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#D&D 5e
nailsofvecna · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some may say that it spoils the surprise, but how many times have you spotted a treasure chest surrounded by traps and wondered whether it was really worth the risk to get at what might be inside? This spell could save you an awful lot of pain and disappointment in the long term.
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gremlindm · a day ago
Way of the Arcane Fist Monk (V2)
hey everybody!! i'm really excited to announce that i hit 50 followers like a week ago! i meant to post to commemorate the occasion but life has been kicking me while i'm down. thankfully, i've had tons more time to work on homebrew content for you all. i'm gonna try to see how the queue here works, and maybe line up some content i've stocked up while i work on more. anyways! in honor of 50+ followers, here is an updated version of my third-caster monk subclass!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was my first subclass to receive constructive criticism and it made me so happy to hear that people liked my stuff and wanted to see it improve! the changes are a little minor. i changed Imbued Strikes to grant Reach rather than alternating damage types, and swapped Arcane Deflection (previously 3rd-level) and Somatic Strike (previously 17th-level) to balance out power progression and avoid meta-gaming shenanigans. thanks to all of you who decide to follow me and like/reblog my stuff! i hope to have a lot more content up soon, so see y'all then!!
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fateandphantasms · 2 days ago
Fate and Phantasms #223
Tumblr media
Welcome back to Fate and Phantasms! Today we're building Diarmuid Ua Duibhne again, this time as a Saber! He's a Champion Fighter to prove his strength of arm against anyone who would threaten pan-human history, as well as a Hexblade Warlock to get a sword from a god and a Devotion Paladin to absolutely wreck shop with said sword.
Check out his build breakdown below the cut, or his character sheet over here!
Next up: Don't think about Prillya, don't think about Prillya, it can't hurt you if you don't think about it...
Race and Background
Diarmuid is a Human, but Jump is a really annoying spell to get from other places so we're giving him a dragonmark. Specifically the Mark of Passage, which gives him Courier's Speed for a walking speed of 35' per round, Intuitive Motion to add 1d4 to acrobatics and land vehicle checks, and a Magical Passage to cast Misty Step once per long rest. Just say you're jumping around, it's fine. You get more spells, but we'll go over them in the paladin levels. You also get +2 Strength and +1 Charisma. Once again you are a Knight for proficiency in Insight and Persuasion. Charm spot babey, never fails. As much as you wish it would.
Ability Scores
Make your Charisma as high as possible to be as charming as possible, even when you're desperately trying not to be charming. After that is Strength, we're using short swords but strength is also used for jumps, and I consider what you're wearing to be medium armor. It's made of metal at least, and that's more than most servants can say. Constitution is next, that four star statline does wonders for your HP. Your Wisdom isn't quite as high as I'd like, but we're not really using it. Your Dexterity is pretty bad, since despite that mark you're still supposed to be less limber than your lancer self. That means we're dumping Intelligence. I wish it didn't have to be this low, but something had to be.
Class Levels
Paladin 1: Starting off as a fighter would make more sense since we stay there for a bit, but I like the paladin starting gear better. You get proficiency in Wisdom and Charisma saving throws, plus athletics and intimidation. You ever get tongue-tied around someone pretty? Exactly. On top of that, you can use your Divine Sense to detect demonic boars and other extraplanar beasties nearby for up to a round, 1+Charisma Modifier times per long rest. You can also Lay on Hands as an action to heal/undisease a creature you touch, with up to 5 HP per long rest. You don't really have any healing stuff in your kit, but getting encouragement from you feels healing, y'know?
Fighter 1: Heading to fighter gets you the Two-weapon Fighting Style so you can add your strength to the damage of your off-hand weapon attacks. Since we're using shortswords we don't need the feat, just be aware that technically you can only unsheathe one weapon per turn for free. You also get a Second Wind, so you can use your bonus action to heal yourself 1d10 plus your fighter level. Give yourself a pep talk, maybe you can charm yourself into fighting longer.
Fighter 2: Second level fighters can Action Surge to perform two actions in a single turn once per short rest. Keep in mind this only gives you a second action, not a second turn, so you can't get a second offhand attack in too.
Fighter 3: At the third level of fighter you become a Champion, giving you an Improved Critical. Now you deal critical hits on 19s and 20s. That's it. The interesting stuff is coming from other classes, sorry.
Fighter 4: Use your first Ability Score Improvement to bump up your Strength for stronger and more accurate attacks.
Fighter 5: Fifth level fighters get an Extra Attack. This only applies to your main hand, you still only get one attack with the other sword.
Warlock 1: Okay, that's enough martialling around. Let's have some fun with some magic. First level hexblades get Pact Magic, spells you cast with your Charisma and that come back on short rests. You become a Hex Warrior, which means literally nothing to us since your strength score is better than your charisma anyway, and you already have proficiency with martial weapons from being a fighter/paladin. In better new, Hexblade's Curse does do something. As a bonus action you can curse a creature for up to a minute, adding your proficiency to damage rolls against the target, and healing yourself after the target dies. You can use this curse once per short rest. They aren't called "demonic swords" for nothing. Speaking of spells, grab Sword Burst to try spinning around, I hear it's a great trick. Also pick up Wrathful Smite to frighten whoever you hit for up to a minute, and Friends and Charm Person for your Charm Spot.
Paladin 2: Second level paladins get another fighting style, and we don't really need another so just pick up Defense for a +1 to your AC. You also get more Spells that you cast and prepare using your Charisma modifier. If you'd rather use those spell slots to be awesome, check out Divine Smite instead, letting you burn a spell slot to deal extra radiant damage. Pact Magic slots and Spellcasting slots are different things, but you can use either for both kinds of spells and smites. Speaking of spells, let's talk about the Spells of the Mark. Like subclass spells, they get added to your spell list. Unlike subclass spells, you still have to prepare them. The only reason we took the mark is to get the Jump spell to triple your jump distance for a minute, but you also get Expeditious Retreat to add 10 to your movement speed. Aside from that, the only 1st level spell I'd pick from here is Command, which lets you give a one-word order to a creature and if they fail a wisdom save they'll do it. People do things for pretty people, it's the way of the world.
Paladin 3: Third level paladins take up an oath, and the Oath of Devotion gives you all sorts of goodies like the subclass spells Protection from Evil and Good and Sanctuary to protect yourself from those that would mean you harm. You also gain Divine Health so you can't get sick, and two Channel Divinity options, which you can use once per short rest. Sacred Weapon turns your sword into a flashlight and adds your charisma modifier to attack rolls. That's what we're here for, but you can also Turn the Unholy to force fiends and undead to make a wisdom save, and if they fail they have to run away from you. That's absolutely not in character, but it would've been useful to have on that boar hunt.
Paladin 4: Use this ASI to max out your Strength for the hardest hits you can hit.
Paladin 5: Extra Attacks still don't stack between classes, but you get 2nd level spells as a consolation prize. From your subclass, Lesser Restoration and Zone of Truth. From your mark, Misty Step and Pass Without Trace. There aren't any other spells I want from the second level, so feel free to smite to your heart's content.
Paladin 6: Sixth level paladins get an Aura of Protection, adding your Charisma modifier to any save made by an ally within 10' of you. Nobody wants to get fireballed while Diarmuid's watching, that's just embarrassing.
Paladin 7: Seventh level devotion paladins get an Aura of Devotion, making it impossible for allies within 10' of you to get charmed. The only person doing any charming around here is you, dammit.
Warlock 2: Second level warlocks get Eldritch Invocations, mini-feats given by virtue of being a warlock. Thief of Five Fates lets you cast Bane once per long rest with a warlock slot. For some reason people just get distracted around you. You get another invocation, but we're saving it for the next level. Also, you can cast Shield now for a +5 AC boost for a round.
Warlock 3: Third level warlocks get a pact boon, like the Pact of the Blade. Now you can summon a sword as an action, and it's a fancy magic sword to boot! On top of that, grab the Improved Pact Weapon invocation to add 1 to your attacks and damage rolls and cast spells through the sword. Speaking of spells, grab Suggestion to suggest things to people. As long as it isn't openly harmful to them, they have to make a wisdom save and follow along with it if they fail.
Fighter 6: Bouncing back to fighter for just a second to bump up your Charisma with another ASI for stronger auras and spells!
Fighter 7: Seventh level champions get the one interesting thing about the class, Remarkable Athlete. Add half your proficiency bonus to strength, dexterity, and constitution checks that aren't proficient, and add five feet to your running long jumps.
Paladin 8: Use your last ASI to max out your Charisma for the strongest charms and best auras money can buy.
Paladin 9: Ninth level paladins get third level spells. Your subclass nets you Beacon of Hope and Dispel Magic, and your mark gets you Blink and Phantom Steed, but the reason we're here is for Crusader's Mantle and Aura of Vitality. Deal more damage, and make sure nobody gets left out of healing.
Paladin 10: Your capstone level is an Aura of Courage, nullifying effects that frighten allies in a 10' radius.
Pros and Cons
With smites and an action surge you can pump out some obscene burst damage, and even without smites you've got a respectable damage output. With five attacks, a hexblades curse, and as many smites as you can spare, you can hit someone for 22d6+59 damage in a single turn, an average of 130.
It's also easy for you to get that damage where it needs to go, since you're pretty mobile. With a higher-than-average movement speed, serious hops, and teleportation, you can get where you need to on the battlefield.
Your auras make you extremely good at nullifying magic, completely shutting down the most common mental effects and bolstering the saves of your allies to a huge degree.
You do take a little time to set up though, needing two turns to pull out both your swords, plus Sacred Weapon takes an action and Hexblade's curse takes a bonus action. So save the big bursts for a boss battle you know your team can handle on their own for a round.
That huge burst of damage eats through your spell slots like they're nothing, and being a warlock only helps so much with recharging them.
You're fast, but your teammates aren't. Having auras doesn't help anyone if your allies can't get into them.
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probablyfunrpgideas · 6 months ago
Play a warlock character who calls himself Vithimorex or something like that. Always mention how grateful you are to your patron, Frank, for the wondrous powers he gives you.
Slowly reveal that the powers you get from Frank are things like “sense of smell” and “verbal communication”. As it turns out, Vithimorex is an extradimensional Thing possessing the person formerly known as Frank. All the eldritch blasts and shadow conjurations are boring powers according to Vithimorex. He can’t wait for the level 14 ability to understand and appreciate music.
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tabletoptrinketsbyjj · 26 days ago
Hotlinks to all Tables: A complete list of every trinket table for quicker access compared to scrolling through the entire blog or sifting through the archive. This also functions as the easiest link to reblog or save for reference purposes as it’s updated with each new table. Now with 116 full d100 loot tables, category specific rolling tables a working rollable Omni Loot Table.
---Note: The links sometimes don’t work on mobile devices or some apps. Try using a desktop or browser extensions if they aren’t working. 
-The Omni Loot Table: A loot meta-table that allows the user to roll randomly on the 116 tables this blog has collected. This grants a DM literally millions of unique trinkets, equipment and items that players can find to enrich their world and playing experience.
-Character Creation Loot Generator: This generator creates an sample of five trinkets, curiosities and loot, pulled from a wide list of other tables that is meant to provide the player with some items to encourage engaging roleplaying with perhaps a minor boon to the odd dice roll. The generator is meant to be used by character's of Level 1 or higher at character creation to help them with ideas of what their character have been or have done.
-All Unique Armors: Splint mail, studded leather and sturdy shields of all shapes, sizes and mysterious backgrounds. Distinctive armors that can serve as the basis for family heirlooms, legendary artifacts and magical or masterwork weapons.
-Unique Armors, 1
-Unique Armors, 2
-Masterwork Armor Bonuses: Over a dozen homebrew armor improvements, enhancements and modifications created though superior craftsmanship. These masterpieces though more powerful than ordinary armor would not be considered “magic” or “+1” objects. 
-All Unique Minor Magic Weapons: A collection of flavorful weapons of artifact level quality suitable for low level characters. Much like the Minor Weapon Enchantments that some of them draw inspiration from, they provide small bonuses and combat options that are restrained by limited uses, niche situations or come with risky drawbacks. 
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 1
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 2
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 3 
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 4
-Minor Weapon Enchantments: A collection of minor bonuses that are weaker than a standard +1 weapons, as they come with trade-offs, risks, prerequisites, limited uses or niche benefits. These enchantments provide feat-like bonuses, low level class abilities, modify damage types, provide short bursts of power or replicate the effects of low levels spells. Rollable Minor Weapon Enchantments Table. 
-Random Weapon + Random Minor Weapon Enchantment.
-Random Unique Weapon + Random Minor Weapon Enchantment.
-All Minor Magical Items: Semi useful magical objects (If not always useful to an adventurer) that have little to no drawbacks associated with their use and are perfect for low level characters.
-Minor Magic Items, 1    /   -Minor Magic Items, 2
-Minor Magic Items, 3    /   -Minor Magic Items, 4
-Minor Magic Items, 5
-All Unique Weapons: Blades, bludgeons and bows of all shapes, sizes and mysterious backgrounds. Distinctive weapons that can serve as the basis for family heirlooms, legendary artifacts and magical or masterwork weapons.
-Unique Weapons, 1   /   -Unique Weapons, 2
-Unique Weapons, 3   /    -Unique Weapons, 4
-Unique Weapons, 5   /    -Unique Weapons, 6
-Unique Weapons, 7   /   -Unique Weapons, 8
-Unique Weapons, 9   /   -Unique Weapons, 10 
-Unique Weapons, 11   /   -Unique Weapons, 12 
-Unique Weapons, 13   /    -Unique Weapons, 14
-Masterwork Weapon Bonuses: Over 20 homebrew weapon improvements, enhancements and modifications created though superior craftsmanship. These masterpieces though more powerful than ordinary weapons would not be considered “magic” or “+1” weapons. Compatible with Pathfinder, D&D 5e and other D20 systems. Rollable Masterwork Bonus Table
-Running the Numbers: On Balancing Homebrew Masterwork Weapon Bonuses
-Random Weapon + Random Masterwork Weapon Bonus.
-Random Unique Weapon + Random Masterwork Weapon Bonus.
-Wild Magic Surges: A collection of Wild Surge options for DMs and PCs who find the published tables limiting, repetitive or boring, three things wild magic by definition, should never be. Rollable Wild Magic Surge Table.
Unique Metamagic Options: The practice of learning, preparing and casting spells is often considered Art rather than religious fervour, academic knowledge or inborn skill. An expanded list of metamagic options for PC's and DM's to use in their games and as a resource for other tables on this blog. More than just a list of effects, each Metamagic option hopes to provide a vivid description of exactly how the caster is deliberately warping the nature of the spell to achieve their goal. Rollable Unique Metamagic Options.
-All Sealed Glass Vials: Faulty potions, weak elixirs, alchemical supplies, spell components, ritual elements, enchanting materials, crafting ingredients and magically preserved biological samples.
-Sealed Glass Vials, 1   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 2
-Sealed Glass Vials, 3   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 4
-Sealed Glass Vials, 5   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 6
-Sealed Glass Vials, 7   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 8 
-Sealed Glass Vials, 9
-All Books: An eclectic library of dusty tomes, fictional textbooks, pocketbooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, booklets, leaflets and magical manuals.  
-Trinkets, Books, 1   /   -Trinkets, Books, 2 
-Trinkets, Books, 3   /   -Trinkets, Books, 4
-Trinkets, Books, 5   /    -Trinkets, Books, 6
-Trinkets, Books, 7   /    -Trinkets, Books, 8 
-Trinkets, Books, 9 
-All Rings: Enough rings and bands to wear three on every finger and toe while still having dozens to spare. These small circular pieces of gems, metal, wood or bone always add more to the story than the sum of their parts. 
-Trinkets, Rings, 1   /    -Trinkets, Rings, 2
-Trinkets, Rings, 3
Crowns, Circlets, and Coronets: Resting on the noble head of the mighty king or regal queen are the physical manifestations of their wealth and power. The symbols of their right to rule, these various headdresses are often tailor made to serve as metaphor for the monarch’s personality or that of their kingdom. 
-Crowns, Circlets, and Coronets, 1
-All Cloaks: A collection of unique descriptions of cloaks for DM’s to give to their players as magical or mundane loot and for players to use during character creation to help flesh out their personal style.
-Cloaks, 1
-All Necklaces: Pendants, amulets, lockets, chokers and other “Neck Slot” jewelry that grant an immediate glance into the bearer’s personality, wealth, rank or social class and often serves as an iconic part of that character’s look. While a locked metal torque can instantly mark the bearer a penniless slave and a string of lustrous pearls mark their owner a flauntingly wealthy noble, so can an adventurer's necklace mark them as a creature to bestow quests upon.
-Trinkets, Necklaces, 1   /   -Trinkets, Necklaces, 2
-Trinkets, Necklaces, 3
-All Artifacts: Artist masterpieces, rare magics and opulent combinations of jewels and precious metals. These objects can be found in the throne rooms of kings, the demiplanes of archmages and the pinnacle of a dragon's hoard.
-Trinkets, Artifacts, 1
-All Valuables: More useful than regular trinkets, these items have either a clear purpose, a reliable ability or are made from a fairly costly material.  
-Trinkets, Valuable, 1   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 2 
-Trinkets, Valuable, 3   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 4
-Trinkets, Valuable, 5   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 6
-Trinkets, Valuable, 7   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 8
-Trinkets, Valuable, 9   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 10
-Trinkets, Valuable, 11
-All Trinkets: Interesting baubles or semi magical items that have little to no practical in game or mechanical use for an adventurer.
-Trinkets, First
-Trinkets, 1   /   -Trinkets, 2   /   -Trinkets, 3
-Trinkets, 4   /   -Trinkets, 5   /   -Trinkets, 6
-Trinkets, 7   /   -Trinkets, 8   /   -Trinkets, 9
-Trinkets, 10   /   -Trinkets, 11   /   -Trinkets, 12
-Trinkets, 13   /   -Trinkets, 14   /   -Trinkets, 15
-Trinkets, 16   /   -Trinkets, 17   /   -Trinkets, 18
-Trinkets, 19   /   -Trinkets, 20   /   -Trinkets, 21 
-Trinkets, 22   /   -Trinkets, 23   /   -Trinkets, 24
-Trinkets, 25   /   -Trinkets, 26   /   -Trinkets, 27 
-Trinkets, 28   /   -Trinkets, 29   /   -Trinkets, 30
-Trinkets, 31   /   -Trinkets, 32   /   -Trinkets, 33
-Trinkets, 34   /   -Trinkets, 35   /   -Trinkets, 36
-Trinkets, 37   /   -Trinkets, 38   /   -Trinkets, 39
-Trinkets, 40   /   -Trinkets, 41   /   -Trinkets, 42
-All Worthless Trinkets: Vaguely interesting garbage, vendor trash and junk loot. Not magical or mysterious like regular trinkets or worth anything more than a copper piece or two even if you could find someone to buy it in the first place.
-Trinkets, Worthless, 1   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 2 
-Trinkets, Worthless, 3   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 4
-Trinkets, Worthless, 5   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 6
-Trinkets, Worthless, 7   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 8
-Trinkets, Worthless, 9   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 10 
-All Mottos: Whether they're called adages, maxims or creeds, these simple statements are essentially promises made to oneself, family, or institution. A character's motto can be a goal in itself or a moral anchor that centers his life and guides his action. A mixed collection of real life and fictional mottos that can aid a DM to quickly expand the history of the campaign or to aid a PC in a richer character creation.
-Mottos, 1   /   -Mottos, 2   /   -Mottos, 3
-Mottos, 4   /   -Mottos, 5   /   -Mottos, 6
-Mottos, 7   /   -Mottos, 8   /   -Mottos, 9
-Mottos, 10   /   -Mottos, 11
-Battle Cries: Simplistic and bone chilling warcries, complex and inspiring calls to arms and primal wordless screams of rage that shakes the enemy down to their iron-shod boots. A collection of simple phrases, threats, insults and violent promises for creatures to yell before and during combat to add verbal spice to each attack.
-Battle Cries, 1   /   -Battle Cries, 2   /   -Battle Cries, 3
-Battle Cries, 4   /   -Battle Cries, 5  /   -Battle Cries, 6
-Battle Cries, 7
-All Reference Tables: When a trinket calls for a Random Weapon, Random Color or Random Godly Domain and you can’t think of one offhand, just go here and either roll a die or select one of your own choosing.
—Keep reading for all reference and resource tables.
Random Weapon Tables: Sometimes you just need a weapon and literally anything mildly lethal will do the trick. These lists give a DM the ability to quickly look through different options when generating loot or as a paired resource when an trinket from another table asks you to “Roll a Random Weapon”. Rollable Random Weapons Table.
-Random Sword Table
Random Godly Domains Tables: Depending on your system and in-game universe, there may already be a pantheon, singular or lack of Gods. However, people are superstitious wherever your players go and these tables allow a DM to generate a domain, theme or patronage to quickly flesh out a trinket with a “Random Godly Domain”. Rollable Godly Domains Table.
Random Nightmares: Unspeakable, nonsensical night terrors, worse than the strongest of bad trips on mundane hallucinogens, exist to prey on adventurers who have seen more than their fair share of trauma. A cleric’s healing words can mend the flesh but nothing truly mends the mind from the aberrant horrors, monstrous beasts and undead abominations, whose defeat is an adventurer’s main source of income. Rollable Nightmares Table.
Random Musical Instruments Table: There are a surprisingly large number of ways to pluck a string, blow through a tube or hit something with a stick. This table represents a collection of real life instruments all capable of being created with pre-industrial techniques. Furthermore they are all small to medium sized and could be easily be stored, carried, maintained and played by a traveling adventurer. Rollable Musical Instruments Table.
-Random Color Table: Pretty self explanatory and it’s basically only here because many of the trinkets reference it. Roll for colors or just use it as a reference while handing things out if you don’t have a color wheel handy. Rollable Random Colour Table.
-Random Creature Type Table: A quick guide to the various creature types for reference purposes. Rollable Random Creature Type Table.
-Book Descriptions: A short list of quirks, physical descriptions and eccentricities to add additional personal characteristics to the book trinket list. Rollable Book Descriptions table
Glossary and Common Terms: A collection of terms and lingo that are frequently used in D&D and other tabletop games, along with terms written by me specifically for use in this blog. Some words used in this blog are purposely written as “catch all” ideas or “Common Terms” that can easily be adapted to any game system.
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vaults-n-wyverns · a year ago
Things I Include In My D&D Games That My Players Don't Know About
If they hold a wooden bowl and walk into a locked door, they'll phase through it like it's Skyrim
If they attempt to jump backwards up a set of stairs, with a high enough dex roll, they will launch up the stairs, through the roof, and into the upper atmosphere
There is an Anti-Tarrasque.
Trolls have 12 different blood colors, with only 2 existing in aquatic troll varieties.
If they enter a new area fast enough, they can catch the birds flying without moving anywhere.
Trees DON'T make sounds when they fall and no one's around, there's just no one around that can prove that
Lazer guns exist, they're just shy
If you get knocked prone on a sloped surface, there is a 1% chance of clipping into the terrain
There's a 1% chance of the textures in someone's face not loading correctly
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monsters-and-more · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I had a weird dream.
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nailsofvecna · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I think this is my favourite spell I’ve ever written. I’m not sorry.
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blumineck · 2 months ago
I'm back on the D&D visuals wagon! lmk if there's anything specific you want me to cover!
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buckysbears · 5 months ago
homebrew autism & ADHD mechanics
been thinking about homebrewed disability mechanics for a while and thought i'd make a post with some suggestions based on my experience as a disabled self-advocate and disability coach. i've seen mechanics go around but i haven't seen them broken down by traits! also disclaimer: i am autistic but my experience with ADHD is through friends, family, and clients and i did consult to make the ADHD traits
**i recommend choosing 1-3 of these to emphasize mechanically for your character, and inhabit the rest of the neurotype through roleplay**
shared traits:
special interest/hyperfixation: choose 1-3 interests for your character. you make either intelligence OR wisdom checks about that interest with advantage. if taking an hour or more to engage with the interest, you gain the benefits of a short rest. if you must unwillingly disengage or move away from an interest topic, make a dc 10 intelligence saving throw. on a success, you are able to disengage. on a fail, you will do anything short of harming allies to stay with the special interest, and if there is a person or creature tied to your interest (such as a knowledgeable figure, celebrity, or particular species) you enter the charmed condition for them
time blindness: roll with disadvantage on wisdom and intelligence checks having to do with time, timed events, or order of events. if making an investigation check, you can lose track of time and trade one in-game hour for advantage on the check. add a free 'orb of time' to your inventory - you are unable to tell the time of day while indoors besides use of this item
sleeping issues: if going to bed before midnight, make a dc 10 constitution saving throw. on a success, you fall asleep normally. on a fail, roll 1d4. that is how many hours it will take to fall asleep. while waiting to fall asleep, you cannot be surprised by enemies. on a natural 1, you are unable to fall asleep that night and do not get the benefits of a long rest. you have advantage on saving throws against being put to sleep by magical effects, but may choose to fail them if you wish
sensory processing disorder: as decided by the dm, in busy, chaotic, or loud environments, your passive perception is knocked down by 5 and you have disadvantage on investigation and perception checks, and charisma saving throws. in quiet and calm environments, you get advantage on perception checks involving the senses and you cannot be surprised by enemies
executive dysfunction: **choose 2** 1) once per long rest, roll a dc 10 intelligence saving throw. on a fail, you lose one item from your starting pack. 2) if rolling to recall a list or instructions, make a dc 10 intelligence saving throw. on a fail, the dm may remove 1d4 of the items before telling you. 3) if making an investigation check that takes over an hour in-game, roll a dc 10 constitution saving throw. on a fail, you are too bored or frustrated to continue and auto-fail the investigation check. 4) when approaching a task that will take some time in-game, roll a dc 10 intelligence saving throw. if the check is failed, roll a d4. on a 1 or 2, you underestimate the time needed by one hour. on a 3 or 4, you overestimate the time needed by one hour. 5) prereq: spellcaster. when preparing spells for the day, roll a dc 10 intelligence saving throw. on a fail, use a random number generator to select one spell and take it off your prepared spells list. use the generator again to prepare a different spell at random
motor issues: choose between athletics and stealth, or acrobatics and sleight of hand. on one set you have advantage, and on the other disadvantage. you auto-fail dexterity saving throws while under the cover of the darkness spell or under the blinded condition
social: you have disadvantage on insight checks to tell if unfamiliar people are lying to you or using sarcasm. when telling an unfamiliar person a surprising truth, your persuasion check is instead treated in-game as a deception check. if you make a saving throw for a zone of truth spell, add 5 to the dc for only yourself. you may add one free language, or tool or weapon proficiency
meltdown/shutdown: make a list of triggers. when faced with a trigger, make a dc 10 wisdom saving throw. any character can use an action to grant advantage on the roll, including animal companions or familiars. on a success, nothing happens. on a failure, the player chooses between three consequences: meltdown, shutdown, or aggression. meltdown: you take on the 'fear' condition. shutdown: you take on the 'stunned' condition. aggression: you must use your action to attack - if the character is a non-combatant, it is a non-lethal unarmed strike. on any of the three consequences, a character can use their action to prompt another dc 10 wisdom saving throw. on a success, the condition is removed, but you take one level of exhaustion (if the condition is entered during a battle, the exhaustion is taken after the battle is over)
rejection sensitive dysphoria: at the trigger of rejection (real or perceived) make a dc 10 charisma saving throw. on a fail, you enter the stunned condition. you or an ally may use an action to prompt another saving throw to end the condition. when the condition is ended, you take one level of exhaustion (if stunned is entered during a battle, exhaustion is taken after the battle is over). the spell vicious mockery always prompts the RSD saving throw, and does max damage if the RSD saving throw has been failed in the same battle. you get max healing from healing word spells, and automatically get a 4 when under the effect of guidance
impulsivity: you auto-fail the saving throw for the suggestion spell. before rolling an attack, you may choose to subtract 5 from your attack roll in order to add your proficiency bonus to the damage. dash is a bonus action for you
focus: **choose 1** 1) inattention: if making an investigation check that takes more than 10 minutes in-game, first roll a dc 10 constitution saving throw - on a fail, you become bored and roll the investigation check with disadvantage. you roll with disadvantage to remember proper nouns. in a combat with 3 or more enemies, if more than one enemy is within your normal movement speed, you must pass a dc 10 wisdom saving throw to attack the same enemy multiple turns in a row. 2) hyperfocus: while making an investigation check, if you spend double the usual in-game time on the check, you will roll with advantage, but if you are interrupted before that time can pass, you roll with disadvantage. if engaged with a task, roll 1d4 - this is the amount of hours that will pass in-game if you are not interrupted - during this time your passive perception is knocked down by 5. in a combat with 3 or more enemies, you must pass a dc 10 wisdom saving throw to switch targets or take a disengage
if you enjoyed or are planning to use these mechanics, it would be totally cool to drop me a kofi but absolutely no pressure! if this post does well enough i'll probably end up making more cause this was super fun!!
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cipheramnesia · a month ago
A stupid D&D idea for a warlock patron. A high level magic user in a state of perpetual sleep to infinitely recover their spellcasting ability for use by various accolytes. Ancient immortal Sleeping Beauty in her fortress of thorned roses, forever slumbers in her final repose where her lifetime of magic from Earth and Fae serves ever onward to steward the land.
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probablyfunrpgideas · 10 days ago
In Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, there’s a moment where Saruman appears and mocks the heroes. To Galadriel he says “What ship would bear me back again across so wide a sea? A dead ship, and full of ghosts!” This is a sick burn because it references a song Galadriel sang in Fellowship, which Saruman wasn’t around to hear. Maybe it’s on Galadriel’s Greatest Hits Album?
Anyway, today’s idea is to have the villain suddenly, inexplicably and malevolently join in with one of the party’s favorite inside jokes.
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esthesiaart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Dorian Storm 💕
(For those who are following my Harry Potter Inktober: it’s complete on Instagram -link in bio- and I’ll soon post the remaining drawings here and on Twitter too!)
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manyworldspress · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Is it Thursday yet? Hunter Bonyun, I wouldn’t change a thing (Essek and Caleb), 2021. Posted to Twitter, June 24, 2021.
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actuallybestrpgideas · a year ago
Nothing could ever top the 5e PHB saying “Tieflings can only be normal human skintones and also red” right next to a picture of a purple tiefling
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