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#Criminal Minds
thejeidhater · 38 minutes ago
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insomniaticdyke · 54 minutes ago
I am ✨feeling like shit✨ someone please give me fic recommends so I can drown my sorrows in fluff/smut
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theavidreider · an hour ago
Y’ALL, I’ve been sleeping w/ a person who is basically a real life version of Spencer Reid (except they’re a diplomat instead of an FBI Agent), and the pillow talk has consisted of lots of cuddles and deep talks about theology, leftist theory, their job, and weird concert experiences. It’s lovely
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Hey, anyone else remember the time I wanted to make fanart of both Criminal Minds and Persona 5 so I was going to draw the entire CM team but with Persona traits? (And then I only did three members and dropped it all?)
Tumblr media
That drawing was done in mid 2019
Tumblr media
I've decided to re-draw it and I think I'm doing a lot better-
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midnightreid · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Summary: After a long case, Spencer wakes up feeling needy, and who are you to deny your boy some affection?
Prompt: “Look at you, grinding against everything, you’re really desperate for it. Aren’t you?”
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem! Reader (no pronouns used though!)
Word count: 1.4k Warnings: SMUT, 18+, Sub! Spencer, swearing, dom! reader, fingering, cum eating, thigh fucking, pet names, nipple play (fem receiving), g/n pronouns for the reader!
A/N: Praying that this post works since Tumblr keeps deciding to destroy my other fics. Also, yes, if you recognise this piece I'm just cross-posting it onto this new blog from willowrose99 because this is now a dedicated NSFW Criminal Minds blog. So, if you're looking for more NSFW content, then this is the place to follow!
Anyone that was close to Spencer knew that the young man needed a lot of attention, a lot of affection and a lot of love. They knew the life he’d already lived was brutal to him, his ability to trust was lacking and his skill at showing others how much they meant to him was often overlooked and misunderstood.
But when you were there, when you took him in your arms and held him, ran your fingers through his hair and let him lean against your chest into the early hours of the morning, he knew that you understood what he needed, what he wanted. And you, well, you weren’t even going to hesitate about giving it to him.
Sometimes Spencer was controlled, knowing what he wanted and how to get it, but on mornings like this one, when he’d just gotten back from a case a couple hours ago that seemed to rip his heart apart and then stitch it back together, the both of you knew that he needed to be taken care of. So, when he rutted up against you, pressed his groin into yours as you laid tangled in the sheets, you knew exactly what was about to happen.
He was already so wound up, hands gripping your hips tight to move against you quickly, not caring that he already looked a mess or that you weren’t responding to his touch, he just wanted something, anything. Yet when he looked up at you from where he laid against your chest, with big wide brown eyes that shone and his bottom lip between his teeth, you couldn’t hold back then.
“Mmm, has my baby woken up wanting something?” He nods vigorously, rutting against you and letting out a moan when you bucked your hips up to meet his, jolting him and pressing further into him. “Do you want me to help you get what you want, baby boy? C’mon, I know you can use your words, Spencer.” He ground out a whimper at the sound of his name, and let his head drop into the crook of your collar bone, lips leaving wet sloppy kisses against your skin as your hand carded through his hair, tugging slightly on the chestnut strands.
“Please, Y/N, fuck.” He huffed against your body, and for a moment he squirmed when you brushed your fingertips over the skin of his back, feeling his muscles flex as he moved above you, pace becoming faster.
“Look at you, grinding against everything, you’re really desperate for it. Aren’t you?” He moans again, louder this time as your nails scrape at his back and chest, and as you push against his torso, he sits up so that he’s straddling you. His face is red, hair falling over his eyes, and his eyes are gazing at you with his signature puppy look the both of you know you can’t refuse. But this morning, you decide you need some satisfaction as well, and when you smile up at him with that devilish smile that grips at his heart and makes his eyes widen and mouth drop open, he knows instantly that you’re going to make him work for it. “Fine, Spencer. If you want to come, then you’ve gotta make me come first, sweetheart.” He whines loudly then, nearly wanting to beg you to change your mind, to let him come first, but when you stare back at him with a look so firm and unwavering, he knows you’re not going to change your mind.
Spencer had always been good with his hands, a fact that didn’t often escape those that came in contact with him. His penmanship was delicate, his fingers long and careful, so when he went to reach underneath your underwear, you knew what he was about to do. But it still had you arching your back like always when he brushed a fingertip over your clit.
The both of you knew that neither of you would last long, you hadn’t been together in over a week because of work and with the way that Spencer was currently sliding his fingers in between your folds to gather your wetness, the both of you could feel the desperation seeping out of each other. You didn’t expect him to taste you though, to bring his fingers up into his mouth, sucking them in until his eyes were rolling back at the taste and his fingers came back clean. That nearly had you coming undone right then. But then he really had you going when he eased a finger into you, tight and hot and oh so comforting to the young man that was still grinding himself against your thigh.
“God Spencer, fuck that feels so good.” Encouraged by your words, he thrust them in faster, watching with pure delight on his face as you rocked up to meet him, chest heaving and mouth hanging open as pleasure racked your body, and for a moment, as he added another finger and crooked them up to hit your sweet spot, he thought he had you, thought he had the upper hand. Until your shirt rode up and he could get a look at you palming your breasts. That’s when he really lost it.
Somehow, as the man took one of your nipples between his lips and started to suck, he still kept up the speed of his thrusts, matching them with how his hips rotated and he pushed his hard-on against your thigh. You couldn’t make a noise then, lost for words as he ground down on your, tongue laving over your breasts as you let your hands fall to his hair and tug hard. He moaned low and loud against your chest, but for the moment all you could do was curse and whine, feeling his fingers pushing you quickly to the edge. And suddenly you were diving off it, pulling him into a kiss as he felt you gush around his fingers, so damn hot against his skin.
“Fuck, oh shit, Spencer…” Your words trailed off as he reattached his lips to yours, grinding against you again with a renewed vigour knowing he’d done the one thing you had asked of him. “There we go, that’s it, baby boy. You gonna come against my thigh, yeah?” He nodded his head, hands grabbing for your breasts, for anything to hold onto as his cock bobbed and you watched, hunger in your eyes. “Then come on baby, I wanna see you come without my hand even touching you.” He groaned loudly again, but continued on with his movements, knowing that even though he desperately wanted you to touch his aching cock, wrap your hand around him and jerk him until completion, getting to come was enough of a reward.
And suddenly it was happening. Suddenly he was coming over your thigh and hip, watching as his cum spurted out and onto your hot skin that seemed to shine in front of him. He kept rutting over you until he was finished, wanting it to last as long as it could until finally, his body was going limp over yours and you took it upon yourself to catch the man, bring him in against your chest and run your hands soothingly over his back and through his hair.
“There we go, Spencer. God, you were so good, so good for me sweetheart.” He was melting into your embrace, kissing over your warm skin, and humming thank you’s quietly. And you gave him as much love back, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he calmed down, reaching over to the tissue box so you could wipe his cum off your skin before taking him back into your arms and pulling a blanket over the both of you. “I love you; you know that right, Spence?”
“I know, Y/N. I know. And I love you too, thank you for taking care of me when I needed it. He’s half falling asleep against you, but you don’t mind, knowing that the weekend was free and you had all the time in the world to rest. And as he lets out a content sigh and snuggles closer to you as you press a delicate kiss to his lips, you utter out the words he’s been waiting to hear.
“I’ll take care of you every day, Spencer, I’m never not going to take care of you, my love.”
Spencer might be insecure sometimes, would rather hide away in the shadows than draw attention to himself, but when the two of you are together, when he’s wrapped up in your arms and you’re giving him all the love you can, he knows that this is what he deserves, that this is what he needs and what he loves. He loves you, you love him, and that’s perfect for the both of you.
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galaxy299 · an hour ago
Characters I headcanon as asexual and/or aromantic
1. Sherlock Holmes from BBC Sherlock - ace
Tumblr media
2. Frodo Baggins - ace
Tumblr media
3. Bilbo Baggins - aro/ace
Tumblr media
4. Spencer Reid from criminal minds - ace
Tumblr media
5.Jo March from little women - aro/ace
Tumblr media
6. Seto Kaiba from YughiOh - ace
Tumblr media
7. Sandra Bell from For The People - aro/ace (I know she kissed Ted in the end but still)
Tumblr media
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*Everyone is standing around the broken coffee maker*
Rossi: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
Penelope: I did. I broke it.
Rossi: No. No you didn't. Emily?
Emily: Don't look at me. Look at Spencer.
Spencer: What?! I didn't break it.
Emily: Huh, that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
Spencer: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
Tara: Suspicious.
Spencer: No, it's not!
Matt: If it matters, probably not but Luke was the last one to use it.
Luke: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
Matt: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Luke: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Matt!
Penelope: Okay let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Rossi.
Rossi: No! Who broke it!?
Tara: Rossi... JJ's been awfully quiet.
*Everyone starts arguing*
Rossi, being interviewed: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it.
Rossi: I predict ten minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
Rossi: Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
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Am I the only one who thinks Ian Doyle from Criminal Minds is attractive??
Yes, I know he’s like a sociopathic, murdering, terrorist... but there’s kind of a hotness factor going on, right?
There is a reason Emily fell in love with him after all (I know there’s some speculation about her feelings towards Doyle, but I think she did love him at one point).
Maybe it’s the accent. I am very fond of accents.
Irish ones are in my top three.
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unsubspodcast · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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midnightreid · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tonight, before I lock myself in my room and do 2 essays in 10 days, let's have some fun!
Send me your favourite SFW / NSFW headcanons and concepts for any Criminal Minds character you want! I'll also be taking asks for Hotchreid, Moreid, Morcia, Jemily, Spencelle, Penemily and Morceid!
Ready? 1, 2, 3 GO!
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futuremrsreid · 2 hours ago
Here’s a playlist for you… spencer reid best friends to lovers heartbreak by caffeinesl3t
you're welcome...have fun with your spencer reid heartbreak daydreams <3
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Okay. But hear me out, my oc Flint who is Reid’s daughter is a quadruplet. Reid can’t bear the thought of breaking the siblings apart so he adopts all of them. NOW Y/N, FLINT AND THE OTHER TWO SINGING THIS SONG AND WATCHING REID AND MAEVE’S RELATIONSHIP, THEY’RE ALL JOKING TO EACH OTHER, CALLING HER MOM ON PURPOSE TO MAKE REID FLUSTERED AND MAKING FUN OF HIM I CAN’T
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“Actually...”- Any sentence started by Dr. Spencer Reid (Probably)
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dr-spence-reid · 3 hours ago
I got you
Paring: Gossi Garcia and Rossi family ship
Warnings: fluff, mentions of typical Criminal Minds case gore, and caring David.
Summary: Penelope has a very rough day and turns to Dave for comfort.
It had been a typical hard case involving children being taken and their father's being skinned alive.
Thank God, that the team was able to find all four of the children alive and uninjured.
Penelope, pretended to be her, peppy, and happy self but, inside she was shaken up bad. With Derek, out of town with Hank and Savannah. She couldn't go to his house to unwind.
Luke, was on a short vacation with Roxy, a weekend road trip. She wasn't in a mood for a girl's night.
When the team came back Penelope met them at the elevator. She hugged Emily and JJ first hugging them extra tight.
Then she hugged Tara and sniffed her hair a little. Sniffing Tara's hair always calms her down a little.
"Hey Penelope are you alright girl? JJ, Emily, Spencer, and myself were heading out for girls night." Tara smiled at Penelelope pulling back slowly from the hug.
"I'm fine! No, I can't make it I have a few things to take care of at home." Penelope had a fake but convincing smile on her face.
Penelope quickly excused herself from the team before they got too suspicious. But, David, already suspected something because to him Penelope was acting strange even for Penelope.
The usually happy and peppy tech analyst proceeded to get into Esther, while crying. She drove around town for a few hours, with no particular destination in mind but, somehow around one o'clock in the morning she ended up at David's mansion.
Penelope got out of her car and slowly walked up to David's door, knocking on it.
The cool night air was, biting at Penelope in her rush to get away from the team, she had forgotten her jacket and gloves in her batcave. She was about to change her mind and leave when David, threw the door opened He smiled at her with a concerned look in his eyes.
Before saying anything he wrapped her up in a warm hug dragging her inside.
"I had a feeling you would be stopping by tonight. But, I figured you would have been here sooner." David watched Penelope take off her shoes after she sat down on the couch.
"I told you before that you are welcome here anytime. I'm always here for you." David was watching her smiling, when he saw that she was finally starting to relax.
"I remember when you let me come over when I wanted to take a break from everything. When Kevin and I was having problems before we broke up." Penelope, sighed a little she never really understood why David had always been so nice to her. But, she was glad that he was.
David excused himself to go into the kitchen and make the two of them some hot chocolate. Using milk instead of water and adding whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and chocolate shavings like Penelope likes.
Penelope felt herself relax and felt the burning sensation of a few happy tears trickling down her face.
David walks back in to the dead silent living room. The only sound that was braking the erie silence was Penelope's gentle sniffling.
David carefully put the mugs of hot chocolate down on the coffee table. David proceeds to sit down beside of the younger woman gently placing an arm around her shoulders.
"Hey, there why the tears signora?" David kept his arm around her rasing an eyebrow slightly.
She felt herself tremble a little like a small seedling in the cold night air, taking a very deep breath before speaking again.
"I just don't understand it,Dave, why are you so nice to me all the time? You don't even ask for anything in return." Penelope was quite puzzled as to why David was being so nice to her in the middle of the night.
"Penny, it's really simple it's because I love you. I love you like a daughter. I love you just as much as I love Joy. That love started the day we met and only grew stronger." David admitted with a small smile on his old roughly aged face.
The harsh light in the living room really brought out each and every wrinkle and worry line on the old man's face. His silver hair had a very warm shine to it.
Penelope caught herself staring at David for a few moments. Growing up Penelope never really had a father or a father figure.
She started to let herself see Gedion that way but, then he left with no warning. He didn't even say goodbye he just dissapeared leaving a note for Spencer.
She felt her heart shatter that day, she vowed to never let herself love someone like that again, and yet here she was.
Only this time it felt different in her heart like David really meant what he said. A warm smile grew on her face.
"I love you too dad. I mean David I mean sir." Penelope babbled out looking down with an ever growing blush on her face.
David felt his old heart jump with joy inside his chest. A big warm and proud smile crept on to his face.
"Hey,kiddo look at me ok? It's ok to call me dad I really don't mind. I want you to know that I got you. I will love, protect, support, and care for you no matter what. Even if you fall in love with another Kevin." David snorted his smile growing.
Penelope looked up at David with a genuine smile on her face. It was the first real smile that Penelope smiled in a long time.
"I love you too dad." Penelope giggled sipping on her hot chocolate.
The End...
@originalsoulduck @guardian-of-the-earth @ssahoodrathotchner @transpenelope @davidrossiismydad @combeferre-the-mothman @drspencerreidshands @moreidsdaughter @jj-arms @hotchsbabygirl @hotchseyebrows @winterscaptain @jemilyisms @makaylajadewrites @badgerdryad
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 3 hours ago
Can you write something where when the reader sees Aaron for the first time in the fbi vest she can’t take her eyes off of him. When he confronts her about it, she denies it so he decides to send her filthy texts the whole flight home. When they land he tells the reader to get in his car. When they get to his place to go at it, she asks if he’ll wear the vest. He does. DomHotch!!! 😚 xoxo
You'll have to wait (One Shot)
(Request by anonymous)
Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Sorry this took so long, been busy with my other fic
Warning - (NSFW 18+)
Material list
“Alright Reid and JJ stay here, look over anything else we might have missed. Coronate the media and send back up.” My eyes snapped over to Aaron. 
“Sir what about me.” 
“You’re coming with, your vest is in the car. Everybody lets go.” 
I was confused at the request but I followed the order. 
I never went into the field, I had experience from my previous job before the BAU. But Aaron never let me go with him to make an arrest which I never minded. I’d much rather work from the precinct or do an interrogation
I had my gun with me at all times but have I ever used it in an actual situation... With the BAU never once but with my other job yes. When Aaron and I got together he never changed a thing about how he acted towards me. It was always business but he did still worry about me. 
Going after regular criminals is definitely less nerve racking than serial killers. 
“Hotch sir”, I stopped him before he left the room. “Are you about me going with you? I can stay here, It’s not a problem.” 
“Y/n you’ll be fine. Strauss called earlier about how you never do anything, how I ‘benched you’. She wanted to see what you could do.” 
“But--” I tried to speak but JJ and Reid left the room and we needed to move over. “Look y/n we need to go.. come on.” He lightly tugged on my arm to follow him. I followed him as the rest of the team left the building. 
We climbed into the SUVs. The whole way there Hotch gave the orders that the ubsub was in the house, he didn’t plan on coming out alive. Morgan, Hotch, and I got into one car while Emily and Rossi went into the other. 
Aaron and Morgan could feel the nervousness radiating off of my body. Morgan turned around in the passenger seat, “Baby you gotta calm down.” 
I scoffed a dry laugh, “Easy for you to say, you guys do this all the time.” 
Aaron kept his hands on the wheel and focused on the road. “You’ve done this before nothings different.” 
“Yeah it is, I worked with those people in the field before and I trusted them. That's not me saying I don't trust you guys because I do... It’s just different.” 
“Just follow us you’ll be okay.” Aaron spoke and turned the corner on the street and my view revealed lines of cop cars and flashing lights. Hotch pulled over and we all got out of the car, I walked behind him and go to the back. 
He opens the trunk and pulls out three vests. I froze a little, being intimidated. I watched as Morgan and Aaron put on their vests. My eyes drifted over to Aaron, it fit his body perfectly. The navy blues kevlar fibers and white letters splayed across his chest. 
“Sweetheart, my eyes are up here.” He said teasingly after Derek had walked away. “Sorry”, he just smirked and helped me tighten my vest before we made our way over to the officers. 
“Are you ready?” Aaron and I walked over the house. 
“Totally.” I wasn’t ready, being too distracted.
On the jet Aaron sat in the back with his face buried in the files that scattered the table. I was with Emily and Derek on the opposite end. They were talking about Reid and teasing him while he was sitting in the seat next to us. 
While they were cracking jokes I couldn’t stop thinking about how Aaron looked in that fucking vest. He was already built but with the extra padding he just sparked that part of me.
My eyes drifted over to him working, he pen glided across the paper and his hands--
Zoning out I didn’t realize that he had noticed. Then my phone vibrated on the table. 
Aaron - Are you okay there
Me - Yeah I'm fine... why
Aaron - You’re staring
Me - No I wasn’t just thinking about you
Aaron - Me? You know what I think
Aaron - I think you couldn’t stop thinking about how I looked earlier. Your mouth was practically water at the sight of me. I bet you just wanted to get on your knees right there in front of everyone
I glanced up in surprise at Aaron and his files were closed and he was looking at me with a smug grin. 
Aaron - You’re imagining it now aren’t you
I was honestly, the things I’d do for that man. I clenched my thighs together and hoped no one noticed. 
I didn’t want to react but he was already getting a rise out of me. 
Aaron - You want to be on your back and have me over you with my cock buried so far, just wait baby
My eyes widened a bit and I put my phone back down. There was no hiding how flush my face was. “Who keeps blowing up your phone.” 
“Don’t worry about it”, i said too quickly and Emily reached over the table to grab my phone. I lunged over and snatched it back before she had the opportunity to search through it. 
“Okay...” JJ said after being included in the conversation. Aaron saw how I had excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom. 
When the plane landed we all exited and headed back to the office for the remainder of our things. 
After everyone left I joined them, going into my car from the garage, I heard a car behind me. Aaron pulled up and rolled down the window, “My place, now.” 
He didn’t say much after that, I climbed into the car and he reached a hand over to my thigh. His finger rubbed my thigh before the tipped of his fingers brushing, dangerously close to my core. 
I just glanced over at him, he was still in his suit. His shirt was so tight over his chest you could see the definition. 
We crossed the threshold of his house and not a second went by before my back was slammed against the wall.  
“Aaron”, he shook his head slightly. “I didn’t say you could speak.” 
“Please, I just-- I wanna ask you something.” 
“You get one question before I have my way with you”, his hand traveled down my neck and to hip, keeping me on the wall. “Wear it.” He raised his eyebrows. 
“The vest.” 
“I knew you couldn’t stop those thoughts from going into your pretty little head, you want me to wear a government issued bulletproof vest so you can have your fantasy.” I whimpered, I really wanted it. 
“I want you stripped and on the bed when I come back.” He released me and stepped away going out to the car. I went up stairs and in the bedroom shedding my clothes on the way. I kneeled on the bed and just waited and waited. 
When he didn’t return the arousal between my leg was already dripping down onto the bed, slipping a hand down I made slow circles on my clit. 
I was too focused on the sensation that I didn’t hear his heavy footsteps approaching the room. He watched with a smirk on his lips as I arched my back on the duvet. I got closer and closer to finishing and he could tell. 
My eyes snapped open and he was hovering over me, “I tell you when to cum... understand.” his voice was dark and coated with lust. I didn’t expect him, I thought I’d be able to hear.
I nervously nodded my head. “Tsk, are you going to be a good girl for me.” 
“Yes sir.” 
“I don’t think you are, needy little sluts always say whatever they need to get their way. That sounds like you doesn’t it?” He put a finger under my chin and lifted my gaze to match his. 
“No sir I promise.” 
“We’ll see won’t we, step off and get on your knees.” He pushed himself off the bed and I got the full view of him. It was like I saw him for the first time again, he looked so fucking good. 
I didn’t take a second thought before getting low in front of him, patiently waiting for him. Aaron was going to either take his time or be indescribably rough to get the message through. 
His hands went to his belt and took it off moving around me and buckling my hands together behind my back. 
Stepping in front of me he unzipped his pants and pulled them down enough to pull himself out. “Open”, he ordered before my jaw slacked as he slid his cock into my mouth. 
He looked down at me and my eyes met his. A groan escaped his lips before he took the motion. Sliding a hand behind my head and into my hair, he gripped a portion.
Tilting my head up a bit more so he could thrust in and out easier. “This is what you wanted right-- fuck little girl you’re doing that so well.” He gritted out using my mouth as a tool for his own pleasure. 
He was right, this is what I wanted, just the feeling of him inside my mouth was enough to make me cum. I wished he’d let me touch him, to just get a better grip and grab his thighs to stable myself. 
“I might actually let you finish tonight if you keep this up.” With the limited motion I had I flattened my tongue along his shaft and took him in as deep as I could before it was too much. 
I gagged around him and no matter how far we were into the scene he still cared about how I was feeling and he pulled out and loosened my hair in his fingers. “You gotta breathe.” 
There was a string of saliva moving down my face as I swallowed and collected myself. I nodded softly and he resumed what he wanted. Opening my mouth back up. 
His cock moved slower to give me extra time to get okay again. When I moaned around him he got the message. Pushing his hips into my face again and I got that feeling of my jaw being stretched. 
He groaned and his dick twitched and I knew he was close, I wanted him to finish but he pulled back. 
When he got a hold of my waist he tossed me on the bed. Flipping me over roughly my face pressed into the pillows below me. Aaron manhandled me like I was a ragdoll. “Well would you look at that, you really do get off when you act like the whore you are” There a small wet spot on the floor. 
My face was flushed and I caught my breath. Feeling the bed dip he adjusted my hips into the air. “Fuck”, I muttered my breath. “What was that.” I didn’t answer and he didn’t like that. 
His hand traveled over my curve of my spine and Aaron placed a slap onto my ass. Recovering he slammed himself into me and I jerked forwards. Letting out an embarrassingly loud moan I bit my lip and tried to hold them in.
“Now don’t do that now, I wanna. hear. you.” He every word he pumped in. I whimpered, getting the relief that had been building a few hours earlier. He grazed my g-spot deliciously and snaked a hand to my clit. 
“Oh god... fuck.” Leaning onto me his other hand wrapped around my neck and lifted me flush against his chest. I felt the kevlar on my back and it scratched my sensitive skin. 
His fingers tightened around my throat and squeezed. My vision went hazed and I rested my head back onto his shoulder. My back arched and I got every sensation I could. 
We locked eyes and he captured my lips in his, he slid his tongue over mine and claimed dominance. 
“Does the little bitch deserve to cum tonight.” He quickened his thrusts and I jolted. “Daddy please.” I clenched around him and I watched as he tossed his head back. I was already so close, and he knew it. 
“Sir can I cum.” 
“Not yet.” I could barely hold it, his pace on my clit was too much to handle. I choked out, “Aaron please.” 
“Go ahead baby.” Releasing the tension that was building was like breaking a dam. I came around him and I felt him pulse. My orgasm brought him over the edge and he spilled inside of me. 
I fell limp and he let me go, my pulse calmed as I came back to reality. He undid my restraints and I automatically pulled him on me, my lips met his.
“Come here”, he whispered against my lips and he helped me stand as my knees buckled. I couldn’t walk or stand on my own, “Fuck Aaron.” I chuckled and he brought me to the bathroom, cleaning up. 
I watched as he shed his clothes, to lazy to actually put them in the hamper they laid on the floor. “It was hot in that.” He said when he felt the cool air on his skin. 
I smirked and kissed him again, “and it was so fucking worth it.” 
“Glad you enjoyed it, I love you.” 
“I love you too”, getting me up we made our way back into the bedroom and settled under the thin sheet he had. I laid my head on his chest and his arm snaked around me and brought me closer. 
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