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holysmokesblog · 8 months ago
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬
Tumblr media
Vander x reader Family x reader
Words: 1.2k
Summary: Mornings are exhausting but not boring, especially when you have Vander as a husband and four worried children. Note 1: My infinite thanks to @eexphoria who is dedicated to repairing my many grammatical errors Note 2: I really like writing about this family with a reader, from what I could see "Bath time" was very well received, I hope this part is also to your liking.
Tumblr media
You had sensed it since last night, from the moment you laid your head on the pillow and a slight annoying itch in your throat. It was the first sensation when you opened your eyes in the morning but multiplied by a hundred. You closed your eyes tightly again trying to contain a groan. If Vander found out that you had gotten sick you'd have to admit that he was right when he told you to bundle up and you'd never tell him that he was right.
Although the lack of snoring next to you gives you the signal that he was already awake.
"You don't have to pretend to be asleep," he told you calmly. "You were complaining all night, that's because you didn't listen to me."
You rolled your eyes, sometimes he seemed more like a mother than your husband, you turned your body to face him. He was sitting against the head of the bed. He had those glasses that he only used when they were alone while looking at a book, you couldn't help biting your lower lip. Even over the years, he was still incredibly attractive.
You moved his arm around you so you'd be able to rest your head on his chest, he let you settle in before approaching to leave a kiss on your head.
"What time is it?" You asked with a bit of difficulty.
"It must be around ten o'clock," he murmured, continuing his reading. These moments of quiet intimacy between you were increasingly rare. On a normal morning, he`d be up and ready for the next errand, if it wasn't for the children it was for the bar and but for someone who came to Vander for help. So you should take advantage of these little "leaks'' as much as you can.
"Haven't you read that book?" You had barely paid attention to the letters to recognize the text, you had seen it at least a dozen times in his hands, in his spare time when the Last Drop was empty.
"It's the only one that does not have fluorescent scribbles," he replied simply, "and you gave it to me on our third anniversary." You looked at it in surprise, not even you remembered that detail. You sank him again, this time closer to his neck.
"I don't remember," you admitted. "What did you give me?"
"I had forgotten." His chest jumped from a small laugh. "I remember you got so angry and ended up throwing this book to my head… Luckily you never had a good aim." You laughed along with him. "I can't forget when I went to look for your apartment and since you didn't want to open the door I had to climb up to the fifth floor… Just to see that you had locked the window."
"You climbed to the fifth floor," you repeated. "We were both young, strong, and beautiful," you scoffed. Your husband turned his attention away from the pages to look at you closely.
"You're still the most beautiful of all Undercity, even the damn Piltover."
Your chest filled with a pleasant heat. You turned away from his side to look at his face, despite the years he was still as attractive as the first day you met him, hell, even more.
You brought your face close to his to place a kiss on his lips, with little delicacy you took the book and threw it near the bedside table. Your husband wasted no time in helping you slip one of your legs over his hips and you end up sitting on him.
"This morning couldn't be better," You thought, even the sore throat seemed to disappear.
Vander's hands went under your shirt — you wished you have locked the door before you reached this point as you were interrupted with knocking on the bedroom door. You broke away from his grasp only to see his messy hair and crooked glasses that invited you to ignore the door, but the knock heard again.
You got off his lap and fell into your place on the bed, while Vander soon opened the door. It didn't take long for a little blue head to enter without asking permission and end up between the sheets next to you.
"Good morning," she greeted with simplicity. "I saw that you didn't get up, so I came to see if everything was fine." She looked around. "Is everything okay?"
"Y / N woke up a little sick, that's all," Your husband answered from the door and as if it were a switch, all the discomfort returned to your being.
"Oh no" Powder complained. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" She looked at you with her huge sparkling eyes, you shook your head before hugging her tightly. Vander was about to close the door again before a slim figure infiltrated the room.
"Good morning, why haven't you gotten up yet?" Mylo asked, but before anyone could answer him Claggor made an appearance as well, followed by Violet.
"Y / N feels bad," began the smallest
"Bad? What's wrong?" Vi was concerned.
"Can we do something for you?" Claggor asked.
"It's just a sore throat," you said, but Powder's hand came to rest quickly on your cheek and then on your forehead.
"You're very heated, that's a fever," said the little girl. You looked at your husband knowing that this heat had a more complex origin than a disease, one that you wouldn't explain even in your dreams to your children.
"If you have a fever you should stay in bed," suggested the boy with the glasses on his head.
"Claggor is right," Vi supported. "Is there something we can do to make you feel better?"
You were moved by the concern of your children, although you knew that it was nothing more than an absurd sore throat, they had never got a chance to take care of you much, rather you were the one who ran after them every time they got sick.
"No, it's really nothing, I'll get up right away." You made a move to get up but Powder's slim arms wrapped around your waist and kept you on the mattress, despite being so small she had quite a bit of strength.
"Powder's right, maybe you should stay in bed for today," Vander argued.
"Yeah, we'll take care of you," Mylo said "I mean it's only fair, you always take care of us." And he threw himself on the bed next to Powder who still hadn't let go of you.
"It's decided then," Your husband declared. "I'll go make breakfast, I'll leave you with the nurses," He teased.
You sighed and without putting up much more resistance, you put an arm around the little blue-haired girl, pushing her a little to the center of the bed, leaving room for Claggor to lie down as well while Vi lay face down on your feet.
You still remember how they came into your life, it was not in the ideal conditions, but from the first day, you loved them wildly.
This was an idyllic scene, your four children lying next to you to "take care of" you in peace. It was strange that they didn't fight each other.
"You have lice," Mylo said, holding one of Powder's braids trying to tease her. You sighed. Goodbye peace.
"Shut your mouth Mylo, you don't even take a bath," the little girl defended herself.
But you still love them.
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“i settle for a ghost”
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lileeeeee · 2 months ago
modern au AGAIN.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i was thinking about it a lot, and just made some arts sowe have some teams here)
(yes victor is staring at jayce hes hella gay)
(i still have all my content on twitter but heh i`m trying)
(victor and mylo good friends, because they are attending same university courses: math and coding, i guess; jayce also takes dance as an addition course, just like caitlyn; vi and claggor attending box/martial arts courses, claggor also attends math and engineering, powder and ekko are on faculty of art/history)
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vanderslanes · 8 months ago
POV: You tell Vander you may be falling back into your depression.
Tumblr media
Immediately he stops whatever he’s doing to pull you into those big bear like arms of his.
He’d hold you against his chest for a minute or two, however long you needed to feel safe and relaxed.
He’d let you go when you were feeling safe enough to speak about what’s bothering you.
He won’t let go of you. He just holds you, fingers knotted in the back of your head messaging your scalp as he listens. Anything to calm you down.
Y/N: “I don’t know, I just haven’t really been feeling myself lately. Everything feels so much harder so much…heavier to deal with.”
Vander: “I know the world feels like that some days Y/N, but you’re strong. Stronger than you know. Even on the days you think you’re not, you’re the strongest person I know. It’s one of the things I love the most about you. The world throws a punch and you always get back up ready to swing back. Sure it may take you a minute or two to get back on your feet again, but ya always do. And when ya can’t, I’ll always be here to help brush the dust off and get you geared to go again.”
He’d give you that warm smile, the one that always makes your heart heat. And your cheeks.
It’s totally okay if you don’t smile, he never expects you too. He’s patient and he knows that sometimes depression doesn’t have an immediate fix.
If you’re still feeling down and out he’ll find someone else to cover the Last Drop while he takes you home and cuddles the hell out of you.
And I’m talking the HELL out of you.
Big ass blankets
Lots and lots of pillows on the bed
Anything you want you’ve got
Don’t let the rest of the under city know but the man’s just a giant pile of mush. Simp central truthfully.
If you still don’t feel better the next day he’ll rinse and repeat the process. Doing whatever it takes to bring you from your low, just as he always does.
When he’s not around he definitely sends one of the kids over to you. He knows they’re your kryptonite especially Powder.
He knows you too well. You’re definitely lucky to have him.
Tumblr media
Vi would hug you tight and just express how thankful she is that you’ve always been there for her and powder, and the other kids of the lane.
She’d tell you how when she was younger, she’d always dream to be as strong as you, both physically and emotionally.
She’d tear up a little bit and then laugh because she feels embarrassed and stupid that she’s crying when you’re the one feeling upset.
It’d make you smile and you’d just close your arms around her and squeeze her and tell her that you don’t mind at all.
Sometimes you forget just how much you mean to the lanes.
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Broken dear - Silco
Tumblr media
Wordcount: 2.8K
Warnings: Spoilers arc 1! Established Vander x reader! Yandere Silco*
A/N:  * Tbh how I see Silco he is on thin line between being himself and being a yandere so.... read this how you like.
There was never one person who would look around if someone screamed for help, it used to be so different when Vander was still alive. Now, everything was more dangerous, a drug named Shimmer had taken over the streets and people were addicted to it. It changed people more than the undercity would ever do. It truly was everyone for themselves and being a young person was tough. It was hard getting a name people would be actually scared to mess around with. There was only one name that caused fear in everyone's heart, Silco. Everyone knew he was behind it but who would be dumb enough to actually try and go up against him? Not only did he have Sevika as his second in command, he also had his blue haired daughter called Jinx who was erratic, unpredictable. You would be a fool who didn´t they were already dead if one tried.
But then again, you were a fool nonetheless, your fate already being sealed before Vander had died. Maybe if you were more vigilant you would have noticed all the eyes keeping track of you. He wasn´t called the eye of Zaun for no reason after all.
The bar was busy as always but it was safe, Vander keeping an eye out for any violence that could arise before it fully did. God you loved that man with all your heart. You had met him during both your rebellion days and followed him to the end, that you promised. Even if that was taking care of the kids around here and dealing around with some enforcers instead of attacking Piltover. You did so with a full heart, these kids were your kids and nothing could take them away from you. You walked towards his corner of the bar and put down a drink. "Take good care of yourself Darling." You winked and he chuckled. "What would I do without you." You broke out in a smile. "Nothing, I keep your ship running when you forget to." The bar's mood was light, calm, somewhere to relax during these times. "Are the kids back yet?" His hand held onto yours, bringing it to his lips before kissing it. "Not yet, but I expect them back any moment." Your cheeks were heating up with the look Vander gave you. He knew the effect he had on you, just a simple look could make you feel weak in the knees. He was the protector of most but you were there to support him, everyone could see it easily whenever they came into the bar. Of course Vander tried to hide it since he didn´ t want anything happening to you but after some months, people figured it out through his actions.
"You heard anything yet about what they're doing?" Vander nodded and sighed, looking around before coming closer. "They are irresponsible, there was an explosion in Piltover and they saw four kids running away." In Piltover? If there was anything that would made the old man worry, it was that. "You want to talk about them first or how do you want to handle it?" His hands tensed up as he took a minute to think. "I´ll have a talk with Vi and talk about what was going through her head to do something so stupid."
It was tough in your youth but so is theirs. Being raised by a man who had such a big name was a hard thing to overcome, especially since a name was important down here. "I think first, you need to help our friend needs help over there." Vander moved his head so he could see the same thing you saw. "I'll be right here dear." He went off to help Huck as you observed the rest of the bar, he could handle himself easily. It got tense for a second but of course he would persuade the buyers to do the right thing, it was almost the perfect timing since the kids walked in the bar. Hoods covering their faces. Vi making eyecontact with both you and Vander as she was walking forward. Vander nodded towards you and left to go after the group.  It didn´t take too long for Powder to walk upstairs who then went outside, probably to find something. Vander came up with Claggor, carrying a bag with god knew what.
"You okay darling?" You asked Powder when she came back up again. "No." She didn't want to talk about it anymore. "He can come off strong but he only wants the best for you."  You crouched and brushed her hair out of her face. "And if there is anything else you need to talk about, i'll be right here for it Pow." Her little nickname, Pow made her smile just the tiniest bit.
"Vi is gone, I'm going after her." The wooden floor creaked as Vander went to walk to the door, he knew that a single look could make him wait if you tried to stop him. "I'm coming with, I'm not going to let you go alone with all those enforcers walking around." You quickly cleaned up the glasses you were washing and checked your knives. "Powder is staying behind, stay with her my love." 'Stay behind my ass' You thought as you walked up to him. "She is as much your girl as mine, you know I'm stubborn." After the recent enforcers trying to dig through the bar, you knew Vi was going to do something to save the others but she be damned if she thought you would let her go so easily. "Mylo and Claggor will be staying behind, Pow is very smart and I am not leaving you alone."
"Alright." You smiled and kissed him. "Let's get our girl home." 
Your heart was beating like crazy, the enforcers could be here any time. Oh poor sweer Vi trying to give herself in so the others were safe. It broke your heart knowning how she felt like that was the only way. Maybe you should have done it sooner so she hadn´t felt the pressure to do so but what happend happend. "Protect the family." He pushed her through the door, down a few steps and closed it, locking it to make sure she couldn't get out. "That was one, let me do the talking to them." Vander's eyes were trained on yours, waiting for you to nod, knowning you would be listening.
Grayson and Marcus walked in. "You're gonna let us make the arrest or not?" You were biting the inside of your cheek, this was a real mess. "You'll oblige a doomed man his last smoke." Your eyes widened as you took a hold of his shoulder, this was his fucking plan all along? Fuck no, fuck that. Vander lit up his pipe "Won't you." Grayson pushed Marcus behind her, staring you and then Vander in the eyes. "I'm not going to put you away, Vander." He shook his head. "The council needs it's pound of flesh." 
"Without you down here, it will all fall apart." He chuckled and took a hold of your hand. "They'll keep up just fine, I trust them with my life." Benzo looked at you with pity in his eyes. "Why?" Marcus put Vander in cuffs. "It's the only way." 
"Wait Vander." You moved infront of him and stroke his cheek. "I love you." The kiss between you two was one of desperation, love and sadness. Vi called out your name and Benzo's, making you break off the kiss. "I love you too, my songbird." His little nickname for you. And so the love of your life had sacrificed himself to the grasp of Piltover for the place and children he loved, god you had to stay strong. Before anything you heard Grayson yell out. Something was going on, you rushed outside to find Grayson dead on the floor. "Fuck."
Benzo picked up a pipe as you stuck close to Vander, his hands making him unable to fight back. A figure stepped out of the mist that was too familiar. "Silco?" You muttered. You hadn´t expected him, believing him to be dead. Benzo walked forwards while you were still gathering what was happening, Vander telling him to come back. In a flash he was gone. Dead. Just like that. "Benzo!" You screamed out, rooted in the spot in fear. Vander fell to his knees. "Stubborn till the end." Anger grew in your heart. "How could you!" 
"What the hell have you done" Marcus stepped out, his voice shaking. "This wasn't the deal!" This traitor, as if the enforcers couldn't sank any lower than they already did. The man, or what used to be man, what ever the fuck happend to it, knocked Vander out. "You monster." It was as quiet as a whisper. "You monster!" Any step you wanted to take was stopped by the creature, choking you and raising your body off the ground. "Knock them out too, the less stable the undercity is, the better it will be for me." Your body felt lighter and lighter the longer the creature held you in a choke hold but you would not stop glaring at Silco. "Fuck..... you.¨ You barely got out before dark spots were blocking your view.
Vander was tied up in a chair as you saw while you were on the otherside of the brigde, bound by ropes, a gag stopping you from talking. You struggled against the rope but they tied it up too well. "I know, I know. We need to stay calm." Even now his voice calmed you down in this impossible situation. "I love you, if there is any chance to run, run and go for the kids." He was so quiet, it was hard to hear him from such a distance. 
"Hmm?" Vi grabbed a hold of the rope that had you tied up and removed the gag. "We're going to break you two out." She got out of knife you reconized as yours, you probably left it behind the bar when trying to go for Benzo's shop earlier. "We have to be quick." Your ropes got cut loose and you quickly hugged her. "Let's get dad out, right Vi?" She rushed forward, Mylo and Claggor following her. You stayed behind, cutting loose the last bit of rope by your feet.
Something was wrong here, you could feel it in your bones. This was too easy. A hand covered your mouth and pulled backwards. 'Shit'. You bit in their hand but whoever it was, they wouldn't let go. "Welcome." God you hated his voice. You struggled against your captor "Don't worry songbird, you'll have front row seats."  Sevika, that bitch. You watched as your kids did their best to get Vander out and how Vi fought against the men who thought she was easy. 'That's my girl'.
The creature was just a kid, forced to drink whatever purple liquid it was to turn into that side. Vi was doing her best but anyone could see it was a losing battle. Tears were escaping your eyes, Silco taking a glance to the whimpering you were making. "I am not above cutting that tongue of yours if you continue to whine." It temporarily stopped you from making noise, you glaring at him instead. 
Then the explosion happend and a piece of your heart died with it. Your knees wobbled as you tried to stand up, the factory being on fire. "Vander! Vi!" You yelled out, praying to god for a reply. Smoke was everywhere and the boy with purple veins still stood. "No." Sevika was down on the ground, Silco ended up behind somewhere. "Kill them." Silco ordered. Vander was fighting the creature before you could reach it but it was a losing fight. Even after getting hit down, Vander stood up. "You have to run!" You knew he meant you but no. What was the point. The kids weren't answering, there was a chance to get him back home you threw a couple of knives at the creature, making it distracted and giving Vander an opening. The world turned dark before you could do anything else, only seeing Silco sneak up behind your husband and stabbing him. This was it.... this was where your heart died. 
The room you woke up in was familiar, it was your shared bedroom with Vander but everything was changed. It was not the same. For a second there was hope but it got out with the air you passed out of your mouth. "Vander." No words could get close to describing how it felt to have lost him and the kids in the same night. The world was spinning and tears dropped down your cheeks. It felt as if you were choking on your own tears with how many fell. Eventually your cheeks dried up, there were no more tears. You knew your eyes were puffy and your was red. You were exhausted. 
"You've finally awoken I see." Silco walked to the centre of the room and light up a cigar, the smell was horrible. "Good pets get rewarded, so behave and I might let you have more freedom." It was uncomfortable to see him staring you down like something else than a piece of meat, there was something more going on. "I told you when we last spoke to leave Vander and follow me but you were always so..." He sat down. "stubborn."
"You changed, you killed your own brother." It was his turn to scoff. "He was no brother of mine, not after he tried to drown me." Anger was slowly slipping in, you felt it and stood up. "Awfully brave of you to come into the room with me alone. I could kill you right now." There was no change in his body language. "You could but then you would never know about you kid." He had the upperhand, you knew this. "Are they fine? Are they wounded?" It was the least thing you could ask and you cursed yourself for the worry in your voice. "She is fine" A sigh of relief left your mouth "as long as you'll do what I say without telling her."
"You've changed so much." Silco would let it rest for today after all, he knew that his darling needed time to adjust. "You´ll learn to love me."
Silco made sure he was the only one who went into your room, locked away from the others should made the process to love him quicker. He would show he was the only to be depended on. Sevika would simply push in a tray with food and check up randomly if he was busy.
Jinx was pestering him about seeing you but he kept her in the dark, saying you were still recovering from the wounds you had gotten. That it was at your request that she stayed behind. From the moment he stood infront of the door, he knew that there was something off. You must've been planning something seeing that it was as quiet as it was. This was something he was waiting for. One day would slip up and he would be able to punish you. That day was one of the few times you tried fighting him to escape but alas, your body was just too weak, the food was barely enough to keep weight on. "Ah ah ah you know what happpens now." 
Silco would never do any physical harm but he was a master of manipulation. "What if i tell your little one you ran away from her? Leaving her all behind?" You muttered an apology when he grabbed your chin harshly. “Hm? ‘I’m sorry’? Apologizing won’t get you out of this.” He walked out with the food, leaving you alone with your thoughts and memories of the past. Whoever it was, your kid was the only reason you kept going, the only reason why you woke up and sat around. The room that you once loved and was a place of love, happiness and family had turned into the opposite, you began despising the days you would awake here, hoping it to be a horrible nightmare. 
Jinx, as she now liked to be called was the fastest person ever. Tears ran down your cheeks as you were embraced by her. "I've missed you so much." You started combing her hair and moved back, taking in the sight of her. "Me too, they left us behind but we're stronger now right?" Jinx motioned to Silco behind her. "He will help us, I don't need them anymore I got you and him so we´ll be fine." You tried to not even spare Silco a glance, he didn't deserve it. "I love you Jinx." You said and hugged her once more. 
Before you knew, Jinx had pulled Silco into the embrace, it was uncomfortable for both you and him it felt like, you because it was him and he didn't seem accostumed to it. "Don't worry, I'll never leave your side." His eyes were stuck on you, making sure you knew he meant you.
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art-of-arcane · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ARCANE | Claggor Concept Art | Nesskain
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royaltysuite · 8 months ago
Y/n: *talking about their powers* ....And that's how I know when you do something stupid.
Vander: Gods, I love this woman....
Everyone, but Y/n: *deadpans* What a simp....
Y/n: *confused* What's a simp?
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vi-vanders-prodigy · 4 months ago
Vander: Good morning
Powder: Good Morning
Claggor: Good Morning
Mylo: Ugh y'all sound like robots. Spice it up a bit!
Vi: *slams the door open* MORNING MOTHERFUCKERS
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s0rinsleeps · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hockey is taking over my life I really wish I had an ice rink here just to take the urge out of my body 😭
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imsapphicandimsad · 7 months ago
Silco: What is that horrible sound?
Vander: Children.
Silco: Ugh your life is gross.
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sapphikatara · 7 months ago
it is SO funny to me that the only way a happy modern arcane au works is if vander and silco are divorced. silco is the bitchy ex wife who played favorites and took powder in the divorce.
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holysmokesblog · 6 months ago
𝐔𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞
Tumblr media
Vander x reader
Family x reader
Words: 2.2 k
Warnings: Violence
Summary: A worrying event breaks into your routine, you must intervene so that no one gets hurt, but you end up being attacked
Tumblr media
The record player gave a pleasant murmur to the environment, there were hardly any customers so early, which already indicated that it would be a quiet night. You appreciate it, after all it is quite exhausting to attend to the Last Drop completely alone.
You wiped down the counter again that for a dozen times this day, rambling about how Vander's absence would force you to cook dinner tonight. One of the back tables motioned for you to bring them another round but the front door being slammed took everyone's attention.
Powder stumbled through the tables to get closer to the counter, you stared at the door for a few more seconds waiting for the rest of the group to come through the door but no one else entered. You looked confused at the little girl noticing for the first time that she had a trail of tears and dirt down her cheeks.
"They took them," she said, terrified. Several customers along with you gazed at her. "They took my sister and the boys."
You almost jumped over the counter to reach the girl's face and force her to look at you, you didn't understand what she meant but you started to panic too.
"They? Who are they? Where are the others?" You didn't even notice that everyone fell silent in anticipation of Powder's response.
"We have to find Vander," she sobbed. "The enforcers took them."
A collective gasp filled the last drop, you couldn't help fear from crossing your expression, but seeing how you scared Powder even more, you took a deep breath trying to calm down.
"I don't know where Vander is, he'll be back tomorrow," you spoke with distress in your voice. Powder's sobs only made you even more nervous and the room around you began to spin nonstop, the air began to stop passing into your lungs, it was chaos, chaos. Powder's thin hands clung to your clothes shaking you slightly forcing you to come to your senses; you had to do something, now.
"It's closed, everyone out now!" Nobody dared to question you, although some walked slowly to the exit trying to know how you would act next.
You passed your hands over your face trying to cool your brain for a second to think clearly. "Okay, Pow stay here in case Vander comes back," you said hastily throwing your apron to some corner of the place.
"No, no, no, let me go with you, don't leave me alone," she begged. You'd be lying if you said you didn't think to take her with you right then, but you had no idea what you'd be up against.
You shrunk down to her, running your fingers through her hair, over and over in a meaningless attempt to reassure her. "I need you to watch over the place, please Pow, can you do that for me?"
Powder jerked her head away from your grasp but finally nodded. You would take care of her later, your priority right now was something else.
Without another word you went through the gates quickly, you had to get to the border quickly and pray that they still had the children there. It was like everyone around you was moving extremely slowly getting in your way, you even had to push some out of your way.
Like a distant light, you glimpsed the station on the edge of the border, you prayed to all the gods that they were there, safe and that by some miracle there is a fucking topsider willing to help you.
You entered without knocking, taking several glances at some officers present there. You looked for some trace of that unmistakable pink hair but found nothing.
"What are you doing here?" One of the front desk enforcers asked you. You didn't like the way he addressed you, but you still didn't react. You couldn't lose your mind in a place like this.
"They told me that you have my children detained, I came to look for them," you tried to be as calm as possible. The enforcer who had spoken first gave you a judging look from head to toe before lightly laughing.
“We have many detainees here, you should be more specific.”
“There are two boys and a girl, she has pink hair, they are very… distinctive.”
He looked at you in silence for a few seconds, you could see how the other enforcers didn't take their eyes off you either, on guard, as if you were going to attack them at any second. You clenched your fists without being able to contain it, no one moved, no one had the intention of helping you. You opened your mouth to speak again but with a sign one of the guards walked down a corridor making noise with his keys making you close your mouth again.
The tension in the air could be cut with a knife, you hated being in a place like this and they hated how your presence 'stank' their immaculate place. Despite still being in the lanes this place had a different vibe, with its decor and architecture clearly from Piltover.
When the three children you were looking for entered the place, you couldn't help but sigh in relief, they were there, bruised and full of wounds, but you had them in front of you. You wanted to get closer to them but one of the enforcers at the entrance got in your way. You looked at him without understanding and finally, the receptionist spoke again:
"Well, I see that they are your children, I'm happy for you," he said Ironically. "Now, I need some documentation that proves that these are your children."
"What-? I-I don't have any of that. They are my children, you can ask them.”
The guard looked at you then looked at the children repeatedly before finally sighing, “Go get the documents that prove your 'maternity'. Otherwise we can't give them to you,” he declared and made a sign to his companion to return to take your children to the cell.
"No! Can not do that!" You approached the counter but a force pushed you from behind, bending one of your arms and hitting your head against the solid wood, now you were immobilized.
You heard the children protest and struggle but you couldn't look at them, half of your body was glued to the wood with your neck forcedly turning to the right, you tried to shake yourself but the topsider behind you bent your arm even more making you yell in pain. Helplessness ran through every corner of your body causing your eyes to fill slightly with tears, you were completely immobilized.
"Attempting to attack an officer ma'am?" The guy at the counter tilted his head to look you in the eye. "That's the damn problem of this city," he began speaking, you still heard the children complaining and screaming but their sounds were drowned out by your own heart pounding in your ears “The garbage like you who believe that everything can be done as they want and when they want. Everyone is the same, you trying to attack an officer, your stupid children trying to steal, it's an endless cycle, a problem that must be rooted out."
You shook your legs and back again to tighten the key which they held you prisoner with, the muscles of the shoulder and part of the arm protested as if they were going to explode at any second but an uncontrollable rage filled your veins.
In a second you put your head in the correct position and forcefully hit the face of the officer who was holding you causing him to let go of you, you quickly hit him again this time with your healthy arms. You didn't have a plan, just an adrenaline rush, you didn't have time to take cover when strong electricity attacked you.
It was as if your entire body went into a collapse and every muscle stiffened painfully, when the current stopped making contact with your skin you carelessly fell to the ground. Every movement that you tried caused you pain so you chose to stay still.
"Mommy, mommy, are you okay?" You forced yourself to raise your head and reassure the teenagers who had never stopped struggling to let go.
“Take her to the cell too. Charges of rioting and attacking an officer." One of the officers picked you up, you couldn't do anything to resist. “You and your children are going to have a good time in Stillwater." Without much strength in your body, you concentrated and glared at him. You were trying to come up with a damn plan in your head but you seemed to have no escape.
The front door burst open and you fell back to the ground as the officer holding you was flung across the room with a single blow. You looked at the one who was speaking to you, scared but a woman got in the way of your husband.
“I don't want a war, you have your family. Go away."
A dead silence reigned throughout the room, a pair of hands resting on your face forcing you to look at it, it was Mylo that you didn't know how he had let go, he pinched your face a couple of times for you to react. You took it as a point of support to get up but it was as if your whole body was contorted into a painful knot.
You had barely gotten up when two strong arms lifted you off the ground with ease. To tell the truth, it was a relief not to have to force your body to stay upright, but you felt completely limp and weak. The remorse didn't stop spinning through your conscience, if it weren't for the sudden appearance of Vander you would have ended up in that cell where nobody comes out with your children.
"Let's go," the hound of the lanes roared to his puppies who didn't hesitate to obey leaving through the front door. His body also turned with you in the direction of the exit when the woman spoke again.
"I think that in the future you and I could reach an agreement... For the good of the subway."
You watched your husband glance at the woman before he snorted and left the establishment. You could see it in her gestures, she was exuding anger, but she held back. You couldn't help but see how that young Vander wanting to fight against everything that came his way was still there wanting to get out, but it was the best thing for everyone that he stayed hidden.
"Y/N, are you okay?" Vi was the first to approach, her eyes were moist and her face full of bruises, you wondered for a moment if you looked just as bad.
"We were scared, they didn't have to do that, they're damned," Mylo added angrily, you looked at the rest, Claggor only took your hand that was hanging loose and caressed it gently.
"But we're going to solve it," Violet said. "We will attack them when they least expect it and..."
"Is this a fucking joke?" Vander's grip on you tightened causing you to gasp slightly. “Your mother is in this state because she came looking for you! Because you got into trouble! Even though I told you not to! Are you going to do the same?!” You didn't dare to add anything else, the trio also remained silent too scared to reply. “Walk. To home. Now."
You saw the children walk without making another sound, you waited for them to get a few meters ahead of you before speaking: "How did you know we were here?" Your vocal cords protested.
"Powder went looking for Benzo, miraculously she found me," he didn't look at you, he just continued with his gaze glued on the children's back, it was an ache that he didn't even address you completely when he spoke to you.
"Are you coming back?" You said, he looked at you blankly. "To talk to her." He adjusted his grip around you to make you a little more comfortable.
“After what they did to you? Keep dreaming."
"I think you should... Maybe an agreement is the best." Now it was you who didn't dare to look him in the face. "We can't have another war, they would destroy us... Again."
Vander passed one of his hands all over your back and with a little effort he raised your upper half to kiss the crown of your head. You snuggled close to his huge chest listening to the constant beating of his heart, you could have sworn that being by his side made you forget the pain that ran through each of your limbs.
"Rest for now... We'll see how to fix it."
"I don't want to lose anyone else," you sobbed. "I don't want to feel the possibility of losing you or the children again... If something happens to them I'll die." You squeezed his shirt between your fingers while hiding your face.
"I'll see what I can do honey, worry about resting now."
Tumblr media
Note: Many thanks to @eexphoria for his help to correct my English mistakes and his comments that always make my day
In case you are interested, the requests are open
@illusions-of-qi @wokensiren @atlas-nex @chromaticaa7
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togetherhearted · 5 months ago
Silco (and whoever else the randomizer god decides!) with a soft s/o :)
Hi! Thanks so much for waiting. The randomizer god has spoken. I hope you'll like em!
Silco,Claggor and Singed with a soft S/O
Tumblr media
-Silco would never admit out loud;at least not while is at work, but he feels lucky to have you in his life.
-You accepted little Jinx in a heartbeat. Trusting his decision to take care of her even if both of you never had experience with taking care of a child.
-You cook for him, insisting that homemade food taste even better than takeouts.
-Goodbye kisses before he leaves for work are a must for him to start the day in a good mood.
-At night, before sleep you both take a cup of chamomille to relax. Chatting about the day or you go to Jinx's room to read her a bedtime story.
Tumblr media
-Both you and Claggor are soft for each other. This makes Mylo fake gag every single time.
-You like to help him with his commission even if he insists he can handle everything alone. You love being around him, so you don't mind dirt your hands.
-You get him out of troubles when Mylo does something stupid and he's with him.
-Forehead kisses. You take off his goggles and place sweet smooches. You can bet Claggor reaches 10 different shades of red.
Tumblr media
-Your green thumb is both a blessing and a curse [affectionately] for him. You take care of Rio's plants but also decorate your house with them. Everywhere you look there's a cute plant.
-You give Rio tons of affection. You would give it to Singed as well, but he's a busy man so you don't want to bother him that much.
-You tend his injuries and he's grateful for that even if you know he can take care of himself.
-Long reading sessions; whenever you're sitting on the sofa or under the warm bed covers. As long as you're tangled up together, you're happy.
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lileeeeee · a month ago
normal day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
today I'm funny
(he just took a picture of grandpa benzo to prove that everything's okay, he didn't break the house in his absence, but his stupid best friend and another stupid friend are raging and fighting for a piece of air)
(yes benzo is his grandfather i don't care it's MY au i do what i want to)
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punkrockmads · 7 months ago
There's Nothing Wrong With You
Young Vi x Young Fem! Reader(Platonic!), Young Powder x Young Fem! Reader(Innocent Lil Kid Love) (Reader is Powder's age)
Summary: Struggling with your sexuality is hard, especially when you don't know who will be accepting and who will think you're disgusting. (Child Reader comes out to Vi)
Warnings: mentions of homophobia, swearing, slight use of homophobic words (nothing extreme), slight angst, big sis Vi tooth rotting fluff
For more angsty feels, listen to The Village by Wrabel
For the past few nights, Y/N had been struggling to sleep. A few days ago, she and Powder had been walking around by The Last Drop holding hands and just playing around when an older boy started teasing them, saying things like "disgusting" and "faggots" and "freaks". Y/N knew what they were angry about. She was holding hands with a girl... a girl she likes... something a few assholes in Zaun didn't approve of.
Before the boy's bullying could continue, Mylo had come out of the bar, hearing the yelling. He stood in front of the scared, embarrassed girls, yelling at the boy and threatening him within an inch of his life, defending his younger family members as they hurried back into the bar.
Since that day, Y/N had been overthinking it all. Were the butterflies that she got in her stomach around Powder really disgusting? Was she really a freak for having a crush on her for years? Was it really wrong for her to feel so happy with her? It all started to eat her up inside.
The more she thought about it, the more worried she was about someone finding out and hating her forever. What if Vander found out, or worse, what if Powder found out? She decided to go to the person she's considered her big sister ever since they met when Vander took her in a few years ago. The one person she knows wouldn't judge her; Vi. She walked to the room she shares wit Vi and Powder and sometimes Mylo and Claggor and Ekko when those crazy people decide to actually sleep.
"Vi?" She called softly, peeking in from behind the doorway. Vi looked up from the book she was reading, seeing the girl standing there with an anxious look on her face.
"Hey, Y/N." Vi gestured for the younger girl to come in, patting the spot next to her on the bed. Cautiously, Y/N walked in and sat beside her. It was odd to see Y/N so anxious. Usually she's only like this when something really scares her. "Everything okay?"
Y/N shook her head, keeping her scared gaze on the floor. "I think something's wrong with me." She said, her voice barely above a whisper.
"What?" Vi asked, scanning the smaller girl for any sign of injuries. "Are you hurt? Do you feel sick?" She placed her hand on the 12 year old's forehead, expecting to find her burning up.
"No." Y/N shook her head once more, tears welling up in her eyes. Vi could hear the fear and sadness in her voice, placing a hand on her little shoulder and squeezing lightly.
"Hey." Vi tried her best to keep her worrying at bay, making her voice sound as smooth and as calm as possible. "What's the matter? You can tell me."
"I'm disgusting, Vi." Y/N's voice cracked as she spoke. Tears fell from her frightened eyes.
"What?" Vi asked, confused. What the hell would make Y/N think such a thing?!
"I like girls." Y/N whispered, bursting into tears. "I know it's not normal and gross and- I hear people say all the time that people like me are disgusting freaks but I- I don't know how to fix it! I can't fix it! And now you're gonna hate me and Vander's gonna hate me and- and Powder and Mylo and-" Y/N was full on sobbing at this point. Vi sat there awestruck, mouth agape as she listened to the girl confess something she'd been holding onto for God knows how long.
As soon as everything registered in Vi's head, she pulled Y/N into her arms, sitting her on her lap and hugging her tightly. "Oh, Y/N." She whispered soothingly. The smaller girl wrapped her arms around Vi, clinging to the back of her shirt with balled up fists as she wept into her shoulder. "Shhh. It's okay." Vi slowly rocked side to side, rubbing Y/N's back with one hand and her shoulder with the other. "You're okay. Deep breaths." She remembered comforting Powder like this when she came out to her. It's the same way she comforts her when she has a rough day or her mind decides to be especially cruel to her.
Vi waited for Y/N to calm down before speaking again, rocking her slowly and whispering comforting words until her sobs became soft sniffles. "Y/N, nothing is wrong with you." She started, her voice firm but gentle. "What you hear those people say on the streets is so far from the truth. There is nothing wrong with you. There's something wrong with them."
Y/N looked at Vi instead of the floor for the first time that night, listening intently as the older girl spoke. "Love is love. It doesn't matter what gender they are or what race they are or any of that shit. All that matters is that they make you happy. That you can look at them and feel a happiness and a safety and a love that can't possibly be measured and that they can do the same with you."
Vi ran her fingers through Y/N's hair, soothing her as she spoke. "Liking girls is completely normal. It doesn't make you disgusting or a freak, it means you like girls and that's perfectly okay. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you just let me know and I'll take care of it."
Y/N's grip on Vi's shirt had relaxed, her arms now loosely wrapped around the girl's strong torso. "There's nothing wrong with me?" Y/N asked, her voice raspy and her nose stuffy from crying.
"No, honey." Vi assured, hugging Y/N tightly. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I promise. I am so proud of you and I'm really happy you felt safe enough to tell me. Coming out can be really hard."
"Coming out?" Y/N asked, not knowing what that meant.
"Coming out basically means telling someone you like the same gender or both genders or neither gender. Or telling someone you don't identify as the gender you were born as." Vi said, explaining it just as she had done to Powder about a year ago. "Can I tell you something?" Vi said, making her voice seem like she was about to tell Y/N a deep dark secret. Y/N nodded, looking at her with big, curious eyes. "I like girls, too." Vi said. "I'm a lesbian. It means I like girls and I don't like boys."
Y/N nodded, easily understanding everything Vi was saying. "So if I like girls and not boys, I'm a lesbian too?" She asked.
"That's right!" Vi said with a grin. "And you should be proud! Girls are way better than boys anyways." She laughed, making Y/N crack a small smile. "When I came out to Vander, I was just as scared as you. But he just hugged me and told me the same things I just told you. Plus he said he kinda already suspected it."
"Do I have to tell Vander?" Y/N asked, letting Vi wipe her damp cheeks with the pad of her thumb.
"You can, but you don't have to tell anyone unless you want to. Nobody can force you to come out, Y/N."
Y/N nodded. "Can we tell him together? When he's done working?"
"Absolutely!" Vi smiled. "So... any specific girl caught your eye yet?"
"I don't know..." Y/N mumbled, hesitant to tell her.
"Oooh there's definitely a girl!" Vi teased. "Who is it? Is it someone I know? Tell meeeee!"
"I, uh..." Y/N took a deep breath, looking down at her shoes as her cheeks turned red. "I like Powder-"
"Fuck yeah!! That's amazing!! God, I'm so proud of you!! Wait right here, I gotta go tell Vander he owes me 20 bucks!!"
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saltyoreoowo · 2 months ago
Did these a while ago, just the act 1 kiddos cause I miss them a lot :'[
(First Tumblr post let's go 💀)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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toomanyfandomstowrite · 7 months ago
My Magnum Opus. Welcome to Arcane my friends.
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