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terrorslice · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
loving the twitter replies:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And the winner:
Tumblr media
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transpapyrus · 26 days ago
Adam survives but only Lawrence is a jigsaw apprentice and he doesnt tell him so Adams like how was work today and Lawrence goes did 3 surgeries today. Saved many lives. Definitely didnt kill any of them
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jaskie · 28 days ago
I am a simp(le minded shipper part 2 - I see an invite to offer prompts and I show up):
for sterek - what does the wedding look like? I’m talking wedding parties, theme/decor, venue…do they get married? do they ELOPE?
get well soon boss xx
OKAY I can't write a ficlet for this because my brain is very... heavy? BUT I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS.
They definitely elope. They tell nobody. They don't even tell anyone they're married after. Maybe they're in New York, and Derek's telling Stiles about the few times he was actually happy and they're both playing tourist and they're both so utterly in love that they pass a registry office and are like "should we?" and the next day they're getting married in jeans and hoodies with two random people they grabbed off the street as witnesses. Stiles spends the rest of the trip calling Derek 'husband' at any and every opportunity (Derek loves it, even though it makes him all blushy).
They really don't mean to tell anyone in Beacon Hills, because it was for them, and they're worried people will call them impulsive, and they get away with it for a while, Stiles definitely slips up a few times and calls Derek 'husband' in front of Scott, but Scott's just like "yeah that seems reasonable", bless him.
They get a bit too complacent, which is unfortunate, because Stiles' dad is still the sheriff, and he knows they're up to something, but he doesn't end up figuring it out.
He ends up finding out after the monster of the week hurts Stiles bad enough to land him in hospital, and Derek bursts in, demanding to see his husband, and the sheriff is like "son, I'm the sheriff, I can get you in, you don't need to lie" and Stiles, loopy on the Good Drugs is like "ah yes about that".
(And then the sheriff is like "THE CURSE IS LIFTED HE'S YOUR PROBLEM NOW" and Stiles is distinctly unimpressed.)
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prettyfuckinhot · 14 days ago
remember when they paralleled the chase/cameron marriage with wilson driving house to mayfield? and it was supposed to show how sad things were and house was missing out because of his illness?
oh but WHO got a divorce???? and WHO rode off into the sunset on motorcycles? hmm very interesting very curious
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theangelisgay · 5 months ago
No Scrubs + Mary/John Youtube Version
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sleeping-evil · 3 months ago
My mind lingers on all the jokes fans made on how GLaDOS is the child of AM and SHODAN. As far-fetched and ridiculous a crack of an idea it may be, I do believe it is good material for angst (well, your father is THE Allied Mastercomputer after all) and comedy simultaneously.
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smol-st · a month ago
everyday I'm tempted to share the switch personalities/roles squid game au idea i thought of because i just wanted some soft good sang-woo stuff and stoic gi-hun in a suit content,
and every night I'm tempted to share the idea bc i wanna tell everyone it has gang leader! han mi-nyeo and 'secretly the mastermind' ali abdul and no i will not tell why and the background i gave for him also switched sae-byeok & ji-yeong and frontman playing another one bites the dust while ppl die
#squid game#dont talk to me i pilled up all my activities this week and i may be sleep deprived#no i said tempt not that ill actually gonna elaborate on this#guess who wins this au and no its also not sae-byeok still#maybe i just kept thinking about that one post saying what if sang-woo dyed his hair blue#when i said switch roles/pers btw i dont mean all the way#no one could be gi-hun#nicer sang-woo would prob still betray u#sang-woo: hey do u know my hyung hes actually the top of ssangmun-dong#thats such a dumb joke i just wanted something diff from pride and now im grinning#evil gi-hun be like i spend a lot of time w/ my daughter#god i think the sad part w/ switching ali's and old man's roles is that the backstory im thinking for him is that#the old man do be sick but he still wants to support his family so he joined bc he was told it was just full of kids games#ali be there bc hes depressed yea im saying it now he wants the thrill of danger bc his family is no moe#thats all i can think of 🚬#deak su is a sub conman#hey would it be funny if the husb and wife are divorced here#no? aight aight its free imagination anyway#im so sleepy im currently thinking what if salesman and frontman switch roles and junho saw inho by coincidence when he got on a train#then tried tracking him but ended up never seeing him later on in the show#but became current frontman's (gong yoo) boytoy ha bet u didnt expect that bc i didnt either#yea i need sleep i dont think ppl would like fluid shipping#hence why i only say these in tags#po-st
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hometownrockstar · a month ago
if you think about it dimitri clowntroupe is basically the same character as asgore underdelta-talerune if he wasnt eternally divorced.
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ilgaksu · 21 days ago
i literally was sat at 4am at the respite centre discussing xiyao with the night staff so idk what the rest of you are doing with your 20s tbh 
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phoebeatwell · 2 months ago
i feel like we all got very caught up in the everything of yesterday that we forgot to talk about how anna marie tendler wore a wedding dress to the opening of her art show
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monalisamontauk · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky breaks down outside of Steve’s law office after serving him with divorce papers. Thinking of the broken look on his ex- husbands face Steve begging and pleading for him not to do this that they could work it out. They always “work it out” and Steve will be the model husband then drift back into his old ways of being a workaholic.
Its for the best Bucky tells himself. Steve had always prioritize his work before Bucky. Last month he arrived two hours late to Bucky’s birthday party. The last straw was Steve standing him up on their 10 year anniversary dinner for work. Maybe this will be the wake up call Steve needs to get his act together.
Tumblr media
Steve sits in utter disbelief and numbness looking at the divorce papers he was handed by his husband. Bucky hadn’t been home in over a week. He thought he just needed time since his Anniversary mess up. This was the last thing he expected. He is going to win his Husband back. Whatever it takes.
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crescento · a month ago
just found out this fictional man is divorced #score
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blueaddison · a month ago
Tumblr media
I used to be the sidekick guy! Now I'm the [[Stop! It burns! Ahh it burns! Someone help!]] Guy!
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