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#Cinder fall

Parody Fic Idea: An Academy Carol. James Ironwood is visited by the ghost of Leo Lionheart, who warns him his heart has fallen to fear and that he will be visited by three spirits of Headmasters Past, Present, and Future. James is of course not having any of this and tries to avoid the whole thing by focusing on fighting Salem, but the three spirits come in and drag him along anyway.

The Spirit of Headmasters Past: Oscar Pine, who continually reminds James that no, he is not Ozpin, while showing him how he became a headmaster. Fun scenes with old friends abound, and James doesn’t see the point.

The Spirit of Headmasters Present: Nicholas Schnee, constantly laughing and fighting Grimm as he drags James around the world to show him how students of various academies are handling things before showing that his own students really don’t like him.

The Spirit of Headmasters Future: “Oh there is NO way you’re a headmaster!” says James as he sees Cinder. “Not yet, I had a really complicated redemption arc that I can’t talk about because spoilers.” She goes and shows him how in the future all the academies have lessons on how not to become tyranical monsters and the only person who remembers him is Penny.

Like I said, this is a parody idea bouncing about in my head, with everyone except James really getting into their role.

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