and I know it sounds brattish and stupid because I’m fucking pregnant, of course I’m going to put on weight but-”
“Listen to me,” he started, watching and she blinked innocently at him. God, he fucking loved this woman. “You. Are. Gorgeous. And before you protest, I’m not saying that because I’m your husband or because I have to, I’m saying it because it’s true, I think me not being to keep my hands off of you proves my point. You’re incredibly sexy, you have no idea of the effect you have on me, which makes me adore you more.” He watched as she settled more into his touch, feeling her cheeks heat up at his words. “You’re carrying our baby girl, you’re keeping her healthy, do you understand how amazing that makes you? It like adds like a million more wife points to your ever-growing scoreboard!”
Chris’s hands now on her bump, leaning forward and placing loving kisses all over her bump through her shirt, his hands reaching behind to her back and giving the small of it a gentle rub knowing it’s been causing her discomfort recently.  
Y/n hummed in response, her eyes fluttering closed at the relaxing feeling, the room now filled with Chris’s whispers.  
“You’re so lucky to have the mommy you do, she’s amazing.”
“She’s perfect, the woman of my dreams, the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”
“Don’t you ever forget that, Squirt.” His nickname for baby girl making her swoon, he had started calling her Squirt 2 months into their pregnancy journey because of how tiny she used to be, so the name just stuck.
“Thank you,” Y/n now whispered only to be met with Chris’s lips to silence her.
“Don’t you dare thank me, I’m sorry I’ve been just a horn ball, it’s my fault really,” she now looked at him confused. “I married a stone-cold fox.” He simply stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world, whilst shrugging his shoulders, Y/n’s giggles now filling the room, her head thrown back, the most genuine laugh he’s heard from her in a week, the sight made him smile.  
“C’mon, lets run you a hot bath.” He started to wriggle underneath her, before standing with her in his arms, ignoring her squeals of protests and seating her on the side of the bath as he started running it for her.  
Y/n had never been a bath person, always favouring a shower, but since becoming pregnant Chris had made a point of her trying more baths to soothe the ache in her muscles as well as ease any pregnancy related stress.
“You going to join me?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, when I said the said bath was for you... I really meant it was for me.” He said jokingly, making her laugh again.
After a couple of minutes, the bath was ready, so Chris pulled her to her feet and began undressing her, when he knelt down again to remove her pants and underwear, he couldn’t stop himself from giving the bump more kisses, tapping his index finger on it, something he would do to try and get a kick or push back, they had gone ignored so far.  
“Don’t worry, it’ll happen.” Cradling her husband's face when it fell slightly.
And it did, ten minutes later when the couple was relaxing in the bath, Y/n between Chris’s legs and her back against his chest. He had been tapping a rhythm softly along her bump as it poked out of the water when they both felt baby girl kick back after the fifth tap.  
“Did you- did you feel that?!” Chris cried out, sitting up straight pushing Y/n up with him making the water slosh around the tub, both of their hands now resting on her bump, waiting for it to happen again.  
“Yeah! Do it again!”  
Chris continued to drum his fingers along her bump and baby girl kept kicking back, and they witnessed her foot or hand pushing against her tummy making them both gasp. Taking the quiet moment to take her chin between his index finger and thumb and turning her head to face him, planting a passionate kiss to her lips.
“That’s our baby girl.” He whispered, his forehead resting against hers.
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rocketrhap3000 · 2 days ago
requested : saw this tik tok and thought ,   could you write a blurb for futile with chris and yn and there daughter based on this! if not thats ok but i love your works thank you!
a/n: divider by @firefly-graphics​ !! this is the sweetest 🥺 thanks for the request! ps: if you aren’t following this series, this blurb can stand alone! also, i need to make it known that i have two jobs and tumblr is not a top priority of mine. i write and post when i can and i cannot guarantee that i will complete all requests in a timely manner. that being said, i appreciate all your patience. thank you for the continued support and for 2.1k followers! 🤍
warnings: dad!chris, pregnant!reader, domestic fluff!
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
‘futile’ series masterlist
Tumblr media
Around four-thirty in the evening, you hear the front door open and shut gently, followed by the excited clicking of Dodger’s paws against the hardwood flooring, letting you know Chris is home for the night. He’s been crazy busy lately with insanely early and long hours on set, but at least the location they’re filming on is only an hour away, and at least he’s home at a normal time today for the remainder of the weekend.
“M’home, Sweetheart,” comes his tired voice. You smile when you hear Dodger let out a little howl, ‘Dad’s home, dad’s home!’ and you hear Chris talking back to him. 
“In the living room,” you call out in response. You go to stand up from your spot on the couch, but he makes his way around the corner to see you somewhat struggling with your growing baby belly. Dodger follows, trotting back into the living room and gets comfy on his bed again, leaving you and Chris to have your own reunion.
“Honey, stay stay stay,” Chris urges softly, rushing over to you. You look back at him and laugh, almost stuck in the position until he helps you back down. 
“Thank you,” you giggle, and seeing your smile is all his heart needs to be uplifted from a long day away from you. 
“Mm, missed you,” he whispers, kissing you slowly and sweetly while caressing your bump. 
“Missed you too,” you reply, gazing into his tired eyes. 
“How are you? Feeling any better?” he asks, knowing you were up with nausea through the night, which he had to help you with and felt awful that he had to leave. He then slings an arm around you and brings you in closer to him. His other hand rests on your belly, softly rubbing over it.
“Mm, much better. How are you?”
“I’m beat,” he chuckles. 
“Well you were up and out of the house before four this morning. I can understand why,” you laugh lightly, placing a hand on his face and running your thumb over his cheek and ear.
“Yeah. I am so glad to be home for the weekend. Where’s Ayla?”
“Upstairs, napping,”
“I could go for a nap right about now, too,” he says softly. 
“Go right ahead,” you encourage. “I was going to start dinner soon.”
“No no no, let me. I don’t want you up on your feet.” 
“Chris, it’s really okay. I feel so much better than this morning and I’ve been resting all day,”
“You’ve been with the toddler form of the Energizer Bunny all day,” he jokes.
“She wasn’t too crazy today, actually,” you admit honestly, laughing a little bit.
“That’s fantastic. But I still want you to rest,” he insists. 
“Just have your nap,” you roll your eyes, going to stand up off the couch, but his hands keep you close to him. 
“Nap with me?” he asks meekly. And you simply can’t resist the invitation.
The pair of you somehow manage to fit comfortably on the couch together despite Chris’ size and the size of your belly. But where there’s a will, there’s a way; Chris lays down and settles behind you, cradling your body against his front before pulling a throw blanket off the top of the couch and spreading it over your entangled bodies. You both fall asleep way too quickly, and it feels so nice to be together once again.
Perhaps another hour passes and you stir awake for some reason. You hear Chris snoring lightly behind you; it’s clear he needed a nap more than you did. Then, as if your mother’s intuition was what woke you, you hear Ayla start to babble from her room upstairs, signaling she’s napped long enough. 
You quietly, gently lift Chris’ arm and the blanket off your body and slip out of his grasp to stand up slowly and make your way up to your daughter’s room. Opening the door, you find her standing in her crib, dark curls adorably messed up, pacifier hanging from the side of her mouth, and big brown eyes peering from between the bars. 
“Oh, hello my Lovebug,” you greet softly and she yawns and smiles in response. 
She’s only wearing a diaper and a long-sleeved, mustard yellow shirt, having refused when you tried to put pants back on after you changed her earlier in the day, and everything about her appearance is just too precious for this world.
“Mama,” she babbles, and you lift her out of her crib with ease. She may be almost a year and a half but she’s still a tiny little thing. You gently tug the pacifier from her lips and set it on the shelf next to the changing table in her room.
“Dada? Dadada?” she asks, holding her arms out as if to ask “where’s dad?” 
“Daddy’s downstairs. He’s having a nap, too. Wanna wake him up for dinner?” you ask and she nods to answer.
You carry her up until you get to the stairs, knowing she’s light but you still shouldn’t be lifting her down the steps since you’ve not been feeling the best. Instead, she grabs your hand and the two of you waddle down the stairs, one step at a time, to find Chris still passed out on the couch. 
Ayla runs through the living room, ringlet curls bouncing with each step, until she finally makes it in front of Chris. She looks back to you for encouragement and you stand near her to watch her interaction with Chris. 
“Wake him up, Bug,” you whisper sweetly. 
“Dada,” she says quietly, not loud enough to stir Chris awake.
She looks up at you again and you nod and smile, prompting her to tap his hand softly a few times. That pulls Chris out of his sleep just enough for him to open his eyes for a second, finding his daughter standing in front of him.
“Hi, Baby,” he greets sleepily, making her giggle happily, too, before lifting her up and coddling her to his chest. She sits on his chest and gurgles happily. “How was your nap, Peanut?” he asks, lifting up her shirt and blowing raspberries against her tummy. “Mama and I had a good nap too,” he then says, shifting to a sitting position with Ayla on his lap as you sit back down beside him on the couch.
“I say we order dinner in,” Chris then states, kissing Ayla’s head, your bump, then your lips before continuing. “I’m way too comfortable in our little family huddle to get up to make dinner.”
“I think that’s a great idea,” you agree and smile, leaning into Chris and enjoying the simple moment of togetherness. 
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hii!! this is my first time requesting anything ! i was wondering if you could do a chris smut maybe friends to lovers?
Better late than never...
Warnings: 18+ readers only, GIF not mine (credit to owner), swearing, oral (f-receiving), fingering, unprotected sex (wrap it), anal play?, ⚠️past abuse in a relationship for reader⚠️, Chris Evans playing the piano 😍, friends to lovers!!
Tumblr media
You sat on Chris' sofa grinning to yourself as you listened to him playing the piano. You loved listening to him. "That a new song?" You asked looking over your shoulder at him.
Chris hummed, smiling. "Like it?"
You nodded. "I always like it." You smiled at him.
Chris smiled back as he paused. "Want to learn?"
You scoffed and shook your head. "I'm good."
"C'mon, loser, it's easy." Chris continued playing.
You huffed and got up, "For you, Mr Can-do-anything, yeah." You walked up to him.
Chris rolled his eyes as he reached out and grabbed a hold of your waist, pulling you down beside him making you squeal. "I'll help." Chris smirked and placed his arm around you and positioned your fingers in the right place. "That's it." Chris softly encouraged you as he pressed his fingers over the top of yours. "See, it's not so hard."
You hummed, not daring to speak. Chris' scent was intoxicating and he was so warm and his arms were so strong, he drove you insane. Just friends, just friends, just friends.
Chris watched you as you concentrated, your brow furrowed in the cutest way. It didn't matter what kind of face you pulled, whether it was your concentrating one or the one you pull when your snoring on his sofa after a movie night.
"Why'd you stop?" Chris asked when you looked up at him.
"Cause you stopped." You answered. "I told you I was rubbish."
"You're not," He smiled and raised his hand to turn your face towards him, "I was just..." His eyes moved to your lips. "Lost in thought."
"Oh..." You gulped, lowering your eyes to look at his plump pink lips briefly. "... Stop it."
"Stop, what?" Chris asked as he slowly began to lean in.
"You know what, Chris. We can't." Your eyes fell to his lips as you felt yourself lean in.
"You stop." The corner of his lips curved up when you didn't, and the pair of you leaned in even more until Dodger jumped up barking and licking Chris' face.
You pulled back laughing as Chris screwed his face up. "I think Dodger wants his walk before it rains."
Chris pushed Dodger down, "Okay, bub, I know, I know." Chris rolled his eyes and stood up. "We're coming." Chris huffed as he followed behind Dodger.
You were glad to get out of Chris' house, especially after what almost happened (again). Would you ever learn? Things between you and Chris can never happen, it would ruin everything. You'd known Chris for so long now, his family almost felt like your own, that if something did happen and it were to end badly, you'd lose not only one of your oldest friends but half of your family.
"Shit! Dodger, let's go!" Chris called out as the pair of you began to hastily make your way back towards the house as the rain began to heavily come down.
You laughed as Dodger flew past you, not even bothering to wait for you or Chris. Dodger wasn't one for the rain and was happy to leave anyone behind if it meant he'd be dry.
"Careful, Y/N, it gets muddy here." Chris turned to face you, holding his hand out.
"Thanks," You smiled up at him as you took his hand, your (his) hood falling down over your eyes making Chris laugh.
His brow fell slightly as he watched you, "Why can't we?" Chris asked.
"What?" You frowned, confused by his question.
"Why can't we do this?" He pointed between the pair of you. "I know you feel it, because I feel it."
You let out a heavy sigh, letting go of his hand and walking further in front of him. "This isn't the time, Chris. C'mon."
"No." Chris shook his head, grabbing your wrist. "We're doing this now. Tell me. Why can't we?" He stared down at you, his own hood now falling back off his head.
You shook your head as you tried to think of the words. "I... Don't, want to lose you, Chris."
"You won't." He smiled softly at you.
"How do you know? What if we do try this, and then things end badly? I lose everything I love in my life." You closed your eyes and lowered your head. "It kills me, to see you with other woman... But, it has to be that way because I don't want there to be a point in my life that I never have you in it." You sniffled quickly wiping your tears away.
Chris sighed, grinding his teeth as he thought about something, "I wanted to kill him... When Scott told me, what Zach had done to you... I was ready to go to jail for you. The thought of him, beating you the way he did... When I knew, none of that would have happened if we-"
"Stop!" You reached up and took a hold of his face in your hands, your hood falling off completely. "What happened with Zach, wasn't your fault, Chris." You offered him a small smile.
Chris closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against yours, his hands resting on your sides. "I know you're worried about what might happen if things don't work out, but I'm not. I know us," He pulled back with a smile. "I know you... We'll be okay. But I know, Y/N, that I can't go any longer pretending I don't love you. I can't keep pretending that I'm happy you've met someone, because I want to be that someone. I am, that someone." He reached up and wiped the rain and tears from your cheeks. He leaned down and pressed his forehead against yours letting out a soft exhale, "I love you."
Your eyes fell shut as Chris pressed his lips against yours. You moaned against his mouth and wound your arms around his waist. Neither of you cared that you were soaked to the bone, all that mattered was you'd finally given in.
You pulled back from him with a soft exhale, lowering your gaze as you began to feel your face redden.
"C'mon, let's get back before we catch a cold." Chris smiled, lifting your hood up once again before taking your hand and began to head towards the house again.
In minutes the two of you were back at the house, laughing as Dodger glared up at you, unimpressed by the rain. You watched Chris with a grin as he unlocked the door and apologized to Dodger as he began to move through the house, taking his shoes and coat off, leaving a wet trail behind him. You took your own coat and shoes off before cleaning up the mess the two of them had made, eventually catching them up and finding Chris sat on the bathroom floor with Dodger drying him with a towel.
"I love you, too."
Chris looked up at you in doorway and grinned. He gave Dodger a pat on the butt and told him to go find his lion before he was getting up off the floor and throwing the towel into the laundry hamper. "So you want to give us a go?" He asked standing in front of you, his hands resting on your hips.
You nodded, "I do." You smiled up at him. "I'm done pretending that were just friends."
"Me too," Chris pressed a kiss to lips before kissing your cheek.
You closed your eyes as Chris began to kiss along your jaw. "Do you think, Dodger, will be okay if we disappeared to your room, for a while?" You bit back your moan as Chris kissed your neck.
Chris nodded. "He's got his lion."
You let out a surprised laugh as Chris bent down and picked you up by the backs of your thighs, wrapping your legs around his waist. Your fingers locked behind his head and crashed your lips against his as Chris walked into his bedroom.
With partners in the past, you've always felt nervous when it came to undressing for the first time in front of them, but the way Chris kissed you made you forget those little self-doubting moments and made you feel like the sexiest woman alive. If that's how felt from a kiss, how would you feel once you get down to it.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as Chris teased your nipple through your bra. "Fuck, baby, I've dreamt 'bout this for years." Chris kissed your bare shoulder as he lightly pinched your nipple pulling a deep moan from you. "You're so fucking beautiful..." Chris lowered his face as he pulled down the cup of your bra and latched his lips onto your nipple.
"Oh, Chris..."
He reached behind you and expertly unhooked your bra as he flicked his tongue over your sensitive bud before pulling back. "Get in the bed, sweetheart."
You nodded, quickly following his order and laying on your back. Chris pulled your panties off, throwing them over his shoulder as he knelt on the floor and pulled you to the end of the bed, spreading your legs wide with his large hands.
"Fuck," He moaned.
He pressed a soft kiss to your thigh, slowly trailing closer to your pussy his warm tongue flicking out and running over your skin. You shook with excitement as he worked his way closer, lightly nipping and kneading your thighs until he bypassed where you wanted him most and began the same assault on your other thigh.
You let out a soft whine making Chris smirk against your leg, he was teasing you. You'd waited long enough. You moved your hand down to between your legs and began to lightly play with your clit, moaning softly as the feeling mixed with Chris' mouth on your body was something you'd never experienced before.
"Look at you, needy little thing," Chris let out a soft chuckle.
You let out a startled gasp as you u felt his tongue lick up your slit and touch the tip of your finger. You pulled your hand back as he began to play with your lips, licking and sucking, dipping his tongue inside your dripping hole.
"Fuuuuck, Chris," You whined, rolling your hips against his face. "More, please." You begged.
Chris moved one if his hands down to the tent in his boxers and began to palm himself as you moaned, using his other hand to push two of his thick fingers inside of your soaking cunt. "Fuck, baby, you feel so fucking good." He groaned, still his fingers once they were all the way in, loving the way you squeezed around them. "Can't wait until your squeezing my cock." Chris' thumb pressed against your slit as he began to move his hand, his fingers slipping in and out of you, curling in the right way to brush against your walls. "Never gonna be out of here," Chris lightly bit your thigh.
You cried out at the pain, but it was one filled with pleasure. Chris curled his fingers once again and brushed them against that spot deep inside that had your toes curling and as he wrapped his lips around your clit once again, repeating the motion with his hand, you cried out, cuming around his fingers.
Chris drank everything you gave him until you were pushing his head away with a giggle. "My new favorite meal." He stood up and began to push down his boxers, revealing his hard cock.
You didn't mean to stare but you couldn't take your eyes off him. Chris was big. A shiver ran up your spine as excitement swirled in your belly as you felt yourself clench around nothing.
"Ya' cold?" Chris asked as he knelt on the bed, worry lacing his voice.
You shook your head, "Just... Excited." You blushed. "Hmm, how... Do you want, to do this?"
Chris smiled as he leant over cupping the side of your face and pressing a kiss to your lips softly. "You decide. I've got too many ways swimming around in my head right now." He joked, trying to help you both relax.
You bit back your giggle. "Can, I ride you? Please?" You looked up at him innocently, although you didn't realise that how you looked.
The look you gave Chris and the way you asked made his cock twitch. Oh, you were gonna be his good girl. Chris nodded, "Of course, baby," Chris laid down beside you with his head on the pillows. "I've got condoms in-"
"I'm on the pill... So," You shrugged, hiding your face, "We, don't have-I mean, if you want, we can, I just... I've never with, anyone else and-"
Chris sat up and held the back of your head as he turned your face, crashing his lips against yours in a passionate kiss. "Me neither." He smiled, "If you're sure, then I am."
You nodded smiling up at him. Chris pressed a kiss to your lips before laying back down. You slowly pushed yourself up and threw a leg over Chris  hips, breathing sharply as his hard cock brushed between your legs. You leaned forwards and rested your hands on Chris' chest as he placed one hand on your waist and used the other to position his cock at dripping hole.
Your eyes fell shut and bit into your bottom lip as the head of his cock slipped inside of you.
"Slowly, baby... No need to rush." Chris whispered as he gently kneaded the curve of your butt cheek.
You nodded and slowly let yourself take Chris in, your breathy moans leaving your throat as he split you open wider. Chris slid both his hands up to your waist and gently began to help guide you, letting you take him a little at a time.
You mewled, leaning forwards a little more as your fingers dug into his chest. "Oh... Shit," You gasped as you fully engulfed Chris' cock. "Chris..." You leaned down and pressed your lips to his. "Fuck..."
"Fuck, baby," Chris' hands slipped up your back and pulled you closer. His kissed you hard before trailing his lips down the side of your neck and across your shoulder.
You began to move your hips slowly, up and down. You could feel every inch of him, dragging against your walls.
"Fuck, baby... Feel s'good." Chris  kissed your neck.
"Please," You moaned, "More." You turned your head and captured Chris' lips.
Chris wrapped his arms around your waist and planted his feet on the bed, slowly raising his hips to meet yours. "Fuck!" Chris moaned, feeling you squeeze his cock.
He moved one of his hands down your back and over the curve of your backside, kneading it as he continued to fuck up into you. You moaned against Chris' neck, squeezing around him. Chris growled and lightly slapped your backside, his fingers grazing puckered hole and making you moan even louder.
"Knew it," Chris panted, slapping your backside again.
Chris effortlessly flipped the two of you over, his cock staying inside of, making you squeak as you landed on your back. He reached down and hooked your leg over his elbow before he began to hammering into you, harder and fast. The room filled with moans and groan from the pair of you, the bed's head board hitting against the wall as Chris fucked you into the mattress.
"You're close... Can feel you strangling my cock, sweetheart." Chris panted against your throat. He ran his tongue up the length of your throat before sucking light, unable to get enough of your taste.
The feeling of his mouth sucking and marking you had your eyes rolling to the back of your head, tipping you over the edge.
Chris growled, hammering his cock into you harder before he stilled, your pussy clamping around his cock, making it almost impossible for him to pull back as he came.
The only sounds that echoed through the room was that from the rain pelting against the windows and your heavy breathing as the pair of you came down from your high.
"We should have done this sooner." You giggled as Chris laid beside you.
His smiled stretched across his face as his eyes laid shut. "Better later than never."
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chrisgifs · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Where to, Cap?
CHRIS EVANS AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (2018) dir.  Anthony & Joe Russo.
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andysbubba · a day ago
Hi babe! I just read your soft Andy fic and I thought of a little request! Like a part 2 of second baby when Andy shaves off the beard as a surprise. You don't have to write it if you don't want to, of course. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️All loves for you babe! I FANCY ALL YOUR WRITINGS
-> cinnamon rolls and bidding farewell to andy's beard [can be read as a stand-alone fic OR can be read as a sequel to second baby]
on today's episode of things we want AND NEED but can't have:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it's like you read my mind, anon! i've been thinking about writing this for some time now <33
warnings: pregnancy, andy shaves (A WARNING BECAUSE ITS A MENACE TO SOCIETY), andy is such a dad :(, ANDY ALSO BAKES OH MY FUCKING GOD.
𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲'𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Y/n: facetime? [sent 6.21pm]
andy<3: Sorry, sweetheart.[sent 6.23pm]
andy<3: I'm meeting the team soon for dinner.[sent 6.23pm]
Y/n: okay :((( [sent 6.24pm]
Y/n: see you tomorrow handsome <3 [6.25pm]
Y/n: i miss u :((( [sent 6.26pm]
andy<3: Miss you too, gorgeous.[sent 6.28pm]
Y/n: you're forgetting someone🤨😡 [sent 6.29pm]
andy<3: Oops [sent 6.29pm]
andy<3: I miss you AND our tiny human. [sent 6.29pm]
andy<3: Can't wait to be with you two soon.[sent 6.29pm]
andy<3: Good night and sleep well, okay? ❤️ [sent 6.35pm]
Y/n: u took 6 minutes to find that emoji? [sent 6.36pm]
andy<3: No... [sent 6.37pm]
andy<3: I'll meet you at home? I'll lyft home or ask Neal for a ride. [sent 6.38pm]
Y/n: i'll pick u up so u don't have to suffer with that asshole!!!!! [sent 6.40pm]
andy<3: Nope. I'm meeting you at home. You shouldn't drive all the way to the airport alone. That's final. [sent 6.42pm]
andy<3: Gotta go. G'night, honey. I love you ❤️ [sent 6.44pm]
You stopped replying so Andy assumes that you're probably starting your night routine or your phone's probably charged on the nightstand before you head to bed.
He sets his phone down beside the sink. Andy glances up at the mirror, a hand reaching up to his cheek and his fingers rubbing the freshly-shaved skin. He's debating if you'll like it or if he should just superglue the beard back on his face. It was supposed to be a surprise for you– but Andy's surprised too. He looks so, so different that he can barely recognise himself in the mirror.
He felt bad about lying to you, but he really wanted to surprise you with the new look. There won't be enough time to shave before his flight back tomorrow so he figured he'll just lie his way out of the video call.
Andy mutters a curse, running a hand through his hair before he grabs his aftershave. He can only hope that you'll like it. He'll grow it back out if you don't but he really doesn't wanna end up sleeping on the couch or the guest room. You've been real scary lately. The pregnancy hormones are making all your emotions kick in so much faster and most of the time, Andy's on the receiving end of those emotions.
He loves you and the baby more than anything in the world but he really misses the time when he can rest his head on your belly without the kid kicking his head.
You're waddling into the house when the aroma of cinnamon and something freshly baked hits you. You're grinning like a fool when you rush into the house, heading straight to the kitchen as fast as you could. Being in your third trimester isn't helping at all.
He was pulling something out of the oven when you came in. His chest bare and he only had his sweats on along with your Kiss The Cook apron.
He looks up immediately, lips curling into the widest grin when he sees you. Andy sets the hot pan on the counter and slides the mittens off before he steps towards you.
He was hurt when you took a step back instead of going towards him, looking at him as if you've never seen him before.
"You're... not... Andy..." Your mouth falls open and the words leave your mouth as if it was in slow-mo.
It took him a quick second to remember that he no longer has his beard and he probably looks like a complete stranger to you.
"Sweetheart." Andy starts, slowly reaching out for you.
"Who are you? Why are you here?" You backed away from him, one hand protectively holding your belly and the other grabbing for the baseball bat right outside the kitchen. "Why the fuck are you baking in my kitchen? My fiance's a lawyer, you asshole. You aren't getting away from this shit!" You point the bat defensively at him.
Andy backs away immediately, holding his palms out in surrender and eyes widening in surprise. He was not expecting this reaction at all.
"It's me, honey. I'm your fiancé, baby." He slowly points to the ring on his ring finger– the one you insisted on getting for him. "See this ring– you got it for me, right? It's from De Beers, yeah?" Andy takes a tiny step closer, reaching for the other end of the bat and slowly wrapping his hand around it.
You frown, eyeing the ring before glaring back up at him since you're still not convinced. "Tell me something only I would know."
"Damn it, sweetheart." Andy sighs, frowning at your question as he searches his brain for a memory only the two of you know about.
He couldn't help the smile that forms on his lips at the fond memory. "That night in Malibu, remember? The first time you said you love me. We were slow dancing under the moon and the only music playing was the waves crashing on the beach." Andy chuckles at the memory, knowing what he'll say next will definitely convince you. "You dragged me behind a rock and—"
You drop the bat immediately, the heat burning to your cheeks as you wrap your arms around his torso as best as you can and press your face against Andy's chest. "Oh my god– it's really you."
Andy lets out a laugh as his arm goes around your back, the other palm lovingly pressed against the side of your belly. "I'm really hurt, sweetheart."
You look up, chin on his chest with your bottom lip jutting out. Your palm goes up to his cheek, feeling his bare jaw for the first time in never.
"This is so weird..." You trail off, your palm rubbing his face and feeling the smooth skin. It's so different from the rough texture you're so used to.
"I'm still upset. Thought you said that I'll always be your Andy with or without a beard." He teases, leaning into your touch and turning his face so he can kiss your palm.
You giggle when he leans down and press kisses all over your face. "I know, I know. I was caught off-guard, okay?" You defended, breaking out into a smile when he presses his forehead against yours, his breath fanning against your face.
"Missed me?"
You hum, nodding with your hands still staying on his smooth cheeks. "Miss your beard too."
"Want me to grow it back?" Andy asks, his thumb softly rubbing against your belly, a soft smile on his lips when you almost purr at the feeling.
"Can't decide if I wanna have more of your babies, let you eat me out or sign you up for high school."
Andy pulls away to bark out a laugh at your words, grinning as he presses his lips to yours, softly kissing you.
"We can have more babies when this little one gets out, okay?" He smiles adoringly when he pulls away, bending down and pushing the fabric of your shirt up so your swollen belly's exposed. "Hey, champ." Andy kisses your belly and pulled away just enough so he can talk to the growing human inside you.
"You missed daddy? Did you take good care of momma while I was away? I told ya to not move too much and tire her out before I went away, didn't I? Did you bully mommy?"
Your hand reaches down, combing through his hair as he talks to the unborn child. It's the best scene you've ever seen– Andy talking to him and feeling your son kick in your belly in response to Andy's questions.
"He definitely misses you." You huff, a breathy laugh leaving your lips when Andy turns up to you. "Wouldn't stop kicking till I played that voice recording of yours."
Andy gasps playfully, his palm rubbing against your skin. "Oh no. You're gonna be a giant troublemaker, aren't ya?" He presses another kiss on your stomach and then another on the same spot. "You gotta promise me that you won't wake us up in the middle of the night when you're out, bubba. Momma and I need time to rest too, y'know."
"Alright, alright." Andy laughs when he feels a soft kick against his palm. "A little birdy told me that you wanna try some cinnamon rolls. Daddy made a huge batch for you and momma."
He glances up at you, smiling with those pearly whites and winking at you. "You're not even out yet, champ. But I promise you, bud— there's nothing momma and I wouldn't do for you."
Your free hand rests on your belly, rubbing your skin softly just like Andy's doing. "We can't wait to meet you, charmer."
"Y'know... I prepared some dad jokes."
You scoff, softly slapping Andy's shoulder. "Don't start!"
Andy straightens up with a laugh, pulling you by your hand into the kitchen. "You still didn't tell me if you liked the new look."
"I'll like it even more if you give me some of that cinnamon roll right now."
Andy presses his lips on your forehead when you lean against the counter, watching as he scoops out a piece of the roll for you.
"You sure it's our baby that wants the cinnamon roll? I'm starting to think that you're using him as an excuse to make me bake you things."
"Hey!" You huff, taking a bite of the sweet pastry and groaning at the taste. "Him and I are one person, okay? I'm just letting him get a taste of his daddy's baked goods so he can charm you into making more for us when he's out."
Andy sighs, stepping closer to you and pressing his lips softly against yours. "I love you, sweetheart."
His tongue swipes over the remnants of the glaze on your bottom lip before he pulls away.
"We love you more, handsome."
Andy's brow arched in disagreement. "No, I love–"
"Two beats one." You stop his protest, shrugging as you take another bite of the heavenly rolls, winking at Andy when he ends up lazily smiling at you and leans forward to press a kiss on your forehead.
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