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christmas-winter · 8 hours ago
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daystilchristmas · 2 days ago
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There's 64 Days Til Christmas!
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writerofscreen · a day ago
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I need these light up Holiday Chickens. Badly. They are my muse...
Credit: @miracaraluzzi
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farmhouselove · a day ago
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📸 @countryhomeandblooms
Love this gorgeous tree! Bigger the better.
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antikristrecipes · a day ago
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Baked Cinnamon Apples with a Quinoa Crumble
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klaineccfanficlibrary · 22 hours ago
I’m in a Holiday mood, so send me the best Christmas/Winter themed fics.
Please browse our Christmas and our Holiday tags, HERE is the link for 2020 Klaine Fanfic Award Finalists in the Holiday category. I've attached some wonderful stories for you to start with. Enjoy! ~Lynne
P.S. The word 'please' goes a long way. ;>)
Rocking Horse Ranch by @hkvoyage
Kurt has been working hard all year, and has earned a well-deserved break. He joins his family for the Christmas and New Year holidays at Rocking Horse Ranch, just north of New York City. The all-inclusive resort has plenty of outdoor and indoor activities along with evening entertainment. It boasts that it has something for everyone. Little does Kurt know that it also has someone for everyone. Holiday maker!Kurt and activities staff!Blaine. A Klaine AU meeting. Written for Grlnxtdr29’s Klaine Christmas Eve Challenge and the Klaine Advent Challenge.
Cooking with Blaine by luckie_dee
Klaine holiday fic inspired by this gifset. When Kurt accidentally sets his saucepan on fire while watching the first holiday episode of Cooking with Blaine, he sets off a chain of events that leads to a life-changing December.
The Holiday by afterthenovels
A Klaine AU for the movie “The Holiday” with Kurt as Amanda and Blaine as Graham:
Kurt trades homes for the holidays because he wants to get away from his life for a while. But the last thing he expects to meet in the quiet English town he’s staying in is someone like Blaine.
Inspired by this gifset.
Counting Down To You by gemjam
Kurt and Blaine prepare for Christmas, and the arrival of their first child.
excuse you but it's a fantastic tie by @villiageidiot
Finn wants some beer, Puck wants his effing cookies, Sam likes the Nerf Gun and Blaine’s in love with a bowtie. (Or: A Dirty Santa / White Elephant Christmas party)
Feliz Navidad by @villiageidiot
Blaine Anderson meets his best friend when he’s in Kindergarten. He doesn’t know it yet but it’s also when he meets the love of his life.
I’ll Be Home For Christmas by kellyb321
Kurt leaves behind everything he loves - job, friends, apartment - in NYC to move home to Ohio and help Burt. Blaine is living a life people would kill for, but he’s not happy. He wants a big change, and his first Christmas home in 10 years might be it. Little does Kurt know that the hitchhiker he picks up on his way home will change his life in every way.
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wowjay · 17 hours ago
So I’m currently working on something… 🤫
Tumblr media
Below is a short excerpt of the draft that I have so far. Part one should be released soon on Tumblr and AO3. Reblog to let me know if you would like to be on the taglist!
Part One: The Gift 🎁
In the white marbled stool at the dining room table, Donna quietly eyed a stone faced Dick who stood dumbfounded across from her.
Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee consumed the room from Dick’s old record player that was gifted to him from Bruce centuries ago - and now rested untouched by the living room entrance.
“So you haven’t gotten her anything?” She hollered unintentionally, her voice riddled in full disbelief.
Dick shushed her frantically, tapping his index finger across his lips as he gestured his arm down the hall at the string of laughter that trailed from Gar’s room, where Kory was schooling Rachel and her boys, Gar, Conner and Tim on the complexities of Dominoes from her hometown Tamaran.
A comforting smile inched Donna’s lips as she snuggled back deeper into her seat, heaving her chest as she released a slight chuckle at his reaction.
“You do know that Christmas is 3 days away right?” She began, tilting her head slightly at Dick’s poker face. Her hand cupped the chilled glass of her drink as she tipped it to her tinted red lips, allowing the painful bliss of age old bourbon to swim its course down her throat. She always did like the hard stuff.
“So what are you going to do?” She asked through a satisfied groan.
Dick slid his fingers through the loose curls that rested atop his forehead. His jaw clenched as he gnawed on the inside of his cheek, which he only ever did when he was either confused or in deep thought. However, right now he was growing genuinely frustrated by Donna’s line of questioning, seeing that he only pulled her aside for those specific answers.
“I don’t know Donna. That’s why I’m asking you - her best friend, for suggestions.” His mouth flattened into a straight line as he huffed out the world's largest sigh.
“Well knowing Kory, she can be a pretty hard woman to please. You’ve got your work cut out for you my friend.” A full grin played about Donna’s face as she raised her glass over at Dick, who rolled his eyes in return when he chugged it all down.
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christmas-winter · 2 days ago
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daystilchristmas · a day ago
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There's 63 Days Til Christmas!
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rhymneybelle · 10 months ago
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catchymemes · 10 months ago
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