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Puramira pauses the story to ask the other Jellicles for clarification on Macavity…and they confirm that indeed, Tugger wasn’t just exaggerating.  But, at least a moment of peace was recaptured with the sunrise.

Obviously at least Tugger managed to escape with his life…the surprise for the others is probably that he allowed himself to escape even a little the worse for wear. x3 Even he knows sometimes it’s inevitable to get messy, especially if you’re helping someone.

Do enjoy! ^^

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Madam Satan reigns supreme with distributor sell-out and second printing #Comics #ComicBooks

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The critically acclaimed Archie Horror one-shot Madam Satan — inspired by the smash-hit series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — has sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors and is going back to print with a recolored cover by interior artist Julius Ohta! 

Madam Satan provides a deeply intense look into the mind of Hell’s new queen by writer Eliot Rahal, artist Julius Ohta, colorist Matt Herms, a…

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