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#Cutie Honey

So is any gonna write Cutie Honey fics for or am I gonna have to do that myself cuz I have no ideas

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Ella es una heroína singular

Cómo ella,ninguna igual

Es valiente y hermosa

Y también poderosa

Su corazón está lleno de bondad

Cómo Honey, ninguna igual

Es la héroe del mundo que con la malicia acabará , y bella por siempre será .

❤️bueno quería hacer un poema sobre ella ,no me quedo tan bien pero estoy content@ jaja

Poemas basados en personajes nume #1


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“The honey bee worked and worked away his whole life only to be old and grey, close to death.. when the other bees asked him how he did it all those years he said, ‘When you come face to face with a smile so beautiful that it changes your whole life, you put in work to make sure it stays on her face. Every woman is a Queen, but a true Queen is not like every woman.. she is the closest thing to perfection with a smile on her face,’ and then he went back to making honey for his Queen.”

You see, she wants to smile but in a world full of pain and death, even a queen will feel sadness.. so it is your duty to make her smile where it seemed that all of the beauty was gone - eUë

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