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#Cowboy Bebop

I think most English dubs tend to cast voice actors that make the characters sound more mature, and/or are only good at focusing on the most obvious character trait

I noticed it with Cowboy Bebop, the English dub made Spike more edgy and has more ”dead inside” vibes, while the Japanese voice just had more feeling into it and gave Spike more layers

Faye’s English voice is sensual and too “femme fatale”, very different from the softer Japanese voice, which I think showcases Faye better as a whole

It’s the same with FF7R, Cloud’s English voice just sounds bored, flat, nasal, and just lacks the emotion the Japanese voice had. Japanese Cloud just has the range and experience

Also the same with Tifa, the English just has this composed voice which defaults Tifa’s character to that trait, while in Japanese, the transition to Tifa’s sweet side just sounds more natural 

I think Japanese voice actors just have more range and can express the characters completely as they grow throughout the story. Also, English dialogue just sounds forced, cringey, and awkward in a Japanese game

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RULES: 10 fandoms, 10 characters, 10 tags. start a new post and list 10 characters from 10 different tv shows and tag 10 other people!

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1. Jughead Jones - Riverdale


Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

2. Angela Chase - My So-Called Life


Originally posted by perpugilliam-blog

3. Ashley Banks - Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Originally posted by jazminesullivan

4. Jess - Gilmore Girls


Originally posted by raincoats-recipes

5. Soul - Soul eater


Originally posted by urfavehasadhd

6. Spike - Cowboy Bebop


Originally posted by yonkou

7. Ethan Chandler- Penny Dreadful


Originally posted by ebsdrawings

8. Luna - Sailor Moon


Originally posted by smolyashii

9. Dean Winchester - Supernatural


Originally posted by rainbow-motors

10. Tia and Tamra - Sister Sister


Originally posted by tiaandtameramowry-two2

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1. no nsfw!

I’m not very comfortable with writing nsfw, so i won’t take any request for nsfw.

2.  character limits

for imagines and one-shots, I’d prefer one character per one-shot request and maximum of three characters for headcannons.

3. AUs

I am wiling to write for AUs, however there are a limited of AUs I know.

I WILL NOT DO: Harry Potter AU, Pacific Rim AU, Apocalypse AU, Dystopian AU, Spiderverse AU, Percy Jackson AU, Royalty AU, Games Of Throne AU, Hunger Games AU, Gods AU, Mythology AU, Angel AU, Demon AU

(these might change overtime)

4. this is a HOBBY

writing is simply a hobby of mine, I’m not a professional. I reserve the right to reject a request.

5. be kind

don’t be a prick. take the time to think and say something nice

6. when requesting for NCT U, request by lineup

If you request for NCT U, please request it by lineup.



don’t be scared to shoot me a request or question if you are unsure about something. i’m not a scary person and i’d be more than happy to chat

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