swearwolvesoflondon · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Thank you Caroline Downey. thank you so fucking much for this.
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saoney · 2 months ago
I’m in my self loathing episode… wtf fuck this world kanakalaoa omggggggggg
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phantomburs · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Because, Dream, if you don’t come back down. I’ll just kill me. And then this server... you won’t have anymore fun”
Hi. This is the line that has driven me insane for months and months since i heard it on that stream. we still don’t know if he was bluffing here. Why don’t we know if he was bluffing? Because it worked.
It was such a quick throw away line that literally every other person present passed over it. The concerning part? Other than the threat itself of course, is that tommy knew, on some level, that it would work. Why else would he say that? At this point Tommy had been a focussed victim of Dream for months, he had been around him, alone, everyday for weeks. Dream learned a lot about what Tommy wanted, and what made Tommy tick, but Tommy also learned a lot about Dream too.
And it’s so painfully demonstrated in that one, single, line. At the time, revival wasn’t known about (it was revealed to be a possibility not a few minutes later) so this threat was made entirely in earnest! Tommy genuinely beleived that the only way to get through to Dream wasn’t to kill him, but to kill the one thing he wanted, which was himself.
I personally don’t think that Tommy would make this threat now because I think he values himself as a person more than he did at that point (he had just come out of exile only to fall head first into doomsday, so morale was obviously low) but also because, this threat just doesn’t work anymore, in fact its been turned on it’s head!!
The one thing that Tommy was able to threaten Dream with, his own ability to live or die, has also been taken away from him.
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ghostorbconnoisseur · 8 months ago
I’m so morbidly interested in the existential crisis that Clarence must be having just… all the time. Like has he asked any of his housemates to look up if he was a real person and not just… a doll? Has anyone offered? And records from back then aren’t really maintained well, so what is he going to be thinking when they can’t find a single trace of him having actually lived a whole human life? The poor guy…
Goooood question and one i have dwelled on a lot before! See, Clarence for the most part tries very hard not to give in to curiosity about that, for he already knows he's.....not going to like any answers that he finds. But. One day Lex is watching some documentary on famous naval disappearances, and one famous one from just a few years before Clarence's own disappearance comes up, one he remembers. And he has this spike of dread because....why are these two ships still missing? Why are those men still lost? He knows by this point in time that he's also many, many years into the future from when he last was aware and awake before being a doll; so the sinking feeling that this disappearance that was still so recent to him is in fact hundreds of years old and still mostly unsolved is... horrifying. And all of a sudden he wonders about his own ship, about the HMS Pyrrhus, and what became of her and all the men on board that fateful night. And what of him, does anyone remember him? He may be dressed like a captain now, but he was hardly a man of note before; just another body on a ship... and so he lets it get the better of him, just this once, he asks Lex to search it up; and they do, they think perhaps they might be able to find something for him, maybe information on what truly happened that night, or even just a still alive relative of his somewhere out there!
But the longer they spend searching the more the deep, existential dread builds, for not only is there no record of Clarence, there is no record of the Pyrrhus either. It's like....everything he ever knew, his entire life....it's gone. Or perhaps never even existed at all. Lex begins to worry, and the two take a trip out to the library, there must be something out there, right? Something hard to find, but that would confirm that he did exist, that his memories aren't all just some fabrication?
Try as they might, neither can find anything, and despair swallows Clarence up. It is not a good night. But, as he climbs into his little cigar tin bed and curls up, crying into his handkerchief blanket....a soft touch grazes his shoulder, a finger nudging him, grabbing his attention. He looks up. It's Elias, filling his vision with that wonderful, gentle face of his. Clarence immediately clings to his hand and sobs, letting it all out while his beloved strokes his back and holds him close; shushing him as he plucks the tiny sailor out from his bed and brings him into the comparatively gargantuan human-scale one. He lays Clarence on his chest, pulls the covers over him, and begins to talk; his voice rumbling through that little four inch tall man like mighty thunder. He tells him no matter who he was or what he is, he is Clarence to him, and always will be; it matters not if he can find no "proof" of that, his word is enough alone and nobody will ever doubt him. Elias wont let them. He believes Clarence, he trusts him. And he loves him. And over time, that becomes enough for Clarence, and he finds he does not mind as much if he is or ever was anything more than a doll and a fleeting memory; for he is Henry Clarence Fairwater and he is adored and has all he could ever hope for.
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lcvemedead · 2 years ago
open to: females  Connection: Daughter/Step, Friend’s Daughter, Niece/Step, Ex Girlfriend’s daughter etc. 
Tumblr media
    it was the absolute last place that micah wanted to be. the loud music, the idiotic drunks and just the overall atmosphere. maybe twenty some years ago it was his scene but everything was different. he had practically shoved more than few people aside who wouldn't get out of the way. it had been in the middle of the night when he woke to a phone call. apparently her mother was worried and that was how micah found himself where he was. he knew how much trouble she could be. she was dancing with some absolute frat boy. a sigh escaped from him before he was going to tap the guy on the shoulder," get lost," he said through gritted teeth," now." the guy thankfully seemed to realize that it would be stupid to do anything besides listen. he was scurrying off and that left them alone. micah cleared his throat after directing his gaze onto her," now you are either coming with me willingly or i am going to throw you over my shoulder and embarrass you in front of your so called friends."
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inktaire · 2 years ago
WHEN will my mother learn that stating your opinion as if you're saying an absolute truth leads to a lot of miscommunication???
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loveyourownsmiilee · a month ago
Props to the costume department for Buck’s suit pants. Those seams are struggling to contain his thighs, and I am 🥵
I KNOWWWW. LIKE THOSE SEAMS ARE HOLDING ONTO DEAR LIFEEE!!! I just know I’m gonna become a different person the second I see him in the suit!!! Like lorddddd help meeee 🥵🥵🥵
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theinternetisfulloftrash · 6 months ago
just to make your day better/worse because i really am THAT bitch....... sorry not sorry
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not helping, but I don't even care. The tongue and the stupid expressions are some of the reasons he gets AT me. LOOK AT HIS ARMS IN THE LAST ONE!? I'm gonna.... lose my mind!
You really are that bitch, aren't you? I open up to you...tell you how I'm suffering...equip you with the knowledge of what fucks me up most...and then you throw it in my face like some kind of sexy 'fuck you'. I see you. I see you.
Welll...two can play that game...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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inkinflux · 5 months ago
patience.... it is coming baby 🥰
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420pogpills · a year ago
i guess flirty giggly drunk bc being drunk is similar to being sleep deprived and we saw him sleep deprived in the red hoodie stream where he was all cozy flirty and giggly
eg. what would you say is my weakness? – me.
yeah i can totally see that lmao he is maaaaad flirty when he’s sleep deprived :’) that red hoodie stream oh dear lorddddd haha! 
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dd-is-my-guiltypleasure · 8 months ago
Dear lorddddd. Please tell me somebody taped his whole appearance?
I guess it will be on You Tube.
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toadsrbutch · a year ago
dear lorddddd bug refuses to let me focus, if I’m not holding her or playing with her, she meows as if she is suffering.
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AP test scores are released for me in two days oh dear lorddddd
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generous1ty · a year ago
— Okay so I tried making headcanons for Genami and I hope I did them perfectly because y’know- I want everything to be flawlessly perfect.
— I’m so sorry for continuing to bother and annoy you with my thoughts DNSGEJGD- I didn’t mean to so I hate myself for doing this-
but my writing isn’t perfect at all, YOURS IS WAY BETTER SKSGJEE- ANYWAYS
— gene here!! apologies for editing your wonderful formatting Shu, but a warning to those reading, the post is pretty long!! beware(?).
Tumblr media
-> Hayami x Gene sob
(WARNING! : Some angst, trauma, trigger words.)
Onto the cut!
Tumblr media
-> Hayami is very sleep deprived because of her studies between chess, but she really cares about Gene’s health over her’s. After a while from playing chess by herself and seeing how Gene was doing, she’ll make food for them in order for Gene to stay hydrated and healthy.
-> When it comes to Hayami, she doesn’t easily fluster a lot as she seems, but she’d rather feel embarrassed or flattered over the physical affection that Gene gives to her. She feels that she doesn’t deserve it at all due to her insecurites and her messed up life, but in return she makes sure that Gene gets all the love that they deserve.
-> As Gene doesn’t like fancy dates like going to restaurants and stuff but prefers calmer dates, she shares that common interest as well! Hayami doesn’t really like to be around on dates with a bunch of noise.
-> I mostly feel like Gene would do their best to cheer Hayami on quietly during chess tournaments because many chess players need concentration and focus, but also because a bunch of chess professionals who are mostly men try to take Hayami’s throne away but she won’t budge as long as she has Gene’s support and devotion.
-> I kinda agree with Hayami getting a bit scared of Gene’s dolls! She isn’t scared of ghosts or anything that might seem paranormal, but instead it might frighten her if she someday thinks that one of those dolls might jumpscare her and give Hayami a heart attack.
-> Hayami is very caring and loving with Gene’s dolls- especially that she is very careful with them. It took her some time to get convinced by Gene’s proposal because at first she didn’t wanted to damage any of the dolls that her lover made, but now that she’s fully getting a little confident, Hayami accepts it.
-> Having tea parties, dressing them up, doing anything that might involve taking care of them like if they were her children will surely make Hayami very happy to have those dolls by her side. Hayami is an orphan who never experienced love from a mother nor a father, but giving that love to those dolls is what makes her happy.
-> Whenever Hayami tries to focus on her strategies, she does this thing where she looks at the ceiling for a minute until she gets back onto her chess. Gene has been concerned on why she does that, so they once asked her. Hayami told Gene that it’s a secret, but she still told them either way.
-> “Well love, remember how those times I got stuck whenever I played chess by myself? I would look onto the ceiling, and imagine that chessboard is up there. Once that chessboard is there, I would start to build up my strategy to make my way to victory! I know you wouldn’t understand and I’m so sorry that you had to hear that—“
-> Gene will be sorta confused the whole time but still believes their lover either way, yet it will leave Hayami with a bunch of spouting apologies. I possibly headcanon Gene to kiss Hayami in order to stop their apologies, leaving Hayami flustered with embarrassment.
-> Hayami says that Gene is the only one who distracts her, or in short; Gene gets Hayami off guard whenever they show physical affection to her. One time when Hayami was doing her chess practice and Gene went to sit on her lap just to cuddle her, she was practically caught off guard and started smiling. Hayami decided to take a break for a little and instead give some affection that the touch starved lover of her’s need. :)
-> Hayami gets really inspired by Gene! Although she tries her best not to trigger the word “proud” to them since she doesn’t want her partner to be hurt, Hayami says “Great job, Gene! I’m honestly so inspired by you!” instead, to make them feel a little better about themselves.
-> As much as Gene has their breakdown’s and their trigger word, Hayami has it differently. Hayami doesn’t have a trigger word at all, but instead thinks about it out of nowhere. Whenever she sees something that might remind her of things that she never wanted to remember about, like fire for example, Hayami begins to question about her decisions.
-> Hayami will be apologizing repeatedly to Gene about the accidents she makes, but at the same time ask if she ever deserves everything that she has right now. When Hayami had a bad day and Gene wanted to provide physical affection to Hayami by cupping her cheek, once they reached their hand over to her she flinched.
-> Although she likes to put a lot of trust to Gene, Hayami still has some trust issues that might involve her not telling them about her trauma, but she needs a lot of reassurance about everything that involves on that deep topic.
-> Anyways; Hayami really doesn’t care about herself, or what even happens to her. She’d rather care about someone else, mainly Gene since they’re the only one who she truely devotes herself to. Once Gene has one of those breakdowns that involve the ‘bad word’, Hayami will do her best to give comfort and affection to calm them down, maybe even make them some of their favorite desserts in order to make them happy again.
-> During most of the time, Hayami likes to watch and examine Gene while they work with their dolls. If Gene ever needs help on anything, Hayami is the one for the job! She makes sure that Gene has everything prepared while they head over to the workshop. However, the thing that Hayami really likes is how Gene asks her if she ever wants to paint the dolls. Oh dear, she loves to do that. The reason is because one; she clearly wants to help Gene and because she loves the dolls, but two; Personally she wants to be touched by Gene.
-> Hayami really likes Gene’s hands, so she’ll be very touchy with them. Whenever Gene places their hand onto her’s to paint the dolls face, she extremely gets flustered and excited. Her thoughts will be filled by “Their hands…THEIR HANDS!!”
-> If Gene somehow gets busy in one day and won’t be able to work on their dolls, Hayami will have to take care of that. Like I’ve said before; Hayami is really inspired by Gene and examined on Gene’s work for days, making them take notes to try to help them in the future. So since this time already has come, she’s fully prepared. :)
-> Even though Hayami isn’t a master to do dolls like Gene, but all of her examination wasn’t for nothing, right? In the end of the day, Gene will probably see Hayami drooling on the bed sheets because of the exhaustion the dolls took a toll on her.
-> Hayami’s hair is a mess- why? She never really brushes it or does her hair perfectly sometimes, which is why I headcanon Gene of doing her hair each time.
Tumblr media
HEY!! HEY!!!!! you’re not bothersome at all, and i am in love with you, your ideas, and the wonderful masterpieces you come up with. thank you!!! <333
 ✒ gene is so infatuated with her, especially when she rants about things they can’t specifically see. like, “wow that’s my girlfriend!!!” and “she’s so smart and pretty omg i have the best girlfriend,”
 ✒ AND TOURNAMENTS!!! oh my gosh they are so pumped,, but the air is so intense and quiet, they’re so afraid to make even the littlest of noises. they always cheer for Hayami in their head, though!
 ✒ Inspired. literally their comfort word,, gosh, you don’t understand how that makes them feel. their heart beats so loudly against their ribcage and they can feel the blood rushing to their cheeks, they becomes so flustered, they can’t exactly look Ami in the eyes at the moment. they avert their gaze, looking more so at the doll than her, “i’m glad i could… inspire you….” always smiles when they hear that word, it always reminds them of their wonderful partner.
 ✒ GENE LOVES PLAYING WITH HAIR OMGOMG okay so like,, gene loves brushing hair, braiding it, styling it, they just love it so much,,, they’re so good at styling hair(literally look at their dolls omg), and they love doing it so like,,,, yes
 ✒ ALSO WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU PLAYED WITH THEIR HAIR TOO PLS it’s so calming if you mess with their hair– brush it, tie it up, decorate it, PLEASE they love it so much aaa!! probably falls asleep while you do their hair BJSJsasd
 ✒ the fact that?? Hayami can take on Gene’s work??? wow, they are so in love. wow. wowwww. I’M LITERALLY SO IN LOVE WITH BOTH OF THEM AS A COUPLE AHSDKJKS
 ✒ Gene always tries to block anything that could put Hayami in an uncomfortable situation. they don’t use any burner stoves, and instead use electric ones! a lot of heaters instead of fireplaces, etc, etc. they never want to make Hayami feel bad, because they really, really love her and only wants the best for her.
 ✒ speaking of wanting the best for her, when they’re not working on their dolls or out somewhere for commissions, they’re always with Hayami!! taking care of her, cooking, cleaning, hydrating her. they don’t care if they seem like a little hypocrite, they just want their beautiful doll to be happy and healthy. this includes a lot of affection and cuddles to bed!!
 ✒ SPEAKING OF DOLL– pet names include: doll, beautiful(most of the time combined w/ doll), buttercup, sweetheart, Yami, Ami, HAYHAY
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natasha-danvers · a year ago
Pretty ok. Been in lockdown for the last few days (we had a snap 5 day lockdown) but looking forward to restrictions easing for tomorrow 🥂
That’s lovely. Our lockdown got extended dear lorddddd!!!
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yunsantopia · a year ago
Dear lord sis, I actually thought about San fucking you and cutting off pieces of your flesh and eating it infront of you while watching you scream and crying and squirm under him gurl my head fucked itself UP from that fic fuck. Just him laughing like a psycho as your blood just squirt- you know what..I’m afraid of my own mind now. Man there’s not enough dark fics tho. And Wattpad is a pain in the ass to load anyway
Deaeerrr lorddddd!
I always imagine this consenting scenario tho bc there is just smthn so hot about knowing you will be mutilated and just giving into yout master
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ehghtyseven · 3 years ago
ha! turns out I am not, in any way, ready for this.
like, at all.
dear lorddddd someone save us all
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elonmuskfansgossipblog · a month ago
Walter Isaacson, who's writing E's biography, said that he's been shadowing E, meaning he's been traveling where E goes. So do you think he shadowed also the orgies and all his 20 girlfriends?! 😂😂😂😂
O dear lorddddd
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shutupptara · 5 months ago
here’s a soft turbo Tuesday thought: the first time he sees you with his teammates families & kids, at some sort of party (let’s pretend it’s not Covid ok) and you’re happily sitting at the kids table before dinner helping one of the little ones color and carrying a full on conversation with them (maybe it’s mostly nonsense, maybe they’re old enough that it’s not). He just kind of looks at you from across the room and how engaged you are with making the kids happy and thinks “I’m gonna marry that girl” and maybe - MAYBE - he even lets it slip out loud to whoever he’s talking to
🥺🥺🥺 oh dear lorddddd this is how we celebrate turbo Tuesday
I’ll bet he’s sitting at a table w the married dads on the team, maybe their other halves too. And they’re all engrossed in a conversation but he’s completely focused on you, to the point where he isn’t even nodding politely anymore.. and I’m betting G would be the one to look over his shoulder and see him staring at you and be like “she’s good with the little ones, eh?” and B would be so mesmerized he wouldn’t even realize Mark said anything to him.
And after a few minutes he’d see your eyes light up and you’d laugh and that’s when he’d blurt out “I’m gonna marry that girl”.. and Mark and Ebs and just share this knowing look bc yeah, they’ve known that since he introduced you to the boys. And I bet G would tease him about it and be like “I know some good venues back home-“ and B would just glance over at him with a serious look on his face and be like “yeah, I’ll remember that”
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heartshyuck · a year ago
like dear lorddddd
jaemin smut be hitting different these days damn
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