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#Csm Spoilers

the things he will never experience.

Warnings: Spoilers

He won’t be there in the morning, calling after Denji to have a good day at school as he rushes out the door running late. He won’t ask him how his day was and what he learned today while having a hot meal or bunny apple slices out for him. He won’t stay up all night doing his helping him with his math homework. He won’t see him form normal relationships and worry over why he came home so late one night. Neither will he get dragged into drama when he has his first high school sweetheart. Once more, he’ll never see his little brother grow up—it’s ironic really. But, he’d be so, so fucking proud to know he’s getting his education and navigating his way through life hand-in-hand with Nayuta. And Aki Hayakawa will be smiling from heaven on the day of Denji’s graduation.

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if you want to die, go some place far away from me…

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The Angel Devil is known for his large apatite. He almost always is eating or munching on something. He eats ice cream cone, large dishes when he and Aki were at a restaurant, and other instances. I think there’s a valid reason for this. It’s a coping mechanism for the hollowness and loneliness in his life.  


This hints at how empty he feels. People who tend to eat a lot, usually use food to fill the emotional void or cope with stress. The Angel Devil has seen Death almost everyday and can’t even touch others. Physical contact is necessary and fiends/devils have been shown to have many similar needs/functions as humans (sex, nutrition, egestion, etc). 

He must have also felt something was missing when Makima had repressed his memories about his village, lover and family and tried to fill that gap with food. 

He’s shown to be numb in many instances in the manga, as well, food probably is one of the few sources of comfort he has. Food is probably the best escape for his lonely, miserable existence. 

This loneliness, inability to touch others and the daily grief of being a Devil hunter is what causes the Angel Devil to gorge, even during battle. 

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:) Oh csm  Anon…The pain ride has just started. I’m glad that you still think this series is great. And to be honest I don’t really feel teary eyed for most fiction…Even if it’s really tragic. But chapter 78 made me cry and unable to sleep at night. Yes I read that whole painful arc in one night. I’m so sorry, but please be prepared for pain because that’s what’s going to come next. But there will be certainly a few happy/comedic moments. 

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I’m lit so worried for Denji in Part 2. Not because he’s potentially gonna have to fight stronger devils in hell to rescue Power, but because this nincompoop is going into high school only knowing how to read the kanji for balls.

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Chainsaw Man is pretty much just SCP foundation: the anime when you think about it. The gun devil is basically a Keter class anomaly and I wouldn’t be surprised if the series went somewhere into an XK End of the World scenario somewhere down the line in Part 2.

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Denji is looking back at Kishibe, taking one last look at the light before retreating into the darkness to flee from Makima.  Aki and Power, on the other hand, are walking into the light, into death, with a casual, almost serene gait.  Denji’s body language suggests he doesn’t want to leave yet, but that he is also done looking down a path he can no longer take.  He’s ready to leave the family he’s lost behind after this final farewell and its heart-wrenching.

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(CSM spoilers) 

Chainsaw man masterfully drops hints on Makima’s true role as the main antagonist of Part 1 and as a powerful, fearsome devil. This single page is one of the simplest yet most chilling indicators of this. THE Darkness Devil, who we’ve seen literally DECIMIATE the cast, powerful characters such as Denji, Power, Aki, Angel Devil, Violence Devil and everyone there. This Devil installed absolute terror by literally slaying everyone and slashing their arms. 


Everyone, in the scene and the audience, were petrified of this Devil, that killed the main cast in a mere matter of minutes. Yet look at Makima. When she comes out, she’s calm, as if on a business trip. The Darkness Devil pointing at Makima is a chilling connotation. It’s oddly reminiscent of a friendly greeting of old friends. “Like hey girl what’s up’. This implies that Makima is a friend or at least  an acquaintance of this gruesome,  horrifying, extremely powerful Devil. And Makima pointing back, mirroring this Devil with a small yet friendly smile supports this. 

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i think Chainsaw Man is a good example of how other mangas can (visually) influence one without remixing/copying the whole genre like how most modern shounen is just classic old ones’ electric boogaloo, but in a way that actually adds and incoroprates something to the manga

like this panel, and the entire Darkness Devil sequence in Hell? 


the Dorohedoro influence of this (also the literal doors to hell/hole?). and since CSM is pretty gorey anyway it really fits in with the added horror/uncanny vibes that are kind of a must when it comes to a prehistoric deep fear of the dark plus the fact that they are in Hell

or the Gun Devil-Makima fight with the collateral victims listed out as it goes on? and the time stamp in the narration? especially with the Gun Devil’s design (plus the pre-canon “Impact”)?


very Evangelionesque, but without just straight up copying actual sequences, not to mention the cemetery setting, that’s vague enough to fit into the manga but is still a nod to EVA


and I’m sure there’s plenty of references influences like this that i didn’t catch or couldnt place (the Snowball fight, some looks, Makima’s eye design might be a nod to Death the Kid’s) but anyway CSM does this great

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i’m going to assume you’re talking about chainsaw man which in that case i wouldn’t be surprised if some people found it a little too abstract (i know i did when i first read it).

basically fujimoto wanted to portray the hell and darkness devils as being too powerful for the human mind to comprehend. they warp space around them as they move and take souls because their very existence distorts human perception on account on how alien and bizarre they are. for example, the attack of the darkness devil is so disorientingly fast the characters can only process it in their brains as the croak of a frog. likewise, (i assume) the hell devil reaping its tribute in the form of people can only be symbolized as a hand insidiously erasing people from existence, occasionally leaving behind only the remaining hand of a corpse as a metaphor for how they’ve been obliterated to an unidentifiable degree in the fabric of reality. 

the only one who can properly interpret those attacks as, well, attacks, is makima due to being a devil on equal standing with the darkness and hell devils due to embodying a conceptual rather than an objective fear.

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For Denji, doors are just tramatizing at this point…

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thanks for clarifying!! the last several chapters were such a blur to me… but i still have high hopes that quanxi will return!

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it’s arguably one of my favorite panels of him bc he looks so damn good 🥴 I’m with you there girl pls I need aki in the next arc or else I’ll just be sitting there reading it like :’) I would miss him way too much if he wasn’t there

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i think she is alive too! her devilman power makeup is similar to denji’s, in which both don’t immediately die from having a limb severed or being decapitated. also, now that makima has been defeated, i’m assuming it means the control over quanxi and angel is released too. i really hope we get to see more of them… they’re like my favorites in the whole series… please fujimoto…

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