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Welcome to the first issue of “The Spare Parts Dissociative Multiplicity Newsletter”, AKA “The Spare Parts Collection”.
This is a newsletter created by us, Manytown, with the help of a ton of lovely people with DID or OSDD1, that have submitted their experiences, drawing and poems that we have put together into this lovely little PDF as a free newsletter to help other people with DID/OSDD1 feel less alone, to provide advice and support and education on the experiences of people with DID or OSDD1.
This newsletter is free for anyone to read, be it singlet, multiple, plural, whatever! So long as you either have or would like to support/understand those with DID or OSDD1 better.
We really hope you enjoy this first issue, and support our efforts to make many more!
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anthologyanon · a day ago
Not to be a persecutor on main but some of y'all really use persecutor like it's a bad word. Like we're all inherently evil and unredeemable and it's horrible. It's especially horrible seeing how fucking biased you are with it. Something a lot of people but Especially alters that don't identify as persecutors need to realise is that a lot more if your parts engage in "persecutor-like" behaviour than you think because y'all don't recognise self destructive behaviours.
That alter that overworks, oversleeps, overexercises, overeats, they're all engaging in self destructive behaviours for their own reasons, and they need support - just the same as the alters who cut off your friends or end relationships or overtly try to harm the body.
But Some y'all don't see it that way. Some of you would rather go "they're Bad and Evil" and not put in the work to figure out what's actually going on.
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alters-journal · 2 days ago
Hey besties, here's a reminder that the saying actually goes
"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb."
Literally that quote those pieces of shit say to invalidate your found family is in favour of your found family.
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thegh0stsystem · 2 days ago
A lot of people think that switching is staring off into space, blinking your eyes, and boom you've switched.
For us, it's a bit different. We have 3 main switches:
1. The Seamless Switch. This one is pretty much self explanatory. Someone else just kinda, pops up. Most of the time, you aren't even able to tell a switch has happened. This is the most common one for us.
2. The "Hey can I front?" Switch. This one usually happens when someone else wants to take over and will either ask the person/people fronting to leave or will just yank them out. This one has more spacing out and stuttering involved. Our thoughts get muddled as the new person fronts so speaking will be choppy.
3. The Emergency Switch. This one occurs when the person/people fronting is in a stressful/dangerous/triggering situation and has to be replaced. Usually a systemwide panic happens with this and multiple protectors will front. This switch is the most physical, but the most rare. There have been times we have completely passed out during this kind of switch.
I wanted to put this out there so other systems don't feel alone or like they're faking if their switches aren't exactly like the stereotypical one. It's okay to have a lot, or no, physical signs. It's okay to be a bit confused. It's okay if you remember or don't remember switching. You're still a system and you're still valid.
- Xavier
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astral-disastral · 2 days ago
As much as I know about my system, I feel like there’s so much more that I’m unaware of. The more I delve into other parts of myself, the more I realize why we have this disorder in the first place. It’s like I don’t even really know myself, like I have to investigate my own state of mind 24/7 to understand what is truly going on with me. It’s hard to imagine that I’ve lived like this my whole life, but honestly it’s just as hard for me to imagine what big portions of my life even looked like. What it felt like.
My psyche is so much more complicated than I could have ever imagined, and it’s exhausting
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unwelcome-ozian · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-cabin-complex · 2 days ago
Hey, shoutout to alters who have changed their name at some point, or have started presenting their name differently (like last name instead of first, etc) especially introjects who might feel worried or other complicated feelings about changing their name
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plural-compilation · 13 hours ago
Being a system is wanting to put it on all your social media but can't cause there's people who can't know about it
Case in point, this blog had nothing about being plural lmao
(from @the-psc-iv )
Being a system is: #6
Website: “Please enter your bio!”
Us internally:
Tumblr media
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juicebox-sys · 2 days ago
just an fyi if you use the term "sysmed" we're blocking you instantly, no hesitation. you appropriated the term transmed to make other people feel bad for wanting actual scientific evidence of non-traumagenic systems. it's gross. i dont care abt endos at this point, quit appropriating terms you have absolutely no right to use.
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didandme · a day ago
Any alter : brushes their teeth as soon as they wake up
Pluto: Good job you deserve a gold star!!!!
Us: WOW the bar is so much lower then we expected
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transenbyconfessions · 2 days ago
i have a question i get mistaken as a cis woman alot but im a trans masc host in a DID system engaged to a demiboy, is my relationship a gayman relationship or…what is a nblnb relationship called? :0
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Curious, because we’ve always figured this was part of our DID, but…
Does anyone else have hallucinations? When we were a younger system, Rice swears she saw me moving IRL. And Curtis saw a spider once and freaked out - even though 1, he’s not normally scared of them, and 2, there wasn’t one there.
Just curious. I was told at one point that systems can hallucinate, but I’ve never seen that in the DSM (or maybe I did and forgot. Lord only knows now.)
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thegh0stsystem · 2 days ago
*gets hospitalized for the 1st time during a dissociative episode*
doctors: *says we have did*
our therapist (1st): *says we have did*
our friends in middle school: *says we have did*
*gets hospitalized a 2nd time during a dissociative episode*
doctors: *says we have did*
our therapist (2nd): *says we have did*
our friends in high school: *says we have did*
our therapist (3rd): *says we have did*
us: "we have did"
the host's mother: "But that's so rare! It's impossible! You had a good childhood >:("
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drowsy-system · a day ago
I know this is an unsaid rule but I'm gonna make it a Said rule (not for my sanity but for the others) :
Sometimes an introject wants to distance themselves from their source and that is perfectly valid! Please respect their decision.
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symptoms-syndrome · 2 months ago
Passive aggressive maybe, but like...healing and getting better isn't easy. When I see people make posts about "LOL google says I should make a schedule to help manage my ADHD but I can't make a schedule bc I have ADHD" it's like. People saying that stuff know it's hard. That's part of why you gotta do it.
Sometimes healing is easier. Sometimes it's something really small that becomes routine. But sometimes it's hard! Sometimes you gotta push yourself to do something and it sucks! But I don't know what to tell you, other than that you don't need to be good at it right away.
Using the calendar example, I have ADHD + semi-frequent memory loss, so it can feel really difficult to try and make a calendar when both of those things can directly get in the way. So I started with making sure recurring events were in it, like therapy and med reminders. Now I'm usually able to remember to put in appointments or other one-time events in as soon as I know about them. It takes a lot of work.
I don't know. I just think sometimes people on this site are sitting in mud and complaining about being dirty. You really do need to try.
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snorlax-and-co · 2 days ago
I don't know if I'm alone in this but I sometimes wish when I speak in therapy that she was unaware of our DID. It feels so weird to say that because it took years to find professionals who took me seriously - it's not like I want to reverse any of that but I just wonder sometimes if and how she'd respond differently if she didn't know.. 🙃 Random thought in the middle of the night because I can't sleep 😒
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bloodyl1ps · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
this post hasn't left my mind since i've first saw it
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