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thecapbish · 24 days ago
Astro Observations pt. 3
Hey astro besties 🧸 It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm back with some very short observations I've gathered from my personal experiences and research. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
You tend to get along best with people that have the Same Mercury sign/element as your own Mercury sign
Where Scorpio lays in your chart indicates themes where you get jealous very easily
(Scorpio in 4th could indicate that you get very jealous when your family spends more time with other people etc.)
Capricorn placements (especially moon) tend to bottle up their feelings until they eventually explode.. lemme give u a hug
I honestly feel like aries Venus/mutable Venus express their love in various ways.. they don't really have a specific love language. One day they might feel like giving you flowers and chocolate and the other day they might feel like hugging you tightly until your organs feel like they've been fully squeezed out 😀
Libra in 7th house people could feel like a drug to others. What I mean by that is that people get obsessed with you very easily!
-> my friend has this (libra stellium in 7th) and she literally has a new stalker every week. It always starts with her being nice to someone and them being obsessed with her within the next few days. Be careful cuties!
If Scorpio falls in your 8th house or MC you might be perceived as a private & mysterious individual to people who don't know you.
If you want to know if you're compatible with someone, look at your dominant elements and if they're compatible or not!
Cancer moons can be very insecure but they will always be very good at hiding it.
Aries Mercury can feel misunderstood very often, especially when in an argument - because of their impulsivity they sometimes say things that they do not mean.
Pisces moons can be very sensitive to harsh words …so be gentle with them 😠
Libra suns are somehow ALWAYS charming. How. (Even if they're not actively trying)
Virgo Suns are the mom friends ♡ caring and brutally honest- but they want the best for you.
I'd be happy to know if anything resonated ! bye loves ♡ - your caprisun ☼
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vibo2 · 8 days ago
Reflexión del actor Anthony Hopkins:
Deja ir a la gente que no está lista para amarte.
Esto es lo más difícil que tendrás que hacer en tu vida y también será lo más importante.
Deja de tener conversaciones difíciles con personas que no quieren cambiar.
Deja de aparecer para las personas que no tienen interés en tu presencia.
Sé que tu instinto es hacer todo lo posible para ganar el aprecio de los que te rodean, pero es un impulso que roba tu tiempo, energía, salud mental y física.
Cuando empiezas a luchar por una vida con alegría, interés y compromiso, no todo el mundo estará listo para seguirte a ese lugar.
Eso no significa que tengas que cambiar lo que eres, significa que debes dejar ir a las personas que no están listas para acompañarte.
Si eres excluido, insultado, olvidado o ignorado por las personas a las que les regalas tu tiempo, no te haces un favor al seguir ofreciéndoles tu energía y tu vida.
La verdad es que no eres para todo el mundo y no todos son para ti.
Esto es lo que hace tan especial cuando encuentras a personas con las que tienes amistad o amor correspondido.
Sabrás lo precioso que es porque has experimentado lo que no lo es.
Hay miles de millones de personas en este planeta y muchas de ellas las vas a encontrar a tu nivel de interés y compromiso.
Tal vez si dejas de aparecer, no te busquen.
Tal vez si dejas de intentarlo, la relación termine.
Tal vez si dejas de enviar mensajes, tu teléfono permanecerá oscuro durante semanas.
Eso no significa que arruinaste la relación, significa que lo único que la sostenía era la energía que solo tú dabas para mantenerla.
Eso no es amor, es apego.
Es dar una oportunidad a quien no lo merece!
Tú mereces mucho más.
Lo más valioso que tienes en tu vida es tu tiempo y energía, ya que ambos son limitados.
A las personas y cosas que le des tu tiempo y energía, definirá tu existencia.
Cuando te das cuenta de esto empiezas a entender por qué estás tan ansioso cuando pasas tiempo con personas, actividades o espacios que no te convienen y no deben estar cerca de ti.
Empezarás a darte cuenta que lo más importante que puedes hacer por ti mismo y por todos los que te rodean, es proteger tu energía más ferozmente que cualquier otra cosa.
Haz de tu vida un refugio seguro, en el que solo se permiten personas “compatibles” contigo.
No eres responsable de salvar a nadie.
No eres responsable de convencerles de mejorar.
¡No es tu trabajo existir para la gente y darles tu vida!
Te mereces amistades reales, compromisos verdaderos y un amor completo con personas saludables y prósperas.
La decisión de tomar distancia con personas nocivas, te dará el amor, la estima, la felicidad y la protección que te mereces.
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Vi Bo
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aspiritualwarrior · 2 months ago
And what is the right woman, the right man? Someone who wants to go in the same direction as you do, someone who is compatible with your views and your values—emotionally, physically, economically, spiritually.
don Miguel Ruiz
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aro-culture-is · 25 days ago
demiromantic culture is thinking that all those alloro couples that say cliché things like “they’re not just my partner: they’re my best friend” were best friends before they got together and being confused when you find out the dating part came first.
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yunyin · a month ago
On the one hand, I'm a little disappointed that Plikki isn't a thing. On the other hand, it feels more and more like everything Adrien and Marinette have together is entirely them, and I like that a lot.
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thestarsarealigning · a month ago
Moon Signs Values in romantic relationships
Your Moon Sign describes your deepest instincts and emotional side. It's the way you feel. The way you are when no one is around.
Moon in Libra You feel a need for harmony that can sometimes get in the way of real, honest communication. It's really hard to be the rock in the relationship, when of course, like everybody, you also want to be swept off your feet. On the other hand, creating the initial bond is not too hard for you. It's just that staying and working on a relationship is sometimes harder than it looks from the outside.
Moon in Scorpio You need a lot from a partner. First and foremost, they have to fulfill your want of an intimate, emotional bond to each other. You want to feel like you two are the only true priorities in each other's lives. You are very capacious to experience the vibes around you and can channel them, but sometimes you read too much into an exchange that's actually rather simple.
Moon in Sagittarius When approaching relationships, you always think of each one as a fresh start. It's a very big gift that you don't carry all your baggage with you towards each new person, but keep being optimistic ahead, no matter your romantic past. You might be idealistic in search of true love, but at the same time, when you love someone, they become a perfect angel to you anyways. So your gut feeling can guide you to the exact person you need. The one that will feel like a revelation.
Moon in Capricorn In relationships, not just in the beginning, but rather when you really start to know each other inside-and-out, you tend to take on initiative. You cannot just let things flow, you need to feel in control, or at least like you are doing your upmost to hold up this relationship. Your ability to use resources can be excellent for both of you - with your guidance, you can benefit from each other's strengths.
Moon in Aquarius You tend to think of love in a very conceptual way - the big, beautiful thing that binds us to each other. You have a very unique way about you, so in combination with some scepticism and overthinking, getting into relationships can be quite hard. You always take them seriously, thinking about how to be good for each other. It could be freeing to feel rather than think, and see where your heart takes you.
Moon in Pisces You are a person with a lot of empathy for others, which can lead to very deep bonds, where the two of you understand each other in a special way. You can bask in each other's energy and use it to both of your advantage - the one who currently has a good day supporting the other currently having a bad one. Being there for each other, not only on big events, but for the small details in everyday life, can make you both feel very indispensable for the other one. Not everyone is so lucky as to feel this deep kind of knowing another human being.
find the other signs (part 2) here
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