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insanememeshub · 3 days ago
literally queen energy also i still need to watch episode 5 • • • {TAGS: ... - Marvel Memes
literally queen energy also i still need to watch episode 5 • • • {TAGS: … – Marvel Memes
literally queen energy😌 also i still need to watch episode 5✋🏻 • • • {TAGS: Source
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liberiangirlpyt14 · 7 days ago
Someone please explain! #mcu #theblip #tfatws #clintbarton #hawkeye #marvelfan #marvel
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Snowy Days - Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: A cute little plot a friend of mine came up with. I thought about waiting until winter to post it, but I couldn’t, so enjoy!!
[My Marvel Masterlist]
Word Count: 1037
Despite the darkness of the chilly bedroom, a lone ray of sunlight manages to pierces through the curtains. The bright light strikes a sleeping captain’s face, consequently stirring him from a peaceful slumber. A groan of exhaustion escapes his lips as his sore muscles protest with every movement he makes—yesterday’s HYDRA base raid was much more complicated than anticipated—but he chooses to ignore the burning sensation in his shoulder in order to throw a limb over to the other side of the mattress. However, Steve is met with an empty spot in the mattress where he expected a sleeping body to lie sprawled out beside him.
“What the-” Forcing an eye to open to confirm what he had felt, Steve’s confusion grows when he realizes his wife has mysteriously disappeared from the comforts of their shared bed. His head turns to glance at the bathroom—the lack of light peeking out from beneath the door worries him.
Sitting up while rubbing at his bleary eyes, the captain swings his legs out to the edge of the mattress, ready to check the kitchen to see if his beloved decided to snack at an ungodly time, but his heart rate spikes at the sight of his shield missing from its designated spot propped up against the wall by his bed. This immediately sends him into a panic.
“(Y/n)!” Steve calls out to his wife, nearly tripping over the sheets that tangled up at his ankles as he lurches off the mattress. His hands grab at a random shirt he had cast aside carelessly a few nights before, hastily yanking it over his head as his feet are roughly shoved into a pair of boots sitting in his closet. “(Y/n), where are you?”
Each room receives a quick search, and the results remain the same each time. Steve is close to waking up every resident sleeping soundly throughout the compound to help him—he is ready to expand the search radius all the way out to every HYDRA base they can find. The fact that the Avengers’ most recent mission was to raid the terrorist organization leaves Steve on edge.
What if this is their method of a targeted revenge? Take away his loved one along with his greatest weapon?
He can live without the latter...the shield can be remade. His wife, however? No person or object can ever replace (Y/n). He cannot live without her.
With his mind running on autopilot, the captain runs back to the bedroom to change into his suit. He raises his head to look at the ceiling, ready to ask FRIDAY to sound an alarm, when a scream suddenly catches his attention. Steve’s body freezes in place, his mind trying to process what he had just heard.
It can’t be…
The suit is forgotten as Steve barrels out of the room, throwing the door open with enough force for the doorknob to find a permanent home within the drywall. Loud stomping echoes in the halls as the super soldier follows the source of the screaming. He fears for the worst.
As soon as he reaches the entrance, Steve wastes no time. He races out while frantically turning in every possible direction to search for his wife. The lack of individuals within sight scares him, but when he hears another shout, the captain realizes the sound is coming from the other side of the building, so he quickly circles around towards the open yard surrounding the compound.
“(Y/n)! I’m coming, doll! Hold o-” If it were physically possible for him to come to a screeching halt, that is what Steve would imagine himself doing this very moment as he stares out into the slopes. Instead of finding any HYDRA agents or individuals with villainous intent, the captain is met with a sight that leaves him dumbfounded: his wife is squealing with joy as she slides down the snowy hills while sitting atop his shield.
“You have got to be- (Y/N) ROGERS, GET OVER HERE THIS INSTANT!”
Steve suddenly realizes his mistake as he watches his wife, who is a telekinetic, suddenly stop in the middle of the slop to turn and stare at him, her eyes wide with guilt; she looks like a child who had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. She blinks several times, remaining as still as a statute despite her husband sternly motioning for her to walk over to him. It takes her a moment to weigh her options before (Y/n) decides on the best course of action. Despite having been caught sledding in the snow with her husband’s precious vibranium shield—there will be consequences—she decides to flee from the scary captain who is her significant other.
Before Steve can even take a step forward, he watches (Y/n) use her powers to propel his shield across the lawn without any need for momentum. Within seconds, his wife and shield are nothing but a speck in the distance and the super soldier is left dumbfounded; he is unsure whether he should chase after her, or reprimand her whenever she decides to return home.
After several minutes, a light crunching noise pulls the captain out of his trance. Turning around, he finds the entire Avengers team bundled up in coats over their pajamas, shivering with worried expressions plastered over all their faces.
“You guys should be in bed. What are you doing out here?”
“FRIDAY woke us all up,” Tony grumbles groggily. “She notified us as soon as you ran out of the compound without any warning.”
“Sorry, Tony. I didn’t know FRIDAY would do that.”
“Is everything okay, Cap? You don’t just run out at 3 in the morning for no reason.” Clint steps forward, ready to place a comforting hand on the captain’s shoulder, when a dry chuckle interrupts him.
“I just ran out here, worried out of my mind that HYDRA had broken in for a kidnapping and burglary, but I instead found my wife having the time of her life in the snow. I tried to scold her for scaring me, and she just sledded off into the distance on my shield...What do you say to that?”
The End
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thegreenninjafan · 15 days ago
Headcanon 2: Avengers Cooking Breakfast
Saving the boardgames and holiday headcanon prompts for later, cause I wanna write that better and I have about twenty minutes right now >>:) Steve: Makes the best eggs, in every way. Is always up at crazy early times like 5 or 6 am make a nice breakfast for the ones in the tower. Tony: Tried cooking twice, was banned from the kitchen by Pepper. Except for when he makes brownies, because somehow he can mess up every single other recipe except brownies. Beautiful dark chocolate chip brownies. Which the avengers will and have fought over. Bruce: He cooks everything pretty well, says its like a lab experiment, just in the kitchen and with different ingredient. Second best cook.
Peter: Cooks just fine but burns something 79% of the time. His speciality is making French toast, which Natasha absolutely loves. Loki: He is surprisingly good at pancakes, which everyone thought Steve would end up being good at. Other than that, everything else he makes is average but still better than most of the others. He cooks when the team is on a mission and Peter or Pietro is the only one there.
Natasha: She never cooks surprisingly, except when she is the only one left in the tower. Then she microwaves something. Bucky: Makes the best ever waffles. Like, the best. Except they never fight over it or he threatens to not make it again. And if you play a prank on him, you're not getting waffles the next time he makes it. Bucky is usually left alone during prank wars because his waffles are just too good. Clint: Has awesome crépes. Tony loves them the most. Usually makes them four times a week because he wakes up early and gets bored in the morning.
Thor: No, just no. The last time he ended up using his hammer to electrocute everything. He was never let into the kitchen again lest he tried to help by electrocuting everything again. Wanda: Cooks pretty nice eggs, not as good as Steve but since she gets up later, you can usually find her in the kitchen at 9 o'clock scrambling some eggs. Will offer to make for you if you want. -And if you play a prank on Bucky, you're not getting waffles the next time he makes it. He is usually left alone during prank wars because his waffles are just too good. Peter is the only one who can get away with pranking him because, puppy dog eyes. -Peter once caught Bruce coming upstairs from the lab holding some apparent chemical about to put it on his eggs, and freaked out, only for him to explain it was self made chili sauce. Peter ended up trying it cautiously and begging Bruce to make some for him to bring home.
-Natasha usually ends up taking the plate of French toast over to her seat and glaring at everyone who even thinks about trying to taking one. Peter just ends up making a second batch after she finished eating and leaves the table.
-Once Clint was making crépes and for no reason at all took one and threw it at Thor. It landed on his plate perfectly. Everyone has asked Clint to do this again but he never tried it again. Bucky suspects Clint was aiming for Thor's face but missed. -Loki had to put out two fires from when Tony tried to cook again (without permission from Pepper) he always holds this over Tony's head and threatens to tell Pepper. >>:) Enjoy this one too! <3
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thegreenninjafan · 15 days ago
Headcanon: Avengers Getting Pets. <3
Aight, this has been spinning around in my head for a long time, and I decided posting it all here would be a good idea. After posting this, I will find pictures of the pets and post also. <3 Steve: Gets a golden retriever. Names it Buddy, like the old-fashioned person he is. Bud for short. A few months old, but very playful. Bucky: Gets a Persian cat (those fluffy ones). Names it Annie. An for short. Tony: Gets some fish. Fish because he hates getting fur around the place and the other avengers have 'enough damn pets as it is'. He calls them fishy. Bruce: Has a stray cat for a pet. Calls it Bellus, latin for 'cute'. (Very Bruce.) Bell for short. Clint: Has a husky from the farm, pretty old dog. Calls it Amie , French for 'friend'. Ami for short. Natasha: Has a kitten called Akita. Black and white, one year old. Friends with Bell, always chases Buddy around. Loves teasing Boots and sleeping on him (literally). Thor: Has a turtle. Don't know why, but Thor likes turtles. Spider turtle, name is ..... Spider. A few months old. Peter: Convinced May to let him get a brown puppy. Very tiny dog, name is Boots. One year old. Loki: He has a pure black cat called Ares. Three years old, Al for short. Wanda: Has a pet parrot. It adores her, and will repeat Slovanian phrases if you try to talk to it. Called Birch. Two years old and still learning new phrases.
- Some avengers like Sam and Peter don't actually know Loki has a pet cat because Ares loves disappearing. Loki, Bucky, JARVIS, and Natasha are the only ones who can usually find him. - The reason Boots is called that is because the first time Peter got him, he went missing and ended up in the (extremely large) shoe cupboard and was chewing Natasha boots. She wasn't mad but did pick up Boots and bring him over to her room to let Akita play with him.
-Clint likes to pet Birch and call it a birb all the time. It has learned tp peck at him when he says that. - How Bruce got Bell: Fed her his leftover sandwich once and ended up bringing it to the vet to get shots before bringing it home and setting up a bed for it in his lab.
- The only reason Tony's fish is alive is because Peter built them a machine which automatically feeds them once a day. -Annie perches on Bucky's shoulder when he reads or does paperwork at his desk. If she sees Tony she will follow him around until he locks himself into his lab to 'get away from that pesky cat who won't stop following him around'. For reasons unknown yet, but Natasha suspects he dotes on her when no one's around. - Don't tell Thor, but Steve and Natasha plan to keep an eye on Spider when he's getting older and swap him with another turtle when he dies so Thor won't be sad. They don't think Thor will notice Spider getting a bit smaller. (He probably won't) - Buddy always gets into the Avengers laundry room and messes up Steve's clothes and he gets mad but always ends up laughing and shooing buddy out of the room before throwing the clothes into the washer again.
-Ami and Buddy have a rivalry. Buddy usually goes to annoy Ami while Ami just picks him up by the scruff of his neck (thats how big Ami is) and puts him wherever Steve is like : 'take ur damn dog pls' -Bell often smashes lab equipment to stop his work after Bruce has been working for more than 15 hours straight. He still hasn't figured out how she knows to do that, but he usually just goes to bed after she does because he knows she'll just keep breaking stuff and doesn't have the heart to lock her in his room or somewhere. - Ares once disappeared for a week straight. No one could find him until one day he stalked out of a cupboard in Tony's lab and as you could guess, Tony almost died of shock. Loki pampered him more after because he heard the screams from 6 levels above the lab. - Spider has been replaced 2 times by now. Thor still hasn't noticed. -Buddy once got into Natasha's clothes and Steve had to rescue him from her. -When Peter goes over to the tower, he will drop home first and put Boots into his backpack before swinging over. He does secure her with some webbing before swinging over though.
Aight, thats all for today! Pictures in a second post! <3
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darkestspiritofthemoon · 21 days ago
Home Is Where The Cat Is
“Enjoy the holidays?”
If it hadn’t been for the red hair, he would’ve missed Natasha amidst the crowd. After dodging and slipping past an overwhelming number of suits and ties, the accounting department was really trying this year, Clint found himself marching alongside her.
“What holidays?” she walked casually yet expeditiously, hands balancing a cup of coffee and an open file she was perusing. Her voice was back to normal and so was her usual confident demeanor, not that he was ever worried about any of that.  
“Well, pine trees, Santa Claus, obscene amounts of alcohol disguised as eggnog, you know, Christmas?”
“Christmas, right.” She closed the folder shut, reaching out to press the elevator button. “I was on a solo in Panama, must’ve slipped right past me. In fact,” the doors opened with a ding and she stepped inside “I’m headed up for a debrief.”
“And what about Fonseca?”
“Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, all recently became clients and hold assets within the firm. However, it may be too early to make allegations just yet. I followed a few different potential traces, but we need more definitive data, especially with regards to tax evasion and international sanctions.”
She kept her posture straight, looking the SO directly in the eyes as she spoke. He observed her for a while, glancing at the file and back at her, crunching the numbers.
“That is all, agent Romanoff. Excellent work.”
She expected nothing less, after all, the whole thing had been simple intelligence gathering, but still, she left the room triumphant.
The ride down from the 19th floor brought back Barton’s remark. Had she really missed Christmas? It wasn’t like her to lose track of time, yet life had been so busy lately, she’d barely had the time to even notice the weather, hence the pencil skirt that barely covered her knees.
Her lips let out a small sigh as she got off the elevator, swiping her coat and wrapping it tightly around her frame.
It was already snowing when she emerged outside, large chunks of the white stuff hastily making their descent over the streets of New York. Throughout the years, Natasha had taken up residence in a total of twenty-seven countries, haunting the alleyways late at night and occupying her mornings with jogs through the local parks. No place was like the other, each one its own colorful blur of people and events. The one thing they all had in common, however, except for the bleak hotel rooms, sleepless early hours and bloody bathrooms, was the fleetness. Natasha Romanoff was not a settler, never more than a nightly phantom, gone and forgotten with the rising sun. But New York? New York was very much born at midnight, alive and ablaze. And for a shadow, the subtlety disappeared with the flickering neons.
Her phone went off vibrating in her pocket, the only acceptable ringtone she could tolerate. It was the realtor, she’d memorized the number after S.H.I.E.L.D. had hooked her up more than a month ago. She’d put that whole thing on hold, missions and all, but it seemed the moment had come for this next step.
She picked up, exchanging a few pleasantries with the man on the opposite end and arranging an appointment in the next hour or so, just enough of a time gap to grab a quick lunch on the way.
The entirety of her day very much resembled those romantic comedies the Red Room used to teach them English from – long busy days at the office, awkward elevator rides, dirty looks on the subway. Who had she become other than a member of corporate, strolling around town and avoiding maniacal taxi drivers? She was supposed to be the maniacal driver, not somebody’s low-wage secretary. But alas, she had to gain their trust.
The apartment, oh the irony, happened to be located right next to a small park in East Side, fifth floor, quiet neighborhood. She’d officially signed off from the hotel and was now standing at the front door, key in hand and suitcase in tow.
Somehow, it felt monumental. Other than the Red Room, which she couldn’t exactly call home, she’d never had a permanent place, not to mention, all to herself. A set of deep breaths and a look down the hall later, Natasha finally stepped in.
She followed her usual routine of examining the property thoroughly, checking behind curtains, doors, underneath the bed and couch. It was clear. And quiet. Far off from the Parisian wooden window frames that creaked with every gust of wind and did nothing for the cars passing down the street.
Stepping back into the foyer, she finally locked the door and took a moment to take it all in. It wasn’t anything too special, a kitchen, separate bedroom and a bathroom, all, thankfully, fully furnished, thank you S.H.I.E.L.D. A window was tucked in the corner of each room, both opening up to the fire escape she’d noted from the street below.  Home sweet home? Only time would tell.
Natasha slipped out of her heels, the wooden floor nice and smooth and soothing beneath her feet. She fished out her cell, dialling the Chinese place she’d discovered amidst one of her evening strolls, the very first semblance of normalcy she’d partaken in as a full-time New Yorker, and just flopped onto the sofa very unladylike, anticipating the Heavenly Food delivery.
She had not ordered a cat. Yet somehow, there was one in her living room, all black fur and green eyes glinting menacingly towards the chicken on the countertop.
“Don’t even think about it,” Natasha whispered, lightly questioning the fact that she was threatening an animal.
The intruder, no taller than Natasha’s knee but twice as feisty, hissed and moved closer, not once breaking eye contact with the food.
In the span of a few seconds, chaos ensued, with Natasha trying to push the cat aside, mid-air, only to get her wrists all scratched up. The chicken, well, god speed to the chicken, as it somersaulted right between the little critter’s incisors. And the cat? Smug as a cat could be, it bolted out of the open window, swiftly taking the fire escape down until she hit the street and disappeared behind a dumpster.
Natasha stood dumbfounded, a few drops of red trickling down her palm. Did that really just happen?
This was me dipping my toes in the world of Tumblr fanfic for the first time, so thank you if you’ve made it this far! I have a million works excitedly buzzing in my drafts and I would be glad to, having finally gained the confidence, unleash them on the Clintasha fandom!  -darkestspiritofthemoon
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taralovesthesnow · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
LOVE this book so much ALL of Kates Hawkeye run is now available in this great volumes!! Volume 2 containing the Generations one shot plus issues 1-4 of #WestCostAvengers (2018) #Hawkeye #Hawkeye #KateBishop #ClintBarton #Lucky #PizzaDog
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rennermyoneandonly · a month ago
MCU Hawkeye Theory
So I was thinking wouldn´t flashbacks be the perfect concept for the Hawkeye series?? Like idk if you guys have seen the Arrow on Netflix, but kind of that concept. Like in 2025 or whatever year theyre in the current story develops but in the mean time we get flashbacks about Clint’s past cause we LITTERALY dont know ANYTHING about him. I have my hopes set on this idea so im probably going to be really sad if it doens´t happen.
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rennermyoneandonly · a month ago
MCU Hawkeye Theory
Do you guys ever think about the timeline of Clint’s family and his work at S.H.I.E.L.D?? Cause I was and I want to share it. 
So when we meet Barton’s family in Age of Ultron it’s not said how old his kida are, but im guessing  Cooper was about 10 years old and Lila was around the age of  6 maybe 7. Meaning that Clint probably had his first child around 2005. 
In the comics Clint was ofcours with the circus and then presumed criminal before joining the Avengers. Since we don’t know ANYTHING about MCU Clint’s past im going to guess what happend here. Its based on some fanfictions and stories I´ve read about Clint working for S.H.I.E.L.D, and also ofcours on the past of Comic Hawkeye. 
What I think that happend is the following: Clint was with the circus ´Carsons circus of traveling wonders´ to be precise, he never agreed to be part of the crime and all that stuff, but he had no place else to go. Then when he was out with Buck (Trickshot) doing a job he didn´t know was a robbery. When he found out and shot his brother in the process he wanted to quit cause he didn´t sign up for a life of crime. Then just like in the comics trickshot left him for dead by nailing him to a tree with arrows. This is where I think S.H.I.E.L.D comes in. They were after the circus of crime and found Clint -barely alive- and decided to take him in. What I imagine is that S.H.I.E.L.D thought he was working with him. They did know of his skills with the bow and arrow and were kind of impressed so they gave him this ultimatum. Come work with S.H.I.E.L.D or go to prison. Knowing how stubborn Clint is he probably didn’t want to do either of them but decided to go work with them, because it seemed better then to go to prison. I found it a little hard placing Laura into this but I think I found something logical. I imagine that Laura could’ve been a nurse at S.H.I.E.L.D when she and Clint met, when I think Clint was with S.H.I.E.L.D for about 6 (cause Clint was still a 19/20-year old) years maybe. Clint is ofcours really bad with hospitals, doctors and nurses, but when Laura helped him he would always accept that. And I think that’s how they kinda fell in love and when she got pregnant with Cooper she decided to retire and take care of the kids. 
So this is what I think that might have happend
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