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I have another design for my Onward fan comic! this is Prince Eladan of the Western Realm. I knew I needed a satyr character in my main lineup! and these two kinda have a dynamic like Lucy and Mr. Tumnus. so to clarify, they are NOT a ship! 

stay tuned for more fan comic stuff :D

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I’m currently developing a comic for some characters I’ve had for several years now. I am super excited about making it, but I’ve also been hesitant about making it just because I don’t believe my art skills are at a high enough level to do comic. But recently a good friend of mine told me that if I shouldn’t delay a project I really want to do for that reason because if I do the project will never get done. (BTW, this friend does a Sander Sides webcomic(virge_maid)and an Ace Attorney webcomic(tru.maid)on Instagram. So like, check them out) Originally, this was going to be a horror novel, but after thinking about it for a bit I decided the cast would work better in a slice-of-life comic. I still want to make the horror idea into a spin-off because I really like that story, but I’m getting ahead of myself.
The comic is going to be called Reds. Reds is going to be a melodrama-comedy/slice-of-life comic about a brother and sister who both have their own families. Robert “Bobby” Redd is a police officer who’s a trashy novelist on the side. He has a bubbly wife named Sarah, a sarcastic goth daughter named Wendy, and a fiery/moody adoptive son named Wesley. His sister, Rebecca “Rebby” Redd is an artist and a single mother to two twins, Vic and Lydia, who were fathered by her emotionally abusive ex. Robert has spent years being a pseudo-guardian to the twins, both emotionally and financially, which is something Rebecca is too proud to admit she appreciates. They both end up becoming a pseudo-parent to Joy Greyscale, a friend of Lydia who has a neglectful mother who never wanted to have her and an absent father who doesn’t know she exists.
I’m intending it to be really long and cover the kids’ lives as they grow up and be mostly episodic slice-of-life with some larger story arcs. The comic’s style is going to a be a lot more cartoony and simplistic than my regular style which tries to be realistic. I want this to be at least a little quick and easy to draw.
I’ll probably make a Tumblr/Instagram for Reds. Probably won’t go here because DA isn’t the best site for comics with the format.
That’s it for now. I’ll put out some concept art and character designs pretty soon. Gotta outline now.
Wish me luck!

BTW: I have two other comic ideas. I’m focusing on Reds right now. I’ll probably get started on the other two after Reds gets off the ground. If you’re curious, one of those comics is essentially Rocky, but with competitive cosplay and the other one is found family with four elemental teens and a magical, blue-haired alien wizard. 

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