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#Cozy in the Fall

Word Count: 5839

Warnings: angst & fluff!

Note: If you made it all the way to this part, THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoyed it!


“Baby, please wake up.” a voice came into focus as you slipped back into consciousness. You felt hands on your face, turning your head this way and that, lightly squeezing you as they traversed your skin. For a moment of bliss, you were met with Jeff’s eyes searching yours, then you remembered. “Baby, are you okay?” he asked. 

You pushed his hands away slowly. “Don’t call me that.” you whispered, trying to shove your face down into your chest and away from his reach. He paused, his whole body freezing where it was. You had never once asked him not to call you by a pet name. Not once. His various names for you had always been met with your shining eyes looking back at him, disarming even his toughest exterior. He sat back on his legs, taken aback and frankly hurt by the sudden shift in you. What had changed?

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Tomorrow morning at 10am EST I will be posting Part 7: the finale to my series Cozy in the Fall!! I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has been reading this series, sent me asks about this series telling me how excited they are to read it and how much they are enjoying it, and reblogging the parts to this series when they’re published. It’s my first Tumblr series, and frankly, my first piece of writing that has ever really been widely seen/loved. I’m so very very proud of it and I’m so thankful that you all have enjoyed it and taken the time to read my endless number of words. 

I SO hope you enjoy the final part tomorrow!! THANK YOU, MY LOVELIES! 

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I’m glad you asked! Part 7 is coming along GREAT! I’m pretty sure it will be the longest, and I’ll just go ahead and announce that it’ll be the last in the Cozy in the Fall series! Stick around for a lil somethin somethin at the veeeery end (keep checking my updates), but as for the story itself, Part 7 is the end! I’m hoping to wrap it up very very soon (like within the next two days) and post this weekend/beginning of next week! I hope you like it! 😄😊

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I realized that the link to the clothing items I used as inspiration for parts of Cozy in the Fall 5 wasn’t working, so I just fixed it and you should be able to look at them now!

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Word Count: 2298

Warnings: Angst, fluff; but mostly angst this time, sorryyyyyy…

Notes: This one’s a bit shorter. Do you all want a Part 7? I promise I have an ending planned for this story.


“I love you, Jeff.”

Had you truly just said it out loud? You felt Jeff pull away from you and you looked up. He was already staring down at you, a look in his eyes that you couldn’t quite place. 

“Y/n,” he said breathlessly. “I-” he paused and chuckled nervously.

“Hurry.” you whispered, tugging on the front of his jacket to pull him closer to you.

“Y/n, I-” you stood on your toes as his arms tightened around you.

“Hi, can we use your dressing room?” a light voice sounded from a few paces to your left and you felt a knot tie itself in your stomach. Of course. 

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