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#Chris evans
luvinchris · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am finally home and my marvel book was waiting for me. The Marvel story book is amazing if you are a marvel fan. There are soo many interview/stories from behind the scenes and it’s nice to know them. I think it will take me few days just to go through it all.
I just posted these pictures of Mr Evans... because of his HAIR 💁🏻‍♀️
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riricitaa · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian honey! You're making me cry 😭
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rogersevans · 15 hours ago
Touch Starved
Summary: Chris had never experienced being touch starved before, until his wife became pregnant with twins. a part of the Evans’ series. 
Warnings: smut, sex whilst pregnant, swearing
Pairings: Chris Evans x Y/n Evans
Tumblr media
Chris knew having a family would be different, knew there would be less time alone with his wife, less time for date nights or days on the couch watching rubbish horror films. But one thing he didn’t take into account was fewer intimate moments with her. Since Alba had been born their sex life had dwindled significantly, even more so when Y/n became pregnant with the twins.  
He was never one to push himself on her, yes, he was needy and craving her, but whenever she denied him, he never pushed it.  
It wasn’t that Y/n didn’t want to be intimate with Chris, it was actually the opposite, but after each day of motherhood and keeping the house in check whilst carrying twins exhausted her. Not to mention her ever changing body.  
Chris found himself becoming touch starved when it came to his wife, any little touch and he would find himself craving more or his body would tense up slightly which was slowly followed by an erection. 
He felt like a horny teenage boy who got excited at the thought of groping his girlfriend over her shirt. It was getting ridiculous. 
Today was no different, Chris was sat at his desk and answering some emails when Y/n walked in to check on him. He would often lock himself in his office, using ASP as the perfect distraction. He hadn’t noticed her until she was by his side and her fingers tracing up and down his back, making him flinch.
“Are you alright? You’ve been jumpy recently.” She asked, her brows furrowing as her hand slipped under the fabric of his white shirt.
“Yeah.” His eyes never leaving the screen in front of him, his eyes fluttering closed at the feeling of his wife's skin connecting with his, trying not to let his needs get the better of him. But the tightening in jeans had other ideas. “Fuck,” he muttered to himself.
“Chris?” She softly called, moving closer to him, her perfumed scent clouding his senses. “What’s wrong?” She could hear his breathing become shaky, feel his body tense up at her touch and it was starting to worry her.  
The feeling of her touch recoiling made him snap out of his horny teenager mindset and turn to her, a worried look on her face made him stand and take her face his hands. “Nothing, it’s just been a while.” He huffed out a chuckle, the pads of his thumbs stroking her cheeks.  
“Oh,” she nodded, her cheeks reddening as the realisation hit her. 
It wasn’t her or anything she had done and just like that her head calculated how long it had actually been... 2 months.  
2 months without so much as a quick dry hump.  
2 months of quick kisses and innocent cuddles on the couch.  
Y/n hadn’t realised how neglectful she had been towards Chris until now and it pained her to see how fast he would recoil from her touch. In the past they had been separated for longer periods of time without sex, but that was always due to one them being away for work.
“I’m sorry, I hadn’t-”
“Don’t do that. Don’t apologise, we’ve both been busy with work and Alba and you’re carrying twins.” His hands coming rest on her swollen belly.  
“You know,” she trailed off and running her hands up his chest and around his neck. “Scott took Alba out, won’t be back for a few more hours.” Her lips finding his jaw, reaching up onto her toes to lightly ghost them over his lips.
His eyes fluttered closed as his hands dipped down to her hips, pulling her body closer to him. The need and desperation bouncing off one another as their lips connected, teeth crashing together and hands exploring each other in fervour. Y/n gasped at the feeling of Chris lifting her with ease onto his desk and stepping between her legs to separate them more.  
“I’ve missed you,” rubbing his hardened crotch against her core, the friction of his jeans rubbing against her legging covered core made her whimper in his ear, only spurring him on.  
“Missed you to.” She mumbled, lifting her own shirt off and throwing it to the ground before making quick work of his, the chain resting around his neck moving with their rushed actions. Leaning forward she pressed wet, slow kisses to her husband's tattoos that were scattered over his chest.  
His fingers found the waistband of her leggings, gently tugging them down, “up sweetheart.” He whispered against her lips, tugging them off her legs when she did, along with her panties.  
They both knew it was going to be rushed, not wanting to take their time, the need to feel one another too much.
In a rush both of them rid each other of their clothes until they were in a heap next to his desk, as Chris moved closer, holding the base of his dick and dragging the tip through the slick folds of her entrance, making her moan and buck her hips upwards.  
“Fuck,” his now sweaty forehead pressed against hers as he pushed himself into her both releasing a loud moan, Y/n throwing her head back as he bottomed himself out, their bodies now flush against one another. “So tight.”  
“Chris,” she moaned out his name as he whispered his filth against the shell of her ear, his teeth biting down on the lobe of her ear. “Move, please.” Her nails digging into his forearms, making him hiss in pleasure.
It didn’t take much convincing for Chris to start moving, which started off slow to let her adjust but the feeling of her nails dragging down his back, her moans becoming louder and her legs locking around his waist made him increase his speed.  
The sound of his hips snapping against hers now filling the small office.  
“That’s it sweetheart, taking me so well,” he huffed out as lips found her nipple and his free hand massaging the other one. “I love you.”  
“I love you,” she rasped out in between moans.  
The coil in her stomach beginning to tighten, the pressure becoming too much as she watched Chris dip his hand between their bodies, his thumb rubbing against her throbbing nub. “Let go for me sweetheart,” his speed increasing, signalling that he was close.  
“Chris-” the wave of her orgasm stopped her, moans taking over as she rode out her high, her head falling back and leaving it open for Chris to pepper kisses along it, his teeth grazing over her pulse spot, leaving his bruised marks over her neck.
Seconds later he was chasing his own high after crying out her name and biting down on her shoulder. Y/n felt Chris’s seed fill her up as his hips stilled, not giving her much time to think before his hands lopped around the back of her thighs, lifting her.  
“I’m not done with you yet sweetheart.” Was all he said with a smirk, his dick still buried deep inside of her as he moved around the house and up the stairs. Feeling the warmth of her arousal spread through her body again making her rut her hips into him, “if you carry on I’m not gonna make it to the bedroom.” He warned, his lips finding hers.  
“Never stopped you before,” she smirked against his lips.  
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ramp-it-up · 13 hours ago
Day 24 #RampItUp1Kinktober
Tumblr media
​​Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Summary: Ransom meets his match.
1Kinktober Kink: Coercion
Word Count 2.8K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. SMUT! Read at your own risk. Not Beta’d. All errors my own. Revenge porn, size kink and voyeurism if you squint, stalkerish behavior, slut shaming, dub con, blackmailing, deception, degradation slapping/ face tapping, tit play, sloppy oral (male receiving) raw sex (wrap it up!) creampie. Dividers by @firefly-graphics
A/N: This is for the 24th DAY of #rampitup1Kinktober! TYSM for following me! 🧡
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
Tumblr media
Ransom cornered you in the University library where Harlan was lecturing.
He’d wandered off, bored, when he was scrolling through the website that he and his boys had made and where they posted nudes of the girls who were stupid enough to be with them.
Pictures of you were his favorite; there were only a few of you, on your knees, face and tits covered in cum and playing in your pussy.
The fact that you looked so innocent and scared made him hard instantly when he looked at you. He didn’t know who you were, but damn, you looked like such a treat.
He almost asked Max for your number, but he was an even bigger asshole than Ransom was, and he wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. He contented himself with jerking off to you every night.
Ransom tore his eyes away from the screen and looked around the lobby for the bathroom so he could get in a quick nut. His eyes grazed over the circulation desk and saw you, and on around the space before he did a double take.
There was no mistaking it, he looked back and forth from you to his phone and there was no question. His sweet piece of ass was right in front of him. You looked so fucking adorable in your plaid skirt, pink sweater and knee socks. So fuckable.
Ransom watched you load books on a cart and wheel it in front of the elevator to go up to the stacks. Bingo!
He went and stood beside you, waiting for the elevator as well. You looked up at him, damn you were so tiny, and probably so tight. You pushed your glasses up on your nose and nodded at him, a faint smile on your lips.
Ransom smiled perfunctorily back down at you and nodded, looking back up at the old elevator arrow as if he weren’t interested in you at all. As if he wasn’t thinking of getting your glasses dirty with his spend.
Ransom smelled so good when he stood next to you, like old leather bound books and french cologne. He was so tall, and broad shouldered, that you shivered a little with him so close.
The elevator doors opened and Ransom stepped aside as you pushed the cart forward. Unfortunately, the wheels got stuck in the space between the elevator and lobby floor, pitched forward and spilled several books on the floor.
“Shit!” You muttered and lurched over to pick them up.
Ransom couldn’t believe his luck, There you were, leaning over giving him a perfect view of your bottom. You were either wearing no panties, or a thong that was so far up your ass that, well, he wished he could be an article of clothing.
It was a split second view, but it solidified the mission in his mind.
“Let me help you.”
His deep voice rumbled through you and you said, “Thank you,” so sweetly that he wanted to hear that again after he fucked you sensless.
You two wound up with the elevator door trying to close on both of you while you tried to get the books together. Ransom was reaching in between your legs for books, and was able to cop a feel, previewing how soft your skin was.
It took a few minutes for you all to get the books together and go back to staring straight in front of you as you stood close together in the elevator. The cart took up much of the space so you were shoulder to forearm with Ransom.
You looked up at him, grateful, and smiled. “Thank you again.”
Ransom smiled back down at you and was about to say something as the doors opened onto dark library stacks. You tried to push the cart out, but it got stuck again, and Ransom got behind you, arms around your waist, hands planted on the cart, and helped you to push the books as his cock pushed into your ass.
You got it free and you looked back over your shoulder again.
“I owe you one.”
“You owe me a couple.”
Ransom’s tone changed to slightly more menacing as the doors closed on him. You stood there and got yourself together as you continued into the stacks, the automatic lights clicking on and off as you moved deeper down the aisle.
Tumblr media
He knew that he’d scared you a little at what he said, but you thought you were safe now. He relished the feeling as he searched for you in the stacks.
When he found you, he watched you for a few minutes before you noticed him. You had your earpods in now, and the way you were swinging your ass and dancing was so adorable. He wanted you to dance on his dick.
You climbed up on a ladder and gave him another magnificent view of your ass. As he got closer he could see that you did, indeed have purple thong on and that he could see your fat, puffy pussy lips through them.
“You need a hand?”
You screamed and toppled off the ladder, landing in his arms. His shoulders were broad and he was strong. He frowned down at you and put you down, as you straightened yourself out.
“What.. what are you doing here?”
You were intrigued by him earlier, but this was just creepy. The stacks all around the one you were standing in were dark. It was 6:15 pm on a Friday at the beginning of the semester and not many people were in the Paleontolgy section at this hour.
Ransom was frowning because he kind of loved the feel of you in his arms. But he wasn’t here for cuddles. He put his hand on the wooden shelves, just above your head and leaned down toward you, breath fanning your face.
“I came back to see you. All those not so subtle hints you were throwing my way.”
You tried to moved away from him, and Ransom put his other hand on the other side of your head, and his body in front of yours, effectively caging you in.
“I- I wasn’t throwing any hints,” you looked up at him leering at you, looking genuinely scared now.
“I was just thanking you for helping me… I don’t…”
“Don’t give me any bullshit. I know you want it. That little skirt and that purple fucking thong , barely covering that pussy. I know you’re a little cockslut. It’s all over the internet, darlin.”
You shook your head. “What are you talking about? Do I even know you?”
Ransom was taking his phone out of his pocket.
“Oh, you know me. The name of this library is the Thrombey Library isn’t it? Harlan’s my grandfather. I’m Ransom Drysdale.”
He looked proud of it, even though you’d heard from your friends what an asshole he was.
When he looked back up from his phone. Your eyes were wide.
“Yeah, baby. You’re fucked. Either way. So you might as well fuck me.”
You shook your head again and straightened your spine.
“I don’t have to do anything.”
Ransom raised his eyebrow.
“Oh, so you have some spunk, hunh. Gotta love it. But stow it, and get ready for my spunk all over your face.”
He surveyed the face that he was going to wreck. So lovely.
“Like this.”
He was holding up his phone in front of your face and it took you a minute to tear your eyes away from his evil blues and look at it.
“Oh, No… Max.”
You were shaking your head and staring at the pictures, flipping back and forth flipping between the five that were posted.
If Ransom had a heart, he would feel sorry for you. But he didn’t, he rushed ahead with his demands.
“Don’t be sad, sweetheart, Max is a trash human. You couldn’t know he was going to do that to you, even though you should have.”
“So if you don’t want me to put a name with the face on these nasty, terrible pictures, the University, your employers, and especially your family, will never see these if you suck my dick right now.”
“Is that all you want me to do? Suck your dick here in the stacks?”
Your voice was small as you continued to look at the pictures. When you looked up at him, your face was a mixture of disdain and resignation, not fear as Ransom expected.
He was caught a little off guard that he wasn’t more intimidating to you. So he turned it up a bit.
“Oh honey. I KNOW it’s gonna be good, so you’ll be at my beck and call whenever it hits my fancy. Might fuck that pussy now, or I might show up at your apartment later. Or pick you up from class on Monday. Consider yourself my cumslut until I get tired of you. If not, I will ruin your life.”
You started putting your braids up with the hair tie on your wrist.
“Let’s go.”
Ransom looked at you like you were crazy. You weren’t scared or trying to get away, he almost ran himself. He looked down at his phone and saw the pictures of you, and decided he had to have you. He put it in his pocket and started to unbuckle his pants. You fiddled with your phone and put it own.
“You’re one crazy bitch, but I bet that mouth will feel amazing around my cock. Take your sweater off.”
You did so and revealed that you weren’t wearing a bra. Your breasts and beautiful areolas were staring up at him. Ransom’s mouth went slack with the desire to put his lips on them. He looked at your upturned insolent face and gave it a small, but sound tap with his fingers. He’d be damned if you didn’t smirk up at him before you gave him a look of hurt.
“Don’t look at me like that.”
You cast your eyes down, smirking again, as Ransom took his cock out and smacked your cheek again.
It was heavy against your face and the sting of the low made your eyes water.
But your face wasn’t the only thing getting wet.
Ransoms grabbed your tits and started pulling and slapping them as well. You were outright smiling now, the freak he’d imagined you were because of the pictures coming out. You were licking and biting your lips, and still looking down.
“I think you’re enjoying this you little nasty bitch. I think I picked the right whore to violate tonight.”
After stroking himself to full mast, Ransom grabbed your chin and pulled it up, tapping your mouth again while commanding you.
You kept your eyes down.
“Thaaats a good little slut. Yeah.”
Your lips were wet and so was your mouth. You started drooling along his shaft.
“Fuck, I like it sloppy but you better not ruin these pants.”
That’s when you started slurping on his cock and made eye contact. Something happened in Ransom's soul when you did that. At that moment, he knew that you were enjoying all the debauched things he was doing to you. You changed something inside him.
After that, Ransom, pullled his pants down and they landed with a clank and rumple on the wooden floor. He took hold of your ponytail and pulled your head down to the base of his cock, so that your throat was now squeezing his dick.
He was in heaven as he heard you gag and gasp for breath.
“Fuck, that throat. Feels so gotdamn good. Gonna have to definitely have more of this.”
He snapped a picture and let you go before he came down your throat and you sat back on your knees, wiping the spit from your mouth and going under your skirt with it. Your eyes drooped and your mouth opened as you found your clit and started going to town.
Ransom tapped your jaw again and this time you outright smiled.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, you stupid bitch?”
But he was jacking off, your resistance infuriating and arousing.
“Might as well get off, right?”
Your insolence was astounding. Ransom grabbed you by the neck, swiped the books off the cart and threw you over it. He flipped your skirt up and saw your glorious bottom, purple thong string nestled so beautifully between those chocolate cheeks.
He had some strange urge to kiss your ass, but he wasn’t about to do that. Instead, he broke the thong, smelled it, and put it in his pocket for safekeeping. Then he snapped another picture as he slapped your ass with his dick.
You weren’t trying to hide your moans now.
“You act like you like this shit, you sick bitch.”
“Are you gonna talk or are you gonna give me that dick? Wassa matter? Is it getting soft?”
“Fuck you!”
Ransome shoved inside your tight cunt, wanting to hurt you, but at the same time, you were screaming, “Fuck yeah!”
The stretch was amazing. He was as big as you thought as you squeezed and pulsed around him.
Ransom had to grab onto the cart as his kness got weak.
“Shit, this pussy is good. Fuck!”
He kept ramming into you, screaming “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” with every thrust.
His eyes were rolling back in his head at how good you felt. And you were on cloud nine. He felt so fucking GOOD.
“Yes, Ransom, yesssssss.”
Your voice was so desperate and pornographic. It made Ransom go crazy on your ass.
“Take this shit, take it, take it… FUCK!”
You reached down and circled your clit and came.
Ransom made the mistake of looking down and witnessing your tight pussy grabbing his cock and creaming it up, and he came.
“Oh FUCK!!” His voice thundered in your ears.
His legs were shaking as he emptied his balls into you.
He pulled off and watched his cum spill out from between your folds and down your legs as you lay there, recovering.
He leaned against the stacks as he caught his breath and then reached for his pants.
You took your socks off and used them to clean up, then put them in his pocket when you were done.
“So you liked that shit, didn’t you? I knew I picked the right slut.”
You picked up your phone.
“No, I didn’t like it. I loved it!”
You beamed at him and Ransom was confused.
You started playing a recording of Ransom threatening you before he fucked you.
His face turned red and he reached for your phone.
“You little bitch!”
“Ah ah ah. Ransom. I made it my voicemail message. Check it out. Call my number. You better hope that no one tries to call me tonight and I don’t come up missing. You’re probably safe, since people don’t like to talk on the phone anymore.”
Ransom seethed as you recited the digits and he dialed.
He heard the recording playing when the voicemail picked up. He hung up and shook his head.
“Well, I guess you’re not a stupid slut after all. How much do you want?”
Your eyes twinkled.
“I want it all, baby. We’re about to have a serious relationship, engagement, marriage, children… the whole nine..”
You walked back toward the elevator.
“Save my contact. Oh. And send me those pics.”
You shook your head.
“I told Max to post the other ones; these are a little blurry. Well, it worked out anyway Sweetheart. I’ll text you later.”
You leaned up, kissed his cheek and winked.
“This will never work. You won’t get past my family.”
Ransom called after you, not able to resist watching that ass.
“Try me, Darling. Toodleloo!”
You didn’t bother turning around, just raised your hand and waved as you disappeared into the darkness.
Tumblr media
10 minutes later, Ransom was at the back of the room as Harlan was finishing up his reading. He saw you out of the corner of his eye, now dressed in an elegant silk shirt and dress pants. You looked slyly at him when they announced it was time for questions.
A feeling of dread came over him as Harlan selected you.
“Mr. Thrombey! I am such a Hugh fan, I mean a huge fan of your work.”
Ransom rolled his eyes.
“Can I play a recording for you? I’m so nervous…”
You were such a fucking good actor, Ransom had to admire it.
Harlan called you up to the microphone, a sucker for a pretty woman.
Ransom started moving toward both of you. He cringed when you pressed play, but breathed a sigh of relief when all he heard was a recording of you reading the first paragraph of Harlan’s most famous book.
When it was all over, Harlan had offered you a job and you had Richard’s number to set up an interview Monday morning.
Ransom thought that his father would hate you, and that turned him on, but you’d accomplished so much this evening. He couldn’t underestimate you.
Maybe you were his match after all.
Tumblr media
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morethanthatfic · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cap stanning Jim & Pam we love to see it
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marvelouscharlie24 · 9 hours ago
It Takes Two To Tango
Pairing: Chris Evans x Female!Reader
Word Count: 3,606
Summary: When Chris gets mad at you for making him late to an event, you don’t let him forget how mad you are, too.
Warnings: RPF. Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Vaginal fingering. Pussy slapping. Mention of edging. Degrading kink. Dom!Chris. Slight gaslighting. Slight choking. Angry/Makeup sex. Dirty talk. Creampie. Angst. 18+.
Tumblr media
“Y/N, get your gorgeous ass down here, we’re already late!” You hear Chris yell from the main floor of your house. “You know how much this event means to me!”
Oh yes, this event. The event Chris couldn’t stop talking about for three weeks. You didn’t feel bad though, this was for charity. It reminded you of how much of a selfless person Chris was.
You were in the bathroom, making last minute changes to your makeup. Your red and black makeup was spot on and even though this wasn’t a red carpet event, you still wanted to look your very best for Chris’ sake.
“I swear to God, if you’re not down here in five seconds, I will leave without you. Five. . . four. . .” Chris begins to count down, but right as he says one, you reach the top of the stairs with an enraged reaction.
Even though you were already late, he took one good look at you. You were a goddess in red. Your dress wrapped around your body perfectly but gave you enough room to dance. Chris loved his little dance partner.
The dress was red with sequined flowers around the lace. It was absolutely beautiful. You matched it with red velvet buckle strap high heel pumps and your hair was up in a braided contraption that Chris couldn’t wrap his head around.
“Sweetheart, you know how I feel about being rushed and you yelling at me isn’t going to make me go any fast.” You announce seriously. The clench in your jaw remains as Chris laughs hysterically. Either out of impatience or sincerity.
“Okay, baby,” he lowers his voice to a more gentle tone, but his words still felt the same. “Get your pretty ass down or we’re going to be very late.” He repeats his words through a sarcastic smirk.
The prick. Out of anger, you play your own game. You crossed your arms around your chest to stand your ground, but Chris was just upset you covered your perfect breasts. You step down one step out of the seven steps and pause, dragging on time.
“Oh, little one, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Chris catches on quickly. A few more seconds and you step down once more. He knew better than to go up the stairs and drag you down, so he waited for you anxiously. Only getting more furious by the second.
The closer you got, the angrier you got with him. You didn’t want to be next to him, smiling at the flashing cameras tonight. You wanted to stay home and simply let him enjoy the night he planned for himself for the past month.
Only one problem. You felt guilty for thinking about letting him go alone without you because the truth was, he wouldn’t have fun without you. He would slump in his chair, not making conversation with the other guests unless someone talked to him or for him. You were his person. The one he’d always go to in times of need and this was a very fragile time of need.
The entire world knew it, too. Every red carpet event, every meet and greet, every interview, you were there for support. Without you there, he felt nothing. “No, I’m mad at you. I will do what I want, no matter how late we are.” You take one more step. Four more slow steps to go.
“Baby, please, I’m begging you. We really need to go so I can socialize and give my speech.”
“So you can socialize?”
Chris grunts in frustration. One more step. Your features got more clear in his eye, your beauty stunning him. For a small moment, you distract him from his watch that he was checking every ten seconds. “I’m sorry, okay? Please, angel, let’s get in the car.”
With a big huff, you stomp the rest of your way down the staircase and past Chris who wore a surprised look on his face. You open the front door and grab your matching purse from the table next to the mudroom. “Let’s go, sweetheart. Wouldn’t want you to be late.” You fake a smile and make your way to Chris’ Audi on the outside pavement.
Tumblr media
The drive to the gala was silent, the tension clung in the air. Your mind was racing with different thoughts about how Chris was making you feel, but he was too distracted by how awful traffic was and the time going by faster and faster.
He was just happy you finally gave in and got in the car with no help from him.
Immediately out of the gate, you are bombarded by paparazzi outside the hotel of the gala you two were attending. Chris glides to your door, opening it to take your hand so you don’t get swallowed into the sea of photographers. He didn’t look at you, only the path that awaited you both.
You didn’t smile. You didn’t want to. The paps ate up that serious squinted face shit anyway. Following Chris’ lead, you both walk inside and are greeted by many men and women in their lovely attire.
Finally, other human beings will make you happy so you can get away from Chris. Sebastian comes up to say hello and you are happy when you see Scarlett gesturing for you to walk to her table in the massive ballroom.
“Oh my god, dude, you look great!” She says loudly over the background music and the noise of multiple patrons conversing. Her body is wrapped in a custom-made off the shoulder royal blue mermaid dress with diamonds around her neck. “Oh, are you kidding? Look at you!” You reply to her compliment.
You notice you and Chris’ name tags next to her place, realizing this was your assigned table for the evening. You take a seat where your place card is assisted, watching Seb and Chris mingle and walk to the bar. “Already getting a Stella. Such a Chris thing to do.” Scarlett says, breaking your focus from the men.
“Yeah, such a Chris thing to do.” You repeat. Even as you chatted with Scarlett over what has been going on in your life, your eyes would trail back to see Chris laughing at a joke or already staring back at you.
Yes, you were dramatic. Yes, you were overzealous. But you liked riling Chris up like this. Toying with him, making him feel guilty. You got off on it. The deranged thoughts leave your mind when you remember he pissed you off.
He was doing that lately. Pissing you off generally because he thought he could. You didn’t understand it. You didn’t want to bring it up because he was so busy, but that was what came with dating Chris. The fame, the fans, the cameras everywhere, it came with being with him no matter how private he was. You loved him, that was all.
Scarlett is interrupted when Chris comes to your side along with Sebastian. “Keeping my girl company, are ya?” He asks Scarlett, a huge smirk on his face. Melting your heart all over again.
“Yeah, I have. Where the hell has her man been all night?” She fires back. Seb laughs in the background at her burn. “I’ve been talking to people, but I’ve come back to dance with my girl.” It comes out like a question more than a statement. In a way, it sounded like he needed your permission, which sparked an interest in you.
His eyebrows raise, waiting for you to accept his hand. “Come on, babe. It’s our song.”
You were so caught up in the rage when you looked at his face, that you didn’t realize you and Chris’ song had come on. The instrumental of the beginning to By Your Side by Sade surrounds you and the other guests. You gaze around to see couples gather together to dance on the wooden floor in the middle of the room.
To get out of the multiple stares, you take his hand aggressively and lead him to the dance floor. You lay your hand on his shoulder and into his palm as his free hand takes its place on your hip.
He works up a slow sway, tunnel vision on only you. Unlike him, you looked everywhere but him.
“You requested it?” You ask, finally in your own personal bubble with him. “Yes, I did. I didn’t know how else to get you all alone without you freaking out.” His eyes fill with concern, inching closer to your face to hear you clearly.
The quietness took over and the rhythm from to music was the only object holding you two close. “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” Chris questions. As much as you wanted to ignore him and get this dance over and done with, you couldn’t let him be in the dark for long.
That was unfair to both of you. He didn’t deserve that, no matter how many times he pissed you off doing the most microscopic acts that annoyed you to no end.
“You know what’s going on.” Your irritation finds its way back to your mind and you’re not afraid to show it in your tone.
“Baby, I already said I was sorry for getting upset.” Chris groans in annoyance. “Why can’t we just enjoy this night?”
You don’t answer his question. “No, you didn’t.” Your eyebrows stitch in distress. He really didn’t care about you right now, only the public.
You understood, whenever you both were at an event, all of the problems had to be pushed under the rug and not talked about until you were out of the limelight, but he was making you hurt and you didn’t like it. You didn’t like it one bit.
“No, you didn’t. You didn’t apologize. You were too busy with the gala. Which is what has been happening a lot lately.” You murmur the last sentence to yourself.
“I’m sorry? What was that? I couldn’t hear you. What the fuck did you whisper?” Chris says, beginning to become more annoyed by you.
You flare your nostrils and become flooded with red, not just from the blush that covered your cheeks. “I said it’s been happening a lot lately. How the fuck are you going to get mad at me for not being ready on time when I didn’t even know that this event was today until two days ago?”
You could have ranted on more and more, but eyes from the dancing couples attracted to you and Chris like magnets.
“You knew, you just don’t listen.” He says, looking around to make sure they turned their heads. You were shorter than him on your bare feet, but now that you were three inches higher, they made it more difficult to look over the top of your head.
You grab him by pinching his cheeks in your one hand to keep his gaze on you, them deflating into your fingers. “Don’t fucking gaslight me right now. Don’t you dare act like we don’t talk about your career anymore. The events that go on. The days you’re gone. We don’t communicate anymore, Chris!”
“So what, I haven’t been paying attention to you? Is that what you’re saying?” He swats your hand away gently, taking it back into his and caressing it.
Every second that ticked by, the more your heart ached. The more this man who you loved was turning into a stranger. Not because of his actions, but because your words were true. It was true he didn’t tell you anything going on anymore. He just didn’t want to admit it.
“I don’t feel important right now! I feel like I’m an accessory you can push around and pull to these events because what? I look good on your arm?”
Chris set his tone to a whisper, his eyes sparkling blue as they teared up. “You know that’s not true, Y/N. You know that I love you.”
“Then why don’t you fucking act like it?”
You’re both stuck in the middle of the floor, frozen with pain in your stances for a few seconds before you realize the music has stopped. You push him with your finger and walk back to your seat in a grumpy mood once the song is over.
Chris storms after you. “Y/N, we’re not done having this conversation.”
Before he can grab you up from the chair, you raise your right leg up in the air to keep him away.
The guests around you spot the sexy move, the attention radiating onto you as you pulled the classic Singin’ In The Rain move. You smirk, feeling you had become the powerful one.
“Don’t do this. You’re embarrassing us. Can we please go somewhere private to talk?” Chris begins to lean closer into you, but you push him with your leg.
The heel of your pump digs into his chest, but he takes your ankle into his hands to pull down so he can get in between your thighs. “If you don’t stop acting like this, I will take you into the next free room I see and give you a talking to.” He whispers so only you can hear.
You take your finger between your teeth with a grin. This new side of Chris. . . it made your core flutter beneath. No matter how mad you got at him, seeing him even more frustrated made you so submissive towards him. “Promise?”
Chris’ eyebrows stitch together in surprise. He stands from in between your thighs and grabs you by the wrist for you to stand as well. “Consider it done, sweetheart.” His face stays in anger, but his eyes light up with fire, having the perfect idea on his mind.
He intertwined his fingers with yours, dragging you to the private conference room off the side. You were lucky to see it was unoccupied and dark. Chris locks the door and smashes his lips into yours, hands wandering freely up your dress to your soft hips. You seat yourself on top of the wooden table you bump back into.
“If you ever disrespect me again in front of my colleagues, I will have to punish you. Don’t think I won’t do it the minute we get home.” Chris beckons into your ear as his hand reaches for your throat, applying pressure.
You didn’t care what he said, as long as he gave you what you wanted. “You know what happens when my girl misbehaves.”
Chris teases your waistline, tugging at the hem of your panties. His cerulean orbs give you one last gleaming glance before ripping the fabric from your body, exposing your heat to the cool air.
“Gonna have to teach this pussy a lesson for talking back.” He circles your nub delicately with his free hand, earning a soft moan from your lips as you wrapped your hand over the wrist that connected to his hand that was still choking you slightly.
“Chris. . .” You breathe out, but the pressure grasping your airway got tighter. “One word out of you and I’ll make sure you don't enjoy this.” Chris threatens.
He slaps his first two digits onto your folds, a loud smack filling the empty room. You roll your eyes to the back of your head as the torment increases your wetness which covered the pads of his fingers.
“Hmm,” he brings his fingers to his mouth, licking off your essence. “So, she loves my fingers? Just one touch and she’ll come right undone.” His sinister giggle clouds your head but doesn’t ignore his digits making their way back to your warmth.
He teases your hole, slipping only an inch of his fingers into your slit. “Sweetheart, please don’t edge me.” You beg.
All of the nasty and dirty thoughts about him earlier left your mind and were replaced with new ones. Yes, you were mad. Yes, you were roiled to the core. But you knew you had nothing over Chris and his unholy ways.
“Oh, what did I say? Such a dirty little slut, doing anything for my cock. Well, let’s see just how deserving you are.” Within his last word, he shoves the rest of his fingers’ length into your pussy. You hiss once they form a scissor, opening you up wide.
“You unapologetic whore. All it took was my fingers to shut you up. I couldn’t enjoy my evening without you bickering at me about how I don’t love you.” His fingers work themselves in and out of your hole, each new entry better than the last.
Chris licks your top lip before devouring your lips into his. The kiss was soft, tender and the combination of his pumping into you along with his tongue tasting yours drove you mad. The hand that was suffocating you slipped past your ear and held you gently, pulling you more into the shattering kiss.
All of the upset talk, Chris couldn’t take it. He couldn’t be furious at his girl. He knew what he was doing wrong. He ignored you and made you feel mistreated. He wanted to do better and after tonight, he would.
He pulls away from your lips, taking to his slacks and unbuckling his belt. “Baby. . .” Chris begins, but can’t find the words to finish.
“It’s okay. I forgive you.” You speak in a huff. You make intimate eye contact with each other as if the connection had been fixed between you two. “Now fuck me like your life depends on it.”
Chris nods as an understanding. Strikingly, he takes his cock into his hand, giving it a few pumps before pushing inside you.
Your soft moans are disguised by the music coming from outside the room, which he begins to grind into you to the rhythm.
Chris focuses on where you two meet, but you can’t help but notice how good he looks in his tuxedo. All the raging thoughts in your head, you didn’t even compliment him on how stunning he looked. He took pride in himself to look good tonight. Not just for the charity or the guests, but for you. Always for you.
“You’re so pretty, love.” You grunt out as Chris’ pace increases. “Oh, baby.” He moans before hitting your lips for a second, not slowing down.
He buries his face into your chest, his beard tickling your breasts. You let the straps of your dress fall down your shoulders so your breasts are exposed. Chris’ hot mouth sucks on the supple skin. The pleasure of his cock pumping into you and the hickeys forming on your neck mixed very well together.
In your gut, you got that familiar sensation. The sweet burn in your tender flesh that clashed with the coldness pressed on your back from the table. Your folds become numb and irritate from the spiraling pleasure in your core.
Your cries as you gasped his name got louder and louder, but you didn’t care if anyone heard you. Chris was with you and that was all that mattered. You grind your hips further to push his length more into your sacred hole.
More hints of pain consumed your pussy. You wrap your arm around Chris’ back to pull him more towards you, closing off any space between the two of us.
“How do I feel, baby? Does my cock feel good?” Chris reaches your earlobe, teasing it between his teeth. His monstrous growling consumes your ears, making you arch your back.
Your heavy breathing fills the silence in attendance with Chris’ balls smacking against your ass as he rutted into you. “I feel you, baby. I feel you, you feel so good.” You say in between multiple breaths and gasps, your skin prickling with pleasure.
Coiling tension, the fire in your abdomen only gets reignited. You scream out theatrically to the ceiling, seeing blurred vision.
“God, it’s nice having such a pretty pussy at my disposal. Such a pretty girl. You’re my pretty girl.” Chris’ words only made your legs twitch, pants leaving your precious lips.
You lean into your palms against the wooden table. Chris continues to buck his hips into you, but with one last powerful thrust, he releases his seed inside your cunt. You gasp as his spend paints your walls.
His head returns to your bare chest, your fingers gather the hair on the nape of his neck.
After a few seconds of laying on your breasts and listening to your slowly decreasing heartbeat, Chris pulls out from your dripping cunt and buckles his slacks back up, checking for any leftover spots.
“I can’t go out there like this. I’m a mess.” You say, referring to his release leaking down your thigh. He grins at you before crouching down and licking his cum up. He reaches and brushes some of the release onto his finger for you to taste. You grab his wrist eagerly, making sure you took in his whole finger.
“All better?” He questions. With one sweet swallow, you nod with a grin that could kill Chris a thousand times.
You begin to walk towards the door, but Chris grabs your hips from behind, holding you still against his chest. “Just because we’re good right now does not mean I forgive you for disrespecting me. Might have to fuck you stupid in the shower to make sure you never disrespect me again.”
His whisper heats the shell of your ear, sending shivers down your arms. “Can’t wait.” You tease, biting your lip.
Chris groans sexily and gives your ass another popping spank before leading you back to the party.
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weheartchrisevans · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
via Chris' Instagram story.
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musette22 · 14 hours ago
what are your fav chris and seb eras?
Oofff, this is such a hard one! (hence why it's taken me so long to reply, sorry about that 🙈) I'm really bad at decisions, and choosing favourite Chris and Seb eras when basically I love all their eras turned out to be way more difficult than it should be 😂 But, since I don't want to be a spoilsport, let's go with these ones!
2014 Chris, around the time of the TWS press tour:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2017 Sebastian during the I, Tonya press tour:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nkp1981 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
To me, this old man is the greatest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
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meikherboom · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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i adore your work! if it’s not too much, please could i request a female teen!reader (maybe 13/14) x marvel cast (mostly evans) and she’s known for cuddling with them a lot and falling asleep on them? maybe they post photos of it and talk about her being adorable! hope that makes sense <3
Mcu Cast X Fem!Teen!Reader, Chris Evans X Teen!Reader
Summary: You like cuddling with your co-stars.
Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, and more fluff
Reader's Age: 13 at the beginning but then you turn 14.
A/n: thank you for the request!!! This is pure fluff
Tumblr media
You joined the cast a couple years ago, Steve Roger's daughter in the movies. You immediately grew close with Chris Evans, seeing as you were in the most scenes with him. Your a hugger, the cast and crew realized that the day they met you. You greeted Evans with a hug, then the others too. In between scenes you'd sometimes fall asleep cuddling with one of them.
Today you were doing an interview with, Sebastian, Evans, Anthony, and Hemsworth. You were sat in between the two Chris's.
"Okay so I've heard that Y/n likes to cuddle with you and the rest of the cast. Is this true?" The interviewer asked, already well into the interview. You cheeks heated at his question.
"Oh it's so true! We have proof!" Anthony said excitedly pulling his phone out. "She always ends up falling asleep on us. So we have some photos."
"Usually on me." Evans smiled.
"This conversation is embarrassing." You muttered hiding your face in your hands. Hemsworth laughed wrapping an around your shoulder. You glared up at him.
"No we actually counted to see who we caught her sleeping on the most. She falls asleep on Evans the most." Anthony chuckled. You hid your face in Evans' shoulder, he just laughed using his opposite hand to pat your head.
"Can we change the topic now?" You mumbled into his shirt.
"What we can't understand you." Sebastian teased.
"Can we change the topic?" You asked once again this time with your face far enough that your words were mumbled.
"Yeah, I have more questions anyway." The interviewer assured.
The topic of you falling asleep on your costars didn't come up again until your birthday. Chris Evans was the first to make a post about your birthday... He posted a thread of 4 photos, it started out sweet. A selfie of the two of you, then a photo of you and dodger, the next one was you laying your head on his shoulder, you were clearly asleep mouth hung open, the last photo was both of you on the couch in his trailer you had dodger draped across your lap and head laying on Sebastian's shoulder. The caption was really sweet it said; "I can't believe you were only 11 when you joined the Marvel cast, now your 14. They grow up so fast😢. Happy birthday, Cuddle bug." Ah, the forbidden nickname you gained from your cast mates.
The fans went wild, mostly good but some bad. After he made his post soon came Holland posting something on his story. A photo of you in his trailer half asleep on his shoulder using Harry as a footrest. He kept it simple saying; "Happy Birthday Kiddo!" Fans swooned again.
You reposted all of their posts on your story and said thank you and stuff. You loved the cast but were a little upset they post those photos of you. Though you got over it quickly since you understood they were just teasing you.
Evans did have a lot of photos of you and Dodger sleeping on or next him together. He thought it was the cutest shit ever. So did a majority of the fans. Some hated on you but the cast would take to twitter and call them out and defend you. Which you and your family were grateful for.
Tumblr media
Marvel Cast TagList: @the-girl-in-the-chair @gengen64 @piggyjeans @roseeditsss @depressed-barnes
Chris Evans Taglist: @high-on-darren-criss @astrixoxo @cevansrogerss @hamiltonstann @mcushvft @spidyyparker
A/n: It's short I know but I hope you like it!
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agentofbarnes · 7 hours ago
I want to go apple picking with Chris Evans and then suck him off in the corn maze
Oh my god imagine his face when you pull him into one of the dead ends and get on your knees for him.
“I—what are you doing?” Chris asked in surprise when you fell to your knees and started to unzip jeans.
“Picking flowers, what the fuck does it look like I’m doing? I wanna suck your dick, you look so good in that sweater…been wanting to get my hands on you all day.”
Chris gasped when his cock was freed from its constraints, the cold air making him groan in another way. But his cock was quickly warmed up by the heat of your tongue gliding up the shaft.”Oh fuck, babe, what if someone sees?”
“They won’t…it’s a maze, baby, if they find us, maybe they deserve a little show,”You giggled, batting your eyes up at him just before you leave kitten licks on the tip of his dick, letting the pre-cum leak onto your lips.”Just relax, Christopher, let me make you feel good.”
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help-fzzt · 15 hours ago
okay, something that’s been on my mind these past few days is what Nia DaCosta, the director of Capt Marvel 2 has said about the snap being Steve Rogers fault and the fanbase’s reaction
and I agree with her. vision should have been sacrificed and that way the stone would have been destroyed and the avengers, primarily wanda, could have focused their energy on actually killing thanos. plus, I think that was sort of the moral of infinity war? (among other things) but like, in infinity war they were unwilling to sacrifice and lost because of it. in endgame they learned the value of sacrifice and were able to win, thanks to that 
is it just cap’s fault? no, of course not. it’s understandable that he and the others didn’t want to kill vision but cap’s logic of ‘we don't trade lives’ really irks me because they’re unwilling to kill vision for that reason but are okay with sacrificing hundreds of wakandan soldiers? (not to mention the fact that vision had literally been the one to suggest it and was 100% okay with it) 
anyway, all the pissed off fanboys who are using this as an excuse to hate on the marvels, brie larson and Nia DaCosta need to calm tf down because she’s right and I will defend that to my grave 
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it-was--meant-to-be · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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