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#Criminal minds
jj-arms · 12 minutes ago
Alex Blake comforting you after a hard case
Tumblr media
spare tip, ma’am?
taglist: @emilyprentisslittlewhore​ / @regal-roni​​
The case had taken a toll on everyone, but especially you. Cases involving children always were harder than the others, this one was especially harder for you, you tried to save the boy you were too late, and Alex noticed the change in your behavior. You were quiet on the way back, very different from your usual self, who was always cracking jokes and making everyone smile after a stressful day.
She went to talk to you and offer support or a shoulder to cry on, even if though the thought of you crying in front of the others was unlikely, even when you’re feeling down. She hated seeing you like that.
“Hi, Y/N” she said sitting by your side on the jet.
“Hi, Alex”
“How are you feeling?” she asked softly
“I’m fine, just tired” she knew you were lying, you couldn’t hide your feeling very well, at least not from her.
“Don’t lie to me, please” she said “ i know you”
 “Is this ever going to end?” you said “ i don’t understand why hurt people, why hurt kids”
“I don’t know” she said putting her hands on top of yours  “ do you want to talk about it?
“Its just feels that the more we work the more these cases appear ”  you confessed
“The only thing we can do is do your job in the best way we can”
“You’re right” you said
“I’m here for you, Y/N, always, “she said squeezing your hand
“I appreciate you, Alex”
Alex offered to take you home as soon as the jet touched the soil, she didn’t wanted you to be alone in your apartment after what happened. Upon arrival, Alex ordered food, insisting that you needed to eat something before going to bed, especially after a hard day 
“You can’t sleep on an empty stomach” she said
“Fine” you said giving up after her insistence
Alex cared about you, of course, she cared about all of her teammates, but with you was different, the way she cared about you and your well-being was different. She couldn't bear the idea of seeing you sad or hurt.
“How are you feeling?” she asked you after you re-surged into the living room after taking a shower
“So much better” you said walking towards her
You both sat on the floor and munched on the takeout that was on the table beside you, you both ate in silence, only stopping to make comments about the food or the case.
“Thank you for this,” you said after finishing your food.
“I should go now” Alex said “It’s getting late”
“Stay” you asked her
You didn’t trust yourself enough to be alone today; you needed Alex here tonight.
“Are you sure?” Alex asked
“Yes, please” you said getting close to her
“Of course” she said touching your face
You didn’t say anything, just leaned into her touch enjoying her warmth.
“I think I’m in love with you” you confessed in a half-whispered tone
“I’m in love with you too” she said closing the distance between you two with a kiss.
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hqtchner · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Polo Hotch + Shades + Arms Crossed (10x19)
My gifs! Please give me credit if you use it.
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viridis-blooming · 20 minutes ago
In true fashion I’ve been bingeing criminal minds and avoiding my feelings.
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canon-but-like-gayer · 34 minutes ago
Spencer: “It’s a little muggy out today.”
Derek: “I swear to god if I go outside and all our mugs are lawn, I’m leaving.”
Spencer: *sipping coffee out of a bowl*
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spoonielivingfree · 34 minutes ago
Honestly love Reid and his highly alluded to autism in Saturday he’s like “or I could come up with a plan about what I’m going to say before I execute it.”
We love that scripting. It’s so fucking relatable.
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dontkissthewriter · 35 minutes ago
If you’re still doing them, Headcanons for Spencer and his post prison life. Thank you!
god I think about post prison Spencer every goddamn day also hi drea I missed you
He wakes up every day at 5 in the morning, no matter when he went to bed or how exhausted he was
Knick knacks suddenly seem useless, cluttered, stupid to have around
He values pictures more than ever now, as they were one of the only things allowed in the prison
Takes pictures of everything, everyone, you and him, you sleeping, a pretty sunset
Spencer finds that his body instinctively wants to react to authority figures, loud yelling, direct orders
Every time he walks into a room, he evaluates who he could take and who he would need help with, just in case
All his showers become an hour long, sometimes more. It’s just a simple pleasure he missed, standing in the hot water, letting it relax him
He always has to be moving now. He’ll pace for hours and hours, do push ups on his floor till he’s shaking, won’t go to bed unless his body is as exhausted as his mind
The team has to visit a prison for a case and some prisoners file past for yard time
Spencer almost followed them out the door until JJ grabbed him
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 43 minutes ago
hii, could you do a one shot where reader is arguing with Aaron and we flinch? then he gets scared that we thought he was going to do something to us. Like angst with fluffy ending
(Request by anonymous)
Aaron Hotchner x Reader
This is sort of a long one... I got carried away
Warning - Talk of domestic abuse, mention of torture
“Hotch we gotta go.” I tugged on his arm and he stayed looking at the body that was slumped over in the chair... a little boy, maybe 8 years old. The little boy had blonde hair... like Jack. 
He glanced back at me and nodded, “Come on.” We left the house and into the car. “Alright I’ll handle this where are you guys going.” Morgan said walking over to the SUV. 
“I’m going to call Garcia and Reid, see if he can find a location on this guy.” I said and Aaron turned on the car. Morgan put his hand into the window and tapped, “Good luck.” 
We rolled up the windows and Aaron started driving. 
Trying to catch this Unsub was like playing cat and mouse. Every time we were close he’d show up in another location. We whole county was on his ass, and yet he still got away. 
Leaving bodies in his wake, little kids. Always fucking children, it started with kidnappings and after two turned up dead after four were taken the BAU was called in. 
Emily and Rossi were able to save one child, only one out of the the 13 children. This Unsub worked fast, a cooldown time was practically non existence. The only conclusion the entire team was sure of was that he didn’t need the children for any particular reason. 
He just wanted a high body count, to be the best... a legend in his little fantasy. 
“Garcia... please tell us you have something.” I held the phone to our ears. I could he her type vigorously on the keyboard. 
“Guys I don-- oh oh.” I furrowed my brows. “What is it?” 
“1786 bardic drive.” I hung up the phone and Aaron swerved the car in the other direction.  
We were 15 minutes away, the address being on the other side of town. 
Pulling in on the side of the street Aaron automatically calls it in and sits in the car to wait for backup. I just thought about it, there was a child in there right now. 
We knew his goal was a body count and that he’d have no problem killing the kid. He had no ritual he was skilled and made it fast, for all I knew they could’ve been dead. 
I got out of the car and ran up the drive way, because the Unsub didn’t know Aaron and I were there we needed to keep quiet and that resulted in Aaron getting out of the car and trying to call out for me in a hushed and very pissed off tone.
“Y/n what the hell are you doing.” I ignored him and he went over the the mic, his voice was rumbling through my ear. 
“Y/n I swear, don’t go in there, that’s an order.” 
“Aaron I don’t have a choice.” I kept going, he go back into the car to try and hide the fact he was wearing an FBI vest. 
“The hell you don’t.” 
I didn’t want him distracting me and I pulled the ear piece from my ear. Aaron groaned in frustration, checking his watch to see how long until the back up arrived. 
I moved around the house, ducking away from the windows but glanced into the ones that had the shades open... I didn’t see him. But I did hear whimpering coming from the basement.  
I kept from being directly in the line of sight for the window. There was storm door hidden under the deck that was built in the backyard. I went over to it and picked the padlock that was hooked onto the handles. 
Pulling it open, I went deeper into the house. Luckily it was bright outside and it wasn’t too dark from the small window that was in the back of the room, I dimly saw the child bound to an x board. 
Her legs and arms spread out, completely vulnerable. When she saw me her eyes grew wide and I heard her whine. I put my index finger over my lips to try and get her to stop making noise. 
Making my way over to her I undid the gag that was around her mouth, “He’s upstairs.” 
“I know, you need to be quiet okay. I need you to go out the doors I just did and go to the black car that’s parked across the street, can you do that for me?” She nodded weakly and left the house. 
I raised my gun again and scanned around before making my way upstairs. 
“Hela, it’s time”, I rushed behind the wall by the stairs when I heard the basement door unlock. The stairs creaked as his heavy footsteps came closer. 
When he was in my view I grabbed the rope that was on the floor and wrapped it around his neck, dragging him to the floor. His face was getting red when he raised his arms and sliced my leg. 
Dropping the rope I backed away going for my gun again. He swiped at it and it slid away to the other side of the room. “You’re pretty.” 
He came closer and I forced him into the shelves that were in the center. Knocking them over, he stayed on the ground and I got closer, ready to cuff him. 
I didn’t notice the dumbbell in his hand, swinging it back and it hit my cheek. My vision went hazy and I was seeing double. I felt the cold concrete on my skin, he had me pinned against the wall. 
My sight started to fade as the oxygen was getting cut off. 
In a blink before I passed out he dropped, Aaron was at the top of the stairs to the storm door.
He rushed over and held me up, “Breath baby, you need to breath.” He helped me outside and to the ambulance. “Are you alright.” 
“Yeah”, my voice was strained. 
On the jet the majority of the team kept their comments to themselves. The only person to even say a word to me was JJ as she tried to comfort me from what she knew was coming. 
After we landed I drove myself back to the office, I was dreading the conversation that I knew was inevitable. I took the stairs, I really just wanted to avoid this. 
But sure enough when I reached the sixth floor there they were walking out of the elevator. 
Hotch looked around and saw me as he walked past me, “Y/n, office... now.” Hotch gritted out roughly, he was pissed and for good reason. I dipped my head down and followed behind him. 
As I past the desks, I was getting glances from the team. 
Once the door was shut he tossed his bag in the corner. “Where do I start.” I stayed silent but he never said anything. I opened my mouth to speak but he did instead. 
“What the fuck is wrong with you!” He yelled enough to startle me but not cause concern to anyone that might’ve heard. “We’re never supposed to do that, not ever is that to be done again.” 
“I’m sorry”, I mumbled. I felt so small in that situation, I didn’t want him to be mad but I knew I brought this upon myself going into the house by myself. 
“You fucking better be! What were you trying to do?... you almost were killed. Never have I ever thought you were that stupid in my entire life.” 
“I wanted to save her.” 
“You can’t play god to do that...” He raised his hands to his hips. 
“I said I was sorry”, I raised my voice at him and he just got angrier. 
“Well that’s not good enough!” Once his voice rumbled through the walls the team all grabbed their things and left building, not wanting to hear what was happening. 
He stepped towards me and we were almost touching. I’ve never seen him this angry, but I’ve also never done something so out of character. We had boundaries not to risk ourselves for the job, at least not like that.
“Being sorry doesn’t do anything! If you got killed being sorry wouldn’t do jack shit!” Aaron blood was boiling, he was livid. He could’ve lost me if he was a few seconds late. 
Because I have never seen Aaron like this I didn’t know how he handled anger, especially towards me. He raised his hand to his head, but it was fast. Like he was holding back and I shuttered. 
Taking slow steps backwards as his eyes were closed trying to calm down. 
When he reopened his eyes he saw me moving away from him and he furrowed his eyebrows. He was analyzing my face as his hand dropped from his forehead. 
“Wha--”, he said in confusing and then the realization hit him. “Are you okay.” 
“I need a moment”, I faced the door and walked away shutting it behind me, I left Aaron behind with his mind combing through the possibilities. 
I never told him about the domestic abuse I faced in my previous relationships... mainly all of them. I knew he was different but old habits are hard to break. I had learned to expect it and brace for it. 
When he raised his hand I thought he raised it to hit me... again old habits. 
I left the whole building and I went home, without giving him an explanation. Aaron had hoped I was going to his house but knew I wasn’t going to. When he unlocked his door he wished to see me on the couch waiting to talk to him but I wasn’t. 
I was laying in bed at my own apartment curled up in a ball on the brink of tears, wondering why I was like this. 
When the morning rolled around I was spread across the bed. Dreading what I knew was going to happen. He’d want to know why I was like that. And I would tell him, I’m wasn’t going to lie. 
I got ready for work in the slowest manner to try and delay it. Getting into my car I drove the speed limit going down the highway and into the FBI parking lot. 
Heading inside and too tired to take the stairs going to the sixth floor. Once the doors to the elevator opened I dragged myself across the bullpen and tossed my things on my chair. 
Deciding to get it over with and walking up the stairs to his door. It was already cracked open, I went in and took a seat in front of him. 
“Y/n--”, I was gathering the courage to tell him. I already made it this far, might as well. 
“Most of my ex boyfriends-- they were abusers. When I say all I mean every one of them. I always thought maybe this time will be different, it never was.” I kept my emotions at bay. 
Aaron was leaning forwards, listening to every word I said. 
“All of them saying something along the line of, ‘You’re just a little bitch that doesn’t know anything.’ and it always got to me. They they would hit me, kick me, burn me. I was a rag doll in their eyes, they thought they could treat me like shit and they did exactly that.” 
My eyes met Aarons soft ones, he felt everything I was saying. Like it was a personal attack, he couldn’t help but wanting to hurt those men. 
I continued, “I got away from them after awhile, I decided to uh... take a break from dating, then I met you. I knew you were different, always so respectful, a gentlemen at heart. But when you started yelling I was brought back. You’ve never gotten angry like that at me before and I thought you were--. “
He cut me off, “Going to hit you.” I nodded sadly. 
“Habits”, I said and shrugged my shoulders. “Y/n I know I was angry yesterday and I still kind of am but I understand. I’d never do that you.” He stood up and walked closer sitting on the edge of his desk. 
“I know but I can’t help it.” He leaned down and grabbed my hands bringing me up to him, “After work let me remind you how much I love you.” 
My lips tugged upwards and I wrapped my arms around him, “Okay.” 
“You’re suspended though.” I chuckled, “I know... I love you.” 
“I love you too.” 
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uncpanda · 45 minutes ago
ahh ur drabble are everything !! can you do number 44 with luke from criminal minds? (if you don’t do him then maybe another character from their!) thank you for writing these by the way <33
So, I have not watched the 90% of the seasons after Hotch left. Just couldn’t do it. But I’ve seen a few episodes, and I like Luke, and I hope I can do him justice! 
Luke Alvez X GN!reader 
Drabbles are now closed! Just finishing what’s in my inbox :) 
“You know, when I decided to be an FBI agent, I didn’t realize how much walking was involved.” 
“Oh really?” Thanks to the pitch dark, you can’t see it, but you know your partner is smiling. 
“I also didn’t know, that when it comes to running, the perp always goes for the pitch-black forest.” 
There’s a laugh this time, “They probably saw it in some horror movie and decided to emulate it.” 
“I also didn’t know, that we could do all this walking, in a mosquito infested forest, only to have Simmons and JJ catch him only a mile from the road. I swear, nothing good ever happens in the dark.” 
This time there’s a pause, and then you feel a groping hand. You reach out and take it. Alvez pulls you closer and you can finally make out his face. “I’m going to have to disagree with you on that.” 
“And why is . . .” You’re cut off midway by Luke’s lips slanting over yours. And you curse internally, because Alvez was right, some good things do happen in the dark. 
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jj-arms · an hour ago
Teasing Emily Prentiss while she is at work
Tumblr media
spare tip,ma’am?
light smut 18+
warnings: mommy kink, toys, sexting.
taglist: @emilyprentisslittlewhore / @regal-roni​ / @ssa-prentissinred​
You tried not to tease Emily while she was on case, but today felt impossible not to, especially when you were feeling needy and she was on the other side of the country
It started with a simple message, nothing saucy, just an innocent “i miss you” followed by a picture of you pouting
But after receiving no response you decided to amp the antics by sending a picture of you in your bra
“don’t ignore me”
After that picture you finally received a response, a simple “don’t tease me”
You know you had hit the spot, so you gave her a little time before sending a more provocative picture.
Emily was a little chocked with your audacity for sexting her during a case, but part of her was curious to know how far could you go. She was going to find out that you could go very far very soon.
Inspired by her response you sent a small audio of your moaning her name with a message “listen alone”
And she did. She excused herself from the others and went to the bathroom.
“You little brat, keep going and I will punish you”
That message only served as an incentive for you to keep going, so you took a step forward and sent a nude with a message saying “ i wish you were here”
Emily was having a hard time trying to keep her composure during the case, but she was succeeding
You hadn't sent a message in a while, during this time she choose to focus on the case in hand, maybe you had come to your senses and stopped teasing her, maybe the threat of punishment was enough
A notification proved she was wrong. The message had a video attachment, and Emily knew better than to open that video in the room full of cops.
Once again she went to the bathroom, first checking if there was someone else inside of the stalls. After checking, she opened the video
In the video, you were completely naked, you had your hands between your legs clearly pleasuring yourself, and moaning her name
Her face went red in the moment she heard your moans, she couldn't help to feel the heat in her lower stomach rise. Emily squeezed her thighs together, trying to control the urge to touch herself right there.
As soon as the video ended, she called you to reminder you the consequences of teasing her when she was away.
You pretend to be innocent during the whole call, trying not to give away your increasing horniness by the idea of being punished by her
After the call you decided to give the poor woman a break, but deep inside down you were only getting ready for when she arrived at her hotel room
When she did you call her via video, you were wearing just one of her hoodies, no underwear.
“babygirl, don’t be a brat” she warned
“I’m not being a brat, i just miss you, mommy” said you teasing her “ I’m feeling lonely”
You had your favorite toy in hand and you were ready to start the show; you performed a little dance for her, making sure to show a little skin.
“look how wet i am “ you said showing her your slick covered fingers
 This time Emily wasn't going to hold herself back. She got rid of her pants and underwear, she was going to punish you later but right now she was going to enjoy the show.
“I wish you were fucking me” you said teasing your entrance with your toy
“babygirl” moaned Emily
You started to fuck yourself with the toy slowly; you wanted to drag this as much as you could handle.You buckled your hip, moving them down taking more of the toy inside feeling that familiar burn.
“Don’t you dare come before me “ warned Emily
“yes, ma’am” moaned you
You kept the slow pace until you heard Emily breathe become more unsteady and hectic. She had her eyes closed, your name falling from her lips.
“ going to cum for me, mommy?” you asked
The only answer you received was a high-pitched moan followed by a sigh, you interpreted as a sign to increase your movements. You were riding your toy in search of your own high.
“cum for me, baby” said Emily “ cum for mommy” Your fingers found your clit rubbing into circles until you came screaming her name.
“Good girl” she praised you
“ thank you,mommy” said you recovering from your high.
“ you are still in trouble” remembered her
You couldn't wait to be punished by her and Emily couldn't wait to fly home and teach you a lesson about teasing her while she was at work.
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idkwhatiwantinlife · an hour ago
my friend’s senior portrait is her with a framed photo of Matthew Gray Gubler. i just thought y’all should know.
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uncpanda · an hour ago
could you do #48 for the kiss prompt with aaron hotchner??? 🥺 as a short girl, that prompt makes me WEAK
As a fellow short girl, I concur!!! 
Aaron Hotchner X Fem!reader
Prompt 48: One person has to bend down in order to kiss their partner, who is standing on their tip-toes to reach their partner’s.
Drabbles are now closed! Just finishing what’s in my inbox :)
FBI award galas are not your idea of a fun night, but for Aaron, you’d gladly do it. Even if it meant shopping for an over priced dress and shoes. It seems like he knows everyone at the party, or at the very least everyone seems to know him. You’re introduced to about a billion people, who you promptly forget, scarf down bad banquet food, and clap like a crazy woman when your man is given an award for distinguished service to the FBI.  
And the moment he’s back at the table, he whispers the most romantic words you’ve ever head, “You ready to head out?” You both escape moments later.
When you make it to the parking lot, you ditch the heels that have been murdering your feet all night, and let out a little content sigh. Aaron’s lips twitch, “You must really love me to wear those shoes.” 
You roll your eyes, “Duh.” You go up on your tiptoes, relishing the stretch while you place a hand on Aaron’s chest for balance, and he swoops down and kisses you; his hand tangling in your hair, and thoroughly messing up the careful hairdo you had started the evening with. But you had known, even then, that is Aaron had his way, it would never make it through the night. 
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romanoffprentiss · an hour ago
a/n: in perhaps the dumbest thing i’ve made, reader goes out with morgan for drinks and emily has to pick you up
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lesbianologist · 2 hours ago
lesbian emily prentiss lives rent free in my mind
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alea-says · 2 hours ago
okay, but I’ve been trying to find out what the ship name for hotch and reid is and I’m still not sure... does anyone know? What should I be tagging things with?
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Penelope: This type of idiocy will not be tolerated in this house!
Luke: Is there another type of idiocy that you would be more comfortable with?
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