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'Lincoln' Continental Mark IV 1959. - source 40 & 50 American Cars.
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Bentley Continental GT
by waveone via instagram
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Continental AMBIENC3 Concept, 2021. A restomod Volkswagen T2 that has been updated with state of the art tech and sustainable materials. Able to be operated autonomously, the minimalist cockpit features no permanently visible controls, instead they’re hidden beneath surfaces and illuminate when the vehicle is being driven. Elsewhere the interior works as a “third space” – separate from the home and office – allowing passengers to work or relax
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Bentley Continental GT
Images by Adil Khan || IG
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1966 Lincoln Continental
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Mr. and Mrs. Wick
John Wick x female!reader
Word count:1.3k
Warnings:Blood, gun violence
Tumblr media
It was getting late. Really late.
I looked outside and saw a car pulling up the driveway. It wasn't John's Car.
I gulped and quickly got up and made my way to the kitchen. A gun was laying on the counter. I grabbed it and quietly walked into the bedroom.
I left the door slightly ajar and hid behind the closet.
After a few minutes of waiting, I heard footsteps approaching. The person was getting closer and closer. I breathed in deeply and tried to remember everything, John had taught me in order to protect myself if something happend. He was trying to get out of all this for quite some time now, but it seemed to be impossible.
Someone knocked over a vase in the hallway and pulled me out of my thoughts.
The person seemed to be in front of the bedroom door now. I heard a few heavy breaths before the door slowly opened.
I didn't dare to look around and see who was there, but then I heard a grunt and the person fell to the ground.
I breathed in heavily and slowly left my spot behind the closet.
My eyes widened when I saw who was laying on the ground in front of me.
I was with him in seconds. I grabbed his shoulders and tried turning him onto his back.
"Come On, John!", I shouted when I saw his eyes slowly closing, "Don't leave me, John! Please!"
I felt how tears ran down my cheeks now. It couldn't be. He can't die, I wouldn't let that happen.
"Damn it, John!", I mumbled and looked him up and down.
There was a bullet wound right under his ribs and I could see several knife-induced wounds all over his body.
"Alright", I whispered to myself. I got up and sprinted to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and and a cloth. I quickly held it under the cold steam of the sink.
I made my way back into the bedroom and saw that John had sat up and leaned against the bed.
I quickly pressed the towel on his bullet wound. He hissed sharply.
"I know, it hurts John. But please, keep applying pressure on it, okay? Do it for me?", I asked while I cleaned his face with the cloth.
He slowly nodded and grabbed the towel, applying pressure to his wound.
I grabbed his face and he looked me into the eyes.
" I'll be right back, okay?", I said and he looked at me expectingly. I got up and ran downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed my phone. I searched the contacts and finally found who I was looking for. I dialed his number and let it ring.
A few seconds later, someone picked it up.
"Hello?", he said.
"Doc", I whispered.
"Mrs. Wick?", ha asked.
"I need your help, it's bad. Really bad", I explained.
He was silent for a second.
"How bad is it?"
"I think, he's gonna die"
"I'm on my way"
I hung up and made my way back to John. He still sat against the bed, but his breathing had slowed down.
I sat down next to him:"John?"
He didn't answer. I put my hand against his cheek and searched for his eyes.
"John", I said a little louder.
He finally looked at me:"Y/N"
It was so quiet, I almost didn't hear it. He slowly put his hand on top of mine.
A low sob escaped my lips. I was scared. Really scared. What if he died?
"I got out", He mumbled.
I looked up confused:"What?"
"Y/N", he carefully squeezed my hand, "I'm out"
I couldn't believe my ears. He was out. He was really out. John Wick had officially retired.
I felt the grip of John's hand loosening and I looked at him in fear:"John?"
He didn't answer. His eyes had closed.
"No, damn it! Come on!!", I mumbled.
I turned around. when the doorbell rang. It had to be the Doc. It just had to be.
I quickly got up and sprinted downstairs to answer the door.
I grabbed the handle and literally smashed it open.
In front of me was the Doc with three huge bags, full of equipment.
"Good evening, Mrs. Wick", he said.
I only nodded and pushed him inside.
"He's upstairs", I explained and grabbed the Doc's bags to help him. He quickly went upstairs while I followed suit behind him.
John was still sitting on the spot, where I left him, but his head hung low now.
"Oh you were right", the Doc said after eyeing John, "It is really bad. I will need assistance"
He looked at me and I nooded. It was gonna be a long night.
Tumblr media
Exhausted, I leaned against the kitchen counter. The Doc and I spend the night, patching up John and it was almost dawn now.
I looked at my hands and walked over to the sink. Slowly, I washed away the blood. John's Blood.
I sighed and closed my eyes for a second. I tear ran down my face and I quickly wiped it away. I had to be strong now, for John's sake.
"Mrs. Wick?"
I turned around and saw the Doc standing in the hallway. I slowly approached him.
"Thank you, Doc", I said and put my hand on his shoulder.
He nodded understandingly, before pulling out a bottle with pills.
"These are some stronger painkillers", he said and handed it to me before pulling out another one, "And he needs to take two of these in the morning and in the evening"
I took the second one too, before guiding the Doc to the front door.
I opened it for him and he nodded. Before I could close the door behind him, he turned back around, once again.
"If it gets worst again, just call me, alright?", he smiled.
"Will do, Doc. Thanks", I answered and gave him a smile in return, before closing the door.
I leaned myself against it and allowed myself to finally calm down. John was gonna make it. I know it.
Speaking of, I heard something crash upstairs.
"John!?", I yelled while following the source of the sound.
I reached the Bedroom and saw that John had sat up. He had knocked over a lamp on the nightstand while doing so.
"Oh my God, John", I breathed and kneeled in front of him. I carefully took his hand:"John,you need to rest"
"Y/N, I-I'm so sorry-", he murmured.
"Shh, it's alright John", I said and grabbed his hand to pull him back onto the bed.
He groaned but finally lay back down.
"I'm so proud of you John", I mumbled and carefully caressed his cheek,"You got out. For me. For us."
"I love you, Y/N", John said an grabbed my other hand. He carefully kissed the back of it.
I smiled at him, even though a tear slipped down my face.
"I love you too, John. So, so much", I whispered and kissed his forehead.
"I'm glad to call you my wife, Y/N", he smiled. "And I'm glad to call you my husband.", I said,"But you really need to rest now, John"
He only chuckled before pulling me in for a sweet and tender kiss. I sighed, happy to know that he would be kissing me again many times in the future. He was alive. And a bright future awaited us, I knew it.
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1959 advertisement for the 1960 Lincoln Continental
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Royal Enfield Continental GT 865 Big Bore
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1961 Lincoln Continental
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1982 Lincoln Continental Givenchy
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Continental Mark II (1956)
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Bentley Continental GTC
by zuumy via instagram
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1976 Continental Mark IV Cartier Edition
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castiel's continental wallpapers
for @friendlyneighborhoodheretic
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1962 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Sedan from an advertainment by Ford Motor Company   
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Lincoln Continental
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Slammed Lincoln Continental!
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2001 Bentley Continental R
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