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Happy to say that the final piece in my Overwatch commission collection arrived with the lovely @littleredbarn on instagram in the U.S! Thank you again for commissioning me 💕

I’m currently open for commissions for 2021 and will be posting pricing in the next few days. You can always DM me beforehand though 😊

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Hey guys,

I really, REALLY need to pay my rent next month.

I have some drawings and illustrations I commissioned other artists from before. Is it okay to sell them? Like, print them as postcards, posters or canvas and sell them?

I paid for the drawings. Do I need to get permission from the artists or something? I really need to know… HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY FROM COMMISSIONED ARTWORK?

Please help…

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Commission - Lewis

My friend Cal commissioned me to draw Lewis from the Mystery Skulls animated videos by @mysterybensmysteryblog which Im sure you all know and I dont gotta go into detail into-ohmygoditsreallygoodpleasewatchthem-

I really enjoyed drawing this and had a BLAST with the colors ♥
Thank you SO much for the commission friend and opportunity to draw him! <3

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Surprise Box Commission open ( ´Д`)y━・~~

USD 40@ only via Paypal

1-2 character(s) w/ 1-2 element(s), half-deposit

NO draft for confirmation, final product will be >1000*1000 pixel, png

NO fixes if there are no huge mistakes.

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