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badbookreviewclub · 2 years ago
Compete Review - Stones to Abbigale, by Onision
Disclaimer: This review will contain spoilers… if you haven’t already watched the seven billion book reviews there are for Stones to Abbigale. I won’t be linking to where you can buy this book because I don’t want to support Greg… James… whatever the fuck he’s going by now. If you look hard enough, you can find it for free online. 
Stones to Abbigale is the first book published by Onision. I’m sure we already all know about Onision and how horrible he is, if not I highly recommend going to Youtube and watching The Right Opinion’s videos on him. They’re very enlightening as to the kind of person that Greg is. Anyways, this review isn’t about Onision (kind of), it’s about his book. I couldn’t figure out where the book was published, aside from a small stamp at the very last page just saying it was published via Amazon.
The Summary: There isn’t one. Fuck. The Characters: James - Simp who likes to act like he’s the hero, but also the victim. Definitely Onision’s self-insert.
Abbigale (Abbi) - A very traumatized person who is written very poorly
Jason - The jock who’s there to make James look like the victim but also the hero
Davis - a character who has no impact on the story and could be completely written out. His presence affects nothing. 
Ms. Robertson - The school counselor who could never actually be a school counselor Mr. Hanson - The history teacher
The Problems: Aside from a multitude of grammatical errors and some spelling errors, this book is just a mess. The characters are incredibly inconsistent to the point of being unrealistic (e.g. one moment Jason is the bad guy and the next he’s James’s best friend). Actually, in general, none of these characters are realistic. It’s really easy to read this story in Greg’s voice because it all sounds just like him. They speak with the same mannerisms that he does and like they all read a psychology book in fifth grade and now they think that they know everything about people and how they work. It’s annoying and incredibly frustrating, actually. 
Another big problem that this book faces is that everything is written in big blocks of text, without regard for needing commas or periods. This makes reading dialogue incredibly difficult and at times can make it really hard to decipher just who is talking. I’m convinced after reading Stones to Abbigale that Onision doesn’t know what the enter bar is. Take this for example, “As we got closer to the gym Abbi was giving me a funny look, as I normally didn’t walk her that far, I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you, we have the same class now.’ She replied, ‘Manipulating your schedule to be with someone sounds like stalking Mr. Patrick.’ I said, ‘Not if you drop Mrs. Stanley.’ She pushed me playfully saying ‘Jealous!’” Let’s split the dialogue up now (and add in proper punctuation. 
As we got closer to the gym Abbi was giving me a funny look; I normally didn’t walk her this far. “Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you. We have the same class now,” I said. “Manipulating your schedule to be with someone sounds like stalking Mr. Patrick,” she replied.  “Not if you drop Mrs. Stanely,” I said. She pushed me playfully, “Jealous!” 
This is a lot easier to read and aside from word choice, it’s not terrible. It could paint a picture a lot easier with better word choice, but this is Onision’s first book so I guess I can cut him a tiny tiny tiny bit of slack on that. Actually, no. This could use better word choice to paint a better picture and make them seem less like cardboard cutouts. 
Another problem is the plot itself. The ‘climax’ of the book, if you will, happens almost at the beginning of the book, which is fucking absurd. It makes the rest of the book feel pointless and like it’s dragging on. 
The Book: 
Chapter 1
We meet our main character, James. Except we don’t know his name is James yet. We do know that he paints his walls, his ceiling, and even his bedframe a startling white however because he “likes to inflict mental torture” on himself. Not sure why he does this, but he does. I think I’ll be the first to say that in any white suburban neighborhood, you could walk into just about most children’s rooms and find white as the standard (at least, that’s how it is in my neighborhood). Why? Fuck if I know. White just looks nice with most furniture, I guess. 
Anyways, our main character is late to school and rushes out the doors with a note he scribbled for an excuse as to why he was late. Yay, we finally get James’s name from Mr. Hanson, who couldn’t give less of a shit that James was late. He just wants to talk to him after class. James starts people watching to an almost creepy extent, trying to get into people’s heads and assuming what they were thinking. If you haven’t read any of my other reviews, you should know, I am not overly fond of when someone tries to assume someone else’s thoughts in this way. Where they psychoanalyze them without have a single hint of qualification. It’s annoying in storytelling. That’s not to say I’m not guilty of having a character do that at times, but I’m trying to be more aware of it and to stop writing like that. With how James is written, however, it’s clearly intentionally and gives off r/im14andthisisdeep vibes. 
Anyways, James rushes off to art class so he can see Abbi. He has never talked to Abbi a day in his life but spends a lot of his time thinking about her and wanting to be with her and basically, just being a simp. He puts too much value on Abbi without ever having talked to her and having no reason to do it, his world revolves around Abbi and she has never so much as shared a word with him. 
But he’s basically staring at Abbi, waiting to say something to her when his hand brushes up against some chewed up gum under the desk and he yells ‘EW’. This doesn’t stop Abbi from wanting to pair up with him however when the teacher gives them an assignment they need partners for. Abbi was originally paired up with Jason, who I guess makes Abbi uncomfortable. That’s understandable that Abbi would want to switch if that was the case, but Onision doesn’t lay it out like that. Instead, it’s laid out that Abbi wants to be paired with James just because. 
Abbi has shown no care for James at the beginning of the book and seemingly before this even started she never seemed to care for or about James. Suddenly though, as soon as the story starts, she cares. She wants to, needs to be with and around him. Why? Because the main character always has to get the girl. 
Anyways, Abbi gives James a piece of paper with ‘NISEONE’ written on it. Apparently, this is her phone number because, on a number pad (the ones with the letters), it is 647-3663. It doesn’t state this outright, so it took me looking at some other reviews before I figured this out. 
We also learn in this chapter that the school is practically falling apart and is dripping with sludge or mold, or something, so I don’t know what kind of school James goes to, but it’s not a good one.
Chapter 2
James goes and talks to Mr. Hanson and it turns out that Mr. Hanson wants James for a TA position. Because ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? I guess James shows a lot of potential, even though he’s late like… all the time. Anyways, the night before Abbi and James decided to make, not a Frankenstein(‘s monster) teddy bear by combining two of their stuffed animals, rather, they’re making a zombie stuffed animal. And it turns out that Abbi wasn’t at class. For what reason? I don’t fucking know. The next day Jason comes to bug the class for some fucking reason because he got kicked out of his own class. There’s absolutely no reason for Jason to be there aside for James to stand up to him because Jason was ‘bullying’ Mr. Hanson. Anyways, Jason gets pissed off because of this and while James is on his way to the art class, Jason beats James up. I’m pretty sure this was only done to make James look like the victim (wonderful :P). James gets suspended for two days because he pushed Jason and Jason is suspended for nine days. 
Before he can leave to go home, James sees Abbi and Seth having what I can only assume is a one-sided fight. Seth is yelling and being very aggressive towards Abbi, and Abbi is just taking it. So James walks her home after Seth gets pissed and leaves. I guess it was raining this entire time, so as they’re walking home, Abbi’s makeup runs and James sees the bruises on her face. When Abbi asks if James sees them, he says “I see a beautiful girl, who I very much enjoy walking with in the rain” (pg 31) (by the way I HAD TO NUMBER ALL THESE PAGES MYSELF). Anyways, cheesy romance, it’s clear Greg doesn’t read his lines out loud and I don’t think James does a single thing to try and help Abbi get out of her abusive situation. He just tells her that she’s beautiful. James is also absurdly upset about the suspension at this point. Like, ridiculously upset. Like you love school so much and the thought of not being able to go feels like the end of the world upset (I was that person in school). But… James has shown absolutely no reason for why he is as upset as he is? Like he genuinely is about to cry over this but he has shown absolutely no care about school before, so it’s just confusing.
Chapter 3
James has a dream that Abbi is being eaten by the ground. He wakes up and writes her a kind of creepy letter about how, despite having only had three conversations with her, he loves her and lives to be with her. He emails it to her and a few minutes later Abbi calls him. She wasn’t aware of the email but invites him to meet her at the Quick Shop. She says that she’ll read the email before she meets him there. She never meets him there (shocker). Chapter 4 
James finally goes back to school and sees that Abbi isn’t in the art trailer still. But the mishmash stuffed animal bear thing is there. Under it is a note from Abbi asking James to meet her behind the church. Rather than stay for the class or anything like that, James bursts away to go to Abbi’s side. 
Abbi tells James that the note weirded her out a little bit, but she was just nervous. She tells him that she has been absurd by Seth and that her mother abandoned her and that her father doesn’t care about her. The only comfort James is able to offer her is that every time he sees her, she’s more beautiful to him than she was before. 
Chapter 5
James’ Mom has a boyfriend who comes out of fucking nowhere named Rick.
At school, James has his schedule rearranged so he can be Mr. Hanson’s TA and so he can still have a class with Abbi. Now he has gym with her. We meet Mr. Mack, who I guess is Jason’s uncle. He’s also the only teacher that James bonds with, I guess. Ms. Robertson, while reorganizing James’ schedule gives him an ominous warning that Abbi is no good and that he should stay away from her. 
Abbi and James spend the rest of the night on the phone, talking to each other. 
 Chapter 6
A few days have passed. Rick and James’ mom announce that they want to move in together. James thinks his life is over and that he’ll never get to see Abbi again. Later that night James suggests to his mom that she just let him live in the house by himself with Abbi and she just agrees to it. Supposedly his mom doesn’t even have enough money to get him a shitty cell phone either, so I guess Rick must be fucking loaded.
Chapter 7
It’s the infamous school shooting. After figuring out that the school is being shot up by Seth, the bus driver does as any rational human being would do and drives away to get everyone to safety. Then he does something that nobody would do and lets James off the bus after James threatens to jump off (despite there being no way that he could?). James rollerblades to the school through the blur of his tears and bursts in. He sits in the puddle of blood in front of the school to get his rollerblades off before rushing in through his tears to find Abbi. He finds Seth first, but rather than being the one to save the day, it’s Jason who saves the day and beats the shit out of Seth. James finds Abbi after this and the two of them sit together while the paramedic patches up James’ feet because he ran through glass while looking for Abbi. Chapter 8 
They’re back at school and a spokesman for the president gives a speech. They see Mr. Mack on a projector and he tells them in gruesome detail about how he tried to take down Seth and how Seth shot him. Definitely what a bunch of traumatized teenagers needed to hear and see. Chapter 9 James and Abbi go to her house, where Abbi’s father drunkenly stumbles out and starts threatening Abbi. A policeman who James claims probably sees too much of this on a daily basis stands to the side (because he just so happened to be nearby with is K-9 partner) and waits for something to happen. Something happens with Abbi’s father smashes James over the head with a beer bottle. The K-9 rushes forward and latches on to him and James claims that the officer is sadistic and likes to see people suffer. He then claims not even two paragraphs later that the cop is numb to what’s going on. Which is it? Is he sadistic or is he a dead-beat cop who sees too much of this shit? 
Abbi’s father is arrested and James decides to press charges. This is how Abbi ends up staying with James. 
Chapter 10 
The president shows up and nothing comes of it. He promised that he would answer everyone’s questions and talk to everyone. He only talks to two people, James and another kid, named Chris. Chris just asked why the president was such a D-Bag and the president just says “that’s President D-Bag to you.” James asked what the president thought of what people said about him and the president goes on this long diatribe about freedom of speech. 
Chapter 11 
Abbi wants to talk to James but insists that they do it in the shower. For some reason, James agrees to this and Abbi comes out of the shower to show all of her self-harm scars. Once again, James does nothing than tell her she’s beautiful and that’s about it. They almost fuck after this, but don’t because James’s mom is home. 
Chapter 12 
James and Abbi stay home to help his mom pack. Later they go to the park to stargaze and affirm to each other that they want kids. 
Chapter 13 
Abbi leaves James a big long note for him to read in class about how she was raped by some boys. Mrs. Roberston helped to get those boys in jail, but after finding out that Abbi was pregnant, she insisted that Abbi keep the baby because she is very pro-life. Seth found out about the baby and punched Abbi in the stomach until she miscarried. James’ response to the note is to go straight to Abbi’s classroom and make out with her in front of everyone and on the desk. He goes back to history class and Mr. Hanson basically high-five’s him for doing this, despite the fact that he walked out in the middle of class to do it. 
Chapter 14 
It’s Christmas break. They fuck. 
Chapter 15
James beats the shit out of Jason because Jason was groping Abbi. For some reason, when the principle comes out to confront everyone about this, Jason doesn’t rat on James.
Chapter 16
While driving somewhere with James and Abbi, Davis rushes out of the car into the middle of the freeway because he sees a man hanging from a rope from an overpass. Davis is killed. This is the only purpose that Davis serves in the entire story. It’s to die so James can be the victim once more because apparently if he was never born so he could never be in Davis’ life then this would have never happened. Survivor’s guilt is a thing, don’t get me wrong. But what Onision is using here isn’t survivor’s guilt. It’s James twisting the situation so he’s the victim still. 
Chapter 17
Davis’s funeral. Nothing happens besides James playing the victim some more. 
Chapter 18
Mr. Hanson and Mrs. Roberston confront James and they want him to become Class President. James doesn’t want to but it doesn’t seem like they’ll take no for an answer. A little while later Abbi, while walking with James, is pulled into the front office for some questioning by police. Mrs. Roberston shouts in front of everyone that Abbi was responsible for the school shooting. Because… you know… that’s a reasonable thing to do…
Abbi confronts James later that night and tells him that she wrote in a note to Seth, when she was in a really bad place, that she just wished everyone would disappear (not unreasonable and something I’ve done before). James, being the little bitchy drama-queen that he is, storms off to take a dramatic shower. While sitting in the shower though he realizes that Abbi did nothing wrong and comes back. Abbi immediately accepts him again and isn’t upset that he suddenly stormed off after she told him something rather hard for her to do. They make out (and probably fuck).
Chapter 19 
Abbi gets a bucket of paint thrown on her while she’s coming into the school and James punches the kid who did it. The principle shows up and both intimidates and threatens the kid who threw the bucket of paint. He also calls Mrs. Roberston into his office after James tells him that she told everyone that Abbi was responsible for the shooting. 
Chapter 20
Mrs. Roberstson was fired and burned down the entire school in retaliation. All the students get passing grades for the rest of the year (which is about 6 months of school left by the way). James ends off the book by saying “Well, I guess this means I won’t be running for President.” 
The book drags and has a lot of pointless info in it. At one point it genuinely made me feel sick how he was using Abbi’s trauma throughout the book to write a very, very poorly conceived hero fantasy. All the characters are unrealistic and nobody means anything to the story other than Abbi and James. I’m just glad it was a fast read. There are huge info dumps in the beginning, but as you can see, the rest of the chapters can be summed up in less than a fucking paragraph. The climax of the book comes way too early (the school shooting) and in general, it’s just a poorly written plot. It feels like a first draft that should have been taken back to the drawing board to be reworked until the shooting could become the ultimate climax of the book. It was rushed, and because it was rushed, the rest of the book dragged on. 1/10 stars. I didn’t hate it as much as I’ve hated other books, but it wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination. 
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perfectnewgadgets · 3 months ago
Review of the Realme 9 Pro+: A new challenger to the mid-range king title?
Review of the Realme 9 Pro+: A new challenger to the mid-range king title?
The Realme 9 Pro+ is Realme’s new mid-range flagship that positions itself as a direct competitor to the OnePlus Nord 2. The Realme 9 Pro+ claims to offer a high-end photo experience for a price of under 400 euros (~$455). In this full review, I will tell you all about the latest Realme smartphone! NEXTPITTV Good Lightweight and more compact form factor (for a Realme) The efficient Sony IMX766…
Tumblr media
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mmwm · 3 months ago
Day 7 / Write 28 Days: Noticing
Day 7 / Write 28 Days: Noticing
I just finished reading the very short (50 slender pages) An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris (1975) by Georges Perec, trans. and with an afterword by Marc Lowenthal. Perec says at the start (bolding mine): “My intention in the pages that follow was to describe … that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance: what happens when nothing…
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5ummit · 6 months ago
So you know this gif from my Dune letterboxd review set?
Tumblr media
It’s one of my favorite reviews for anything ever, I laugh every time. More importantly though, I originally chose this particular clip to go with this review because it’s the only time we see anyone playing an instrument in the movie (couldn’t think of any other way to visually represent the score) and also because the score in this scene was particularly memorable and fantastic.
But y’all. It got infinitely better because I just found out that the bagpipe man is Hans Zimmer himself.
He really did put his whole hans zussy into this score.
EDIT: I never expected this post to get this much attention. If I had known I probably never would have made it since I hate spreading misinformation, even something as harmless as this. I do not know for sure if this is true. I’ve only been able to find the one article mentioning it, and as of yet, I’ve found no direct confirmation from Hans Zimmer either. Please take this post with a grain of salt and if anyone can find any solid proof that this is him, let me know!
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Nikon D500 Price in Pakistan
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amazingspidermans · 11 months ago
i know this is a crazy concept for some of you but if you don’t like a piece of media.... don’t complain about it on a content creator’s post? you can put your opinion on a review sight or, god forbid, make your own post instead of ranting on the post of someone who has nothing to do with said media and is just trying to make something for fun
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entryno17 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
also look at the little card that came with it i'm gonna cry...
Tumblr media
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decaymp3 · 6 months ago
c!beeduo wedding rings but since they got engaged so quickly without really planning first they just had to make do. ranboo grabbing some gold out of his inventory and a rock and hammering out two warped rings with so much love in them. the rings are too big for their fingers so they end up putting them on their horns.
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one-pissed-off-child · 5 months ago
The Encanto fandom took one look at the complex character that is Alma Madrigal and locked her in the box of one dimensional wicked stepmothers. You guys are so fucking boring istg
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spielzeugkaiser · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
[PART 1] - [PART 2] Jaskier once said that he never wanted to get back, even if he misses the ocean, because it would mean giving up music and geralt. Geralt is still very badly concussed here and Jaskier won't be hearing anything about that, even if he can't speak right now. (understanding each other still somehow just... works between them.)
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yasmeensh · a year ago
Tumblr media
Urbosa I love you
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luismagician · 5 days ago
hii could you please recommend some completed isseiki manhwas/mangas?
Sure bb Let's Go♡
Completed isekai manhwas recommendation:
1. Virtues of Villainess.
One of the cutest couple ever *-* Art, story, MC are all cute, funny and enjoyable. I suffered from second male lead syndrome in this manhwa and I was dumbfounded about how stupid the "real" villainess was but again it was a simple and lovely story.
Tumblr media
2. As You Wish, My Prince!
I loved ittt and I'm kinda sad it isn't that popular among isekai fans. it's so realistic! Like you feel how it truely feels like when you enter the novel you wrote and all of your choices comes back to you but you have to survive somehow. Anyway story is more focused on MC and ML trying to fight against their own destiny and accidently falling in love. Some dramatic accidents were too much but stil good read.
Tumblr media
3. Light And Shadow
MC = Queen. That's all I'm gonna explain about this manhwa. Just alittle sidenote, after first chapters you're gonna think ML is a tr*sh but he is just a stupid war-maniac so don't worry.
Tumblr media
4. Why Are You Doing This Duke?!
Side stories were making me more flustered than main story lol. MC is shy, stupid and cute at the same time and ML is tsun trying to fight with some magic curse which makes him so cheesy. That's the summary :)
Tumblr media
5. Doctor Elise
Tumblr media
MC is one of the most hardworking MCs out there. She was doctor in prev life and in her second chance she does everything she can so her family can survive and live well. All men fell in love with her bc she invents the whole medical system lol but ML is the hottest. (Maybe her older bros are the hottest.)
6. Villainess In Love
Need a reason to read?! ISHID. This man is the finest ML you can find in this whole world. He is cute, hot, wild and innocent at the same time. MC is mature enough to handle him so don't worry lol. Still waiting for sidestories.
Tumblr media
7. Villain's Savior
In first chapters MC cries like 24/7 and it gets annoying like "girl stop crying for 1 sec" but later in story, the reason behind it was revealed so ig it's okay now. Anyway art is 💯 and ML is obsessed with MC and he isn't innocent at all. So prepare yourself for wild ride lol.
Tumblr media
8. Beware Of the Villainess
I love how Melissa treats MLs in the story. She slaps them hard with FACTS. She is strong, funny, reasonable and QUEEN. Anyway find someone who looks at you like how Nine looks at her.
Tumblr media
9. Miss Not-so Sidekick
If you have been following me and my posts, you def know my fav manhwa as I mention it ALOT lol. One of the funniest, most enjoyable manhwas out there is this one. Author never fails to make you laugh and artist does know how to deaw memes. MC makes everything funny and ML becomes fan of this ability ^^
Tumblr media
10. The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up
ML is obsessed and MC tries to run away all the time to test how obsessed he truely is. That's my summary.
Tumblr media
And that's it for now. I hope you enjoy reading all of them and do tell me your thoughts after you're done with them♡
Do you guys want me to explain or simply put manhwas' covers and their title for recommendation post?!
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Nikon Z7 Price in Pakistan
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innocentmurmurs · 23 days ago
A WebMD profile of a clinical psychologist was flooded with negative comments Tuesday after she testified as the first defense witness for actor Amber Heard in a defamation suit filed by her former husband, actor Johnny Depp.
Dawn Hughes, who was called to the stand by Heard's legal team, testified that she diagnosed Heard with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of what she described as intimate partner violence experienced during her relationship with Depp.
WebMD did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday. The reviews appeared to be removed from the website after NBC News reached out to WebMD.
It’s unclear whether Hughes created the profile herself. She didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about the page and its reviews.
In many of the reviews, commenters accused Hughes of being biased against men in cases of domestic abuse, calling her sexist and unprofessional.
"bad energy, vicious and hates men. ... this review was created by a woman," one review read.
A majority of review writers appeared to take issue with Hughes' use of female pronouns when she described victims of abuse, noting that men can also be victims of intimate partner violence.
"Doesn't believe men can be victims of abuse," another review said. "Extreme biased. Guess she'll discredit victims just for money."
Some reviews included a derogatory and profane term used to denigrate women.
There were no reviews on the profile before Tuesday, and a cached version saved from March showed no reviews for the webpage.
Hughes is the first witness to be called in Heard's defense, which began after Depp's legal team finished presenting its evidence Tuesday. She told the court that she also conducted supplemental interviews and forensic testing and consulted medical records while she was diagnosing Heard.
Hughes testified that in her diagnosis of Heard, she determined the allegations of emotional and physical abuse Heard reported to be legitimate. She described what she called coercive abuse exhibited by Depp, trying to control Heard's clothing or career choices as an example.
"The basis of the opinion was looking at all the dynamics in this relationship — looking at not just the hitting and the yelling, but looking at how much more pitting was done," Hughes said. "Looking at the coercive control, the obsessive jealousy, the possessiveness, the sexual violence, the choking behavior, the threats to kill, those are all, as I stated, very significant and often found in cases of lethal domestic violence."
Shannon Curry, a clinical psychologist presented as an expert witness by Depp’s legal team, previously rejected the idea that Heard had PTSD. Curry diagnosed Heard with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder, which Hughes disagreed with.
Depp is suing Heard for $50 million in damages over a 2018 essay she wrote for The Washington Post, in which she said she had become the “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Although the essay never mentions Depp by name, his attorneys said it indirectly refers to allegations she made against him during their 2016 divorce. Heard is countersuing Depp seeking $100 million in damages.
In 2016, Heard filed for a protective order against Depp, alleging he threw a phone at her, leaving her bruised. She wrote in a sworn declaration to the court that she was living “in fear that Johnny will return to [our house] unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally.”
Depp has denied the allegations of abuse, telling the court over four days of testimony that he had never “struck a woman in my life.” He characterized his former wife as having a "need for conflict," instigating fights and physical violence, in the course of their relationship.
Heard is expected to begin her own witness testimony Wednesday. Her attorneys cross-examined Depp last month, reading text messages he sent that included violent language about Heard and audio clips in which she appeared to confront him about assaulting her.
Social media users have largely backed Depp in the case, with hashtags like “JusticeForJohnnyDepp” racking up nearly 3 billion views on TikTok last month. Some people have posted play-by-plays of each day in court, while others have suggested their own theories about Heard’s behavior in court.
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good-pokemon-center-reviews · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nimbuscas · 18 days ago
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valdemart · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
@thearcanagame you guys have a total of two brain cells and they are both competing for third. This is actual performance art what the fuck is wrong with you guys???
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mintjeru · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
antigonus, the transgressor
open for better quality || no reposts || ko-fi
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booksrockmyface · 10 days ago
Guys, I just got a review on an old fic!!
Tumblr media
Nevermind. Someone chose violence.
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radiologist said everything looks fine
Tumblr media
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