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vis-sj23 · a day ago
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Tim Drake — Red Robin
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kayjayo1227 · a month ago
The batkids attending galas in The Wayne Family Adventures
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Tim after making a stupid decision resulting in his almost-death: whoopsie
Bruce, a tired dad™ who wants any of his children to just once (once) care about their own personal safety: THIS IS NOT A WHOOPISE MOMENT TIM
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Dick Grayson, who literally became Robin because he wanted vengeance, overhearing Bruce Wayne, who literally became Batman because he wanted vengeance, telling the other Batkids that vengeance is Bad™:
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the-scarecrxw · 2 months ago
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vigilante laundry day
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janetfromhr · 15 days ago
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Batgirl & Robin!
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carelessapples · 2 months ago
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late night cool down w some boys
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lunatodds · a year ago
Sometimes you just have to help your ex-boyfriend meet up with his new boyfriend
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jasonsthunderthighs · 6 days ago
Jason: *Flicks his lighter near Tim's hand for a second*
Tim: *Doesn't flinch and looks at him*
Jason: Why didn't you flinch???
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timdrake-yumm · a month ago
“The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie”
What most people mean:
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What Bernard means:
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daydreamerhabitz · 8 months ago
It's my boy: Tim Drake!!
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(Reposting this because I didn't really like the quality of the last photo)
So! My dear friend @mas-que-loucura-menina and I made a bet in regards to this drawing of Tim Drake that I made a few months ago and, since she asked me so nicely, I decided to post it!
If I win the bet she'll buy me food hehehehe
Feel free to like and reblog, but please do not repost!♡
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Ok so I know that some people headcanon like Damian with internalized homophobia or the Al Ghul's being homophobic and :// that just doesn't work well for me like it just rubs me the wrong way on many levels. So instead I propose this
Tim comes out and starts dating a boy (Bernard or Conner whichever one it doesn't really matter) and instantly Damian starts being really weird about his boyfriend. He gets weird whenever they talk about him and gets really cold and frankly a bit rude
Instantly the rest of them start freaking out because they obviously assume that he is homophobic and they aren't truly sure what to do about that
So they all hold a meeting to talk to him about it and when he sits down Dick starts to hesitantly explain that it doesn't matter who Tim loves and there's nothing wrong with being gay. And Damian kind of stares at him baffled for a second before saying
"I do not have a problem with Drake being Bisexual, I simply think he can do better than his current boyfriend," then turns and leaves without another word
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kayjayo1227 · 2 months ago
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Been a while since I gave you all something dumb 💜
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Hot take: bernard finds out that Tim’s red robin but doesn’t connect him to any other members of the batfam
Bernard: you’re red robin?
Tim: I know that this might be-
Bernard: *gasp* does Bruce know?!???
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So Robin is pretty widely considered to be the first superhero sidekick right? Which technically means:
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batmyrings · 20 days ago
 The utter joy I get when I think about how Tim’s dad is dead, is abnormally high. I couldn’t stand Jack while i was reading Robin 1993. He was so annoying and frustrating.
There was a whole plot point where he lost some of his money and had to move from his estate to a PENTHOUSE, and he locked himself in his room and stayed in the dark for WEEKS. Tim and Dana found his actions to be pathetic because they still had a good life, all that they had to do was sell a few things and Dana had to take on a little bit more work. And Dana basically babysat him for those weeks. 
And then in a later issue, the writers wrote how since he moved out of his home, he lost the “memory” of his late wife, when his NEW WIFE was worried sick about him in the next room. I know that Dana and Jack talked about it after, but come on.
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And how he neglected Tim his whole life, that it resulted with Tim having self-esteem issues and only liked being Robin. Tim didn’t feel valued enough and that he wasn’t worth anything.
Anyway I hate Jack Drake
(Robin 1993)
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janetfromhr · 8 days ago
ok goofy batfamily concept:
the manor is big enough that Bruce, Alfred, & whatever kids are living there only use a small part of it and most of it is in uninhabited (sheets over all the furniture ect)
For whatever reason steph is like, i need a place to stay and you’re not using 60% of you lavish mansion so she moves into the other wing and just never runs into the waynes cause she uses 3 rooms.
After a while she starts to explore a little further and notices things being moved or that rooms she hasn’t been in have footprints or have been dusted. So obviously, one of the waynes is doing cause technically she shares this house but she makes a big deal of it being a haunting. she gets tim and cass to sleep over on her side of the house to do a ghost investigation as an excuse to hang out.
except they start to suspect they really aren’t alone…
In the end, jason was also living in the abandoned wing and was fully unaware that steph was there either.
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carelessapples · 5 months ago
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yellow-roseman · 9 months ago
Someone in female Damian Wayne cosplay doing the batfam as quotes from a tiktoker
All are spot on and the Dick one is my fave!!
@cerealwithaster @in-defense-of-billy-kaplan @nyxie75
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jasonsthunderthighs · a year ago
Tim: Why are you wearing Nikes?
Jason: Why are you dressed like a gay sugar baby?
Tim: Ok.
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