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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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“Ancient Blood” – Daniel Horne’s cover for Dungeon 20, Nov/Dec 1989, depicting the ghost of the frost giant king Mok-Turoknin, dead some 500 years, from adventure by Grant and David Boucher

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Iconic Druid painted as promo for Baldur’s Gate 3′s new patch announcement, ‘Nature’s Power’.

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my dnd character progression over the years / general mood 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Another boss from our campaign, this is The Shipwrecker

This ornery male siren has been made doubly dangerous by the shard of obsidian that had fused with it. The party, with the help of the captain of a smuggling vessel, managed to ward off the beast using a mix of ranged magic and the ship’s own electrified defenses.

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Holding a session 0 for my D&D group today, got seven out of twelve attending! Two players left yesterday so I’m done to a slightly more manageable group. Here’s to hoping for a good introduction session!

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So DND has some cool Gothic Lineage Unearthed Arcana, one of which is the Reborn.

Anyway I love making the most cryptic things possible while still being somewhat likeable…so have my walking composter. The Blood Hunter Dhampir they tag along with named them Kabo. 

They’re a Reborn Druid, Circle of Spores

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when playing D&D and your thief rolls max damage with their dagger…


also… the pyramid D4’s are for using as caltrops… change my mind

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Paladin: *about to be attacked by Dire Wolf*

Paladin: *shows it both middle fingers*

DM: Rolls for wolf intelligence

DM: 14

The wolf is too shocked and offended to continue its attack that turn.

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So to date, I have 5 children that still need stats (and many more in the works that I’m adapting from previous/existing OCs of mine):

Gloria Ambroxicaul, Tiefling Bard

Smoke Frostfoot, Tabaxi Monk

Ikki, Aarakocra Ranger/Drakewarden

Aspen Oakenhoof, Centaur Druid

and Urin-Ar Kovrosk, Human Cleric

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~On my last campaign~

Paladin: *pranks a nun* *runs to his room*

Paladin: *sees Barbarian in his bed*

Paladin: shit.

Paladin: *successfully climbs out window, 2nd story*

Barbarian: *now awake, smiling down at Pal with her chin lifted and eyes narrowed*

Paladin: *idea*

Paladin: *climbs back up after 3 attempts*

Barbarian is nowhere to be seen

We try rolling to find this bitch, unsuccessfully. Numerous times.

Paladin: *grabs her satchel from the nightstand*

Barbarian: *is part lizard*

Barbarian: *crawls across ceiling* *pounces on him*

Paladin: *manages to escape, steals the satchel, with her pet flying snake inside it, then jumps out the window and onto his horse*

Barbarian: *ready to fucking rage*

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Blood & Bone - Another recent set of commissioned dice :)

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Gonna try to start posting here again! So for my first post from beyond the grave is my oc Al'tal ♡

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Map of Kheldios

Working on the next page of the comic, I decided to dedicate some time to the map of the Killing Kind’s world. Comic can be found on @the-killing-kind-comic, hope y’all are enjoying it!

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Terra D&D Speedpaint! | Drawing With our DM

This weeks Player & DM is all about Terra! Terra is Beths Earth Genasi character, she’s soft and sweet and super cute! If you want to get to know her better and hear a bit about her origins then check out this video!

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OC are bugging me again.

How do people make them without knowing about the world building first?

I need some parameters. If I picked a mythical creature that doesn’t exist in that world, then I’d have to start all over.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to make them.

I’m not judging people, I really do not understand. What is the purpose of an OC?

People who create OCs frequently, how do you feel about the advice “be yourself, everyone else is taken” in relation to creating OCs?

I’ve been told it’s just because I’m depressed, but loads of depressed people seem to make these.

Is it bc I have always been depressed? Do all depressed people with OCs just know what it feels like to not be depressed enough that they can make them?

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Aetherjammer: OSR Space Adventure
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<div> —  Freja, our necromancer </div><span>You know what should be illegal? Enchantment magic. That’s one fucked up school.</span>
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Do any of my D&D friends have a stats sheet for the playable Tabaxi race? Or like a PDF from the Volo’s Guide to Monsters? One of our players is interested and we would buy the book that has it, but we just bought three new books and have to wait a week. We’re all rolling new characters tomorrow.

Anything helps!

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