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cryptid-creations · a day ago
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3148. Merry Corgmas
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Description:  Hey everyone!  The weather is getting colder up here in Canada and I haven't drawn a corgi in a while, haha.
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delta-breezes · a day ago
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Brown Sugar Maple Ginger Cookies | Half Baked Harvest
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astxriqthmvx · 2 days ago
❝ If only. ❞
The cookie could only look at you at the big transparent screen. And you could only see them in your screen. Both of you couldn't interact with each other.
No matter how you could wish, kneel to God or fate, praying a thousand times over or would sacrifice everything just to be with them, it still wouldn't work. Fate wasn't on your side.
Both of you could only interact with each other by imagination. How they would act if they were you and more. Also with the help of "x Reader" stories, it gives you an idea for your imagination.
While reading those stories, you couldn't help and feel if those stories were real. What if those stories were real, what would happen? What would happen to you and them?
Would they be "Self-Aware"? Would they make you somewhat special? Would they try to get you to their world or your world? No. None of those would never happen. Those stories were also just created by someone by their imagination.
This is real life. Things like those don't happen. Theres no magic. Theres no way you would be thrown into another world if you got ran over. Theres no way someone from another side would know you and try to get you over.
'This is real life.'
You thought, smiling sadly as you could only look at the cookies who was roaming your kingdom happily. Just walking around, some sat down, some doing work, and more.
You zoomed your screen at your favourite cookie, You were hoping for some magic to happen. If they showed any signs of self-awareness or any interest to you.
But none. They were just normal. Just normal.
A sigh escaped your lips at that thought, flopping into your bed and stared at the ceiling as sleep was taking over. It was getting late. You should be asleep by now as you did.
The phone was now right at your face as the screen was till bright awake.
A cookie, who you were looking at earlier, stood still. Before look at the screen and started walking forward to the screen, held out their hand,
Tracing your sleeping face.
You didn't know this but- the cookie was just like you. They also wanted to be at your world or you at their world. They wished so much they would do anything.
But they also knew they didn't had the magic to do this. They didn't have anything to transport themselves to your world or you at their world.
They were just characters in a game. A game for you humans to play. An entertainment. So cruel. Life is cruel and the World is cruel. Why can't they just be with you?
'If only..'
The cookie thought, imagining the things both of you could do if fate didn't interfere. Maybe you both could hug each other, talk to each other and many more.
'If only both of us could be together, then maybe we would have a happily ever after.'
The cookie thought, smiling bitter-sweetly. The harsh, cold reality hit them in the face, without any warning at all. Struck their heart as their mind was filled with sadness.
And it hurted them the most.
Should i do a Part Two? Follows, likes, and reblogs mean to me! Thank you for reading this!
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ransnacked · a day ago
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gluten free thin mints | toasted pine nut
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atmeal012 · 20 hours ago
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delta-breezes · 5 hours ago
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Chocolate Gingerbread Stamped Cookies | Emma Duckworth Bakes 
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raindrop-drops · a day ago
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the only acceptable way to bake cookies for Christmas imo
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syflove · a day ago
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Easy Vanilla Bean Christmas Lights Cookies
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deathandmushrooms · a day ago
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Pecan Praline Brown Butter Cocoa Springerle
Finding a balance between a dough that keeps its shape and actually tastes good enough to merit the effort is a challenge 😅
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anime--food · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Flanders no Inu - Episode 43
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