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I know it’s wrong to shit on people, and that is NOT what I’m trying to do. I cannot act for shit, but I really think DC should have tried harder for casting the proper person to play Jason Todd.

First the Titans tv show is a HOT fucking mess. The comics and the show are so different from one another - which normally is fine, because having everything the same is boring - however these differences make the show feel… awful.

The actor choice for Jason is awful, the fact that Kori is supposed to be a shinning light for season three may be overshadowed by Jason becoming Red Hood is awful. The fact they BARELY gave Beast Boy any attention is horrendous.

But back to my original point. The kid playing Jason is way too fucking short to play him as Jason Todd. As his Robin self? Sure. Also canonical Jason Todd wasn’t that much of a bratty pos like the Titans show version is. Seriously, he was/is NOT!

Snarky? Yes. But a shit starter on every fucking corner? No! Absolutely not!

Anyways, I was hoping they would replace him with a more accurate actor (that doesn’t make me want to puke my guts out - seriously, what are the directors thinking!?) and do the comics justice but no… apparently he will become Red Hood because “wahhhh wahhhh the Titans didn’t accept me and I broke up with my gf Rose”. Like… that is so fucking stupid I cannot comprehend who the fuck thought that up, let alone said it was a good idea.

It’s shit. This show is just… so fucking bad… it focused so god damn much on Hawk and Dove that it should have been named after them than the Teen Titans. I. DON’T. CARE. ABOUT. HAWK. AND. DOVE! There I said it. I FUCKING SAID IT! I know they are apart of the comics, but the show made me LOATHE their entire beings.

Also it barely gave Raven justice. She just took two seconds to end her father? Who is an all powerful interdimentional demon/devil? Yeah. Fucking. Right. Later on, as she grew up - YES! But as she was just starting out? No. That’s one of the MAJOR bonding points for the Titans as a whole, but oh no. Let’s just basically skip right over it, and forget what made the Teen Titans so infamous, even for the god damn Justice League!

Fucking assholes.

Also where the FUCK is Cyborg? He is so integral to Titans that I cannot fathom why he has not made an appearance yet. He’s legit bffl’s with Starfire… yet he’s not there… why???


-breathes deep-

The only good DC show running is Doom Patrol, and if they fuck that up, they might as well as STOP making shows altogether. They cancelled Constantine, ruined (imo) Swamp Thing WHO IS THE FUCKING BEST! And sucked jokers dick so hard in Harley’s Quinn’s show that I never want anything to do with it.

For the love of god. Someone fix the Teen Titans show… it’s such a legend gone bad!

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Jason: Hi, I’m here to book a doctor’s appointment for Bruce.

Receptionist: Ok, how about.. *Checks bookings* How about 10 tomorrow?

Jason: Bruce doesn’t need that many..

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Bruce: If I had one dollar for each time I’ve told you I loved you..

Jason: B, you’ve never-

Bruce: I’d have one dollar.

Jason: B, what are you-

Bruce: I love you.

Jason: *Starts tearing up*

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