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#Clockwork Angel
I can’t be the only one that thinks Aneurin Barnard would play a great Will Herondale.
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thegameofnerds · 2 days ago
Originals: Nine Books On Other Supernatural Families
Nine books on supernatural families to read if you loved The Originals tv series!
* This article contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting TGON * If you’re a fan of the “Originals,” you’ll probably like the book suggestions below. These aren’t just paranormal romance, which you can find super easy. Instead, these are books that feature supernatural family dynamics. This can mean between brothers, between sisters, or between a whole handful of siblings. This can include…
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tessasclockworkangel · 4 days ago
Contrary to popular belief, Will stans are low key just soft babies, its the Jem stans that are freaky as fuck.
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storytime-reviews · 5 days ago
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Shelf-Confidence Book Photo Challenge
June 14 2021 – Badass Characters
I loved Jace and Will Herondale immediately, and they are of course completely badass Shadowhunters!
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An Essay on Will of Clockwork Prince and his pain
I think that is not talked enough Will’s pain in Clockwork Prince, aside from the curse, he had to see his family again which for him is sad as the curse said anyone who loved him would die so he may have thought they have stopped loving him as Cecily was alive.
Also Cecily is 15, when Will left she was nine, si when he sees her again she looks older that Ella, so he may have also had glimpses of Ella by seeing Cecily again. Then he has to shallow his feelings everytime, for example when Jem asks him that he thought his sister was dead, he says his sister is dead, eventhough he may have been refering to Ella, he may have also refered to the fact that the idea of Cecily he has is also dead. If we read Will’s perspective on his first kiss with Tessa he is thinking of Cecily while choking on holy water and she is ibviusly imagined as the last time he saw her, so this is a shock from him, because eventhough he may have thought that Cecily would marry and carry on, to see it it’s hurtful as he wouldn’t be part of it. Also the fact that they are living in a Mortmain property which means that they could be killed at any moment and he would have lost his chance of seeing them once again and explaining why he left.
Keep in mind that Will had to face that his father lost everything gambling so his idea of his father also changed, and he would also think of how his sister had to live with that alone, knowing how protective Will is would have hurt him a lot. And he couldn’t talk this with anyone as it would show him vulnerable and lesd people to feel for him a thing he feels he can’t have due to the curse, so he is also shallowing this pain inside.
Then he has to deal with being at a ball with Tessa falling in love more even with her if possible , and then have to turn her away to not hurt her with the curse. Also in York he wants to confort her and can’t, and also earlier we get a repise of their first conversation in the institute when once again they talk about books, and this time Tessa is distant so he faces also losing her as a friend (at least he could have felt so)
Then he has to deal with seeing again the demon that broke him and know that it was in fact fake. Then to see the love of his live being in love with his other half and being unable to be with her without hurting Jem, whom is also dying and he is also facing that
I just think that whether I agree or not with everything Will does or how he behaves, it’s clear that he was having a very bad time not only with love relationship drama but with more and it’s quite a complex situation.
Also I have been thinking on writing one about Cecily so if anyone wants to be tagged to discuss tell me
Tagging @fair-but-wilde-child thanks for wanting hearing me rant about it
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shadowhunters-trove · 5 days ago
The annual “everyone thinks Will is a lunatic meeting” has shifted to become “everyone thinks James is a lunatic in love meeting”
“I cannot say I was wandering about the shadow realm. Better, I suppose, that they think I am a lunatic in love”.
- James Herondale, Chain of Gold Ch. 7
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glfc2112 · 5 days ago
In honour of yesterday being the 9th anniversary of Clockwork Angels, here is a live performance of “The Garden.  Magnificent.
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quotefeeling · 6 days ago
It’s all right to love someone who doesn’t love you back, as long as they’re worth you loving them. As long as they deserve it.
Cassandra Clare; Clockwork Angel
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savonnah-moe · 6 days ago
When you realize that after wessa's first kiss when Will said "I Can't." That he litterly thought he couldn't and it was killing him. Will Herondale. Breaking my heart again.
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Tumblr media
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clangandclatter · 6 days ago
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Rush - Clockwork Angels (June 12, 2012)
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