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othermorningsa day ago
|| critical role ||
i remembered that laudna is a Hollow One, so her and FCG have some things in common... they are kindred souls, you could say...
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jackzarts2 days ago
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F.C.G. wishing you all a smiley day!! Second character in my chibi series.
You can get this and the Ashton chibies as stickers if you subscribe to my Patreon or Ko-fi in the d10 tier before December!
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deelusia day ago
This one is special for Laudna fans
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seventytwo-waterellens16 hours ago
I've been putting off finishing campaign 2 of cr because I didn't want it to be done, watching in little 20 minute increments every few weeks (or months). But tonight I finally finished the campaign, rewatching all of the mega episode 141 in the process, and I am just so grateful and awed for the lovely story and lovely people of critical role. It has been a long long time since a story has meant this much to me. Especially after watching Matt's between the sheets, I'm really struck and stunned by how very lucky I am to be here for it and how very very VERY thrilled for the rest of cr3 I am 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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I think Essek deserves to have had a rebellious phase with a boyfriend his parents thought was a bad influence. Like,he smells of it
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"Looking back, Imogen sees an older man, refined, walking proudly into the tempest... before he's gone".
Goodnight, Bertrand 馃寵馃
鉁╠o not repost my art | Reblogs are love鉁
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Gonna add my two cents to the Laudna theories and say that her Form of dread having a veil reminds me a lot of stories where a wife is murdered on her wedding day and becomes an ethereal creature thats bring misery and gifts depending on how to interact with her
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