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#Clint Barton
incorrect-assvengers · 2 days ago
Clint: I don't think I can mansplain, manipulate, malewife our way out of this situation.
Kate, cracking her knuckles: Manslaughter it is.
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If Jimmy Woo does get his rumored spin-off show with Darcy Lewis, I want them to pull a “Shang-Chi reveals he’s a kung fu master on the bus” type move that’ll make Jimmy more like his comic book counterpart. Something along the lines of villain henchmen approaching Jimmy, which leads to Jimmy dispatching all of them with ease. 
Then we learn later on the episode that Jimmy is an ex-SHIELD agent who had to lie low after the 2014 SHIELD-HYDRA War. So the dopey, friendly demeanor he had in “WandaVision” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp” was just a cover identity to throw people off. Have Clint Barton show up to tell Darcy that Jimmy was one of the most dangerous SHIELD agents at the time to top it all off.
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dyns33 · 2 days ago
Another drunk karaoke night at the Stark Tower 
Thor, a bit drunk : "Will you sing for us little lizard ?" 
Wizard Y/N : "I don't think so."
Tony, drunk : "Why not ? Too shy ?" 
Wizard Y/N : "Not drunk enough." 
Natasha, fine : "We can arrange that." 
Wizard Y/N : "Good luck. Loki is stealing all my drinks." 
Loki, very drunk : "No one will hear my darling singing but me. And stop with the alcohol. My darling doesn't like being drunk. They say nonsense to me, I remember it, and they are ashamed in the morning." 
Clint : "Like what ?" 
Loki : "Hihi. Last time, they told me they loved me. In very bad asgardian. That I was the cutest, the nicest and the sexiest. Then that they wanted me to lick their..." 
Steve : "Okay, no more drinks for Y/N and Loki." 
Wizard Y/N : "I agree." 
Thor, sad : "And no song then ?" 
Wizard Y/N : "... We'll see when he'll be asleep." 
Loki, cuddling them : "Nooooooo." 
Wizard Y/N : "I'll sing Take me to church just for you." 
Loki, sleepy : "Why ? We are already married, the Grandmaster said so." 
Wizard Y/N : ".... So we are really married ?! Master ?!" 
Doctor Strange, reading in a corner : "No, you are not." 
Loki : "We are !"
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frankopop · 2 days ago
Y/N: I asked Natasha out.
Clint: Oh, I’m sorry.
Y/N: Why?
Clint: Well, I assume she said no.
Y/N: No, she said yes.
Clint: Really? damn… Then I’m sorry for her!
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idyllicmei · 2 days ago
Wanda: Clint and Steve always say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth
Wanda: Apparently neither of them have ever been in Y/n's arms
Clint: Of course we've never been Y/n's arms they're terrifying
Steve: One time I brushed up against them and they pulled out a switch blade
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Steve: Did you eat all the powdered donuts?
Clint: No...
Steve: Then what's that on your pants?
Clint: Uh... cocaine?
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sleepyideamachine · 2 days ago
I'M SO EXCITED!!! in my communications class we have an informative speech due next week and she said it can be on whatever we want.
i'm 'bout to write a whole five minute speech on the fraction and aja run of hawkeye
Tumblr media
just look at him
Tumblr media
what a loser (affectionate)
Tumblr media
i love him so much
Tumblr media
his dog (lucky, aka pizza dog) has one eye and i love him also
Tumblr media
that is kate bishop, she is pretty great!
also, did i mention he's deaf?? and he signs in issue 19(?), accurately and everything!
Tumblr media
look at him! what a lad!
sigh, i love comics...
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Bruce: Do any of you have any healthy stress outlets?
Steve: Yelling.
Tony: Drinking.
Clint: Murder.
Thor: Maiming.
Natasha: Manipulation.
Bruce: Okay, so we have yelling.
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robo-ratto · a day ago
Tumblr media
Winterhawk Bingo Square: I4 - Falling Off Buildings - @winterhawkbingo
Sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Things have been rough. BUT, I am here with another attempt at perspective. It turned out alright, I hope? Don’t worry, Clint has grappling arrows! Clint jumps off buildings for fun, Bucky is gonna be just fine. <3
Please do not repost! Re-blogging is very much welcomed, though! <3
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whyihatetonystark · a day ago
Oh shit oh fuck I only just realised that the set-up of the Hawkeye series with Kate being a Clint fangirl will definitely lead to a massive increase in Clint/Kate shipping and I-- I can't deal with that
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funnyincorrectmcu · 3 hours ago
Steve: You know what we need? A trust exercise. (All At The Same Time) Nat: Absolutely not. Bruce: No thank you. Clint: I’ll pass. Thor: I’m not certain that will help. Tony: No fucking way. Steve: … Steve: Language.
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