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#Coyote Attack
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Guys and girl, pet owners with an open heart please help if you’re able! Last night my pet 9 year old shih tzu Orphey was attacked by a coyote and was severely injured. He has 4 fractured ribs, two deep puncture wounds and multiple lacerations and blunt trauma down his sides. we’ve had him in emergency care all night from critical condition the vet said we would need to get him stable on an iv drip and oxygen chamber antibiotics painkillers and other medication. His blood pressure dropped to 35 from a 150 norm after 6 and a half hours we had him transfered to a specialty vet that said surgery would be necessary to see if there was internal bleeding and to suture the torn muscle. In addition to the near $1700 we’ve spent in emergency care we had to pay for an oxygen transport to the new vet at near $450 that lands us at over $2000 out of pocket with no pet insurance and we’re unable to pay for his surgery let alone his current continued care. We took him home unable to continue treatment and he’s still in unstable condition to whether out the storm on his own and I’m so worried he won’t make it through the night. He needs to be cared for but we are unable to keep up financially. Please if you are able to help I would be eternally grateful, any amount helps and if you’re unable to donate please spread this around! I don’t want my little guy to pass because I am unable to pay for medical services :( you can donate on paypal at the estimated cost for the care he needs is inbetween $5000 and $6000 T-T

Update: so far we’ve raised $500 thank you for the help so far everyone I deeply appreciate it and I think orphey will too!
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So I got to the end of my run and I turn around to head back and out of the corner of my eye I see a little head sticking out over the top of a hill. I take a look at it and there’s a Coyote sitting there watching me. I quickly made a detour to go the long way home(the 2.5 mile path). as I cross the bridge and start to head off I turn around to see if it’s following me. It was. It was at the other end of the bridge. 

There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of a Coyote following you in the dark. Needless to say, even after my run, I still had the energy to run back home. 

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Eastern coyotes have been far more aggressive and less afraid of humans recently. While it is difficult to know precisely why this is, most experts agree that recreational use of cocaine combined with serious mommy issues have contributed.  Coyotes are not particularly sound of mind and judgement at the best of times.

There are some simple but effective steps you can take if confronted by one or more of these junkies to ensure you will safely walk away from the situation.  

Remember D U S T:

  • now SHRUG
  • and then TURN your back

Coyotes have incredibly poor self esteem and can be completely debilitated by this. Despite what may seem like the conventional wisdom, you actually run no risk of provoking an attack by this show of disrespect. The effect is just the opposite. Treating them so dismissively; acting as if they are contemptible for presuming to be a threat so severely hurts their sense of self that they will just mope away into the shadows of the forest to sulk and feel sorry for themselves for a good long while.

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