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#Clint Barton

Here is chapter 2 of Avengers AU of Scream for @optimistic-dinosaur-nacho spooky challenge. Planning on breaking up the rest of the story into 2 chapters.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Y/N Weathers; Avengers x Reader

Word count: 2.3k

Warnings: suspense, inappropriate jokes, mentions of gore 

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Episode 2: Bloody Mess

A fucking geyser ! The liquid was leaking out in the air, propulsing blood everywhere but mostly on the white expensive leather couch.

You tried as much as you could to wrap a hand around his neck and put pressure on the wound to prevent any further catastrophe but in vein. Blood pooled around your fingers and rained  on the previously immaculate material.

« Shit, Tony’s gonna kill me »

Being completely useless regarding the situation, you decided to help it your style. You put your mouth on the wound and let the life liquid pour into your mouth, drinking in every bit. It was seriously not the best meal, you didn’t even had the time to savour it, dam nit !

But itw as food so you got used to it rather quickly and enjoyed. And maybe you got a little too much into it.

While moving your hand to put yourself in a more comfortable position, you placed your hand on a soaked part of the couch and slipped. The movement resulted in a momentum that made you fall off the couch and right onto the coffee table. Which of course, was made of glass and it shattered under your weight. With a groan, you let yourself rest on the ground while blood was still spray-painting the room in red and shards of glass were tearing the skin of your back apart.

It couldn’t get worse so what was the point to kill yourself on task to make it better.

As you just laid there, in the middle of the chaotic scenery, the elevator’s ring echoed through the room. You couldn’t do anything else than close your eyes and let the doom crash upon you.

« What the fuck ! »

Tony screamed, probably noticing the chaos his living room was in, fortunately, he was hidden from your sight and so were you from his.

He rant about god knows what he wanted to do to you for ruining his amazing home. But before he could get to the point, he let-out a scream before a loud crash noise filled the room before silence settled again.

Your eyes shot open and you squinted in confusion straightening yourself in a sitting position. When no noise followed, you got yourself up as well as you could and search for your friend.

Quickly, you found him laying on the floor in the middle of a bloody puddle, the scarlet liquid staining his clothes.

« Tony ? »

His eyes opened slowly and met yours, anger clear in them.

« I’m going to kill you ! Pass me a stake before I change my mind and feel guilty ! »

You offered him your hand to take so he could get up, he clearly accepted it with reluctance and tried to get off the ground. Unfortunately, your hand wasn’t a sure grip with all the blood itw as covered in and he slipped from your hold, falling on the floor for the second time.

« Get out of my sight ! » he shouted while ridiculously wriggling on the floor.

« Sure » you said

Before jumping in the air, turning into a bat and flying off. Just about to leave the room by the nearest window, you collided with the glass. Knocked off by the shock, you fell to the floor.

And to say it was a rather mainstream night at the tower…

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Unsurprisingly, large Alpine Did Not Want to go for a romantic walk in the park

For the ‘first date’, ‘dumbasses in love’ and ‘lucky the pizza dog’ Winterhawk Bingo squares! Inexperienced cat dad bucky decides to kill two birds with one stone and give over-loved alpine some exercise. Cats can go on leashes right? He’s seen it on YouTube!

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Summary: It’s been two years since you uprooted your life and left to figure out who you really are, leaving behind Bucky and Clint with little more than a note as a warning. Now, New York is calling your name and it’s time to go home. How will Clint and Bucky react to your return, and how will the time have affected your relationship?

A/N: Okay, so this is mostly fluff, thank goodness. And, finally, some answers about who took her. Nothing canon, but definitely fun to mess with. Anyway, please enjoy!

Page dividers by @carryonmyswansong

Pairing: WinterhawkxReader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: Mentions of experimentation, brief description of injury

Part 9


“Not that I’m not grateful or anything, but when can I go home?” I ask.

“We want to make sure you’re healed enough to be on your own,” Steve says. Bucky gives him a very pointed look and he clears his throat. “But I think you should be cleared before the end of the week.”

I nod. “Okay.”

“You’re not going to argue on that?”

I shrug and shake my head. “No. I don’t really see any point in doing so. I’m hurt, you’re telling me that I need time to heal. Seems pretty straight forward.”

"I see.”

“Was there anything else?” I ask.

“It can wait till you’re feeling better.”

“No, Steve, I’m fine now.” He frowns and I tilt my head to the side. “What is it?”

“What connection do you have to Dr. Danielle Hoffman?”

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Clint: What if we were to get rid of Wade?

Peter: Okay… I think I get what you’re saying. I just wanna clarify something. I can’t kill someone. I can’t. But I wanna help. I’ll dig the… I’ll dig it. I don’t want to, but I’ll do it.

Y/N: We’re not talking about murdering him, Peter.

Clint: That’s not on the table.

Peter: I knew that.

Y/N: Even if we wanted too, we couldn’t.

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I’m looking for a Stucky (ish) fic I read a while ago that I don’t remember a lot of but the general concept is that Nat and Steve are on a mission to destroy a hydra base because they started targeting Steve even more directly and to try to help, Bucky, Clint and Sam dress up as cap and go try to distract hydra around New York. Anyone got any ideas?

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Pietro Maximoff x Female!reader

@20coldhearts said:

can you pls do prompt 3 from your halloween one wihh the pietro pls 🥺🥺


Reader and partner (kids if you want) go to a pumpkin patch

I had no other idea what to call this lol and I just finished hunger games so I am absolutely adding some of those characters to my Masterlist!


Word Count: 527

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I think people (avengers) don’t understand how spiderman is like a child and they all went through a character arc later in life so like the only people that get what it’s like to deal with this shot would maybe be Clint and Natasha Bc their childhoods were fucked up with super villain shit.

i d k anymore. i d k anything. I feel like a chicken that has been grabbed by the legs and hung upside down.

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No. 28   Alt. 15

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpee: Tony Stark

Caregivers: Steve Rogers, Clint Barton

Title: The One Where Tony, Steve, and Clint Go Camping

Part 3

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO 

Sunlight and songbirds woke Steve up. A clock on the wall told him it was 11:00. He sat up and checked on Tony, who hadn’t moved. He checked the bandages around his foot and found that the bleeding had stopped. Clint emerged from the bathroom, then, wiping his face down with a towel. He tossed the towel on the bed, and then held his hand out for Steve to take. Steve accepted the invitation. He let Barton pull him to his feet, then he hopped on his uninjured foot while Clint guided him to the bathroom. Barton waited patiently by the door and then helped Steve sit back down in the wooden chair beside Tony’s bed. In silence, Clint started rummaging through the supplies in the kitchen. He found several bottles of water, and tossed two to Steve. Then he found a can opener. He opted for the cans of beans and opened three.

“I think we should wake him up,” said Clint.

Steve nodded. “Yeah, I think we should.” Cap folded one corner of the blankets aside and put his hand on Stark’s shoulder. “Tony.” Tony’s eyes twitched. “Tony, wake up.”

“Mm,” Tony whined. He started to roll over towards the wall, but Steve kept his grip firm. “Are we home?” Stark whispered.

“Not yet.”

“Wake me up when we’re home.”

“No, Tony, come on, you need to drink some water and eat something.”

“Mm…” Stark opened one eye. He must have decided it was safe, because he opened the other one a few seconds later. “Hey, guys,” he greeted. “Am I naked?”

“Think you can sit up?” Steve asked him.

Tony hadn’t tried to flex his torso yet. But, he squeezed his eyes shut, and did a sit up. He did half of one, and the bullet wound in his kidney hurt so bad that a couple tears leaked out, but he got high enough for Steve to put a pillow under his back. Tony collapsed back against it and put his arm over his face. Three breathing exercises later, his arm fell to his side and he looked at his friends once more. He started to reach for a water bottle, but his strength had leaked out with half of his blood, and his left arm just refused to work. Steve opened a bottle of water, held it out to Tony and got rolled eyes in return.  

“Hold still,” Steve instructed. Like Tony was a baby, he put the bottle against his lips and helped him drink. Tony only took a few sips. The nausea from the concussion was still there. He didn’t let Steve feed him any of the beans.

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Team Captain America decided to have a fun fall activity and go to a sunflower field! Cap wanted the team to bond, and Peggy wanted a a group picture, so they decided to go to the sunflower field. What id your favorite fall activity?

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28. Such wow. Many normal. Very oops

As if his day wasn’t bad enough already, this was the last straw. 

This morning, when Clint woke, he had had a car and a job and home and a boyfriend. And now? Now his life lay in ruins. 

He had kissed Zack this morning, had taken his car keys and left to go to work as a security specialist. But on his way to work someone ignored his right of way and hit his car. The guy was drunk and they had to wait for the cops. The whole incident took more than an hour. And his car was a total loss, so he also had to wait for the tow service to remove the wreck. He found a taxi and drove to HYDRA Inc. only to be greeted by his boss, Alexander Pierce, himself. He yelled at him, called him a failure and that he was too late for the last time. And he fired him. 

Clint stared at him disbelievingly but Pierce had said he should get his stuff and leave the building. Together with a guard he had fetched his things and left. Of course he didn’t get a taxi outside and so he started to walk to go home by bus. It took him almost an hour till he stood in front of his apartment door. He put the box beside the door, unlocked it and went in. He expected the apartment to be empty but when he placed the box on the living room table he could hear voices. 

Clint cocked his head and listened. The voices came from the bedroom. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes for a moment before he went over and opened the door. Zack was there and he was not alone. 

“Hey, babe,” Clint said, the sarcasm almost palpable. “I’m home.” 

Zack whirled around and the woman he was with started to scream. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Zack yelled and Clint just glared at him. 

“I got fired because I had an accident!” he snapped. The woman wrapped the blankets around herself and stared at Clint but he just went to the dresser, opened it, took out his leather jacket and his bow case and left the bedroom. 

“Clint, wait!” Zack said and followed him, still buck ass naked. Clint didn’t turn around, he just dropped his keys on the living room table, took his wallet and went to the door. “Wait! I can explain…” 

“There’s nothing you need to explain,” Clint said and looked at him for a moment. “Have fun with… whoever that is.” 

“Clint, please…” he said but Clint was out of the door already. He slammed it shut behind himself and Zack tore it open a moment later. He stood naked as he was in the corridor. 

“Let me at least explain,” he called after him and Clint turned around again.

“Explain? You cheated on me with that bimbo, that’s enough explanation.” 

“Clint!” He didn’t turn back again, he just walked down the stairs and onto the street again. He would get the rest of his stuff later. Right now he didn’t want to see the asshat no more. 

Out on the streets he had no idea where to go and so he just started to walk along the sidewalk. He muttered silently under his breath when someone grabbed his shoulder. Clint saw a switchblade out of the corner of his eyes and he reacted on instinct. He grabbed the man’s hand, moved his body and threw him over his shoulder. The man landed on his back and Clint could literally hear the air leaving his lungs. But Clint wasn’t done with him yet. 

“You want to mug me?” he yelled. “You actually want to mug me? In broad daylight? In the middle of the street?” 

And he kicked the shit out of the guy. He let off all his anger and his frustration and just beat the everloving shit out of him. 

“Hey!” someone said when Clint just swung at him again. The guy was a bleeding mess on the ground in the meantime. The someone grabbed his arm and stopped him. 

“Let go of me!” Clint hissed and turned around only to look in the most beautiful brown eyes he’d ever seen.

“Come on, he has enough,” the man said. “He’s learned his lesson.” 

He turned to the bleeding man on the ground. 

“Have you learned your lesson?” he asked and shoved him with his foot. 

“Y-yeah,” he mumbled and tried to move his hands. 

“See?” the guy said to Clint now and then cocked his head. “Rough day?” 

“Oh man, you have no idea,” Clint huffed and wiped his face.  

“You look like you need a drink,” the guy grinned and Clint looked at the bleeding man on the street again. “We call the cops and tell them where they can find him,” he added then and Clint eventually nodded. 

“A drink would be awesome,” he said and the man held his hand out for Clint to shake it. 

“My name is James, but friends call me Bucky,” he said and Clint smiled back at him. 

“Clint,” he said. “My name is Clint.” 

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