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fallengothamhq · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The following roles have been accepted into the roleplay! You have 24 hours to send in your blog. You’re free to go through our checklist and follow everyone!
Billy Kaplan (Peach)
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scratcho-mcdatcho · 4 minutes ago
Fandom: DCU Comics
Words: 45,202 (chapters 4/6)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Pairing: Gen
The last thing that Duke expected on what was supposed to be just a regular patrol was being suddenly thrown five years into the past, coming face to face with a darker, more violent Batman than the one he knew, a broken family, and a Tim who was a foot shorter than Duke, and not even Robin yet.
A silent shadow flitted past him, just barely visible on the cave walls. He went rigid, tracking the shadow in the corner of his vision.
And then he dropped to the floor, just in time, as a familiar black gloved fist passed overhead. He just barely missed being hit by the punishing blow that would have landed right on his temple for a sure concussion if he hadn’t dodged.
“Batman?” Duke yelled. He somersaulted forward, just barely avoiding another strike. “B, what are you doing?!”
“Who are you,” came the growled response. A shiver crawled down Duke’s spine at the grim hostility in Batman’s voice that promised violence, and something tightened in the back of his throat.
Chapter 4 of my @dukethomasbigbang fic is up! Thanks to my betas for the project, @sultcnah and @ant-ifascottlang!
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mayalopez · 4 minutes ago
trueeee you know what I think I'll wait till dc next big event to start reading again like I'm not going to bother anymore. also thanks to that anon who explained the barbara stuff <33
!!!! ill let u know when their next big event is if youd like but idk when itll be since they have to finish sorting out infinite frontier first
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themultiverseheroines · 7 minutes ago
Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)
Tumblr media
“I was trained to kill at a young age, I had a horrible father who treated me more like a weapon than a person, I had a horrible mother, who has tried to kill me, and I have nearly died so many times. Yet...yet I keep moving forward to do the right thing. To use these skills not to take a life, but to save a life...does that make sense?” 
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glorified-red · 8 minutes ago
Tim, half asleep as the little spoon after a caffeine crash and a busted case, probably half mumbling and barely coherent: "If we were otters, I'd let you climb on my stomach so we don't float away from each other while we sleep."
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vanishedpromos · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
new york. 2020. two mutants go missing right outside the gates of the prestigious xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, an event which would define the months that followed after. all across the nation, reports of missing enhanced and superhuman individuals were reported from gotham, metropolis, new york, and even reached as far as atlantis. nobody could find the source or cause of the vanished, the only certainty that was known was that it would continue to happen again and again with no warning and no distinguishable pattern.
gotham and new york. 2021. with the government refusing to cooperate in any investigation to find the vanished, the justice league and avengers called upon heroes from all across the galaxy to join them in new york and gotham to try and figure out where the vanished are and why they have disappeared.
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goodheartedfool · 11 minutes ago
"Hey, Sunshine? Is it okay with you if we foster a couple of puppies? I found them in a dumpster during today's patrol and... I couldn't leave them there." Opens up his trenchcoat to show a trio of pitbull puppies to Nat. "I've sent a message to Jay already. But he's busy with Bat-business, so no answer yet."
Nat came out from the bathroom when he heard Dio calling him. “Puppies? Of course. Why wouldn’t it?” As soon as he showed the puppies, Nat made an aaw sound and held out his hand for the puppies to sniff. Almost immediately they wanted pets and he happily obliged. “They are adorable.” Unlike many others, he had no fear of pitbulls. In his experience, the temperament of the animal depended on the owner. If the owner were aggressive, then so would their dog. Same went with if you showed them love. “I’m very glad you rescued them.”
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hard-times-paramore · 22 minutes ago
Tw for mentions of rape.
I'm having Thoughts on The Killing Joke,,, I didn't read the comic but I saw the movie, if it's too different forgive me. But anyway, I was thinking about that movie and so far I haven't seen a lot of people talking about Barbara in it.
I mean, they sure talk about the tragedies that happened to her, always with an opinion of whether or not it was an extremely gross and sexist plot point to have added to the story, but do they talk about her? Because I actually think she was super well-written in that movie, bro.
She fucking called Batman out on his shit and left his ass, both as batgirl and as a relationship, because he couldn't deal with or be open about his own feelings and ghosted her after they had sex. She left on her own account, because she could see both her relationship with Batman and with crime-fighting weren't being healthy for her.
And like, that was before the Joker brutalized her. And even after, even though she couldn't walk anymore, it didn't make her helpless. She adapted to her new life. Kept exercizing, going places, doing sports, kept her friendships, and became a superhero again, just with a different way of doing the job.
Like, she's fucking amazing and it's a tragedy all that people saw of her in that story was "the joker raped and crippled her". The Joker only appeared after the first half of the movie, because it focused on Barbara having her own character arc and development. I'm a new Batman fan, I haven't seen a lot of content yet, not a lot about her either, but that was my introduction to Barbara Gordon and I thought she was amazing. I thought she was a cooler character than Batman in that movie.
It kinda annoys me that I didn't see people talk about her as a character in The Killing Joke, just as a tragedy. She was more than that, guys.
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little-devil-red · 25 minutes ago
So ujm umu m um um hey um uhe ye hey <3
would anyone like to roleplay? Preferably I really wanna roleplay DC-
I really wanna use my oc Oliver Constantine, he's John's son and basicaly my comfort oc. <3
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iwakusa · 26 minutes ago
all. i. want. is for my anime boyfie to grab me by the thighs and carry me to the dining table, set me down there, and quickly switch his hands to gripping my cheeks, squishing them ever-so-slightly, stare me down in the eyes and growl, “shut up” before attacking me in the lips full force as if his life depended on sucking my soul from it.
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mandaloriankoska · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#ItsBatwomanTime #Batwoman 2nite was phenomenally superb can't wait till next week I'm so head over in ❤ with this #SuperheroShow so very much y'all #Happy #SuperheroFan #SuperheroFamily #SuperheroLover #JaviciaLeslie #SashaBanks #SashaKrew #LegitBoss #MichelleRodrguez #mrodfamily #mrodlover #Superhero4Life #Loyal 😊😍🦇🤡💙💜❤
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