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OMG, take my Commission for $ 8, I really want to buy the game🥺

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hey like or comment reblog or whatever on this post if any of yalls would be interested like $2-$5 little commisions for fullbody doodles like these of ur ocs/dnd characters


like would anyone be interested in that?

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Hi! I’m looking to commission art for my series  Home #1! I don’t really know much about commissioning, but if you know of someone who does art that would be interested in being commissioned for a stucky piece, please let me know! If you don’t know of anybody, it would be great if you could signal boost, just in case any of your followers know of anything! Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to having a work of art to go along with my fic! 

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Icon commissions are OPEN! If you want yourself, your OC, your favorite character, ect custom drawn for your icon, I can do that! Just give me a reference and we’re good to go ^.^ You get to choose the background colors and pose (or I can decide myself if you have no preference).

The price is only $5 per icon! +$2 if you want an extra character as in the last example. Payment accepted through paypal. Other payment methods can be discussed. No nsfw, sorry!

Send me a message if you’re interested!

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I’m opening commisions

Examples of my work are found under #myart

I do:

Both digital and traditional art (traditional tends to be better tho)

Most humanoid characters



Simple backgrounds


Multiple characters

Ship art

I don’t do:


N s f w

Pedophilic or incest ship art

Anything I deem racist/homophobic/transphobic

Anything that makes me uncomfy :)

Prices (usd):

Icon: $5

Flat coloured digital: $10

Uncoloured traditional: $10

(Cell) Shaded digital: $15

Coloured traditional: $20

+ $1 per extra character

I charge a currently extra unspecified amount for complex designs/complex backgrounds

Payments accepted through paypal only, and 50% of payment must be done upfront

Dm me for more info

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