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I REALLY hope that grades this year (or at least second semester) are not going to be held against students, whether that be colleges or employers agree to disregard this timeframe (which I believe some major universities are doing) or schools agree to bump up grades or whatever.

I do realize that this could be a controversial topic because it kind of feels like when you study your ass off for a test but everyone passes anyways just because of the curve, but I think this situation is a little more drastic

I am genuinely concerned because I am failing a class and on the verge of failing another, and I am ok enough with that fact to admit it and admit that I may be a bit biased in this opinion, but the problem with me isn’t that I’m failing, it’s the fact that I’m failing and may not have the time to redeem myself. I have literally never failed a class before in my life but I’m legitimately terrified because as far as I know, I haven’t been getting graded for my online assignments and I’m not able to fix my grades from this past grading period because of all that’s happening and I’m not able to go to school. 

This also scares me for the future as I’m sure it scares many other students. I’m in IB and my friends are like literally geniuses and even they are failing classes just because of the fact that we have the stress of being in what’s basically an international emergency + trying to keep our grades afloat, not to mention this has never really happened at my school, and as a result, none of the teachers really have any idea what they’re doing. Our main concern is that because of all of this, our transcripts are going to look like shit when it comes time for us to start applying to college, and I have many friends who have already been accepted into their dream schools and are afraid that their acceptance will be pulled away due to the drop in their grades. This also goes with scholarships, I’m betting my whole future right now on the fact that I can get a merit scholarship to the college I want because if I can’t manage that, I won’t be able to go. 

If schools decide to still have these grades count i genuinely doubt I’ll be able to get into half of the colleges I plan on applying to, solely because I’ll have the weight of failing two classes (which btw are core classes which I would have to retake at a lower level only making my transcript look worse) and having low grades in the rest.

I know that many places are doing things to help the situation, like college board cutting down AP exams to certain units and making them shorter (which THANK GOD is happening because it would’ve been hell otherwise) because students still have a desire to take them and still receive the credit, as well as many states canceling or waiving standardized testing requirements (like I live in Texas and STAAR and EOC’s have been canceled) 

but we haven’t heard anything about grades, which is arguably more important than most of these tests when it comes to college. If these grades are counted, we could potentially be having a whole wave of students not being able to get into the colleges they want or getting jobs they want simply because they happened to be in school during a situation that was simply out of their control.

I highly doubt they will count these grades, but if they do I will personally write a letter to gov. Abbott and complain, this letter probably would never get read, but it would make me feel better I guess.

anyways that’s my thoughts on the matter, feel free to add or disagree

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campus monday: okay limited housing

campus tuesday: limited dining hall options

campus wednesday: you must eat food alone, social distancing

campus thursday: alright time to tell you that you gotta move out asap

me, a college student who was leaving today and has no time to move the rest of her stuff:

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haven’t heard yet if i have to completely move out of my dorm for the semester. i took some things today that i would need for the next few weeks but hopefully they’ll let us come back

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Rainy day mini study session

This blog has become more of a comglomeration of shit posting, mini motivation, and cool visuals than a studyblr. But no fear! I do have a blog dedicated to college/studying/physics called @lil-study-spoon . Give it a little look see if you’re interested in study motivation, organization tips, and college life. :)

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DAY 1: Franklin, TN

Yesterday was my first full day in Franklin and I had a complete blast! We went to a farmers market at a place called The Factory. I picked up some baked goodies that were so filling and amazing! I also found cute foil art pieces that I’m taking home. After that, I went to downtown Franklin (which is so adorable and cute!) where I found some really good grilling pepper and won some duckies! All in all, a great first day!

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