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Superman: Classic Design [October 16, 2020] by Supes Guy

Classic Superman costume design. This time showcasing red boots that I recently acquired. It came from a merchant store on AliExpress ( For such an inexpensive pair, they serve the basic purpose of red boots. Feels like cardboard, so not for prolonged wearings.

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TW! Talks of Suicide

I’m not in the mood today, Satan! Woke up from a wonderful sleep just to see assholes attacking my friends! Let me tell you something right fucking now, telling someone to kill themselves is NEVER OKAY! And in most places is a criminal offence! Because if said person kills themselves, you can be held responsible.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and been very suicidal. So if that ask has come to me yesterday or even last week, it would have been the push over the cliff. So grow the fuck up and get the fuck on! I’m not having this shit!

That being said, my blog is a sage haven for you! You can send me an ask or DM. You are not alone.

And this bitch stans HENRY FUCKING CAVILL!

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Hello my lovelies. I’ve had a shit day and could use a pick-me-up. Please hit me with your favorite fanfiction, gif, picture, etc of Henry Cavill, Seb Stan, or Chris Evans. Thank you babes!

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