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panicv0mit · a month ago
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Good ol' Dickie Grayson
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zeazalt · a month ago
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nightwing but he has a lil dangly earring because I’ve decided to be the change I wish to see in the world
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Robin!Jason: When you say ‘B’ are you calling dad Bruce or Batman?
Dick: …
Dick: I’m actually calling him a bitch
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hadesrise · a month ago
Ayo I have a scenario for you🤨‼️
Imagine Dick being a brat the whole day just because he wanted to annoy you, the whole day you have been silently taking his bratinness and maybe you are with the titans or something and you lean down to his ear and tell him "Just wait till we get home." OK now he is kinda scared😟‼️
On the ride home he starts spewing out apologies saying stuff like "I just wanted your attention!" "I didn't mean it!" "I'm sorry daddy please!" And you are just quiet the whole time and he doesn't know what to do at that point, he knows he's in for it.
You can continue it how you like!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings. strong language, daddy kink, cock-stepping, spanking, orgasm denial, masochism, degradation, name calling (bitch, slut), pet names, implied more orgasm denial, dacryphilia, very slightly sadistic reader, praise kink if you squint
this is absolutely a great thirst/scenario and i can’t stop thinking about it now, thank you so much✋🏻😔 I FUCKING LOVE IT BUT IT TOOK ME LONG TO POST BECAUSE OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES JASJAKDBD
Tumblr media
“You’ve been a fucking brat the whole day, baby.” You say darkly, looking down at him from your place on the chair with your chin resting on the back of your hand, elbow on the armrest.
Dick was on his knees in front of you, only wearing his boxers, submissive sounds leaving his lips as your feet hovered just above his crotch. Luckily, your shoe was clean so it didn’t have to get dirty. “I- I’m sorry, daddy.” He stutters out an apology, keeping his hands to the floor knowing he didn’t deserve to touch you.
“Are you now?” You tilted your head to the side and pressed your feet onto his crotch, stepping on his cock just enough, and Dick cries out from the pleasured pain. “But you were such a fuckin’ bitch a little while ago. Where did that go?”
“Oh, shit—” Dick moaned, unable to keep his hands to himself as they shot up to grasp your leg that was still putting pressure on his crotch. “D-daddy, please,” Your feet pressed harder and Dick’s hips buckled, eyes closing shut to focus on the pain, mouth agape to let out another loud moan.
You hum in low tone, displeased. “Look at you. This is supposed to be a punishment, but you’re loving it like the slut you are.” Leaning forward, you cup his face roughly with one hand and give him a stern glare, to which he whimpers pathetically at. “You should be thankful I didn’t teach you a lesson right in front of everyone and fucked the brattiness out of you even though I fucking wanted to.” You growled out.
Dick could feel his unbelievably hard cock straining against his boxers at your roughness. It’s so fucking hot seeing you like this, especially since you’re usually calm, and he had a feeling you knew what he’s thinking.
“I’m sorry, daddy, I want to make it up to you. Please?”
Quirking a brow, you smirk at him. “Of course, you will.” Without giving him a time to process, Dick let out a yelp when you pulled him up roughly by grabbing his arm and laid him above your lap, on his stomach, your hands moving to tug his underwear off.
Then, they began kneading the bare flesh of his ass before delivering a harsh smack, and Dick chokes out a startled moan as his whole body jerks in surprise. You hum in satisfaction at the tears starting to gather in the corners of his eyes, going back to knead the flesh in attempt to soothe the sting. “Do you think you can take twelve? Or do you think you deserve more?”
“I—” He swallows hard. “I deserve to take more than twelve.” His voice was small, very unlikely of Dick Grayson that the Titans know about.
A pleased sound erupted from your throat. “Count to twenty-three. And remember,” You slipped your fingers through his hair and tugged. “No cumming. Understood?”
He nods repeatedly. “Yes, daddy.”
“Good boy.”
You finally released your gentle grip on his hair and his head falls forward to rest it on the soft surface of the couch as he felt your hand gently kneading his cheeks. A harsh delivered smack made him jolt and a strangled, broken moan leaves his lips as he counts to one, the stinging sensation deeming as pleasure to his trained body. You gently rubs where redness began to form on his skin for a while to soothe the pain before going back to smacking it again.
You would repeat the same actions — spanking and kneading his flesh over and over — while he counts, and each time your hand comes in contact with Dick’s ass, various sounds of pleasure left his mouth. He wasn’t even trying to hide he loves it by the count of fifteen, shamelessly moaning against the couch as his hips jutted, cock oozing with so much precum he’s making a mess all over your pants.
Dick was trying so, so hard not to cum that his body shakes because of it, nails digging into the couch.
And the sight of him trying to hold everything in sent electricity straight to your cock that was rapidly hardening due to Dick’s painfully obvious masochism.
You made him that way, you made his body that way.
By the time Dick counted to twenty-three, he was a fucking mess. Voice wavering, whimpers erupting, body shaking, tears rolling down his cheeks as he became sensitive from holding himself on edge for so long.
Gently, you rub, knead and massage his ass that’s mostly covered in redness to soothe the sting and to make sure it won’t be sore. He was almost writhing on your lap, his painfully hard, red, and sensitive cock brushing against the fabric of your pants forcing a whine out of his throat as he tries to get away from it.
Although Dick wanted to cum so bad it hurt, he’d never disobey you especially after he’s been such a brat. Your punishments, as much as he loved them, were no fun, since it always leaves him an absolute crying and begging mess in the end.
“You did so good, baby.” You cooed and leaned down to kiss your lover’s cheek that was wet with tears, hand still kneading his flesh. Dick whines happily at the praise, turning his head so you could kiss his lips instead. Ignoring the shakiness of his body, he forces himself up to sit on your lap without breaking the kiss, suddenly eager to please you.
He grinded to feel your hard cock through the pants you wore, and your hands quickly clasp around his hips to stop him, earning a whimper of complain.
“Ah, ah, ah.” You scold after pulling away just enough to give him a stern look. “I’m still punishing you, and you’re not gonna get what you want until I’m done.” Trailing your hand in front, you gently touched his sensitive cock, watching as it twitched beneath your fingertips accompanied by Dick’s moan in pain due to being denied of orgasm. His cock was oversensitive it pains, yet it’s still a pleasure for him.
Humming lowly, you look back at Dick with such dark, dangerous eyes— and his heart drops with shiver running down his spine.
He knew that look. He knew it all too well more than he’d like to admit.
It’s the look you always have whenever you’ve set your mind into wrecking and absolutely ruining him. And though Dick knew it’s his own fault and he probably deserves it, he couldn’t help but try to squirm away from your hold.
You tightened your grip on his hip, refusing to let him escape as you grin sadistically, hand wrapping completely around his throbbing cock, eliciting a cry from Dick.
“D-daddy, please— I’m- mhm- I’m sorry, please.” He begged with teary eyes, already knowledgeable on what’s coming but still hoping you would forgive him.
“Oh, I forgive you, darling.”
Your tone was filled with feigned kindness.
“Only if you can keep yourself from cumming while I fuck and stroke you.”
Dick has never regretted being a brat before more than now.
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jasonsthunderthighs · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Titans United #2 (2021)
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timdrake-yumm · a month ago
“The Birds Work for the Bourgeoisie”
What most people mean:
Tumblr media
What Bernard means:
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vis-sj23 · 6 days ago
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farkmagic · 3 months ago
Could you draw discowing 👉👈
Tumblr media
At first I wanted to draw something serious, but I coudlnt resist that image in my head
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lou-edits · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
… -> Size: 500x500
… -> Aesthetic: soft blue/electric blue
… -> Use with credit! Like and reblog if you save it!
… -> 💠Mod Lou
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nightwingg00 · 8 days ago
Nightwing ( Titans Season 3 )
Tumblr media
Raven ( left )
Superboy ( right )
Tumblr media
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batmyrings · 15 days ago
I like how Dick was doodling Oracle’s symbol when he was bored in class. 
Tumblr media
(Nightwing, 1996)
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rachel--roth · 3 months ago
dick and raven are runing
dick: what are we runing from again?
raven: your psychotic brothers!
dick: oh right
raven: how can you forget that? they are right behind us!
dick looks back
jason and damian are chacing them with weapons
dick screams
raven: and i thought my brothers were evel
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bidickg · 4 months ago
Tim: This is a mistake
Dick, enthusiastically: A mistake we're going to laugh about one day!
Tim: But not today
Dick , still enthusiastic: Oh, no. Today's going to be a mess
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Wjqklqkqkehehejqkspwibsbwiwjgdyxbqkow I just realized that Dick and Wally most certainly watched the twilight movies together in theaters
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heyvivalapluto · 3 months ago
it’s unhealthy the amount of love that i have for dicky grayson
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jasonsthunderthighs · 10 days ago
Dick: I was arrested for being too cool.
Jason: The charges were dropped due to a lack of supporting evidence.
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teentitanimals · a year ago
absolutely OBSESSED with the idea that Bruce tells Dick to “go get his little brother/sister” in reference to some random kid the Batfamily met like once or twice
and Dick just goes to get them without question. like, this is his normal now. random baby they’ve saved from a rogue twice now? that’s his baby sister now. he may never see them again but he’ll send a birthday card to them (who knows how he figured out the birthdate of this random child)
also obsessed with the idea that Dick knows which little sibling Bruce is referring to without context. nobody else can get it. Jason’ll be like “which sibling?? ...Claire?? I didn’t know she got adopted too... oh she didn’t? What?” whenever Bruce asks him. Tim’ll be like “uhhh, my legal siblings or the, like, emotional ones?” Cass is good at knowing too, but still needs clarification once in awhile. Damian doesn’t know who classifies as his sibling anymore and it frustrates him to no end. Duke just blanks, even on his legal siblings.
Dick stands upon the throne, tired, but big brotherly
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mayaridraws · a year ago
i need a live action nightwing that has a sense of humor and actually uses cheesy one-liners when fighting bad guys (cuz he knows its funny)
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farkmagic · 5 months ago
Omg Arkham verse but dick finds Jason
Tumblr media
Its not Jason's blood (mostly)
Now I want to draw a whole comics about this...
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the-scarecrxw · 3 months ago
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a dickie grayson portrait to go along side my jason redesign
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